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Israel’s Truth Will Out

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Program Link: Analysis: Burying linkage between peace process, Iran
…It also came out in these leaks that in Qatar, Sen. John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, paid a visit and told Qatari leaders that indeed, even though Syria supports Hezbollah, Israel must return the Golan to Syria and not only that: Jerusalem must become the capital of the Ancient Ones.

In other words, John Kerry supports Muslim rule over the Temple Mount, which is what they demand. And one supposes John Kerry is constitutionally incapable of thinking otherwise, of seeing the world through Jewish eyes. He is, after all, the grandson of two paternal grandparents, the grandfather having been a direct descendant of Aaron the High Priest, brother of Moses. Before the name was Kerry, it was Kohn, who shmaded himself – that’s Yiddish from the Hebrew meaning he converted to another religion, in this case Roman Catholicism. Shmad comes from the Hebrew verb to annihilate, so that a Jew who converts to another religion “annihilates” himself as a Jew and joins forces with non-Jews who want to annihilate the Jewish people.

John Kerry as a teenager went St. Paul’s School, the posh St Paul’s School for Boys in Concord, New Hampshire, no Jews allowed.

I wish someone like Bibi would sit down with this man and open his eyes to the fact that Syria lost the Golan Heights as result of its years of murderous aggression against Israel, and Israel is morally no more obligated to hand it back to Syria than today’s Czech Republic must hand back land taken from Germany after World War II. To demand that Israel do this is morally disgusting.

Someday, G-d willing, Israelis will learn to present our struggle in the same light as the struggle of Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King, Jr. These Muslims, these Arabs, deny to us Jews what the white South Africans denied to black South Africans: freedom; what Southerners in America between the Civil War and the 1960s denied to Negroes: their rights.

What the antiJews have done over the last generation is turn the truth upside down: Islam held Jews down under Islamic apartheid dhimmi laws for fourteen centuries and has never been able to see the injustice of that. The truth is not that Zionism is a form of racism. Islam is.

The Terrible 1930s Redux

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…There was in these disturbing days some good news, sort of, out of Egypt. Today the parliamentary election was held and the regime in recent days has been arresting hundreds of opponents of the regime who are Muslim Brothers and others I suppose.

It has always been that way in Egypt at least for the last half-century and more since King Farouk was toppled by Gamal Abdel Nasser and some other colonels and generals. The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Egypt in 1928, has been the nemesis of every Egyptian government since then.

Of course Western liberals, like Friday’s anonymous editorialist in the Washington Post, are upset because “more than a 1,000 political activists have been rounded up by security forces, and many have been abused. Opposition media commentators have been forced off the air, television channels closed and restrictions placed on text messaging. Meanwhile the government has issued strident statements rejecting the Obama’ administration’s calls for international observers and severely limited the access of domestic monitoring groups.”

Of course the liberal in the West is all het up about this anti-democratic oppression by the Egyptian government, but not yours truly. I support the government’s behavior. I recognize and validate its fear of democracy – and that is because Thomas Jefferson taught me that it can only work with a demos, the common man, that is literate and educated, and these Muslim Egyptians in their vast majority are none of those things.

In Algeria they tried democracy in 1992, had an open election, and who won? The Islamists. And what followed was a civil war, nation-wide carnage, 200,000 people murdered.

In 2006 in Judea, Samaria and Gaza Condi Rice and of course Jimmy Carter supported democracy for the Ishmaelites in those areas, and who won the election? Again, the Islamists.

More proof of what a dummy Jimmy Carter is. Almost thirty years earlier as president he bemoaned the dictatorship of the Shah in Iran, and what he got in his place was masses of Iranians welcoming home from exile the Ayatollah Khomeini.

And now in Turkey the Islamists are in power, because the masses of Muslims there either don’t know any better or don’t care or like simple Russians who loved Joe Stalin, they want and need a despot over them who rules with an iron fist and makes sure there is no anarchy.

So I don’t criticize Mubarak’s brutal suppression of his opposition, the Muslim Brotherhood.

If only Israel would stop calling Hamas Hamas and start calling it the Muslim Brotherhood, Israel’s PR would take a turn for the better…

The Threat of War

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…Adolph Hitler thought like that too. Erdogan sees a nation, the world’s only nation of Jews so powerful as to be able to endanger peace all over the world.

