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“Lovers of Palestine”

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…I imagine you all saw the continuing reports on the UN document presided over by the righteous gentile Geoffrey Palmer which declares that in the Mavi Marmara episode Israel was legally in the right to board that ship and it was the Turks that were at fault for not preventing the ship from sailing and for conducting afterwards a tendentious a/k/a ludicrous version of an investigation. The Palmer report calls for no apology to be made by Israel, even if, as always, its soldiers lost control of themselves.

At the same time in New York City Minister Moshe “Bogie” Yaalon failed in negotiations with Turkey’s Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioglu to agree on a text which would abort the publication of the Palmer report, with the sticking point still the Turkish demand that Israel apologize.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, unlike the Defense Minister, the kibbutz-raised, atheist, multi-millionaire socialist Ehud Barak, remains adamantly opposed to Israel making such an apology; apologizing that its soldiers defended themselves. He called it a “humiliation and a forsaking IDF soldiers.”

Of course it is a humiliation, because humiliation is one of the most important drives in Muslim, Arab, Turkish society. These are cultures in which dominance and submission are routine states of being. The Barbary Pirate power states of North Africa – Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli – were autonomous Regency city-states run by Turkish Janissaries who demanded tribute from non-Muslim countries as the only way to have a ceasefire in the eternal jihad between Islam and Christendom, pashas who in turn were required to pay tribute themselves to the Sultan in Constantinople, meaning, giving him huge gifts of money and spices and fabrics and jewels and black slaves from Africa. And woe betide the Barbary potentate who failed to pay the Sultan.

Likewise the annual jezya tax on the non-Believers allowed to live, principally Jews and Christians. But this was a heavy tax on the community, and it was also deliberately meant to humiliate the non-Believers, i.e. concretize their subject status. It was an exercise in admitting who’s the boss.

Imagine if Israel were to levee on the 20% of its citizens who are Arabs a special heavy tax that Jews don’t have to pay. What would the world say?

It is out of this mindset the Turks are demanding Israel apologize. It is also the way these guilty barbarians try to manage their guilt which they cannot experience. They deny their guilt and insist that the Jews are the guilty party…

Covert Antisemitism

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…Yeah, this Barack Hussein Obama guy thinks like an Arab. When he says “the borders of Israel and Palestine must be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps,” he is saying, “If Israel captured x-square miles of land from the Ishmaelites in ’67, Israel must return the identical number of x-square miles, and if the parties agree to swap some of the captured land for other land in Israel’s possession since 1949, they can do that.”

BUT, if Israel took x-thousands of square miles in 1967 away from the Arabs, Israel must return the same number because Israel is not allowed to keep the spoils of war.

That wouldn’t be very nice. The Arabs will not become happy if Israel is allowed to keep the spoils of its victory because every moment the land remains in the hands of al-Yahud, this is a stain on the honor of the Arabs, these holy warriors. Israel must return the same number of square kilometers it took or there will be no peace. It would be wrong for Israel to keep such spoils.

And Israel’s refusal to hand back what it took in its aggression in 1967. only exacerbates the anger and irritation of the world at its stubborn refusal to hand back what it took.

That is why I say the mirror image of that viewpoint is declaring that the truly moral and just solution to this conflict is not sovereignty in the hands of the Fatah terrorists but sovereignty in the hands of the State of Israel.

And Israel has the right to do what it wants with these lands taken in self-defense and the exaction of true justice thereby. The Arabs attacked in 1948 and again in 1967 to steal all the real estate the Jews had developed over a century of land reclamation and making the desert bloom. But they lost in their attempt and must pay punitive damages in the same coin. They came to take our land away from us; as punishment we take land away from them.

As Germany today is smaller than it was before September 1st, 1939 when its army crashed over the border into Poland and ignited World War II, so Syria is smaller than before ‘67; so Jordan is smaller. What’s the big deal?

What is it about Jews that evokes in mankind this double standard?

On Friday in Yediot their veteran political writer Shimon Shiffer wrote up Shimon Peres’ recent meeting at the White House with Prince Barack Hussein before Bibi went to Washington, and in the meeting Shimon evidently told him 1) that Bibi was dead set against the concept of negotiating from the ’67 borders but that he, St. Simon of Oslo the Wise, fellow Nobel prize laureate for peace, in his tete-a-tete with the Muslim Prince of course agreed with him that the Balestinians must receive territory equal in size to the ’67 borders. And if Israel is to keep any lands, i.e. the land under the immovable major communities, Israel must pay for them with territory in the Negev.

You got that? Israel must pay if it keeps any of the spoils of war.

