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Peace Process Prostitute

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…Kibbutz Hanita sits next to the fence with Lebanon, and in March 1938 there was not a Jew within kilometers of the location when after dark a convoy of trucks loaded with building equipment and dozens of socialist khalutzim/pioneers, male and female in the teens and early 20s who rode up to this high ground location a few score kilometers northeast of Haifa, in a decade when there was no phone system in this area, and the only way to communicate with their base in Haifa was by searchlight semaphore…

LTF: Slave of His Hatred

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…On the military front, JPost’s Yaakov Lappin yesterday said the situation in Syria is deteriorating and the time may not be distant when outside forces – Israel, Jordan, the US, – take action or let the largest arsenal in the world of chemical and biological weapons fall into the hands of al-Qaida and/or Hezbollah, both organizations the creation of homicidal Muslim maniacs.

This is beginning to sound like a James Bond movie where one megalomaniacal villain like Goldfinger wants to blow up Fort Knox and destroy the American economy or menace the world with some other monstrous scheme. And here is what some say is the world’s largest storage of 1,000 tons of deadly chemicals and biological agents.

When Qaddafi went down and chaos ruled Libya, stores of Russian copies of Stinger missiles, thousands of them, were reported to have been pilfered…

Bennett Smeared

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…And here the irony could not be more pointed: There is now an international consensus that Judea and Samaria are the rightful property of the Ancient Palestinian people and we Jews must leave; must leave behind all of our mostly modest apartment homes in over a hundred communities with all the amenities: stores, workshops, paved roads, an electricity grid that did not exist before 1967; water lines too because the international, Enlightened consensus is that we Jews must leave our houses, remove all are movable possessions and go live on the other side of the 1949 cease-fire with Jordan, which gave up its claim to the area in 1988.

The irony of Jews driving Jews from their homes in Judea is hard for some of us to compute…

Tongue-Tied Israel

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…Nuland’s official statement said, “Israeli leaders continually say that they support a path towards a two-solution, yet these actions only put that goal further at risk.”

And she is absolutely right. And that is a result of the contradiction between Netanyahu’s Bar-Ilan statement and what he really plans to do, which is not to permit the “Two-State Solution” to materialize, because that very expression is an antisemitic deception.

The “Two-State Solution” is a euphemism for the diabolical fantasy of driving hundreds of thousands of Jews from homes they have built for themselves with their own money and have every legal right to own and live in in peace and freedom.

It is the repressed, inarticulate fantasy of an expulsion of Jews of the same magnitude as the great historic Expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Jews from Spain in 1492…

Europe Condemns! Horrors

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…Well, if it is only a condemnation, it is much ado about nothing. During its first almost half-century 1945-89, the UN Security Council condemned – its sharpest category of hostility – Israel 49 times vs. 0 times any Arab state. So if this is only to be another condemnation, yawn, boring. It is nothing. It is perhaps a psychic need of these nations to act this way, even though they themselves are no longer practicing and believing Christians so they don’t hold us Jews responsible any more for killing God…

Obama, Kerry, Hagel

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…Chuck Hagel is a Ken Livingston: hates Jews but denies it at the same time. No one in the US Senate has had a record on Israel like Hagel. This is one angry anti-Jew. He is the product of a Catholic High education in Nebraska; of German Catholic and Polish heritage. Served in the infantry in Viet Nam, made sergeant. When Obama was in the Senate he was identified as the most left-wing Senator on every issue, and Hagel who served for 12 years was unsurpassed in refusing to vote time and again with the large majorities on statements of support for Israel. Every time Israel struck back at our brutal, barbaric neighbors, Hagel always accused Israel of aggression. Of all the recent US Senators when it comes to Israel, Obama would pick this fellow Jew-hater…

Fratricide Forever?

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…But today? The MSM propagates the Palestinian narrative of what goes on here and why it goes on and so once again Jews are the villains in Danish and other post-Christian eyes.

Yesterday Avigdor Lieberman speaking, I think, at the first annual Jerusalem Post conference in Herzlia, blasted Europe for its unhealthy percentage of Jew-haters – my words of course – and said Israel will not be sold out like Czechoslovakia in 1938.

