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The Fourth Geneva Convention

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…Fiddlesticks. We have every right to declare Judea and Samaria part of sovereign Israel and we are under no obligation to give the enemy Arabs in these areas citizenship precisely because they are enemy. They are Arabs and of 21 recognized Arabs states, only two have made peace with us. We have every right to keep the spoils of war and are under no obligation to give these enemy Arabs citizenship in our state. What? Are we crazy? Or are the antiJews crazy in making these demands on us that are simply inhuman?

The Crisis in Syria

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…So the news today was proto-nerve-wracking because the immediate issue at hand in the break-up of Syria is their vast arsenal of poisons and diseases with the potential of taking the lives of millions of people. Bibi surprised his government by opening the weekly cabinet meeting with a warning about the situation in Syria, and yesterday and today that was the top story…

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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…History. His story. History is the events of man, G-d’s greatest creation, who since the Garden of Eden has rebelled against his Maker. And one major chapter in this endless unfolding of the wars of man against G-d was the Holocaust. World War II saw the killing of 50 million people, and the most important engine of that war was the infernal Jew-hatred of Adolf Hitler and the millions of people who supported him not only in his native Austria and adopted Germany but in every land his rampaging army overran. Not just Germans but many nationalities participated in the mass slaughter of Six Million Jews, which gargantuan human sacrifice included the stripping of every one of those Jews of their material wealth. The Holocaust was also the greatest armed robbery in history…

Election Post-Mortem

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…So Yair Lapid is not a starry-eyed urban Yuppie in this regard, and the reason could not be simpler. He lives, I think, in Raanana, one of the gold coast belt of communities north of Tel-Aviv in the old 9-mile wide strip of coastal plain that was Israel’s waist from 1949-67. And like Bibi in Caesarea, Yair Lapid is not comatose and knows that returning the hills in back of his house to the Arabians means handing it over to the same homicidal savages who fire rockets at us out of Gaza. Returning the western slope of the hills of Judea and Samaria to the Arabs means the Arabs drawing to within a few kilometers of his presumably posh home…

Every Generation Has Its Jew-Hate

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…If indeed Israel is turning right as they say, we will know tomorrow, and the recent mass murder attempts by rocket out of Gaza are a factor as are the behavior of our neighbors such a President Morsi in formerly peaceable Egypt who thinks we Jews are apes, pigs, cockroaches and rats.

In JPost this morning from London their Jonny Paul reported on an appearance in the Arab areas of the city a Saudi Arabia-type of street morals police, thugs who in the name of Islam license themselves to approach a fellow Muslim to yank a beer out of his hands if his is drinking, or mock an effeminate Muslim as a fag, and presumably harass and even molest women deemed immodestly dressed.

I read that and simultaneously felt bad for the English over what is happening to their country and thought they deserve whatever misery the moon-shippers bring down on you…

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Truth

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Raised on Hatred

…Before me on my desk is a clipping from Friday’s International Herald Tribune – which is just the New York Times slightly adapted when published in Paris – and it is an op-ed piece that is a must-read. I think of its appearance as sort of a miracle. I’ve been reading the New York Times editorial pages for like half-century and counting, and I’ve never seen anything it. It is a piece by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the first ever I think, whose topic is antisemitism among the Muslims which rivals Nazi propaganda at its worst. I mean, not only have we now seen the president of Egypt on video likening Jews to apes and pigs, Ms. Hirsi Ali writes that for children as young as three, textbooks feature paintings of Jews as monstrous creatures, and in songs, newspaper articles and blogs Jews are variously compared to donkeys and rats and cockroaches too. And vampires…

Moses Was Right

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…On Tuesday this week almost simultaneously with Goldberg’s scurrilous siding with Obama against Netanyahu, fresh tenders were announced for more apartments to be built in Efrat and Kiryat Arba. This seems to be how Bibi has chosen to respond: every time this s.o.b. does something against us, he will respond with more building in the forbidden zone, the last acreage on Planet Earth where there is no shame in shouting to the hills, “No Jews allowed!” That is the consensus of international wisdom. Doesn’t every Enlightened, progressive, peace-loving person know that the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is for the stronger party to weaken itself and agree that Judea and Samaria should be Judenrein? No Jews allowed. Were a mayor in a Western town to announce publicly that his town will not let Jews live in it, there would be an outcry.