I say this is antisemitism of the kind Israelis like Netanyahu just can’t see…

Obama’s Immorality

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…So there is a deafness of a kind in Bibi Netanyahu, really his whole cohort of dejudaized Israeli sabras when facing off against an anti-Jew like Obama. Bibi’s response to the magic words “1967 borders” was to say, “They are indefensible,” which completely misses the point of Obama’s demands. Obama pays lip service to Israel’s defense needs but simply is not interested in them. His demand is an assertion that Israel is in guilty possession of land it stole from the Ancient Ones. Obama’s demand is less a strategic choice and far more an opportunity to smear Israel with guilt. The proper response is not that it is an indefensible line but that this land is our land, not theirs.

Bibi’s missing Obama’s intent. Obama’s intent is not about military defense. It is about asserting that all of Judea and Samaria is Arab land. It was Arab land before 1967 (and never mind it was no less occupied by Jordan than Israel which kingdom had no right to be there) and it must remain in Arab hands in perpetuity according to those who think like Obama. Israel has no right to rule, to own, to govern, to decide the fate of, live in Judea and Samaria because it is land that rightfully belongs to the Ancient Ones, the victims of Zionism, colored Third Worlders like Obama’s father and grandfather in Kenya. In Obama’s eyes, Bibi is the guilty one. Israel is the guilty party that vanquished the Ancient Ones and stripped them of their ancient homeland. Obama has in his head a cartoon perversion of historical truth.

One can only hope that Bibi uses his speech before the joint session of Congress on Tuesday in a way he has never spoken before. I think it was wrong of him in that face-to-face video to say again as he has said on so many occasions how much he wants peace and how much Israel really wants peace. He seems to think that that is his job: persuading our enemies of our good, benevolent, not malevolent intentions. Bibi is always trying to persuade the world how much Israel wants peace, which only re-enforces the enemy in his weird way of projecting his own aggression against Jews onto Jews. The Arabs chronically see themselves as Israel’s victims. Israel, in their minds, strikes at them for no reason other than Israel’s evil racism.

Instead, Bibi for a change might go on the attack and paint our enemies in their true colors. They are past masters of re-writing history right out of George Orwell’s brilliant writing. They are as a people as antisemitic as the Germans and the Austrians and other Europeans were in the 1930s and 40s. Bibi could cite but won’t the work of PMW, which he never does. They record the PA madness about Jews which is as wacky about Jews as Hamas or Nazi propaganda. Bibi must smear Abbas with responsibility for the PA media which is steeped in classical, demonic images of Jews as supernatural demons.

Bibi has got to, ultimately, finally, some day, besides singing of our Israel’s good will, stake a claim to our ancient homeland and assert our right to live anywhere in it and our right to rule over it and it does not matter that there are more Arabians in at the moment than Jews.

Instead of bleating about Israel’s wanting to create a Balestinian state under certain conditions, Bibi must go to war against the immoral policy which declares that Jews do not have the right to keep the spoils of war taken in legitimate self-defense…

Obama’s Affect

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…Another thought on Obama’s affect – when he made the announcement the other night, “affect” as the psychologists use the term, his emotional expression or lack thereof when he announced the successful operation: Maybe he was depressed for it is now no secret any more that Pakistan, the recipient of billions of American dollars, is a two-faced ally. For years, the Pakistanis said bin Ladin was in Waziristan, tribal areas we never go into, on the border. In truth, he was down the road from Pakistan’s equivalent of West Point.

On the one hand, Pakistan has been for ten years a support base for US operations in Afghanistan against the Taliban; and on the other hand Pakistan is itself a support base for the Taliban and even al-Qaida. Pakistan can no longer be shielded by Obama and his administration – and in fairness the ones before his – as a US ally against Islamist terrorists because Pakistan is one of them; it is an Islamist terrorist entity.

While some of its military and politicians may have been pro-Western, its covert, veiled, security agency the ISI is an Islamist operation. It has long been known that they were the backbone of the Taliban in Afghanistan, using Saudi money to support those lunatics at their worst before 9-11 which led to the end of their rule. On 9-11, Obama’s base was in Afghanistan, the country run by Muslim fundamentalist Taliban funded by Saudi Arabia.

And the relationship between Saudi Arabi and Pakistan is a long-standing one. The Saudi kingdom is a kingdom of illiterates and primitives and tribesmen with no real loyalty to the Saudi family that runs the place. They are not very good with modern, hi-tech equipment either. For this reason the Saudis have long relied on the Pakistanis to serve in their military. They even had a treaty saying that in the event they are needed, the Saudis can call upon 300,000 Pakistani soldiers to come and defend them. The way the United States defended them twenty years ago.

The Saudis gave Pakistan the money for its nuclear bomb program, and according to one source, the Kamra Air base in Pakistan stores A-bombs reserved for the Saudis. And there have been reports that given the tension with Iran lately, the Saudis have already moved some of their A-bombs into their country; nuclear warheads that can be fixed to missiles manufactured in Pakistan and in China.

In my own imagination I imagine that one factor deterring Israel from using A-bombs to crush Iran is the fear that this will license the Pakistanis to use theirs against us, G-d forbid.