That was his most notable statement on Monday of this week, and today, still visiting Lebanon he said Turkey would not remain silent if Israel attacked Lebanon or Gaza. “Does Israel think it can use the most modern weapons, phosphorus munitions and cluster bombs to kill children in Gaza and then expect us to remain silent? We will not remain silent and we will support justice by all means available to us.”

Here we see a man who sees our soldiers going into Gaza to hunt and slay Muslim girls and women.

We saw that in fact in that video clip from Turkish TV dramatization of the fighting there in which an expressionless IDF soldier slowly and deliberately takes aim at an Arab girl paralyzed with fear and kills her.

This guy Erdogan and his vast community of Islamists in Turkey have now taken control of that country and almost overnight turned itself into a menacing state when it used to be an allied state.

What is making people nervous here in the political and defense professions is the pending release of an investigative report into the assassination of Saad Hariri’s father five years ago, with major indications that Hezbollah is to be fingered as the assassinating culprit. And if so, how will these lunatic, crazed with Jew-hatred Muslims react? Hezballah, exactly like Hamas, has one raison d’etre, one purpose in life which is to destroy freedom for the Jews and by extension raid into and take away the wealth they have created. This is what Ishmael grandson of Ham has been doing since he was expelled by his father from their home, the kindest man on earth. That’s what a problem kid Ishmael was…

These People are Insane

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…These people are insane. I think the 9-11 flying maniacs were insane; all suicide bombers are insane in their need to simultaneously murder human beings at random and commit suicide. I think Mahmoud Abbas with his Holocaust Denial is insane.

The PA study says the wall is really owned by the Islamic priesthood, the Waqf, in the name of an Algerian-Moroccan family. But of course no names please. The author of the study is a Mr. Al-Mutawakel Taha, a “senior official” in the Palestinian Ministry of Information. (This sounds like George Orwell territory.) And he is a renowned “Palestinian” poet to boot, according Khaled Abu Toameh this morning in JPost hard copy. Mr. Taha said the wall’s real name is Al-Buraq, named after the flying horse mentioned in the previous webcast that flew the Prophet in for a quickie one-night tour. And the wall is in fact, said the senior official and renowned poet, “the western wall of the Al-Aqsa Mosque” – and never mind that they are on different sides of the hill and separated by more than a hundred meters of the Temple Mount. It is as if this Muslim cannot see the truth before his eyes. What he sees is what he wants to see.

The author of this historical study asserts, inter alia, that before the Balfour Declaration the Jews never prayed at this Wall – which deletes from the conscious RAM/random access memory in the brains of these barbarians 2,000 years of Jewish history; just deletes it; of Jews living in Jerusalem, visiting Jerusalem, pilgrims coming, some to be buried in Jerusalem, and all visitors prior to the modern era visiting the wall to pray there – a history now wiped out of the minds of these Arabs, this senior official, this renowned Ancient Palestinian poet and lunatic.

This delusional demoniac of a hallucinating Ancient Palestinian described the massacre of Jews in 1929 in Hevron, Tsfat, Motza, I think, when 137 innocent Jews at random were slain by blood-thirsty Arabs. He called that three-day blood-spilling jamboree the Al-Buraq revolution “when dozens of Muslims were martyred and a large number of Jews were killed.”

What a way of describing what really happened…

Varieties of AntiJew Evil

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Program Link: Why America Chases an Israeli-Palestinian Peace
…A final citation from Ethan’s Bronner’s evil by default, his bad journalism. Fearful of future violence here, he reminds his readers: “Ten years ago when peace talks led by President Bill Clinton at Camp David fell apart, the second Palestinian uprising broke out, leading to exploding buses, suicide bombings and harsh Israeli countermeasures. Thousands – most of them Palestinian – were killed.”

I read that and if my name were Vinny and I lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, I would have wanted to say, “Up yours.” This is disgusting writing for its cowardice and dishonesty. What does he mean when “peace talks fell apart”? They ended because Arafat rejected peace.

And the second uprising did not just “break out” and lead to exploding buses. Arafat dispatched his murderous brethren to do their evil, and they – the Arabs – blew up those buses in order to butcher us Jews by the score.

Notice too how the word “harsh” is applied to Israelis, while the “Palestinians” aren’t mentioned. Everything is intransitive verbs: an uprising “breaks out,” a bus “explodes.” No names of the perpetrators or their victims. The only adjective is the word “harsh” which adheres to Israel.

