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“Kauft nicht bei Juden”

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…It was the remarkable Christian Zionist Orde Charles Wingate who said, more or less, the Jews’ greatest contribution to mankind was the idea of God, meaning the God of the Bible. You know, when Captain Wingate, a British intelligence officer landed here in 1936 during the Arab Revolt, he began touring the country on its few roads to get to know it and in the passenger seat of his little car lay a pistol and a Bible. When he landed he already knew as much Biblical geography as any of the Zionists. Like those two other British Christian Zionists Prime Minister Lloyd George and Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour. One of them, I forget which, said he knew the geography of the Holy Land better than the map of England…

Nothing New

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…Anyway the fires two days ago and today’s major fire along Route 1 leading to Jerusalem were with a high probability set by antisemites – but of course no Israeli news source or politician would ever use that word to describe these vandals. They are what? Palestinian activists? Freedom-fighters? Terrorists? Muslims? Anything but antisemites in the conventional sense of Jew-haters.

They have done it before, the sons of Ishmael: gone on arson kicks to burn down all the trees the Zionists planted, one sapling at a time.

The smoke was so thick today, the major road into Jerusalem was shut. There were scenes of panic as people in their cars were stuck, and sensed the fire coming, the smoke making it impossible to breathe so they abandoned their cars and ran for their lives…

Egypt’s Historic Day

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…This concept of a separation of powers between religion and politics is 100% Jewish because it is Biblical. Christians evolved their concept of a separation of church and state via the Protestant Reformation, the revolt against Rome, and the gradual, physical reduction of the real estate under Catholic control was shrunk to the four hundred or so acres of Vatican City when the Church used to directly rule colonies and armies. The French Revolution was as much a revolt against the monarchy and nobility who paid no taxes as it was against the Church.

This history, by the way, led up to the so-called Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution whose first words call for “no establishment of religion” in this government, which as a phrase has been tragically misunderstood. Liberal haters of religion think it means that religion should play no part in the life of Americans and their government, when its purpose was to allow for the free exercise of religion with no restraints imposed by the government. Basically the opposite meaning of what modern liberals think it means…

What Dejudaized Clowns

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…And then in JPost today was a piece on another one: Dennis Ross, also here for Uncle Shimon’s President’s Conference, yet another in an endless parade of kaffeklatches and cocktail parties for movers and shakers so dear to their hearts.

Ross, who hitched his star early in his career to James Addison Baker, III, the notorious Episcopalian anti-Jew who at Princeton University in 1952 wrote his senior thesis on why it was wrong for President Truman to recognize the Zionist state – as he surely socialized with fraternity brothers in their fraternity that barred Jewish members.

Ross, the deep thinking statesman, opined that it is time for the P5+1 countries to “pivot” – his word – toward a new strategy following the failure of the Moscow round of talks this week. He said Iran should be given an ultimatum which if they fail will expose them to the world community as not really wanting nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

Who is this idiot? Dennis and the world need proof?

He also said though that while the military can strike and set back their nuclear program the Iranians could always rebuild what is destroyed, so the military route is no solution. The solution is international sanctions strictly adhered to.

I read this stuff and want to weep. Where are you, Teddy Roosevelt, now that we need you? Where are you, Andrew Jackson? It no longer occurs to such American foreign policy “experts” to call for a declaration of war and a waging of war against Iran until it waves the white flag…

The Struggle for Egypt

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…The menace of Iran is the menace of Islamist insanity, but the Post can’t see that as an issue in Egypt. Liberals are simply blinded by their own need to see their own reflection in their opinions which present them as superior beings. Here the Washington Post editorialist is waving his own credentials as a supporter of democracy over military dictatorship, which in certain contexts is certainly a fine philosophy, but it is out of place here. The set and setting and circumstances of what is happening in Egypt are wholly other; it is a non-Western culture but an Islamic society when nowhere in Islam’s 56 officially Muslim states is there a democratic society those of us who grew up in one would want to live in for more than five minutes. Muslims do not produce democracies as that concept connotes in the West…

Egypt: Good News?

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Program Link: Magdi Cristiano Allam has seen the future, and it looks to be Islamist

…What seems to have happened in Egypt on Wednesday as a fresh declaration of martial law by the military, with the court the next day concurring by returning legislative powers to the Egyptian military and ruling that Ahmed Shafiq, former prime minister under the now convicted and sentence Mubarak could run for president.