In a nutshell, besides the Muslim maniacs in Iran and Turkey and Egypt, Algeria, Libya and Yemen, Pakistan may be the most dangerous Muslim regime of all…

Hamas-Fatah Accord?

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Program Link: Why Is Obama Protecting Assad?

…Lastly, JPost ran a piece today on how only 5% of Lebanese know the words to their national anthem. A political scientist at AUB (American University of Beirut), a Muslim, was surprised the figure was even that high. He said, “We used to make fun of the anthem in the Sunni school I attended. We were taught that Lebanese identity meant nothing, that it was an artificial European creation.”

Precisely. This Muslim political scientist then went on to “fault the anthem for exalting Lebanese nationalism…with words that deliberately erase the Arab-Muslim history of Lebanon.” He said he “proudly belongs to the 95% of Lebanese who don’t know the anthem.”

Yeah. Right. Exactly. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan. These states were all created, their boundaries were drawn, by Europeans, because the sub-national tribesmen of the region had no sense of nationhood as understood in civilized societies.

Another reason why Mahmoud Abbas and his fellows in their version of Murder Incorporated don’t really want a state. It has no meaning to them. As Arabs they covet the wealth we Jews have created and hate us for illuminating their own inferiority to them.

Hence the grievous sense of humiliation, insult, sense of deprivation. We Jews deny them the wealth they hunger for, and we humiliate them by our superiority.

Islam for them truly is, as Karl Marx said, the opium of the masses…

Decommission Gaza

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…So quiet has returned to the skies over Gaza but of course the attempted murder by rocket and shell will begin again at some point. Gaza has been a burning spearhead in Israel’s side for 63 years and will remain so until this artificial rectangular district is decommissioned.

The Strip is about three times the size of the Guantanamo Bay US Naval Base and it is home to over one million Arabs, most of them stateless, unemployed, on welfare and dwelling in slums, providing an ample pool of potentially violent males who want to get in on the firing of rockets at the Jews or in planting IEDs along the security barrier; or firing anti-tank missiles through the fence at army vehicles or school buses.

What Israel should not be doing is feeding Gaza as it sends into the Strip every day thousands of trucks carrying supplies, commodities, gravel for building. Yesterday the Israeli functionary with the grand and lengthy title of Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories announced that “despite the recent escalation in violence, the authority had coordinated the transfer of 3,656 trucks into the Gaza Strip bearing food and medical supplies.”

Maybe it is just me but I find something simply bizarre going on here. These subcivilized criminals fire an anti-tank projectile into an Israeli school bus, and we are still supplying them with food and medicine? Whatever happened to old-fashioned siege warfare in which you starve the enemy until he can fight no more? What is going on here with Israel sustaining the enemy? This is unheard of in human history, I think.

In 2005, with the retreat from land and communities that were rightfully ours, we should have given the Arabs a year’s notice in the matter of supplying them with anything, not only food and medicine but water and electricity. The message might have been that “You can’t have it both ways, Arabians. You can’t expect Israel to sustain you as you fire rockets to kill Israelis. One or the other.”

In the matter of water, I’ve heard, it might not be so easy to separate, for the two systems are intertwined after all these years. But electricity is another matter.

Of course turning of the water and the electricity would raise howls around the globe; that would echo throughout the solar system, even the galaxy and beyond, that Israel was practicing collective punishment on the Ancient Ones. Okay, The Israelis don’t like these little rocket barrages, the Enlightened say, but why should all of Gaza have to suffer?”

And the Israelis would have to answer that terrorism is the ultimate in collective punishment cruelty. What one crummy little home-made Qassam rocket does when it shoots up and the sirens go off around the Gaza rectangle in the Jewish communities, tens of thousands, scores of thousands of Jews are frightened, fearful for the lives, for the lives of their little kids playing outside. Terrorism’s ethical logic is that every man, woman and child in Israel is guilty and deserves to die. This is the ultimate in collective punishment…

Israel Needs New Ideas

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…Lastly, did you see where one PA-affiliated media outlet reported that maybe some Thai migrant workers were responsible for what happened at Itamar?

Another PA-affiliated news outlet pushed the theory that Israelis, that they did it, to make it look like the Ancient Ones were responsible.

I would love to see an Israeli politicians say that these Arabs, these Muslims, are simply not ready for independence; not ready for prime time. They are not the type of people to govern themselves without the supervision of their civilized betters. Israel, therefore, will not hand over any more land and will not midwife “Palestinian” independence on land, in any case, that we have more right to than they. We Israelis, we Jews have as much right to Judea and Samaria as Barack Obama has to his home in Chicago, Illinois. Both names, state and city, come from the native Native Americans from whom Americans took that land.

We have as much right to this land as those parts of Germany that Czechoslovakia and Poland got to keep after the War.