Ethan Bronner is a wimp…

The Irony of Israeli History

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…How ironic that the diplomatic warfare today in Israel hinges on the decision of a rabbi born, raised and educated in the home country of the Babylonian Talmud, whose contents, with his photographic memory, are all in his head.

Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir are surely spinning in their graves, those Ashkenazi socialist mockers of religion.

And the key issue in this wrestling match is over Jerusalem, a city which Israel lost in 1948 perhaps because the socialists were happy to be rid of it and didn’t fight hard enough for it. The memoirs of some of the socialist Zionists do not lack for sneering at Jerusalem as this medieval slum (which it was) and sump of superstition over which they preferred not to fight and die for. When the UN proposed international control, they were happy with the idea.

Today, though, what happens to Jerusalem during this next freeze of 90 days is the stumbling block. Eli Yishai wants it in writing from Barack Hussein and Lady Clinton that no freeze applies to our Holy City in toto, but of course so far the US is not going to re-do U.S. policy over Jerusalem since 1967. The US never recognized Israel’s right to keep, to own, to possess and rule over the Temple Mount, because the Muslims say it is Haram al-Sharif and the Prophet actually walked there one night after flying in on a flying horse from Mecca. That’s Islamic doctrine and the basis for their claim to Haram al-Sharif. Because one night Muhammad, peace be upon him, mounted a winged horse that flew across the sky; a horse name Buraq (Lightning) with the face of a beautiful woman and the tail of peacock, and it flew the Prophet to Jerusalem, where he alit next to the Temple Mount and jumped up to heaven, to the highest seventh heaven – that’s a Talmudic idea – and got to see the prophets in history that preceded him; after which he went back down to the mount, re-mounted Buraq and flew back to Mecca and all in one night.

For the Jewish people the Temple Mount is inseparable from the Book of Books, the greatest Jewish contribution to the human race – versus this 1001 Nights fairy tale. On the basis of this child’s story of magic, the Arabians claim our Temple Mount is rightfully theirs and we stole it from them!

An Ugly, Low-Life Deal

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Audio Excerpt (2:35 Mins)
Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 4th day, yud beKislev, Parashas Vayishlakh, tav-shin-ayin-alef, the evening of the 3rd day, Tuesday, 16 November, 2010, webcasting from the target of Barack and Hillary’s Excellent Adventure in making peace between Muslim and Jew in the Holy Land, what no man or woman has ever done before.

I’m surprised that so far no pro-Israel congressman or senator has stood up and said, “Hey, wait a minute. President Obama in the middle of this ocean of debt that America is swimming in has just promised 3 billion dollars to Israel? This is the guy who doubled the galactic national debt in two years and now he wants to shoot 3 billion dollars of military hardware to Israel for free?” Questions need to be asked.

That is the price of the 20 more F-35s Obama and Clinton are dangling before Israel’s nose in exchange for betraying its birthright to dictate where Jews live or do not live in the Holy Land; to basically suspend again as was done for ten months the sovereign right to develop and live wherever Jews want to in their own country, as surely as every other nation-state lives.

There is something really smelly about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton tempting the government of Israel with these planes and dangling the threat not to use its veto in the Security Council when Israel is menaced by the world community.

There is something disgusting in this threat never before seen in an American administration.

Of course this deal was the top story in Israel today. This morning I heard Benny Begin on the radio waving the flag of principle in his opposition to accepting this deal. This freeze was sold last year as a one-time deal. And Israel’s government has to abide by that, he said. Abide by its promise to its own people.

He also made the correct point that in terms of statecraft, Israel has to reject the American plan for another freeze because if accepted it would show the government of Israel as weak, unreliable and vulnerable to pressure. A government that means what it says and is prepared to defend what it stands for is not an Israel that gives in to this latest request…

An AntiJew Barrage

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Audio Excerpt (2:52 Mins)
…Every other group with a beef – beside Jews – blacks, women, sodomites – the demand is for rights, their rights. In the 1950s and 60s in the United States, the Civil Rights Movement was front and center. Civil Rights for Negroes (the Spanish word for blacks).

Then came the feminists demanding “reproductive rights,” and the sodomites demanding the right to sodomize one another.