It seems to have a military coup in partnership with the secular judges of the state system who see in the qadis, the Islamic judges, a rival judicial system. In other words, both bodies, army and secular judges do not want Egypt to go the way of Iran where the mullahs rule.

Egypt has a history as the most cosmopolitan of Arab countries and no doubt a significant and powerful segment of the ruling class does not want an Islamist state; and Wednesday and Thursday’s maneuvers were evidence of that.

What remains to be seen is the results of the two days of voting this weekend. The Court dissolved the just-elected Islamist legislature was allowed but the election for president to procedure between the Old Guard Ahmed Shafiq, prime minister under Mubarak and just like him a former head of the Air Force, and the Islamist candidate Muhammad Mursi.

So the news out of Egypt can be seen as good, even if the Sinai peninsula has become if not a no-man’s land than a land of barbaric anarchy. Last week’s shocking turn of events suggests that there still is some fight left in those segments of Egyptian society who simply do not want the country to evolve into another Saudi Arabia or Iran, though the prospects for them are not bright. Islam is a tsunami of slaves of slaves who crave the slavery that Islam provides. The antithesis of freedom, which carries with a measure of insecurity and anxiety. Islam offers the snugness of a womb, of mindlessness and submission to authority…

The Real Enemy

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…Well, the top story in Israel today was for sure the report by State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss enumerating all the errors mostly of omission by Netanyahu and Barak which led to the Mavi Marmara unpleasantness; basically, a decision-making process with little preparation and coordination and ignoring projected scenarios of violence.

Though in all the extensive verbiage in the press today quoting the report, I did see certain words whose absence suggests that even Lindenstrauss and staff are limited in their perception.

I saw no reference to Islam, Muslims, Muslim fanatics, antisemitism. It was seen as a media event about the “Palestinians” in Gaza and as Bibi’s book A Place Among the Nations was all political science, so this report seems to have been yet another Israeli product oblivious to the reality that even though the state came into being 64 years ago, Israelis still don’t see the maniacal passion of these homicidal goyim driven to stab Jews like those Turks on that cruise ship.

Do you see the item out of Norway today about a Jewish boy who was burnt by a goy boy who had heated a coin over a flame and then pressed it to the nape of the Jewish’s boy’s neck?

This is the same story as the Mavi Marmara attack in a different format. There are goyim out there whose hatred of Jews is all-consuming and who are compelled to violently assault Jews at random…

Vaporize Teheran Now

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…The good news out of France today was the refusal of authorities, I assume at Charles DeGaulle Airport, to allow into the country three Saudi women encased in burqas. It is a law now in France that you cannot walk around like that.

And may there be many more laws like it to combat the penetration of Muslim culture into France. I’ve said it before: Islam should be disallowed in the liberal democracies because Muslims practice polygamy. May the French, may Washington, London and Denmark for starters wake up to the reality that polygamy practiced by Muslims can in an historical wink of the eye transform a whole country. Think of Pharaoh who saw that the fertility of Jewish woman and the low infant mortality of their babies perhaps would lead to the Jews taking power away from the Egyptians in their own country. Hence his post facto birth control degree about slaying all the Jewish male babies.

Now of course no one should legislate such a law today in a liberal democracy against Muslim male babies. But one can hope for legislation that has the people of a liberal democracy collectively pass judgment on Islam and declare it unwelcome because nowhere has Islam produced liberal democrats…

The Real Ulpana Culprits

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…So this new information in the media here on Friday about the role of the State Prosecutor’s office in the Ulpana mess could never have happened if Israel had not for 45 years played the game of seeming to want to return the land, certainly much of it, to the Arabs in exchange for peace; sell it back to them. Some of it that it is.

The fantasy of Oslo and all the peaceniks is that if we return all the land we took in 1967, this will placate the other side – when this has no basis in history for thinking that. On the contrary, my research has shown that at every step of the way the Arabs have been up front about their true goal which is the destruction, G-d forbid, of Israel altogether.

This business of wanting a state just in the oPt is perfect nonsense. And this is not a guess or even a deduction; they literally year after year since 1974 when they adopted the Two-State Plan have said the ultimate goal is not only the oPt but everything else. Muhammad Abbas wants to return to the Tsfat of his boyhood as the Muslim ruler; and George Habash wants to go back to Ramleh and so on and so forth.

