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Public Diplomacy and Ali Sina

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…For these savages, entering that shul in Har Nof and doing what they did is called an “operation,” as if it were a military operation, and of course it was an “occupation synagogue” as they called it, and never mind Har Nof has been in Israeli hands since 1948. For them even this turf is “occupied Jerusalem.”

I think Israel should go public with the kind of people who victimize us non-stop with their satanic violence and conscienceless cruelty and a way of thinking that is beyond stupidity. It is something else.

Ali Sina makes the case that I have made for myself but have pulled back at the enormity of the thought, not trusting myself. He sees Islam as this massive, globe encircling cult on a psychological par with the Jim Jones suicide cultists in Guyana in 1978, all 900 of them who drank poison Kool-Aid and lay down to die.

It is another mass suicide cult, and if the majority of Muslims are not like that, it is not because they are moderate but insufficient in their devotion to Islam. Osama bin Ladin and his ilk are not extremists but purists. They, not the docile masses, are the true expression of Islam…

Abbas in a Panic

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Israel’s behavior in response to this ignorant braying by these Muslim maniacs has always been to ignore it completely. Basically pretend it does not exist because post-Jewish Israelis have believed that such religious blah-blah is meaningless, sops for the masses. What counts is sitting down with the “Palestinians” and reaching some kind of compromise in which we don’t get all we want and they don’t get all they want, but we agree to a peaceful, condominium arrangement of the land west of the Jordan River.

What these earthbound, post-religious Israelis have never understood is that the religious blah-blah is what it is all about. Israelis like Livni think that both peoples have similar interests and desires and can work something out, when Livni and her camp of the Left, Beilin, Peres, etc. should be ashamed of themselves for ever shaking hands with these loser enemies of civilization who are so primitive in their minds they think nothing of saying whatever they want about the past in order to prove the rightness of their claim in the present. As thieves, burglars and marauders, they invent stories to justify their hunger for other people’s wealth.

They are such uneducated people, they do not know that there was no Palestine during the lifetime of Yeshua ben Yosef. The name was not invented until almost exactly a century after his death along with hundreds of thousands of other Jews crucified.

In calling Jesus the first Palestinian martyr, these Muslims like Erekat are just aping the age-old Christian deicide charge. The Jews martyred Jesus, who was the first Palestinian, and in our time they have martyred thousands more.

With such people civilized negotiations are impossible…

Facing Arab Reality

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Trouble is, Israelis are not very good at relating to these Arabs because they are hamstrung by a desire, even a craving, to talk them into making peace by being nice to them, offering them things. Israelis exhibit an unstated belief that it is possible to purchase peace with these people by giving them most of Judea and Samaria, in the belief this will satisfy these Hamitic sons of Ishmael.

And one would hope that after 21 years of the existence of the Palestinian Authority which was conceived as a kind of training program toward statehood, and its utter failure, Israelis might be moved to alter their views in the matter of relating to the Arabs not as potential friends to be won over but enemies who need to be kept at arm’s length and rendered impotent until such time as they have a change of heart and mind.

This is most important, a factor in our lives here the Oslo Peace Engineers never factored in. It never occurred to Beilin, Peres, Rabin and their tribe of delusionists that the Arabs they were negotiating with were intellectually spiritually off the rails. If you remember the pinball games where if you hit them too hard they went Tilt and shut down. Well, these Arabs are sort of like people with minds permanently in a state of tilt…

Herzl’s Dreamers

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…What today’s Israelis lack is a sense of Jewish history and their place in it, in effect, the Jewish dimension of the bloodshed here, the endless homicidal violence by these people who almost daily assault us with intent to kill.

And how interesting that this menace is now plaguing the very Europe which continues to believe that Jew-bashing will save them, as all their kowtowing and cowering to the Muslims only seems to pour more gasoline on the fire.

Every day now in France it seems some Muslim is driving his car into crowds of infidels, just as we have suffered this behavior recently. They all seem to be screaming Allahu Akbar and something about Balestine,” but what does it matter? These are Muslims who history is one in every generation one of mass murder, fighting one another. What is going on today in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc. is behavior as old as the Qur’an which is a record of Muhammad’s homicidal campaigns against enemies.