Land here granted us by the League of Nations, which land grant renders every settlement in Judea and Samaria legal.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael

“Search your souls”

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…Heck, two days ago at the White House, didn’t Imam Barack Hussein tell the Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Organizations to tell their friends and colleagues in Israel, “Search your souls”? That’s what Minister Barack Obama said. Minister, as in Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“Tell them, your fellow Jews in Jerusalem, to search their souls,” he said, and did so because at some level of cognition he understands this is a religious issue, and if Israel wants peace with Islam, it must hand over Haram al-Sharif – in the mind of Barack Hussein Obama. He wants Israelis to “search their souls” and confess their guilt that they are the obstacles to peace for greedily hanging onto property that they stole from the Ancient Ones. That is what is in his head.

That was what Barack Obama told those overwhelmingly non-practicing Jewish millionaires. “Search your souls.”

Yeah, souls. This is a religious conflict. And statehood for the Ancient Ones, this “national liberation movement,” is only a cover-up….

Wingate: As The World Turns

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Program Link: ‘How can an intelligent people only see the short term?’

…Today in response to yesterday’s raid of destruction at Khavat Gilad and the subsequent juvenile temper tantrum of teenagers and their delinquent rabble-rousing elders during which they vandalized Arab property and got 23 of themselves arrested, Prime Minister Netanyahu told his Likud Party this: “People do not understand where they are living. If you do not live in the real world, it is possible to disregard everything…we live in a very difficult international situation; the US veto in the UN Security Council was achieved with great effort. We could ignore everything and say ‘no problem,’ but as the prime minister who bears responsibility for this country, I have to be responsible.” The issue at hand of course was the de facto freeze on new building.

Translation: The protest of the settlers is that building in Yosh remains frozen and that is not right. Yes, but there are other factors besides this right.

And when he said, the UN veto was achieved with great effort, that was more euphemism. Translation: Everyone knows that there is in the White House an antiJew the likes of which we in Israel have never had to contend with. And we are walking on eggshells for the next two years with this enemy.

We have never been in a situation like this before with this man in the Oval Office and now 65 years after Auschwitz when stupid Europeans like Jean Asselborn of Luxembourg feel licensed once again to exercise their anti-Jew muscles and impulses.

You all cruise the MSM. You all know that Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen licensed himself to ridicule the Jewishness of a person; and now there is this fashion industry butterfly Galliano on YouTube with his antiJew verbal bilge sounding like Mel Gibson a few years back. Hollywood actress and Jewess Wynona Rider worked with him some years ago and she said his nickname for her was “Oven Dodger.” Galliano said something similar.

In other words, it is back in fashion that which for a couple generations was out of fashion: sneering at and mocking and publicly reviling Jews.

I also saw today on the Net some Serbian night club singer, a blond bombshell who has also gone public with her antiJew discomfort being around Jews.

And then there is that old Communist folksinger Pete Seeger, this phony upper class guy who went to Harvard University then made a career of pretending to be one of the people singing folk songs. He is now out and behind the boycott Israel movement as if we were South Africa; as if Zionism truly is racism. This is typical for Communists.

I think what Bibi was trying to say in his oblique way was that the violent among us are living in a bubble of their own. These are highly provincial communities; youths unaware of the outside world and that old-time hatred of Jews is now making a politically correct comeback. So we have to be more careful. So vandalism and rage after what happened at that farm is not a good thing.

Especially with the surrounding Hamites now swarming in their passions. G-d forbid some of our out-of-control teenagers leave a bomb in a mosque. Who knows what these barbarians are capable of and worse now that they have the rotting remnants of Christian civilization behind them…

Antisemitism Itself

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…Well, with the news out of Egypt today much more subdued, with many in the crowds of the last two weeks going back to their usual lives, the Muslim Brotherhood did announce it was going to field candidates for the coming elections for the new parliament.

Of course they will. In 2005 that won 88 of the 454 seats of the lower house, and it is a reasonable assumption that they actually won far more than that but the level of corruption held their mandate down to 88.

And last November, what do you know, those poor Brothers did not win even one seat. And it is a fair bet not because their popularity had plummeted but because Mubarak’s loyalists gave them no quarter this time.

So if they field a slate of candidates for elections in the fall, they might not, probably won’t win a majority. But they could win the plurality and end up as the largest party, especially since there are something like two dozen other parties – a sign of how this community hasn’t got a clue about the mechanics of good democratic government machinery. Like in Israel: too many parties. Real democracies are like the human body divided between left and right, heart and mind; and they tend to two produce two big parties, not dozens.

And the campaign is already underway to whitewash the Brotherhood. It will proceed apace for sure.

But the free and democratic Westerners must not let themselves be fooled about a new and improved, moderate, modern Brotherhood. No more of that old-time religious jihadi fanaticism for them. You know, Barack Obama’s and James Clapper’s vision of multiple voices in a heterogeneous Brotherhood.

Perhaps. But the fact remains that the leader of the Brotherhood remains Mr. Muhammad Badie, 66, who just recently, according to Charles Levinson in today’s Wall Street Journal, pledged that the Brotherhood “would continue to raise the banner of jihad against the Jews,” which he called the group’s “first and foremost enemies.”