Never forget that Fatah. Abu Mazen’s Fatah was created in 1959 with nary a nod to the territory today called the West Bank and the Gaza Strip which at the time in 1959 were 100% in Arab hands. Fatah was created to capture Jaffa and Haifa.

“But never mind,” say the Meretz types, the Yossi Beilin types in that State Prosecution office who are determined to implement their Enlightened policy and to hell with what the prime minister elected by the people wants.

Remember in 2006 when ignorant of the Middle East fools like Condi Rice, Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter etc. pushed for elections in Arab Judea and Samaria and Gaza and were shocked when Hamas won, which shock is evidence to their ignorance.

And then the next year when Hamas in Gaza physically had to go to war against Fatah to get them out of their offices, the Rices of the world called it a coup-d’etat, a putsch, which the powers that be then refused to recognize.

You got that? Rice pushed for elections, did not like the results, and in effect canceled the elections retroactively. It is nonsense that the Hamas “illegally” attacked Fatah in Gaza. The reality is that the Fatah guys literally refused to vacate PA offices after the election and had literally to be driven out with violence. Hamas was wholly in its democratic rights to do that. Hamas was the legitimately elected administration, like it or not.

Well, something like that has been going on in the State Prosecutor’s office in Israel. These characters see themselves in business for themselves and to hell with the results of the elections.

They are apparently Yossi Beilin soul-mates and like him are haters and destroyers.

You know that if we were Japanese and not Jewish, for what Beilin did to this people with his Oslo brainstorm, he would have committed suicide years ago.

And now we learn that if there is to be violence at the Ulpana neighborhood and destruction, and ugliness and even bloodshed, G-d forbid, these legal eagles are at State Prosecutor’s office are at the root of the evil.

It did not have to be this way…

A Sorry Spectacle

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…Well, since it has been quiet on our usual beat, the Muslim war against our country, let’s take up this story from last week about recognizing what so-called Reform and Conservative Jews call rabbis as rabbis. A week ago yesterday the JPost story began this way: “The Attorney-General’s Office announced on Tuesday that in accordance with a recommendation from the High Court of Justice, the state has agreed to pay the wages of non-Orthodox rabbis serving in regional councils just as it does Orthodox rabbis.”

But in a concession to opponents of this move, supporters of classical Judaism, it was decided to pay the new non-Orthodox rabbis from the Culture and Sports Ministry not the Religious Services Ministry that pays the salaries of the Orthodox rabbinate.

And it is noteworthy that this is the same Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein who is screwing the national religious Jews at the Ulpana houses. Weinstein is the legal barracuda of a defense attorney for anybody with cash to pay for his services.

Part of the decision was also obviously to officially call these people rabbis – when real rabbis are outraged for only they have the authority to decide who is a real rabbi.

One bright talk-backer observed the absurdity of using the term “rabbi” at all for these people when the very role and term was a Mishnaic development, and these people don’t hold by the Mishna.

It is like advertising oneself as a “psychoanalyst who rejects Freud,” when Freud invented psychoanalysis. By all means reject Freud, but don’t then call yourself a psychoanalyst.

Then, three days later, in a nice coincidence, came the news from the States about the Conservative movement. That is, its august Committee on Jewish Law and Standards formally approved model wedding ceremonies for sodomites and lesbians.

For years I believed the Conservatives have sprinkled holy water on rabbis who sodomize or are sodomized by other men. That’s been okay for them for some time, so this is a new wrinkle.

What is so annoying about the Israeli decision to award even the smallest recognition to these people who call themselves Reform or Conservative rabbis is the intellectual corruption of pretending that what these people preach and practice is Jewish in the slightest.

Theirs is a kind of copyright infringement. Reform Judaism purports to be a valid stream in Judaism as it tolerates/it accepts a Judaism of no Sabbath observance, of no food restrictions; no family purity between husband and wife. A Judaism without binding halakhot.