And now it turns out that last week the European Parliament — besides calling for the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Jews under the verbal camouflage of statehood for the Ancient Ones — the body has refused to establish a task force to deal with the undeniable rising tide of good old-fashioned, lunatic, murderous Jew-hatred.

The European Parliament may be as obtuse about the threat of Islam as our ex-IDF officers here dreaming of “arrangements” which the Balestinians and the Arab states will of course agree to…

End Gaza

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…What logic and information tell me and has told me for decades is that Israel has no choice but to put Gaza out of business. It is a wholly artificial rectangle of beach front property that is home to between one and two million Arabs, 70% of them on the dole paid by UNRWA whose budget comes from mostly the Western democracies and the EU. UNRWA is this generation’s successor to the medieval rack Jews were stretched on, their backs broken, tortured, burnt at that the stake. Today it is done by funding the sons of Ishmael in Gaza who fire thousands of rockets into Jewish communities to make their lives miserable.

And this is why Israel has to put an end to Gaza. There is, after all, something so profoundly weird in the reality that Israel provides the electricity to Gaza to the workshops where they fashion these rockets. This weird, this is sick.

Israel has to declare a policy of working to shut down the UNRWA presence in Gaza which has never tried to re-settle these people elsewhere, only sustain them in their misery, unemployed, idle, educated to believe the Jews on the other side of the security barrier stole their land from them and drove them into these slums. Israel has to declare a staged disengagement from lending its support to this sick situation of maintaining the Gaza rectangle which rightfully, according to the League of Nations Mandate map, was part of the Palestine that the League brought to life, a Palestine explicitly called the historic homeland of the Jews, not the Balestinians, because there were none in 1922…

The Euro-Mind at Work

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This view of history and truth was on display yesterday in three important European cities: Luxembourg, Brussels and Geneva in a kind of a three-way, Jew-bashing barrage backing this generation’s notion of a “Palestinian people” fighting the Jews as surely as their alleged ancestors the Philistines — whence cometh the word Palestine – were at war with them for centuries in the age of the Judges.

It took hundreds of years for the Children of Israel to obliterate Philistine life in Eretz Yisrael, and it seems that in our return from exile, we once again have to fight and vanquish the Neo-Philistines so beloved in Europe. It was in a vote in the European Parliament; in a separate decision in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and the implicit condemnations in Geneva at the Fourth Geneva Convention meeting boycotted by the U.S., Canada and Australia for its naked antiJewism.

This was the No. 1 story in Israel on the international beat today, competing for attention with the adolescent name-calling that passes for campaigning for elections. The Prime Minister was outraged. He accused these pro-Balestinian Europeans of hypocrisy, Europeans who learned nothing from the Holocaust…

A Hagar-clone Today

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Program Link: Sha’i Ben-Tekoa shared StandWithUs’s video.

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Well, since the last webcast 48 hours ago, the global village has watched the siege of the Lindt Café in Sydney, Australia, which ended with the loss of two civilized people’s lives and one barbarian life, though, the civilized government Down Under bears much guilt.

I mean, this Muslim “holy man,” one Man Haroun Monis — Haroun being the stolen and mispronounced Jewish name of Aaron — had a record of numerous charges of sexual aggression so common among Muslims; had a record of sending ugly and cruel letters to the families of Aussie soldiers who died fighting his fellow moon-worshippers in Afghanistan for which he was sentenced to 300 hours of service.

No good. I think civilized countries should legislate that any Muslim who is allowed in their countries should be informed that he is on parole for like 20 years, and that any aggression in that time, any talk of jihad, will result in his immediate expulsion.