Levinson then added he has also “railed against American imperialism and calls for the establishment of an Islamic state.” And I point out: notice the sequence, the priorities. First, the Jew-hatred; then the America-hatred; then the wish for an Islamic state.

All of which makes perfect sense to yours truly. For the Qur’an – what Emir Barack Hussein calls respectfully the Holy Qur’an – does contain many, many verses about Jews and they are not positive to say the least. There is even one verse which Mr. Badie here seems to be quoting almost verbatim. It says that of all the enemies of Believers in the world, the Jews are number one. They are the most hostile to Believers, “even more than Christian priests.”

As I said before, Islam is less an antisemitic religion and more a religion of antisemitism…

Obama Knows What He’s Doing

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Program Link: Obama Egypt Strategy Could Place US at Risk

…Kenneth Timmerman, the investigative journalist, posted on Newsmax yesterday material that was a significant catalyst for my thoughts this evening. I’ll put up the link.

He reports that two months before Obama’s Cairo speech, he welcomed two members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to the White House.

He also, and I remember this, lifted the ban on Tariq Ramadan coming to the States. He is the grandson of the founder of the Brotherhood Hassan al-Banna, who was also, by the way, the uncle of the notorious Jew-killing terrorist Sabri al-Banna better known as Abu Nidal, who likely met his end when, for whatever reason, Saddam Hussein had him murdered. Tariq Ramadan is an intellectual who lives in Geneva and his game is denying the evil of Islamic fundamentalism. He was invited to be a scholar-in-resident at Notre Dame, the American University in Indiana, but was denied entry into the country during W’s time in office.

The MSM today here in Israel and elsewhere has focused on opinion in Israel, concerning the outrageous behavior of Obama in turning his back on Mubarak.

I think it is not so much that the US does not know what it is doing. I think Obama knows exactly what he is doing.

HaShem Yirakhem. God have mercy…

Paralysis in Zion

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…There are times when yours truly here despairs, and that happens whenever some enemy mouthpiece spews his historical lies of “Palestinian” Nationalism which official Israel never responds to, never attacks and demolishes as the IDF did today that terrorist at Mevo Dotan.

“Palestinian” Nationalism is as much a lie about the Jewish people as the Blood Libel that Sarah Palin rightly referred to in her own self-defense against haters of everything she stands for.

All of 19th and 20th century antisemitism was a mountain of lies about evil Jews conspiring against mankind; as much as the medieval Blood Libel was of Jews murdering non-Jews for their blood as an “essential” ingredient in Passover matzo, you know, for this blood-thirsty cult of devil worshipping Jews.

But oddly, very oddly, Israel’s ruling elite in our time never ever chooses to call out our enemies for their lies about the allegedly ancient, indigenous landlords of “Balestine.”

On the contrary, all of them – to a man and a woman and even among many religious, nationalist right-wingers – they refer to these people as “Palestinians” with no awareness, apparently, that every time anyone refers to “the Palestinians,” it is another nail in, if not our coffin than in the cross to which we Jews in Israel have been nailed for what we allegedly did to the Ancient Ones, who have to be compensated.

Gone are the Zionist pioneers found in the best-selling book of 1959 Exodus by Leon Uris, which book made a Zionist out of lots of people, out of Natan Sharansky and yours truly and others who saw the Hollywood movie. That generation of Jewish pioneers/halutzim was simply not perceived by the world as stealing Palestine from “the Palestinians.” That would have been impossible because those halutzim WERE the “Palestinians,” and the Arabs were “the Arabs,” because that is how the Arabs called themselves.

There was no Palestine Liberation Organization before 1964. What existed in 1944, three years before the Partition Plan, was the AHC, the ARAB Higher Committee run by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who in 1919, reacting to the plan of creating a country called Palestine that the Arabs never had known, founded a newspaper called Southern Syria. And for the remaining forty years of his miserable life as the leader of the Arabs here, he preached that there was no such country as Palestine.

It was impossible in the 1940s for the world to accuse us Jews of stealing Palestine from the Palestinians, when for fourteen centuries Palestine had meaning only to Jews and Christians. The country simply did not exist for these Arabs, for these Muslims. It doesn’t appear in the Qur’an.

But of this massive lying about history lurking in the black hearts of “Palestinian” nationalists, Israelis, from Bibi on down, say nothing. And I find that odd, even weird.

And because it is so weird, one suspects the wellsprings of this behavior are very deep and meaningful.

If Israelis were to face the truth that today’s Israel-haters are just another variety of Jew-haters; that the lies the Arabs tell about the past are in a league with the Blood Libel and Holocaust Denial, Israelis would have to face the reality that becoming an “Israeli” was an absolute failure, for their type of non-religious Zionism insisted that statehood would put an end to antisemitism, a/k/a the irrational, mendacious homicidal hatred of Jews and anti-Jew persecution.

