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Obama the Unreal

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Program Link: Mona Eltahaway arrested for defacing one of Pam Geller’s signs

…Mukasey even raised in his concluding paragraph’s two sentences the thought of impeachment, without using the word: “It appears that the only course open now is for Congress to demand an unequivocal statement from the State Department and the White House that the U.S. will not transfer or release Abdel Rahman under any circumstances. Absent such assurance, it may be time for Congress to make clear that such a transfer or release could be considered the kind of gross betrayal of the public trust that would justify removal from high office.”

End of his piece, written by a former U.S. Attorney-General and Federal Judge, no wild-eyed radical…

Two Faces in the News

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…On Friday, three more Muslim suicide nutjobs killed a young Jewish man just like they used to in the south Lebanon security zone for 15 years. For fifteen years there were either daily preparations for killing IDF soldiers in the zone, or daily carrying out such plans, and it cost Israel about 25 soldiers a year. I looked upon it as the price for having neighbors proud descendants, factual or imagined, of Canaanites and Philistines, both descendants of Ham, the most antediluvian of Noah’s three sons. These people are, if not exactly into human sacrifice, they certainly have a very different attitude toward death and life. For me the emblematic image of these people is that crazed Arab with hands dripping with warm Jewish blood in that Ramallah police station…

The Arabs in Molt

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…I remember in 1967 some Arab propagandist, when the shooting war began, bragging that their soldiers would soon be sitting in the cafes of Tel-Aviv. The image seems to have been spawned by the behavior of the officers in the German army that rolled into Paris in 1940 and enjoyed themselves sitting, eating and drinking in the cafes of Paris which was now theirs by conquest.

And it was an odd wish, I thought, because Tel-Aviv was built on wasteland outside of Jaffa, never developed by the Ancient Ones at all. I mean, I could understand some Arab moaning for the house he was born in when his parents chose to flee the fighting.

But this was daydreaming about real estate and property his people never built. He was dreaming of sitting in the cafes of Tel-Aviv as conquerors – not weepy refugees returning to the old sod that had been in the family’s ancestral homestead since the beginning of time…

Cathcart’s Tale

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…Islam is the religion of Ishmael the incorrigible who after he left his father’s household became a desert highwayman, an armed robber/mugger preying upon people in transit. Ishmael was the quintessential sociopath by which mean anti-social. He has a hard time living in society because he is such an aggressive, violent personality giving to storming embassies to loot them and kill the foreigners inside…

Obama the Muslim

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…This verbal badminton match between Bibi and Obama-Hillary this week is disgraceful. Like Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey who said he did not want to be “complicit” in an Israeli strike at the country that killed 241 US military personnel in Lebanon in 1983; 17 more in Saudi Arabia in 1996; 17 sailors more in Yemen in 2000, all killed by some tentacle of Iran.

And Dempsey is not ashamed to speak this way?

Cowboy Hats & Kaffiyas

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…The bris mila/circumcision story in German continues to percolate. Last week in the state of Berlin the senator for Justice and Consumer Protection magisterially ruled that circumcision was legal but had to be performed by a physician and after the parents had been advised of the risks. In other words, the Jews may not circumcise their sons as Jews have for almost 4,000 years.

The Jewish community of 10,000 in Berlin was unanimously indignant at the ruling of Herr Thomas Heilmann of the Christian Democratic Union that he posted on the city’s website.

Thomas Heilmann. What a name. A “mann’ to whom one must say “heil”? Heil Heilmann! You appear to be spiritual soul-mate of Barack Hussein Obama who is determined to fundamentally transform American into some non-American re-incarnation. Here Herr Heilmann believes he has the right to tell Jews they cannot practice their religion as they have practiced it for thousands of years because Heilmann apparently thinks Jews are cruel and primitive people like the Arabs who mutilate their daughters. Heilmann knows “besser” than the Jews who are cruel to their babies and must be prevented from this practice in a class “mit” Chinese foot-binding…

The Worst Generation

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…Hanan Ashrawi like Edward Said received a PhD in English Literature. He at Harvard, she at the University of Virginia, which fact likely has Thomas Jefferson spinning in his grave. U of V was his creation, this early American anti-Islam crusader.

What also comes to mind in pondering the careers of Ashrawi and Said is the failure or more charitably the inability of an American education to educate these primitives to think more clearly than they do.

But then again, Dr. Ashrawi and Dr. Said are arguably not much different from Dr. Beilin who also like an Arab lives in a world of deception, delusion and hatred of Jews…

More Poison from the Times

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Program Link: When It Pays to Talk to Terrorists

…Let’s do what I have not done for a while; some Basic Deprogramming 101 of an opinion piece in the New York Times.

Let us vivisect it, shall we? It is the link posted on this webcast. Please put me on hold. Download the link. Read it, then get back to me…

Okay. Now that you have read this masterpiece of antiJew opinionating, let us go to work.

In the lede sentence he says it is the 40th anniversary of the Munich massacre in which “Palestinian militants killed 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team.”

No. He should have written not “Palestinian militants killed 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team” but “Arab terrorists murdered 11 Jews from the Jewish state that is an offense to Islam…”

Islam Hates Life

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…Think of the Far East where statures of the Buddha in some countries show a diamond in the middle of his forehead, the third eye of wisdom.

Think now of the Muslim at prayer in which he presses that very spot into the floor so hard over time he flattens his forehead and gives himself a permanent black and blue mark. For Muslims, piety is the blinding of the third eye of wisdom, crushing it. Piety is unthinking, mindless obedience and a rejection of this life as not good enough.

How often we have heard madmen like Hassan Nasrallah boast that in the clash between Believers and al-Yahud and the West, the Believers will win because they love death and the West loves life.

How true. The Torah teaches choose life, and the Torah has not a word about an afterlife. It is all about living a righteous life in this world, this beautiful, amazing creation of HaShem.

Muslims hate this life and want out. Jews love this life and thank HaShem for it a hundred times a day…