What are we talking about here? What we are talking about is a spiritual and intellectual corruption of common sense. Call Reform and Conservatives what you will, but don’t call them Jewish. And when the government of Israel in any capacity does that, it validates the spiritual and mental pollution of their deviant ways of thinking…

45 Years of Indecision

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…Here’s a heart-warming story of the kind I commonly don’t bring up. It is about individual strength and character which is not directly related to what usually draws my attention: the war against us and how it is framed in the language of the day.

This is a story which appeared about a week and a half ago about the 24-year-old Israeli mountain climber on Mt. Everest, Nadav – which means generous – Nadav Ben-Yehuda, which means the son of Judah – was after months of preparation and expense 300 meters short of his goal, the top of Mt. Everest when he passed a fellow climber and friend who had fallen and appeared to be on the verge of death. Nadav bent down, picked him up and carried back down the mountain and saved his life.

Over the weekend there more details of this amazing story. First of all, it seems as if the assault on Mt. Everest has now become one busy and crowded pastime. It is literally crowded now on the main trails with climbers in the few weeks a year the weather permits an attempt to ascent to the top. And one literally for a time must wait for others to pass, and as one climbs closer and closer to the top, one must pass by on the sides of the trail the frozen corpses of climbers who died making the effort, fell by the way side and whose remains have never been brought for a proper burial. It sounds all terribly macabre to yours truly.

And when this story broke, we read about this Israeli hero who came upon a friend who had literally been passed by by other climbers as he lay dying, for in their environment taking one step can exhaust the body for many minutes, it is accepted climbing etiquette to excuse oneself from making the herculean effort to help a fallen climber. So they die off to the side and their frozen bodies can remain there for years.

So Nadav Ben-Yehuda is this veteran I think, of the Golani Brigade’s reconnaissance unit, the toughest soldiers in the Brigade, its finest physical specimens. Just two months before Ben-Yehuda went off to Nepal for the ultimate climb, he won the stair-climbing championship Tel-Aviv by racing up 76 flights of a skyscraper and doing it thirteen times in a row.

What he did on Mt. Everest was, they say, virtually superhuman; probably never done before. Up there over 29,000 feet, 300 meters from the top, he decides to forsake his lifetime goal in order to save the life of a fellow climber others passed by, a climber on the verge of death and saved his life by hoisting him on his shoulders and carrying back down for the next eight hours.

Talk about being in shape.

Oh, and there was a political side of story. Nadav’s friend Ayran Irmak is a Turk, a Muslim.

I did a search on the leading Turk newspaper in English Zaman, which of course is the mispronounced Hebrew word zman.

I found nothing. One can only guess how and if at all the Turkish media played this story about the rescue of a Turk by a recently demobilized Israeli commando; you know, like the naval commandos on the Mavi Marmara whose behavior Israel has to apologize for…

Netanyahu’s Dilemma

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…Did you see last Wednesday how Minister of Post-Zionist Defense Ehud ben Israel Brug gave a talk at the annual meeting of the Institute for National Security Affairs? Here was the lead sentence report in JPost copy on Thursday: done by the way, by three authors, the reliable Yaakov Katz, Herb Keinon and Khalid Abu Toameh; “Israel should consider a unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank if negotiations with the Palestinians fail, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Wednesday.”

And I say if there ever is a trial charging this man with political malpractice, this is evidence of what an idiot he is. This is a man who ordered the unilateral withdrawal of the IDF from southern Lebanon after 15 years, in May 2000, and by October 2000, Arafat had lit the fuse of the satanic intifada. He saw Israel literally run out of Lebanon one night, and thought he could keep al-Yahud running backward. If Hezbollah could drive the IDF out of southern Lebanon, he and his killers could drive us, the IDF, from Yesha.

This man Barak supported the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 which led to years of missile wrecking the lives of thousands in Sderot and environs.

And here is his big idea for a solution: listen to it again, “Israel should consider a unilateral withdrawal from the West Bank if negotiations with the Palestinian fail.”

Not only he is an idiot for having learned nothing from his past decisions, he remains a kibbutz boy, at the age of 70, whose father and all the men in his community had nothing to do negotiating in the world of business outside; with earning a living. This moron does not understand that in a negotiation you don’t say things like, “If the negotiations fail, we will give them what they want anyway.” It is tantamount to telling the other side, “Don’t make us peace with us. That would mean an agreement in which you give us something in return. Don’t make peace, and we will give you everything at no cost.”

Ehud Barak is a blockhead…