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The “God of Israelis”

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…I read that and wanted to weep for Jewish people like her, these lost sheep who know nothing of the Jewish religion they spurn. There is no “Jewish ethical tradition” to which Martin Buber and Hannah Arendt ever belonged. There is no chain of transmission characteristic of a tradition for them. Buber looked like a classical Jew but in truth broke from the tradition and became functionally a Gentile philosopher who was no longer particularly Jewish.

And Hannah Arendt was a thoroughly dejudaized woman known for also studying Gentile philosophy and fornicating before the War with Nazi philosopher Martin Heidegger and after it bashing Israel for putting Eichmann on trial and then killing him…

The Battle for Migron

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…Take, for example, the founding of kibbutz Hanita in 1938 along the border with the new Lebanon. In those days the pioneer group then in stealth one night loaded up trucks with equipment and volunteers; who in darkness drove up from Haifa into an area where there were no Jewish communities at all; where overnight they threw up a perimeter and communal hall and began creating a new kibbutz, were seen by others as heroic pioneers, halutzim, for going into what they called the “lion’s throat” by settling among all those hostile Arabs. These Leftist, socialist, idealistic communards thought they had every right to establish that new settlement on barren ground that under the table deals had purchased; and all Zionists in the country at the time, March 1938 applauded and did not think they were stealing land from the Ancient Palestinians, in part because in 1938 only Jews happily used the words “Palestinians” for themselves.

And among the leaders of this group of settlers was a 24 year-old who had been born on a kibbutz but grew up on a moshav, a system of communal living invented by his father, Shmuel Dayan, young Moshe Dayan. And with him was a 21 year-old settler friend by the name of Yigal Alon, future draftsman of the Allon Plan of 1967.

There was a time in this country between the wars when the Zionist Left idealized its settlers. They were the leaders of the yishuv. This was the crème de la crème, and it was this slice of Jewry in Palestine pre-state that Leon Uris idolized in his book Exodus

Arabs and Democracy Do Not Mix

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…I mean, the right thing to do I thought then was that for every rocket fired from Gaza at Sderot and environments, Israel had to fire back three missiles, slightly larger than the Qassam and much better aimed into the middle of the neighborhood where the leaders lived. Those Jewish rockets would have done more serious damage than the Qassam and the world would scream at Israel and Israel would calmly answer back “We are doing exactly what they are doing: firing rockets indiscriminately into people’s homes. And we will never do it again, so long as they don’t. But if they do, we will answer in kind with superior force until they stop these barbaric rocket firings at us no different ethically speaking than the Nazi buzz bombs and V-2s shot into the city of London in World War II”…

The Extreme Consensus

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…One wants an Israeli leadership a little more awake to the age-old hatred of Jews that fuels the accusations of our neighbors and their cheerleaders in the degenerate West. Following Mahmoud Abbas’s toxic verbiage about the Jews having no right to Jerusalem – it belongs to Arab Muslims and Arab Christians – Netanyahu’s spokesman Mark Regev said in response that he was disappointed to hear the mainstream Palestinian leadership “echo outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the Temple Mount, conspiracy theories that as the usual domain of extremist elements.”

The implication here is that Abbas sounded like the “extremists” when in truth he was speaking the centrist position. What Westerners don’t get about Hamitic society is that a consensus position does not reflect the middle ground between extremes. In Araby, the consensus is the most extreme position…

Israelis Don’t Get it

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…In other words, as in Egypt, the Islamists would take control. To prevent that, the PA is allowing, and happy to have, the IDF arrest Hamas rivals and keep them in Israeli prisons and that way not have to account for their incarceration “in the Arab street.”

And not only is Hamas a threat in Judea and Samaria: as always in Araby with its tendency to clustering in gangs and the creation of rival gangs, Hamas is being challenged in Yosh by Hezb-ut-Tahrir/ the Party of Liberation, another Islamist cult group with dreams of a world-embracing caliphate. They recently held rallies to which tens of thousands showed up.