But when it comes to Israel, we don’t fight for our rights. Our rights are not the issue. The U.S. does not fight for Israel’s rights but its “security interests,” in part because that is the way the dejudaized, mitzvot-less Mr. Netanyahu sees things; as in his book entitled A Place Among the Nations, which title is a direct refutation of the definition of the Jewish people as a holy people, a kingdom of priests, a people that dwells alone:

I went through maybe three-quarters of the book before I put it down. It was highly intelligent but at bottom spiritless. Bibi simply is incapable of saying to Hillary and Barack Obama the Islam-lover that Judea and Samaria are at least as precious to us Jews as the Hedjaz is to the Muslims, the region where Mecca and Medina are found in the Arabian Peninsula. These two cities are some 200-plus miles apart, and much of the Qur’an deals with Muhammad’s triumphal campaign from Medina to Mecca and victory over his rivals in his own tribe.

Bibi could tell the world that Judea and Samaria are the heart of the Promised Land in our Holy Book, without which Christians like Hillary and Muslims like Obama’s Dad would never have even understood the concept of holy writ and having a holy book.

Preventing us Jews from exercising the right of full ownership and sovereignty in Judea and Samaria is nothing less than an antisemitic attack on Judaism. It is nothing to make the case in gentile law that these hills are legally ours, as of right, and that the world denies us Jews the right of ownership is another form of Jew-abuse over thousands of years of Jew-abuse.

This land is rightfully ours but Bibi never says so. And Hillary never fights for our rights as she has I’m sure for blacks, women and sodomites.

That is a form of discrimination against the Jews, a/k/a a form of antisemitism.

Those who deny our right to Yosh are antiJews, modern-day antisemites…

“We built this city…”

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Audio Excerpt (4:52 Mins)
…So Barry Soetero a/k/a Pres. Barack Hussein Obama spoke yesterday in a country he felt at home in probably more than he ever did in the United States. And one contributing factor was likely the skin color of the Indonesians among whom he lived and played as boy, ages 6-10. He likely felt much more at home in Indonesia than in America.

He has spoken with real feeling for the good times of his boyhood there among his friends, other, in his own words “brown boys.”

These people are Muslims, the Indonesians, and likely (not having ever been there) are less irritating than the Arabs in the Arabian Peninsula; gentler. And Barack Hussein had experiences other boys have of playing outdoors in summertime when there was no school, fond memories of boyhood.

But what he cannot accept now as an adult is that their religion, the religion of his father the Muslim, is a menace to mankind. He persists in describing al-Qaeda as a menace, but that does not mean Islam is a bad religion, he says.

Again yesterday in his compulsive outreach to Muslim states, he said Islam is a “great world religion,” and in that he could not be more un-American. That’s his problem: he likes Islam, when Islam stands for behaviors American don’t like. Like chopping off the hands of thieves; like cruelly treating women as less than human; like being a religion in which psychopaths like bin Ladin and Arafat the covert Muslim extremist can act out their fantasies with support.

Americans wrote a Bill of Rights which they appended to their brand-new constitution which began with the declaration that there will be “no establishment of religion” in the new republic, meaning no government office regulating religion. That was none of the government’s business.

At the time the American Revolution broke out, New York City alone had about 30,000 people and 22 different kinds of churches and one synagogue; and no mosque

Today’s ahistorical liberals completely misunderstand those first words of the First Amendment. They think it means the government must be hostile to religion, when the opposite is true. The purpose of the so-called “no establishment clause” was to allow for unfettered religious life over which the government has no control; no control over a man’s deepest beliefs.

Versus Islam, where it rules in its majority institutes itself as the official relilgion and is arguably the most totalitarian society in human history. The Soviet Union lasted a mere 72 years; Islam has been around for 14 centuries abusing and humiliating all those in its midst who aren’t Muslims. Christians, Jews, Animists. They are murdering them like crazy now in Iraq.

