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Enemies Foreign and Domestic, II

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…What is weird about that whole thing too, and as evidence that Reform Judaism is nothing but a joke, is that the origin of the Reform Movement in 1810-1811 in Germany was its focus on the rejection of the Temple Mount and the desire to build the Third Temple. The first Reform Jews did everything they could to strip themselves of characteristically Jewish clothing and diet and external behavior in imitation of their gentile neighbors. They cut off their beards, the women uncovered their hair, they dressed like everybody else; moved the Sabbath to Sunday and called their meeting house not a synagogue but a temple. Ask a Reform Jew today what is the difference between temple and synagogue and he will look at your crossed-eyed. Huh? They are synonyms in his mind because he has no notion of the centrality of the Temple to the Jewish people and religion…

The Int’l Holocaust Day Farce

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…So what we have heard this week out of the mouth of the spokesman for the family of man assembled in the council of nations in New York is this generation’s mutation of age-old behavior.

In early 20th century Germany, Jew-hatred was expressed in a very different way; out of the mouth of a barking mongrel of a man with a little mustache, shouting and snarling and threatening the Jews because in the just concluded World War I, Germany had suffered a humiliating loss and whose fault was it? Why, it was the Jews that stabbed Germany in the back.

In the 1920s in his beerhall and other speeches, the party responsible for the terrible loss and imposition of ruinous punitive penalties on Germany was the Jews.

He organized dramatic, Wagnerian in spectacular, nighttime, torch-lit rallies with goose-stepping men in uniforms and more speeches against the Jews who were responsible for everything that was wrong in Germany.

Today, though, the style is different. Following the inferno of the Holocaust, the old way of sneering and hating and accusing Jews has given way to the diplomatic gentility of His Excellency the Secretary-General of Nations United around nothing so much as their shared hatred of Israel…

This Is Not Antisemitism

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And so long as Israel does not understand that all the brouhaha about the poor, poor Palestinians is nothing but this generation’s deicide charge, the goyim will continue to escalate their hostility in the belief this fictitious nation is a victim of racist Israel and its apartheid system.

Herb Keinon referenced the EU Foreign Affairs Council but not the similar-sounding but separate organization, a think-tank in London called the European Council on Foreign Relations. Last July, after the EU, Mogherini’s bureaucracy, adopted a set of anti-Israel propositions, this outfit published a paper called “EU Differentiation and Israeli Settlements” suggesting ways to drive a wedge between Israel and the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

And what this think-tank? Its website reveals it has 50 staffers in 20 countries and its board of directors includes Mogherini’s predecessor Catherine Ashton and Carl Bildt, former Swedish FM minister and even PM. Its staffers include Daniel Levy the English Jew soulmate of Martin Indyk and its founding benefactor, the notorious antiJew Nazi collaborator George Soros.

Say no more…

Israel Needs a Reset on Yosh

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Israel is the object of insult and abuse and in no small measure because it cannot or will not slay dragon of this generation’s pack of lies about Jews.

That is what antisemitism is every generation: tell whopping lies about Jewish evil that has no basis in truth. In our time antiJews shout, “The Jews stole Balestine from the Balestinians!” and Israel responds, “Let’s a make a deal.”

This paralysis, this refusal to take on and demolish the lies is what contributes to the abuse. Israel never defends itself. Israel is passive in the face of the lies and scorn and hatred based on the lies.

In this, Israel’s acceptance of the myth of a Palestinian people with rights to an independent state smack dab in the middle our Promised Land that we brought back to life invites the abuse and in a sense is a form of self-abuse.

Israel has to recover its self-respect as Jews who love and live by their Bible. We are the People of the Book, and if Israelis don’t do that; if they disrespect themselves and their “constitution” as a people and their rights, they should not be surprised that the goyim dish out their disrespect, hatred, scorn and abuse…

Two Sets of Laws

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes, the top story here today was the speech yesterday delivered by the American ambassador who pointed the finger of guilt at the Jews for having two sets of laws, like two sets of dishes.

And the ignorance and stupidity here is just ludicrous. What is wrong with having two sets of laws, which we do? In 1945, the Allies overran Germany, took control, and ruled supreme for a decade using two sets of laws. One for Germans, one for Allied military and civil personnel administering the occupation.

Also, while full-blown rule lasted for a decade, even after it was relaxed the Allies still had the right to open anybody’s mail and tap anybody’s phone until 1968. And that’s not all. The capital of Berlin was divided into four parts and that remained the case until 1990, 45 years after the war.

Today Israel rules Judea and Samaria after 47 years. So what’s the big deal?

Traitors, Simply Traitors

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This was a separate news item today. The EU is cranking out more legislation against Jews living in Judea and Samaria, as the EU simultaneously trashing the Oslo documents, funds these incursions into Area C that Oslo said was exclusively Israeli territory as it had been since 1967.

The nerve of these Europeans. The dishonesty. They are no more faithful to the Oslo documents than the savages they support with these front groups called NGOs, non-governmental organizations, which is a blatant lie and deception. They are funded by governments and therefore are most certainly governmental agencies of foreign governments that side with our mortal enemies.