And that for them might be such a shock to the system, they couldn’t stand it…

Living on Hope

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…Last week at the White House Emir Barack Hussein launched yet another peace initiative toward Syria by naming a new ambassador. His predecessor, you may remember, was withdrawn a half-decade ago after the murder of Lebanese leader Rafik Hariri. Obama and obviously Lady Clinton are still hopeful that they can engage in fruitful peace talks with the Syrians and persuade them to severe ties with Iran – with no understanding that without this alliance, Syria is one of the great big nothings of a country on this planet; with nothing to offer the world, to engage the world, to get the attention of world except by menacing the world with its support for terror. The only reason anyone pays any attention to Syria at all in this life is its identity as an outlaw, rogue state, as much a base today for numerous terror gangs – Fath, PFLP, Hamas, Hezbollah – as it was a base for kidnappers in the days of Abraham.

The Syrians in our day as a people have nothing to offer mankind in the way of products, science, culture. There is some tourism there but of course that is mostly foreigners interested in the ruins of non-Syrian peoples, the Greeks and the Romans and what they left behind. Like Egypt, where tourism is a major business, where tourists come not to see what the Muslims created since they overran the country in the year 640, but the remnants of pre-Islamic, Pharaonic civilization.

Glick also reported that retiring Israeli Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi is another Israeli who wants to hand over the Golan in the belief that the Syrians will then have a change of heart toward Israel, sever its relationship with Iran become a nice, peaceful neighbor.

Glick got it right in nailing the Israeli Left for believing that Israel can completely change Syria and Iran by “denying itself the ability to defend northern Israel by abandoning the Golan.”

They all live on hope and the fantasy that they can remake the character of the Syrians and the Iranians by material concession, by handing over what these two enemies demand as rightfully theirs.

I guess it makes sense that these post-Jewish Israelis would think this way. For to stand up to the enemy demands, to challenge and refute them, would be to claim that all these territories are rightfully Jewish land for three reasons, each one sufficient in itself to make the case: 1) The League of Nations mandate called for a resurrected Palestine to become a Jewish homeland. 2) All these demanded lands were taken in 1967 in righteous self-defense from the violators of the cease-fire agreements of 1949. 3) Because they are at the heart of the Jewish religion, for which we need no more legitimacy from the international community than found in the Five Books of Moses, which might otherwise be called, because he only wrote them down, the Five Books of G-d…

Just Gangsters

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Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 5th day, tes-zion beTeves, Parashas Shmos, tav-shin-ayin-alef, the evening of the 4th day Wednesday, 22 December, 2010, webcasting from the clash between sanity and insanity, Israelites and Ishmaelites, the civilized and the barbaric, truth and falsehood.

Two mornings ago, Monday morning – when the cruel barbarians in Gaza know that at such an hour Jewish children are on their way to school – they deliberately fired a Qassam rocket out of the artificial Gaza rectangle which landed a few feet from a Jewish girl walking to her school in a kibbutz near Ashqelon. One report said she was 16, another 14. She was wounded by the blast. Other people in the area were not hit by the shrapnel but they did go into shock and of course were rushed to hospital.

If immediately afterwards our Air Force had taken off and deliberately bombed a school in Gaza killing, say, 9 children, I am sure I could defend the operation as highly moral for trying to save lives in the future by putting a stop to this rocket business right now.

If I were prime minister, I would order such an attack which took the lives of 9 children in Gaza at random. This would of course rouse the whole world of Enlightened people who think it is their job to teach us Jews ethics and morality. I would wait until they were all shrieking at the UN at us condemning us; wait until their righteous indignation was at a fever pitch then I’d call a press conference, a live television press conference encircling the globe and say the following: “Many peoples believe in the Golden Rule formulated in the positive: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ (Leastwise that is how I was taught in an American public school.)

“But in Israel, we read from right to left and see things our way. Our Golden Rule is formulated in the negative: ‘Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done to you.’

“What we just did in Gaza is exactly what they tried to do to us. But with better equipment and intelligence and greater effect. And we make no apologies for being more technologically advanced than these Arabs in Gaza backed by the dangerous Jew-haters in Teheran.

“They fire missiles to murder Jews at random; as today we killed Arabs at random.

“And if they don’t like the results of what we did, ‘Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done to you…’”

Antisemites to the Core

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…So let us turn to more familiar material, to borrow from Bibi, Israel’s place among the nations. There was more good news this morning as another Jerusalem neighborhood was licensed to build another 625 homes for Israelites, Pisgat Ze’ev, which has been around for three decades. It was started in the second year of the first Reagan presidency. You know, I find it annoying that like Israel’s inability to demand its rights – as opposed to asking for support for its security concerns – and refusing to make the case the settlements are not illegal – Israelis like Bibi have forgotten what Pres. Reagan said. He said the settlements are legal – if not helpful.

Instead, like thieves in the night. we must wait for a storm in the politosphere when the world is preoccupied with another big story to announce we are going to build more homes in Jerusalem, because we have never surrendered the right to exercise our rights in Jerusalem and vicinity.

