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Three A-J Reactions

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Webcast Title: Three A-J Reactions
Webcast Date: 02/23/2010
Length: 42:47 Minutes
(February 23, 2010) …Think of that. A Jew so alienated from Jewness he can’t call his ancient homeland by its rightful name. What’s wrong with calling these hills Eretz Yehudah, the ancient name for the tribal share in the Promised Land of the tribe of Judah, the great survivors of arguably the first real great Holocaust when 10 of the 12 tribes vanished into the melting pot of all peoples, leaving behind only the tribes of Judah and little Benjamin with some Levites and Cohens among them?

Thus did Jews, the Judaeans, enter history. And here is Haim Oron pointing to Judea and insisting it belongs to the seed of Hamitic Canaan and the Hamitic Philistines.

And as mentioned at the outset: notice the rape of history in his referring to the “borders” of Israel, meaning the 1949 cease-fire line which cease-fire the Arabs never honored. They just changed tactics. They had learned a bitter lesson in the ‘48-‘49 fighting that the Jews could run circles around them as fighters in uniform, soldiers. So they returned their soldiers to their barracks and supported men in civilian dress who would cross the cease-fire line to murder Jews at random…

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Israel’s Shaky Jewish Identity

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: Israel’s Shaky Jewish Identity
Webcast Date: 02/21/2010
Length: 40:52 Minutes
(February 21, 2010) …Natan Sharansky as well, as head of the Jewish Agency, spoke to the President’s Conference from the States last week and he too is concerned with identity, though in a different way than Bibi. For Bibi, the great story of this country is the history of the non-religious Zionists; for Sharansky, his Jewish side dominates. He had no connection to the Zionist enterprise until late in life and did not come here until 1986. He spoke last week movingly about the core centrality of Jerusalem to Jewish identity, and how he quit Barak’s government because Ehud wanted to divide Jerusalem.

But beyond this, because Sharansky himself is not truly religious, he has no real message for the Diaspora Jews he urges to maintain their Jewish identity. What he misses is that the indispensable core identity of Jews is the religion and all other variations are by definition defective.

The Zionists, like the Reform Jews, like Theodor Herzl who was raised in the second generation of Reform Jewish children, believed that like Gentile nationalism which is independent of religion, Jews too could be nationalists and patriots for their land.

The Reform Jews thought they could turn Jewish thought into a Gentile-style philosophy, when Jewishness has no philosophy, which means the love of wisdom.

Jews don’t love wisdom. Jews love G-d…

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Dissemblers & Renamers

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Webcast Title: Dissemblers & Renamers
Webcast Date: 02/18/2010
Length: 39:39 Minutes
(February 18, 2010) …And then of course who did in Israel today meet with Jeremy Ben-Ami yesterday and his J Street AntiJews and Congressmen, if not the leader of the Kadima Party, Tsipora Livni. She met with them.

Interesting name, Kadima. It means “forward,” signaling progress, moving forward, though it is bereft of all information as to the ideas and policies of this political party. The terms “liberal” and “conservative” convey some information, but “forward” conveys nothing. It is empty, as empty as the head of Princess Tsipi who did go ahead and meet with these antiJews, saying afterwards, “When there are so many who threaten us, we cannot afford to lose those who consider themselves Israel’s friends.”

This is the same shallow woman who insisted on having dinner with the popular entertainer Madonna, she who sullies the very name of Madonna in her act, which is basically jumping around on a stage in her underwear. This is an artist that our Tsipi just had to meet and exchange views with over dinner…

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Cloak & Dagger

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Webcast Title: Cloak & Dagger
Webcast Date: 02/16/2010
Length: 37:49 Minutes
(February 16, 2010) “…Three years later, the remarkable French Jew Adolphe Cremieux established the Alliance Israelite Universelle which set up an agricultural research station in the wilderness several miles inland from Jaffa to investigate the possibly of making the wasteland green and fertile again.

“This was and is Mikveh Yisrael, which is still in operation today. Only after then did Palestine begin to sprout the infrastructure of civilization, when roads were built, and cities developed, new communities implanted.

“And what was it exactly that the Ancient Palestinians did for this country? For their allegedly beloved ancient homeland whose name they can’t even pronounce properly?

“Israel is once again in the news with cloak and dagger, and why? Because these Arabs, these Muslims, never stop trying to murder us.

“On one hand, that is distressing, but on the other, in light of Jewish history, where is it written that the world no longer is home to lunatic Jew-haters with homicide and genocide in their black hearts?