Which situation should not surprise. What the antiJews have done over the half-century is play the “Palestinian Narrative” gambit, i.e., the framing of their war against the restoration of the Jews to Eretz Yisroel as an “anti-imperialist, Third World war of national liberation.”

Balderdash. Nationalism is beyond the comprehension of these Hamites who remain largely sub-national, mired in their tribalism. They have never been able to rise to the highest form of social organization known to man, to nationhood.

All they have as a communal ideology is religion and that is not good enough…

Bat Ayin & Uncle Shimon

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…In other words, contrary to the analysis of the wealthy analyst Thomas L. Friedman who saw an Arab Spring like the Prague Spring of 1968, the flowering of democracy, Egypt has gone from dictator to dictator. Democracy has nothing to do with this chain of events. And that is because Liberal Democracy is the antithesis of Islam, which means submission. Liberal Democracy enshrines liberty (as in the Statue of Liberty) which means a society in which the liberty of the individual, to the maximum that is possible, is paramount. The liberty of the individual to live and believe as he or she chooses.

Versus Islam which is about the eradication of the individual who submits like a slave to G-d, rather than masters his nature in order to serve G-d better…

Antisemitism by Zip Code

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…Here you surely had a team of bureaucrats in Brussels pouring over maps of Israel with a huge magnifying class looking for zip codes of illegal Israeli infestation and illegal occupation of Balestinian land. And of course the boys and girls on the case there are paid well for their efforts in pouring over maps of this tiny country in search of Jewish criminals squatting on stolen land that really belongs to the Ancient Ones, the original, authentic aboriginal people of this landscape who had their entire country swiped from them by pushy Jews who just barged in after the Holocaust and drove this entire ancient nation from its ancient homeland; moved into its homes and stole their orchards and cultivated fields and made of the Balestinians the new Jews: homeless, stateless vagabonds, the victims of racist criminals…

Defang Those Persian Cobras

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…All the Levy Report did was what Israelis have refused as a people to do since 1967 which is to stand up to the world and say, “We are going to keep the land we took away from the enemy. We are under no obligation to return it. We paid for it in blood and national treasure over six days of a war we did not start.

“The enemy came to kill us all and take away all the land we brought back to life. And it is fitting and proper and just that the penalty for their aggression be the loss of land; they should be punished and suffer what they attempted to inflict on others”…

Jefferson’s Qur’an

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Program Link: Obama Hosts Iftar Dinner, Notes Thomas Jefferson’s Koran

…This whole tunnel business at the southern end of the Gaza rectangle I find simply as bizarre as anything Lewis Carroll came up with in Wonderland. Why can’t these Arabs, on both sides of that fence, manage in a civilized manner a normal civilized border crossing? The tunnels system is simply institutionalized and tolerated smuggling. You know Arafat’s father in the 1920s was also involved in smuggling between Egypt and Gaza. It is a way of life for the Bedouin in the Sinai Wilderness. How interesting, how ironic, that HaShem chose the Sinai Wilderness for the giving of the Torah, His teaching at Mt. Sinai, calling for a way of life more civilized than any known on earth in 14th Century before the Common Era.

The Torah was given at Har Sinai; the Jews went on from there and have lived by it for over 3,000 years of contributing to the advancement of civilization, giving birth to Christendom and Islam, so much of the world now, while the Sinai Wilderness remains one of the wildest on the earth, a peninsula of outlaws, renegades from sedentary civilization for whom borders between peoples mean nothing. And the violation of laws like against smuggling elicits no twinge of guilt or bad conscience about engaging in such criminal activity…

Muslim Fratricide

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…What a violent nation are the sons of Ishmael. Let me count the ways. Another bomb went off in Iraq, scores more human beings massacred at random, and it is kind of ironic that these Muslims who bequeathed the world starting in 1968 with the plague of international terrorism – which is a euphemism for Muslims going into non-Muslim countries and murdering people at random – how ironic that arithmetically speaking, they murder one another far more than non-Muslims…

The Arabs Are All Mixed Up

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…I don’t know its source but there is something in Arab culture which produces a society in which reality is always perceived as false, a false front. Behind everything is a conspiracy, a deeper truth which puts the lie to the perceivable world. Reality is always veiled. Nothing is as it appears. It is a paranoiac’s experience of life.