Hindus, Buddhists have all suffered from the Muslims. Perhaps the greatest genocidal massacre in history was what Muslims did in the Indian sub-continent which everywhere was populated by idol-worshippers, whom Islam teaches must either convert immediately to Islam or be killed on the spot by a Believer…

The Settlements are Legal

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November 9, 2010
40:39 Mins
Audio Excerpt (1:39 Mins)
Program Link: Harper will defend Israel ‘whatever the cost’
…President Obama in the Far East where he lived as a Muslim school boy said this “kind of activity” his words “was never helpful.” And never mind that the activity of Jewish people over the last 150 years of building in Jerusalem is what turned what was a stinking, Muslim backwater of a museum-like town into a modern, thriving, lovely city. His beloved Ancient Victims of the Jews’ ancient cruelty, the Balestinians, didn’t build anything; certainly nothing more public than a mosque. Today, though, they shamelessly claim Jerusalem is theirs. We Jews started building in this city before there were any Arab dwellings east of the Turkish walls. We built this city, made it 10 times larger today than it was 100 years ago, but these descendants of desert highwaymen insist the city, the heart of Jerusalem, is their property. And the State Department seems to go along with that.

This is a lie on a par with the Muslim claim that Avraham was ever in Mecca with his son Ishmael. Where does it say that in our holy books? It doesn’t. The first Muslims just made it up. You know, like the schoolyard bully who yanks a ball from the hands of a smaller boy, Ishmael stole Judaism from Israel. At the point of Islam’s birth it was always already 2,000 years old…

Yigal Palmor, Israeli

Internet Radio

November 7, 2010
37:56 Mins
Audio Excerpt (1:39 Mins)
Program Link: ‘The word “anti-Semitism” has been overused and abused’
…Okay? You’ve seen this video of Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor interviewed by the Post outside a conference on Israeli PR. Palmor said/was pleading basically that antisemitism exists but the word should not be used. Better to speak of “racism,” and “hate speech.” He thinks “antisemitism” the word has been over-used and abused, so even though he admits that “these problems” (as he calls them) exist; meaning the existence of antisemitism and antisemites, let’s call “these problems” by other names.

Once again here is an Israeli who prefers to cover up the truth of antisemitism which is a modern euphemism anyway for perennial Jew-hate and to resort to more universal terms. Antisemitism as something that is not unique. It is a form of “hate speech” and racism, and therefore there is really nothing particularly Jewish about antisemitism today. Let’s cover that up.

Fact is, I think, Israelis have, on the contrary, never over-used or abused the term antisemitism. On the contrary they never use it.

What is going on is this rising tide in our generation’s version of Jew-hatred and Jew-abuse. And the crazier it gets, the more it has in common with old-fashioned so-called antisemitism…

It’s a Religious War

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November 4, 2010
41:24 Mins
Audio Excerpt (1:08 Mins)
…On Monday in JPost we learned that our defense minister had responded to the weekend’s news of the latest airline terror attempt, launched by Al-Qaeda in Yemen in an effort to blow airplanes out of the sky – the Arabs have been doing that periodically for the last Biblical generation and counting. It is a behavior that is a cousin of the Yemenis’ cousins in Gaza who launch missiles of death into Sderot and environs. Our defense minister in the State of the Jews, who are supposed to be so smart and clever and wise, reacted to this latest terrorist attempt on Western aircraft by saying that the way to combat terror is “by treating its social roots, such as poverty, corruption, illiteracy and discrimination.”

Now and for the first time I pronounce Ehud Barak a moron. A nincompoop. And what is most inexcusable: he seems to be an uneducated and therefore stupid Jew…

What’s It All About? (09/07/10)

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September 7, 2010
38:56 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:18 Mins)
…Mahmoud Abbas’ remarks yesterday that the two top priorities over which he will never compromise are the rights of the refugees and the 1967 borders in that order, which reflect his two broad constituencies: the refugees of ’48 – he is one of them – and when he speaks of the “1967 borders,” in his mind is his second constituency, the Arabs in Judea and Samaria who did not become refugees in 1948 or ’67. In ‘67, they were occupied by Al-Yahud, never made homeless. Since then this has been a major split in the Arab population today referred to as the Ancient Palestinians.

In Arabic, the first group was called those who were “fil harij,” and the second called “fil dakhil,” meaning those “outside” the land and those “inside” the land under Israeli occupation, who had obviously two very different agendas.

In 1967 right after the Six-Day War, there were prominent Arabs in Judea and Samaria with businesses and property and homes who were ready to recognize Israel’s right to exist on condition Israel withdrew from what had been Jordanian-occupied land.