Actually, I think all of the Western democracies should bar entry to Muslims. My suggestion of a 20-year parole period to check them out is a leniency. The West has got to, and I mean got to wake up and junk all the politically correct clichés about the three great monotheistic religions; the three great Abrahamic religions. I am working my way through Ali Sina’s psychobiography of Muhammad and he agrees with other refugees from Islam that it is an ideology of aggression disguised as a religion…

Parasites and Peacocks

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I am reminded of a joke told after the Six-Day War of American Jews like these who in the two weeks of terrible and frightening tension and fear in Israel as the Arabs shrieked they were going to finish Hitler’s work and even the Haredim were digging graves in public parks in Tel-Aviv in anticipation of thousands of dead, American Jews like these slowly shook their heads in commiseration, saying, “Oh, they (!) are in terrible danger over there,” but after the spectacular victory started crowing, “We won!” as if they were heroes too.

When Israel does something like the Six-Day War or the rescue at Entebbe such types preen themselves on the great achievement but when Israelis are accused of being racist fascist imperialist aggressors, thieves of Balestine, they join the anti-Israeli mobs in pointing the finger of guilt.

Judea and Samaria in the early days of the modern Zionist movement were never for one moment thought by Zionists of every political stripe to be Balestinian property, and especially not, as my book shows, when the Arabs’ Nazi-loving leaders themselves denied there was such a country.

These are “Have your cake and eat it too” Jews who claim to be proud Zionists but would never think of abandoning their cushy academic posts to actually move here.

Instead, they bash Naftali Bennett, an IDF officer who fought and risked his life; bash Moshe Feiglin, Uri Ariel and “Zambish,” real doers when it comes to returning the ancestral sod to habitability for hundreds of thousands Jews.

One doubts these intellectual peacocks ever contributed a dollar to an Israeli cause…

We Cannot Change Them

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This conflicted Israeli identity has from the get-go been a product of Zionism’s post-Jewish aspirations to become a normal people and a radically wrong-headed misunderstanding of the hatred we are subject to. In all these efforts at peacemaking and expressing sorrow — peace-making which entails offering goodies to our mortal enemies — is the mistaken view of the quality of their hatred and violence which Israelis like our leaders think is amenable to modification and change. The Oslo delusion was predicated on the belief that 1) the Arabs wanted a state just like ours, small, in Balestine, for a homeland, when these tribal people never have had such an aspiration and 2) it was within Israel’s power to change them. Peres, Rabin, Rabin, Tsipi Livni, Boojie Herzog & Co. thought that they had the power to persuade the Arabs of our good intentions; to change their feelings toward us by goodwill gestures in order to convince them that we really are nice people who mean them no harm; people who even want to see them prosper and create a homeland for their stateless brothers and sisters just as the Jewish people via Zionism aspired to create a haven and home for theirs.

This attitude is result of their post-Jewish drive to stop being Jewish, stop being a people that dwells alone.

On the contrary. Israel will mature and return to its true identity as a people that dwells alone when it reaches the awareness that the hatred directed at us has nothing to do with any injustice we allegedly have committed or commit, and that there is nothing we can do until Moshiach arrives to soothe the savage breast of these sons of Ham and Ishmael…

The Really Unreal

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Oh, how they hate the idea of the Chosen People as they simultaneously choose Israel for special treatment via an obsessive focus on Judea, source of the word “Jew,” and Samaria, whose names they cover up with the nameless, anonymous “West Bank.”

Yesterday in the Hague the Balestinian Authority was listed by the International Criminal Court created by the United Nations, most of whose member-states are criminal enterprises, as a “non-state party observer,” which is what the PLO became at the UN in 1975 and remained until 2012 when it was sprinkled with antisemitic fairy dust and transformed into a state within the walls of the UN, if not outside them. The PA thus sees this as the first step to being admitted to the ICC as a state and therefore eligible to level war crimes charges against Israel.

The PA, though, may hesitate, for joining the ICC will open it up for counter-charges of war crimes made by Israel. Remember, in April the PA and HAMAS proclaimed a unity government so that legally speaking the 50-day missile barrage was under PA auspices, and in a court proceeding the practice of firing rockets at random into civilian areas would certainly under the Geneva Convention be considered a war crime. Ergo, the PA is likely not to charge head on in this direction…

World of Denial

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I think at that point some responsible authority inside the government should have recruited two licensed psychiatrists to declare Barack Hussein Obama medically unfit for office and had him removed. This was either a case of a seriously delusional man or a colossal liar. Either way something should have been done and it was not.