“Zionism, secular Zionists thought like Karl Marx that they had a solution to a major social problem. Marx the manic egomaniac saw in himself the Isaac Newton of Economics. He finally understood, he thought, how economics works and via his revolutionary theory of Dialectical Materialism poverty and inequality would vanish from the earth.

“And so the Zionists likewise thought they had the solution to murderous Jew-hatred, but it seems not. Leastwise not yet.

“Secular Zionism surely has failed at putting an end to the antisemitism the “Moses” of the Secularist Zionists Theodor Herzl believed he had an answer to.

“We brought this Land back to life, populated it against all odds, but they are still out there, our Arab-Muslim neighbors, who are no more resigned to our existence today than the first days their grandfathers heard of Herzl and his Zionism.

“In this light, in this regard, secular Zionism failed…”

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AntiJew Styles

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Webcast Title: AntiJew Styles
Webcast Date: 02/14/2010
Length: 40:42 Minutes
Program Link: “Hard Mideast Truths” by Roger Cohen
(February 14, 2010) “…This fool does not understand that peace for Israel is the Arabs’ worst nightmare. For it would mean an Israel burgeoning as an economic power as never before. Not only would Israel become a vastly more prosperous state if it did not have to spend so much money per capita on national defense, the Arabs fear total domination in the Middle East by such a wealthy Jewish state, with all its freedoms as well for women and the “evil” influence such a state would have on the Arabs. Such a prosperous and free state for its people would be an intolerable neighbor for the Arab despots who rule over their 21 countries.

“Roger Cohen cannot or will conceive of this conflict as the aggressor Arabs against the victims of their aggression the Jews. He has to have a Palestinian Golem to match the moral power of the Jews in this conflict as the victim. In true antiJew fashion, Roger Cohen has a governor on his ability to identify with us Jews here who are no less today than ever the targets of lunatic haters.

“What the Roger Cohens of this world need psychically is a reason to blame the Jews for the absence of peace, not defend them from their aggressors.

“What the Roger Cohens and Douglas Bloomfields of the world cannot conceive is the reality that these Arabs as a collective, the Muslims as a collective, are as flakey about Jews today in the year 2010 as Hitler, his Germans and many European were in the 1920, 30s and 40s…”

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Israel, Land of Delusion

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: Israel, Land of Delusion
Webcast Date: 02/11/2010
Length: 39:00 Minutes
(February 11, 2010) “…Ancient Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad, PhD is another creation in the land of delusion, of Israel’s post-Jewish delusional ruling class.

“After the three Fatah murderers of Rabbi Meir Chai – one of them a member of PA counter-intelligence in Yosh – Dr. Fayyad, this former functionary of the dignified International Monetary Fund, paid a visit to the families of the rabbi’s murderers after the IDF came to arrest them but took no chances and had to kill them.

“These murderers in cold blood of Rabbi Chai – murdered by Jew-haters as in every generation rabbis have been slain by Jew-haters – and Ancient Palestinian premier Dr. Fayyad, PhD pays their families a visit and pronounces them “martyrs,” shahideen (I think).

“He’s like all the rest. On the outside, they are seen as civilized (well, maybe not Arafat) but among their own people they dare not represent civilization to their people. They risk their lives by trying to impose on them Western notions of good and evil.

“After the Holocaust the Roman Catholic Church had a change of heart and doctrine; after the Holocaust, the West voted at the U.N., leastwise 33 of the 56 founding states, on the rightness of recognizing, finally, a Jewish state in Palestine.

“The Arabs by contrast, have not had a change of heart and doctrine like the West. They remain faithful to their antiJew fear, loathing and religiously ordained hatred of Jews.

“And only the delusional for the last 16 years have nurtured the false claim that the Arabs at Oslo in 1993 finally came around to saluting the rightness of the existence of a Jewish state.

“The delusion that Arafat did; then in turn Dr. Abbas has, and now Dr. Salam Fayyad, who is no more able to call murder murder than they were…”

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The Threat to Freedom of Thought

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: The Threat to Freedom of Thought
Webcast Date: 02/09/2010
Length: 40:07 Minutes
(February 9, 2010) “…And as for demolishing homes? Their Qassam rackets have been known to thoroughly wreck Jewish homes when they crash into the very moderate apartment flats in Sderot or cottages in a kibbutz.