And there was no shortage of Israelis ready for such a deal. I was not an Israeli yet at the time but supported that too. And it was bandied about in media. Right off the bat after the war there was talk of such a state for the Arabs in Judea and Samaria in both Israel and Arab circles in Ramallah in Hevron, in Jericho, etc.

But Arafat and Abbas eventually put a stop to such talk by murdering local leaders who spoke that way; of a state in Yosh only. That was in fact Fatah’s great fear, for that would mean the end of the aspiration of the refugees of 1948 to return to Tsfat, like Abbas, or Lod like George Habash. and Haifa for other Arabs who fled. For decades a state in Yesha was Yasir Arafat’s and Mahmoud Abbas’ worst nightmare…

Optimism & Ignorance (09/21/10)

Internet Radio

September 21, 2010
36:33 Mins
Audio Excerpt (3:43 Mins)
…But what I want to focus on is this wonderful aerial photo taken of the community of Beit Aryeh where today over 900 families live in this obviously, from the photograph, planned community on a hilltop some 400 meters above sea-level and 25 air miles northeast of Tel-Aviv. According to its Hebrew website, on a clear day from there, those people can from Hadera on the coast north of Tel-Aviv past Tel-Aviv all the way down to Ashqelon. This is what the antiJew MSM would call “deep in the West Bank,” maybe, I’m guessing, 12 miles inland from the coast.

The aerial photo makes clear this is a community like most of them in Judea and Samaria planned by civil engineers and urban planners, with its roads, homes, schools, grocery stores, playgrounds, synagogues and mini-parks, etc.

And also visible in the photograph next to Beit Aryeh is the Arab settlement called Luban al-Arabiya, which is obviously a little nothing of a scruffy collection of disorganized dwellings – though of course the caption writer at the Herald Tribune called Beit Aryeh – which dwarfs Luban al-Arabiya – a “settlement,” connoting something, new, and I guess moveable/destroyable, versus the “town” that is Luban al-Arabiya, which connotes something permanent, an organized community, when the photograph tells the opposite story.

Also shown is the plenty of land separating the two communities, areas than can be built upon in the future.

Before your eyes is a kind of graphic emblem of the Zionist movement: here is a planned, organized community purposely building its society – versus a smattering of structures in an unplanned mess which is dwarfed by its Jewish neighbor.

What came to mind were the words of the Gentile Prophet Balaam in the Book of Numbers, who came to curse the Children of Israel but instead, what came out of his mouth was praise and wonder: He said, “How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, thy dwellings Yisrael.” Balaam had been summoned from afar to the Sinai Wilderness to curse the Jews but when he saw their encampment, he had nothing but praise for the amazing sight of 12 Tribes, over a million people, some say over two million, living in an organized community of laws, peacefully – versus the life of tribesmen into this century over 3,000 years later for whom life is what Thomas Hobbes called brutish. For example, the life of still basically tribal Arabs in Algeria, in Lebanon, in Iraq where daily they have butchered one another in satanic acts of serial massacres.

Here in this photo is this planned, hilltop community of thousands of Jews living next to this miserable scattering of probably a few hundred Arabs.

This is the story, in a nutshell, of the return of the Jewish people to its Land…

Europe’s Punching Bag (09/19/10)

Internet Radio

September 19, 2010
38:33 Mins
Audio Excerpt (1:49 Mins)
…Consider the humorous but quite serious story this past week out of how Egypt where it’s oldest newspaper Al Ahram photoshopped that photo in Washington last week of Obama leading King Abdallah of Jordan and Mahmoud Abbas and Netanyahu and Mubarak to a press conference. In the original, Mubarak is last in this phalanx, but after editing, he was seen in Egypt leading the pack.

This is pathetic and worst of all, the editor of this newspaper on Friday defended the editing because it truly reflects, he said, the “leading role of Mubarak in the peace process.”

Israel needs to tell the world: this is with whom we are dealing. This is the editor of this venerable newspaper; this is not some marginal crank. The Arabs are so backward and have such little regard for objective truth as the civilized West understands that idea, the idea of friendly peace with them is a fantasy.

Israeli leaders never address the ocean of antisemitic bilge that the Arab-Muslim Middle East swims in, so that their version of truth and therefore of justice between us Jews and the Arabs in our ancient homeland is a pipedream.
All we can hope for is a state of no war until perhaps the end of days when these tribal primitives opt for civilization and peace with one of its progenitors, us Jews…