One wonders: what does U.S. law say about such a case, never known in history, of president in the vernacular going crazy, losing his mind.

Perhaps the Attorney-General has the authority to summon psychiatrists; then again Eric Holder is Attorney-General and he too suffers from an Islamic like denial of truth, and menace like Obama. If you remember his appearance in Congress when he told a Congressman, in response to a question, “You don’t want to go there, buddy.” Holder is now handing down an imperial fiat cancelling so-called racial profiling, which is another form of Ft. Hood-like denial. He is ordering that like Obama who told staffers never to put the words “Muslim” and “terrorists” together in the same sentence. Holder is ordering that law enforcement deny the reality of black crime, whose principle victims are other blacks.

It is no coincidence that such reprehensible men hate Israel, Jacob-Israel who stands for truth…

Our Own Worst Enemy II

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Sorry, but I find this typically nice guy Israeli posturing in President Rivlin unacceptable in the extreme because Israelis, when they do this, confirm the vision of equality between us and the enemy Muslims, these savage lunatics who commit horrendous, gruesome violence against us. This moral equivalence that Rivlin describes, “extremists on both sides,” does a grave injustice to his position as president of the state. He has no business positioning himself between the two sides and equating his people with these violent, virtually psychopathic people. Did you see the video clip from the security camera in the Rami Levy supermarket in Mishor Adumim yesterday of that teenage Ishmaelite just slowly pushing his shopping cart when he suddenly lashes out at a Jew from behind, a total bushwhack of a blindside attack, and you know besides the sadism of the deed, lashing out with a knife into a man’s head like that, what ticks yours truly off is the absence of all sense of fairness and fair play. In a word, these Arabs fight dirty.

They don’t get into uniform and fight our men in uniform on a battlefield. They ambush their civilian, wholly unexpecting, unprepared, defenseless victims who have no chance to defend themselves and strike back at him.

This is the same culture which fires rockets at its enemy’s civilians in their home communities, and then hides behind children, so when the enemy fires back and inadvertently kills children, they shriek to the world that the Jews are baby-killers! And boy, does that work well when you have such a huge audience willing to swallow the Arab version, the Arab narrative against the Jews…

Angels from Hell

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…In fact, Ishmael was not only a Hamite, Noah’s problem child, big time; he likely bore the spiritual genes of Cain the first murderer in human history who also was the first murderer of his brother. And why? Sheer naked, wholly unjustified envy of his kid brother who invested more time and care in preparing an offering. Abel did absolutely nothing to his older brother except excel. Unlike Jacob whose behavior toward his older-brother was less pristine; unlike Joseph whose brothers thought of killing him because he too was less than perfect toward them.

But not Cain. He was overcome with sheer envy when his kid brother surpassed him.

And Ishmael can be said to have some of Cain in him too, and here’s why. Cain was not put to death for his crime. On the contrary, G-d protected him with the Mark of Cain, meaning others should not harm him, and he lived to a good old age. He also sired offspring, though he and all of them, seven generations never survived the flood. Most died in it.

But his seventh generation, Lamech, had children with two women, one of whom, according to the Midrash became Noah’s wife, he of the line Seth. And so Ham was the son of a mother descended from Cain…

The Government Falls

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Last item, in keeping with the top story of the end of this coalition in part due to the Jewish state legislation controversy: on Shabbos in Cairo, the Arab League foreign ministers declared their “categorical rejection of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.” They too, like America’s Conservative Jews, are unhappy, like Tsipi Livni, with seeing Israel as an unalloyed Jewish state above and beyond its general, democratic form of government.

The war against Jewish independence today is as powerful as ever, with our Hellenists making the mistake of thinking that Israel must therefore not be too Jewish as a way of winning over our enemies.

No. The opposite is the case. The more Israel remains true to its vocation as a people that dwells alone, a people that stood at Mt. Sinai with its back to the rest of the world, the stronger Israel will become…