This prompted I think Her Majesty Baroness Catherine of Ashton to say he insulted all of Europe.

And I say, “What’s wrong with that?” When Europe spends hundreds of words bashing Israel for asserting its right to build within a stone’s throw of Jerusalem versus a mere handful of words directed at our mortal enemies, the suicide cultists of Hamas, that’s not an insult by all of Europe to all of Israel?

Euro Trashers

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…Speaking before of tying oneself in intellectual knots and the contradiction between Bibi’s talk of the two-state solution and his real policy which is totally opposed to it, opinionating in JPost today was Charles “Chuck” Freilich the American Israeli political science and reserve officer in the IDF who accused both Abbas and Netanyahu of living in Wonderland – which already is a shameful thing, moral equivalency between Netanyahu and this antisemitic, Holocaust-denying outlaw terrorist. He accused Abbas of a feel-good PR victory at the UN over choosing to negotiate peace, and Bibi of pointlessly reviving the issue of E1 “whose sole practical import is to infuriate the entire world.”

LTF Bleats Again

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…It has been a while since LTF (Thomas L. Friedman) was a topic here. As a rule of thumb, he makes me sick. I think he is a dummy about a lot of things, the ultimate middlebrow, and so I do not read him.

But in times like this when antiJew passions flare up, he pipes up, and never mind his record of foolishness about Israel and the Middle East, about which he has been proven wrong time and again. He still presses on in the belief he has something intelligent to say.

In his opinionating on Tuesday he spread once again the mistaken liberal Jewish myth that the Ottomans had a live-and-let-live mentality towards their subjects.

This is such rubbish. They were a corrupt truly imperial nation who unlike the Christian colonial enterprise which developed the lands it conquered, the Turks just wanted to rule over them for their taxes. And as for their legendary live and let-live ecumenical rule, more nonsense: the law of the land under the Caliphate was the Sharia and its animosity to the Jewish people is a matter of record; its abuse of Jews and non-Muslim nations…


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…Apparently, because the government of the world’s only Jewish state did not restrain itself from reacting to the aggression of this terrorist murderer Abbas, it must be chastised and even threatened with future punishment if it goes ahead with these plans.

Apparently, these five EU countries expect Israel, like Gulliver tied down by the Lilliputians, or a Jew nailed to a cross as in the Roman persecutions, not to respond. As Jesus, representative of hundreds of thousands of Jews nailed to crosses could not respond to the Roman centurion having fun with him by jabbing his spear into his rib cage, Israel is expected not to respond, to react, take defensive action.

How dhimmi-like already these Europeans have become…

The UN, Abbas and Aftermath

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…He accused Israel of killing people at checkpoints as if Israel was guilty of the wanton murder of innocent bystanders; of its “war of aggression in Gaza which left thousands of martyrs and wounded.”

He bewailed the year of 1948 when Israel conducted “operations of uprooting, destruction and removal of a vibrant and cohesive society that had been contributing in a pioneering and leading way in the cultural, educational and economic renaissance of the Middle East.”

I hope you hear the astonishing theft of the Zionist narrative here. “Pioneer” was the translation of the Zionist chalutz whose people led the way in a cultural, educational and economic renaissance here. Modern Jerusalem and Israel were built by the Jews, and the “Palestinians” had no more to do with it than serve as rank and file laborers given work by the Jews.

Dr. Mahmoud Abbas, PhD last Thursday addressed the plenum of the United Nations Organization and called the security barrier we had to erect to keep out Abbas’ lunatic suicide freaks the “racist annexation Wall.”

Of course he worked the word “apartheid” into his speech too.

He referred to the “Palestinians” living outside Palestine as being in “the Diaspora” – and this may be the nth instance of thievery, intellectual property theft, plagiarism on the part of this shameless, guiltless predatory nation of thieves.

That’s all the Palestinian Nationalism hallucination has really been about: a cover-up for the age-old lust for other people’s wealth which Islam works to justify. Islam provides the justification for Arabs to covet the property of others and invent a false claim to justify wanting to take it away for themselves…