Mentioned in the previous segment was the US combat in Iraq where at first Saddam’s captured officers were interrogated and shown to be, one after the other, all capable of beating the lie detector. Lying was functionally second nature to them. And at the time I remember webcasting to listeners how long ago the GSS also learned of the futility of attaching lie detectors to capture terrorists. In the West, intelligence agents are taught, trained to beat such equipment and it takes practice and not all are adept at it.

But in Araby, dissembling is a way of life…

Israel: Islam’s Worst Nightmare

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Program Link: Nonie Darwish: Why Muslims must hate Jews
Special Audio Feature by Mark Levin:
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…“After a lot of thinking, analysis, research and writing I discovered that Jew hatred in Islam is an essential foundation to the Islamic belief system that Muslims cannot seem to be able to rid themselves of. Jew hatred masks an existential problem in Islam. Islam is terrified of the Jews and the number one enemy of Islam is the truth that must be constantly covered at any cost.” She describes how Muhammad at first made nice to the Jews but when they rejected him as one of and really the last and greatest of their prophets, he, in her words, flipped out. “The Quran changed from love to threats and then pure hatred, cursing and commandments to kill Jews. Rejection by the Jews became an intolerable obsession with Mohammed.”

She also observes how the Jews of Medina, to which he fled, earned their living from legitimate and successful business versus Muhammad and followers who stole theirs, for that is who the Arabs always were: raiders, marauders, highwaymen said Rashi a thousand years ago writing from France.

Well, I am going to do something I’ve never done before, which is “share” so to speak a webcast with another, because I cannot improve upon so much of what she has to day in this relatively short piece. I am going to yield so to speak some of my time to her.
So I am as usual going to put up some music but encourage to you all to download this link and read what she has to say. Note especially how she confirms my views in her last sentence in which she claims “without Jew hatred Islam would self-destruct…”


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…Islam is led by savages and in our generation we find ourselves led by villains like Barack Hussein Obama who likes Islam and in June 2009 reached out to shake hands with the Muslim Brothers and is still up to that. Aided and abetted by that spoiled abyss of ambition Lady Macbeth Hillary Clinton.

While the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee John Kerry recently came back from Cairo where he said he had two candid discussions with the new president, which led him to advise “It would be a mistake for us to pull back from our engagement with a free and democratic Egypt.”

John Kerry, you see, this shallow aristocratic, this political dupe, thinks that the recent voting in Egypt is the sign of a free and democratic people.

What the West needs today is a Winston Churchill, the one who as a young soldier actually fought Islamists in the same Pakistan – Afghanistan region as today, and in Sudan and called Islam, I paraphrase, the greatest retrograde force in the world. He wrote that in the 1890s and it is still true…

Ignorance & Denial at the Times

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…The ignorance of life in Israel and the surrounding Arab culture never ceases to amaze when it appears as it does all the time in the international chatter about Israel. Ignorance and denial of what is known.

Let’s take the denial first. Consider the anonymous editorialist in the New York Times – more like a Catholic priest unseen in his confessional or the Wizard of Oz hiding behind his curtain – expressed his sage New York Times opinion that Mitt Romney’s speech here two days ago was “certainly inflammatory” which “insulted the Palestinians by declaring that cultural differences not decades under Israeli occupation are the reason Israelis are more successful economically”.

The stupidity here is vast and deep. One of the cliches about Jews – which like all cliches reflects some truth – is that Jews are good in business which makes sense because they’re good in other things like the pure sciences, medicine, music, literature and technology. Why not in business too?

The South Koreans certainly would disagree with the New York Times which is why they are studying Talmud these days…