But not when it comes to Judea and Samaria and of course Jerusalem…

Jeffrey Goldberg

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…I hope one day Obama explains to Jeffrey Goldberg just how it came to pass that growing up as he did in Hawaii and Indonesia and living and working as a community organizer in Chicago he came to such a deep understanding of Israel’s predicament that surpasses that of Benjamin Netanyahu, native Israeli, veteran commando, Israeli ambassador and prime minister? How does it happen, even more importantly, that Barack Hussein Obama has a better understanding than the people of Israel? I mean, when Obama criticizes Bibi for being unEnlightened, he is also criticizing the Israeli electorate, two-thirds of which voted for parties in the Knesset sympathetic to the right and Netanyahu’s views. How does it happen that Barack Hussein is wiser about our predicament than the two-thirds of the voters who voted for Netanyahu’s stewardship? When this Muslim imposter insults the Prime Minister of the democratic State of Israel, he insults the people of Israel…

Ishmael’s Bitter Cry

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…This was a miracle or miracle-like moment. Here we are in the sixth millennium of Creation, almost 4 millennia after Avraham lived and sired 8 sons, and here was the seed of Ishmael sounding unchanged: the bitter and angry claim to the land whose ownership the Torah miSinai could not be clearer about. Ishmael the first-born lost his right to this land by his behavior and never really got over it. What I heard this morning was the whining of these Arabs of the injustice done to them by Israel planning to build on E1 because it is rightfully the property of the Ancient Palestinian people – and never mind this is an absolute fantasy cooked up by these larcenous Arabs to justify claiming what rightfully belongs to the children of Israel, not Ishmael, and not only according to the Bible but common law common among the nations of this world…

Obama is A Thief

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…Uncle Shimon the national village idiot was in the New York Times yesterday bad-mouthing his country’s prime minister. Shimon was called a tireless underminer for this behavior by the late Rabin. A more educated man than Rabin might have called it compulsive behavior. Shimon is a tireless saboteur of the man in authority. Again and again Peres decided that he knew better than the prime minister how to deal with the Arabs, and set out to do that, and to hell with the prime minister’s policy; you know, the man whom people had voted for when they cast their ballots. Not for Shimon, but the man at the top. And Shimon is a compulsive aggressor against the man at the top…

“In Your Face”

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…What the hell does this Islam-loving dissembler Barack Obama think he is doing by ordering people not to see a connection between the plague of terrorist atrocities in their thousands these last four decades and the Islamic religion of the terrorists which they themselves flaunt? Hezbollah and Hamas. These are Islamic terms. For Obama to order the denial of this connection is grounds for his impeachment. It is a form or Orwell mind control. A 1984-like government order ordering government employees not to link the horrors of terror with the Islamic religion. I wish I were rich and could retire and start a movement called because Islam is a religion of polygamists and dictators and cruelty, not to mention illiteracy and an abysmal hatred of Jews…

Obama’s AntiJew Crusade

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…And now on the cusp of his second term, for one of his first important appointments, he turns to the most blatantly anti-Israel senator of the last dozen years. A true, real outlier outside the American consensus on Israel. But remember Obama promised to fundamentally transform America and at the root of that pursuit is this man’s hatred, Obama’s hatred, of the Jews, which you can see in his photographs sitting opposite the Prime Minister of the Jewish state. There is in the tilt of his jaw a belligerence and a challenge rooted in the radical black’s absolute hatred of Jews a la Louis Farrakhan.

Guilt by association may not be acceptable in a court of law but politics is not a court law and I say Obama is a Louis Farrakhan soulmate who unlike Farrakhan has had the brains to conceal his hatred. He is a smooth operator. The most successful race hustler ever…

Shimon Peres’s Brain

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…And I see some connection between Shimon Peres’ uncommon stupidity about people and the absence of Jewishness in his make-up. Although Jews are known to be usually well-educated, Peres is an ignoramus with very little serious higher education. Rabin as well. There is a stupidity about people here, an obtuse inability to listen to what the Arabs say and take them seriously; a preference for visions of peace in Shimon’s dream-world over the reality of our neighbors who have been Jew-haters since day one of Islam…