Which vicinity, by the way, would not exist without Zionism anywhere outside the old Turkish walls. East Jerusalem, South Jerusalem, North Jerusalem, West Jerusalem. All of these Arab settlements east of the city like Al-Azarya on the Mount of Olives or Beit Jala to the south, or Beit Tsafafa, are themselves, even though all Arab, products of Zionism. Today the Arabs say these are Balestinian villages from the beginning of time, but that does not square with the historical record. Nor with the photographs and paintings of Jerusalem from the mid-19th century. Without the presence of the Zionists, these Arab communities would not exist at all.

So there is a denial here as abusive of historical truth as Holocaust Denial or denying that the Western Wall means something to us Jews, as we heard this week.

And all to deny us Jews the right to own what we built up, what had been sleeping for almost two thousand years: this Land.

We brought it back to life, but these Hamitic-Ishmaelitic thieves have the delusional chutzpa to claim all of what we built is theirs.

The Balestinians are a bad dream of the sons of Adam…

The Threat of War

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…Adolph Hitler thought like that too. Erdogan sees a nation, the world’s only nation of Jews so powerful as to be able to endanger peace all over the world.

That was his most notable statement on Monday of this week, and today, still visiting Lebanon he said Turkey would not remain silent if Israel attacked Lebanon or Gaza. “Does Israel think it can use the most modern weapons, phosphorus munitions and cluster bombs to kill children in Gaza and then expect us to remain silent? We will not remain silent and we will support justice by all means available to us.”

Here we see a man who sees our soldiers going into Gaza to hunt and slay Muslim girls and women.

We saw that in fact in that video clip from Turkish TV dramatization of the fighting there in which an expressionless IDF soldier slowly and deliberately takes aim at an Arab girl paralyzed with fear and kills her.

This guy Erdogan and his vast community of Islamists in Turkey have now taken control of that country and almost overnight turned itself into a menacing state when it used to be an allied state.

What is making people nervous here in the political and defense professions is the pending release of an investigative report into the assassination of Saad Hariri’s father five years ago, with major indications that Hezbollah is to be fingered as the assassinating culprit. And if so, how will these lunatic, crazed with Jew-hatred Muslims react? Hezballah, exactly like Hamas, has one raison d’etre, one purpose in life which is to destroy freedom for the Jews and by extension raid into and take away the wealth they have created. This is what Ishmael grandson of Ham has been doing since he was expelled by his father from their home, the kindest man on earth. That’s what a problem kid Ishmael was…

The Irony of Israeli History

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…How ironic that the diplomatic warfare today in Israel hinges on the decision of a rabbi born, raised and educated in the home country of the Babylonian Talmud, whose contents, with his photographic memory, are all in his head.

Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir are surely spinning in their graves, those Ashkenazi socialist mockers of religion.

And the key issue in this wrestling match is over Jerusalem, a city which Israel lost in 1948 perhaps because the socialists were happy to be rid of it and didn’t fight hard enough for it. The memoirs of some of the socialist Zionists do not lack for sneering at Jerusalem as this medieval slum (which it was) and sump of superstition over which they preferred not to fight and die for. When the UN proposed international control, they were happy with the idea.

Today, though, what happens to Jerusalem during this next freeze of 90 days is the stumbling block. Eli Yishai wants it in writing from Barack Hussein and Lady Clinton that no freeze applies to our Holy City in toto, but of course so far the US is not going to re-do U.S. policy over Jerusalem since 1967. The US never recognized Israel’s right to keep, to own, to possess and rule over the Temple Mount, because the Muslims say it is Haram al-Sharif and the Prophet actually walked there one night after flying in on a flying horse from Mecca. That’s Islamic doctrine and the basis for their claim to Haram al-Sharif. Because one night Muhammad, peace be upon him, mounted a winged horse that flew across the sky; a horse name Buraq (Lightning) with the face of a beautiful woman and the tail of peacock, and it flew the Prophet to Jerusalem, where he alit next to the Temple Mount and jumped up to heaven, to the highest seventh heaven – that’s a Talmudic idea – and got to see the prophets in history that preceded him; after which he went back down to the mount, re-mounted Buraq and flew back to Mecca and all in one night.

For the Jewish people the Temple Mount is inseparable from the Book of Books, the greatest Jewish contribution to the human race – versus this 1001 Nights fairy tale. On the basis of this child’s story of magic, the Arabians claim our Temple Mount is rightfully theirs and we stole it from them!