“And as for illegally occupying their land? Excuse me, but the League of Nations mandated that Palestine be the Jewish homeland. Nothing was said of any “Palestinians” or creating a “Palestinian” homeland. Joan Peters in her fine book of 1984 From Time Immemorial dug up some of the facts of history showing how throughout the Mandate Period, when the Jewish population of Palestine went from 50,000 to over 600,000, the Arab population also increased by the hundreds of thousands as Arab Muslim migrant workers poured in from Morocco to Yemen to Iraq; Syria, Lebanon and Trans-Jordan in search of work. It is they who are in illegal occupation of the Palestine that the West, principally Great Britain and the Zionists, brought to life after the Great War of 1914-1918.

“As so often in the minds of irrational Jew-haters, the facts are trashed in order to bash and unburden the Jew-hater with the guilt for his own crimes against us…”

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The Barbarians’ Conquest of Words

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: The Barbarians’ Conquest of Words
Webcast Date: 02/07/2010
Length: 42:22 Minutes
Program Link: Rewriting history: Jesus misrepresented as “Muslim Palestinian”
(February 7, 2010) “…Excuse me, but before Israel invaded Lebanon, Lebanon invaded Israel. The fighting began when Arabs, presumably citizens of Lebanon, Hezbollahi, Party of God members whose party today is a member of the government, launched rockets at Israeli border towns as a diversion for an anti-tank missile attack on two armored Humvees patrolling the Israeli side of the border fence. Of the seven Israeli soldiers in the two vehicles, two were wounded, five were killed and the bodies of two of the dead were taken to Lebanon. Five more were killed in a failed Israeli rescue attempt. That’s ten dead IDF soldiers and two “POWS” taken back across the line. And only after that did Israel, as the AP states, invade Lebanon. Then the AP went on to say the Community Security Trust reported that there were extreme reactions to the conflict in Gaza when “Israeli forces invaded…in 2008…and that it was a “three-week assault.””And I ask you, in this run-of-the-mill news story, who is invading these days, who is assaulting these days?

“Why, Israel of course is here cited twice for invading, first Lebanon, then Gaza. Not a whisper of Lebanon’s initial invasion of Israel or the  eight years  of rockets into Jewish homes and streets, and the lost of life and limb and expense; the cost to the Jews amounting to millions…”

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The Slanderers

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: The Slanderers
Webcast Date: 02/04/2010
Length: 42:03 Minutes
(February 4, 2010) “…Funny, how naked Jew-haters like Jimmy Carter call bedroom suburbs of Jerusalem and Haifa and Tel-Aviv in the Jewish homeland a mere 50 miles wide “colonies,” which is an absolute Orwellian rape of the conventional sense of that term, but do not see that the violence here is our Jewish self-defense of less than 6 million against the neighboring Arab people of 300 million who surround us on three sides and in an act of cosmic greed cannot abide our living free and independent from them in our ancient homeland. They have the right, they say, to rule over every square meter of the Middle East from Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Shatt al-Arab border with Iran in the east, a spread greater than the distance between Los Angeles and New York, with no room for a non-Muslim, non-Arab people to live here as they want to live free of the majority Arab Muslims in the region. So in this enlightened age of ours, the Arab-Israeli Conflict is about the Arab resistance, as they call it to the Jews having their own land. In this construction of perceived reality, the Jews are the greedy ones. They have too much land and the Arabs don’t have enough…”
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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: Disputations
Webcast Date: 02/02/2010
Length: 38:59 Minutes
(February 2, 2010) “…In medieval Spain – now this is centuries before the hell-fires of the Inquisition –the great Rabbi Moses ben Nachman a/k/a among Jews The Ramban and among Gentiles Nachmanides was 69 years old in the year 1263, well advanced in years especially for that time, in the twlight of his life, when he received an order from the King of Catalunia Jaime/James I to appear in his court in Barcelona to answer charges against Judaism and to explain his refusal to convert Cristianity, he and all the Jews of the kingdom.The catalyst for this royal demand came from Pablo Cristiani who had called on the king in the name of the head of the regional Dominican Order of Roman Catholic monks,  Master General Raymond de Penyafort, to tell the king that he, Pablo Cristiani, could prove the truth of Christianity by using the Talmud and other rabbinical writings; and if the king summoned the famous Rabbi Moses the son of Nahman to court to answer charges against Judaism, in the process he would convince him to convert. And he could do that because Pablo Cristiani was not his real name – which escapes me at the moment, a classical Jewish name, something like Yitzhak ben Haim – for Pablo Cristiani was a convert to Cristianity who could prove, he said, using the Talmud, that Christianity was the true religion…”  
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