The Settlements are Legal

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Program Link: Harper will defend Israel ‘whatever the cost’

(November 9, 2010) …President Obama in the Far East where he lived as a Muslim school boy said this “kind of activity” his words “was never helpful.” And never mind that the activity of Jewish people over the last 150 years of building in Jerusalem is what turned what was a stinking, Muslim backwater of a museum-like town into a modern, thriving, lovely city. His beloved Ancient Victims of the Jews’ ancient cruelty, the Balestinians, didn’t build anything; certainly nothing more public than a mosque. Today, though, they shamelessly claim Jerusalem is theirs. We Jews started building in this city before there were any Arab dwellings east of the Turkish walls. We built this city, made it 10 times larger today than it was 100 years ago, but these descendants of desert highwaymen insist the city, the heart of Jerusalem, is their property. And the State Department seems to go along with that.

This is a lie on a par with the Muslim claim that Avraham was ever in Mecca with his son Ishmael. Where does it say that in our holy books? It doesn’t. The first Muslims just made it up. You know, like the schoolyard bully who yanks a ball from the hands of a smaller boy, Ishmael stole Judaism from Israel. At the point of Islam’s birth it was always already 2,000 years old…

Rights or Punishment?

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…Well, according to the UNESCO rally of hatred for Israel disguised as support for the mythical Balestinian state, post-Jewish Israel not surprisingly said the wrong thing when the government said that in response it would build 2,000 more apartments in areas there is a national consensus for keeping: Maaleh Adumim, Har Homa, Ramot (those two neighborhoods in greater, post-‘67 Jerusalem) and Efrat. What was wrong was not the decision to build but linking it to anything the enemy did.

There was also a namby-pamby decision to withhold the transfer of customs fee from the PA for a whole 14 days. Wow. The reality is that Israel believes these payments help keep the barbarians quiet, which may be true.

What was wrong about suspending payment is the silly attempt to punish them like a parent trying to educate a misbehaving child toward better behavior. You know Bibi’s slogan: “If you give you get; if you don’t give you don’t get.”

I think it is a terrible thing to link our behavior to theirs. It turns our decision to build into punishment, though in truth today in the Knesset, perhaps because some advisor gave some similar advice, Netanyahu sort of corrected himself by saying, “We build in Jerusalem because it is our right and obligation to this generation and the next – not as punishment but as a basic right of our people to build our eternal capital.”

But by then the damage had been done. The announcement yesterday in the wake of the antiJew rally in Geneva came across as punishment and elicited the predictable chastisement from the post-Christian antiJews in Europe. Foreign policy czarina of the EU Baroness Catherine of Ashton said, “I am deeply concerned by the latest Israeli decisions. The settlement building is against international law.” This was not the first time she has said that.

Her countryman UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said the same thing. “This settlement building program is illegal under international law and it is the latest in a series of provocative and unhelpful settlement announcements.”

I’d pay good money to attend one their press conferences where questions are fielded to be able ask either of them just what international law they are referring to and where it can be read and studied; in what book of international laws.”

What is going on here is – as always – antisemitism because the basic definition of that behavior is lying about Jews, accusing us of some crime where we have committed no crime…


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Program Link: UNESCO admits the ‘Palestinians’

…Speaking this evening as I often do of the subterranean, age-old hatred of Jews camouflaged in our generation by misericordia for the eternally crucified at Jewish hands Balestinians, last Friday Makor Rishon ran a story exposing how 80% of the money spent by HMG, Her Britannic Majesty’s Government on human rights in the Middle East is spent on Israeli and Balestinian groups, who of course are both concerned with the welfare of the Ancient Ones. A handful of the Israeli NGOs deal with helping Israelis but most of the Israeli recipients of British government largesse are dedicated to helping the victims of Israel, the Ancient Ones.

An investigation was undertaken by the Israeli patriotic organization Im Tirtzu – the ones who exposed the New Israel Fund. This investigation surveyed the years 2005-2009 during which Leftist pro-Palestinian Israeli NGOs received 3.6 million pounds sterling’ Arab NGOs in Judea and Samaria received 2.2 million pounds sterling. No Israeli right-wing NGOs received a British farthing. And the sum total of British aide to human rights groups in the rest of the Arab Middle East received 1.4 million pounds sterling altogether.

No one pound in this period was spent on human rights NGOs focused on the absence of human rights in Gaddafi’s Libya or Mubarak’s Egypt or the medieval kingdom of Saudi Arabia or bin Ali’s kleptocracy in Tunisia.

Versus Israel’s Peace Now which received 100,000 pounds, about 600,000 shekels. Yesh Din also received even 50% more, almost one million shekels. Yesh Din means “there is a law.” 300,000 shekels went to Ir Amim whose obsession is the “immoral” “Judaization of Jerusalem at the expense of the Ancient Ones.

As I suggested before in regard to that video clip from the UNESCO vote, antiJewism takes many forms and is forever mutating from generation to generation, from country to country, culture to culture. Those applauding in Geneva, those cheering diplomats don’t look at all like torch-bearing Nazis at a night-time rally in Munich in 1938 but in their support for the phantom nation of “Palestinians” they are no less antiJews themselves.

And here’s England in its traditional antisemitism given expression in the amount of money HMG spends on this generation’s legitimately recognized Jew-killers, the poor poor Ancient Ones…