Anyway, the good news is that Ad Kahn says the exposure of Ezra Nawi was only the beginning of the incriminating material they have gathered.

And I say it is about time for Israel to gird its loins and indict BTS and other groups with collaborating with the enemy, a serious charge…

Leftists Identify with the Enemy

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…But worst of all, most shocking in the mind of Leftist Jews like this was the absence of even one word about the hundreds of thousands who would be affected by the transfer of rule in Judea and Samaria from Israel to the Arabs. They appear nowhere in his dream of peace.

What would happen to them in his scenario? Would they remain in place and become citizens of the New Philistia? The Arabs have said they must all leave. It is ironic how antiJews like Jimmy Carter, Martin Indyk and John Kerry threaten Israel with branding Jewish foreheads with the word “Apartheid” if they don’t give the Arabians what they want, oblivious in this state of mind to the truth that what the Arabs have been demanding since the handshake on the White House is the creation of a Balestinian state that would be completely Jew-free. World antiJewry demands that Israel evacuate Judea and Samaria and turn it all over to the Arabs who insist that every Jew must go in order to create an apartheid Balestinian state.

We get smeared for not helping the Balestinians to create their Jew-free state. We are the racists; their wish goes unrecognized for its Nazi-like wish for a Jew-free world…

The NGO Scam

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…That is how I understand the current distress of Europeans and Americans with Israel trying to block those abroad who pour endless rivers of cash into the nation that never ever stops murdering us, taking their side.

Millions, even billions of dollars and euros constantly refilling the coffers, sent by the goyim, non-Jew nations through the deceptive appellation NGOs, Non-Governmental Organizations.

Let’s deprogram that, shall we? You all know my definition of antisemitism: three words only “lying about Jews” and I submit the very name NGO is this situation is more lying when dealing with Jews.

If these NGOs are receiving money from foreign governments via foreign organization conduits, they are not non-governmental. They are disguised as such but remain the creatures of goyim with quite a scorecard over thousands of years of hallucinating Jews doing evil and murdering Jews on the basis of these wicked fairy tales…

Muslim Sex Maniacs

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes, I think what happened in Germany on New Year’s Day, like what happened in Paris on November 13, like what happened in Bali in 2002, in London in 2005, New York on 9-11, is a true expression of Islam, the religion of Muhammad who was a psychopath himself, with a perverted sex life to go with it.

And I think there is a religious meaning to it all; that is what it means to be a Jew; to see the Hand of G-d in the unfolding of history, and I find a curious coincidence between the invasion of the West by these sexually perverted predatory men and how the West since the 1960s has itself turned in a cesspool of sexual misbehavior.

Since the 1960s there has been a complete collapse of sexual morality, the destruction of the lines between male and female…

Sfard and Indyk. Ugh.

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Program Link: Israel’s Human Rights Activists Aren’t Traitors
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Take, for example, Michael Sfard’s op-ed in the New York Times this week. We’ll put the link up.

For those who don’t know, he is one Israel’s most prominent lawyers who waves the flag of the Balestinian people against his own. His bio says he is a “human rights lawyer who serves as a legal adviser to the Israeli organizations Breaking the Silence, Yesh Din and the Human Rights Defenders Fund.”

That is his first lie. He is not a human rights lawyer. He never fights for the human rights of the Jewish people in their Land not to be stabbed on Mondays and run over on Tuesdays and shot in a Tel-Aviv café on Fridays. No, Michael Sfard is a defender of the people who trumpet shamelessly their desire to destroy the little Jewish people’s only little state…

Psychodrama in the UN

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…How ironic. We are just around the corner from the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo horror and the chilling truth that Obama refused to join the world in condemning that massacre. And why? Well, at the UN, he previous fall, during his annual appearance, Obama said he did not want to live a world that tolerates slandering the Prophet. Of course he refused to participate in that demo, arguably world’s greatest-ever political manifestation in Paris.

This is guy is a menace. Today his imperial edict concerns guns and I really hope there are wise men Washington who care about Israel and should be on guard during this villain’s last year in office. I think he is perfectly capable of throwing Israel to the dogs in the Security Council.

He has already done something like that. He gave a check for 150 billion dollars to his protégé Iran and signed off their building an atomic bomb.

It is not too soon for the Israel lobby, what’s left of it, to start rallying friends in Congress to draft a resolution declaring any anti-Israel move by this president in the UN during his last year in office will be disowned by the Congress of the People of the United States of America. This is one scary dude…

The Hilltop Rebels

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…In the minds of today’s teenage rebels, the entirety of the Religious Nationalist camp is illegitimate. These are not extremists within the camp but deserters from it, living in, really, a fantasy world of wanting to destroy Israel so that King Messiah would replace it. That was eh graffiti on that burnt house in Duma.

They constitute a microscopic percentage of patriotic settler youth who are bent on service in the IDF and increasingly constitute the next generation of officers.

In other words, as Achan was the only one among the twelve tribes to disobey the order to take no booty — as Avraham took no booty during his hostage rescue mission to Damascus – so today a handful of off-the-rails teenagers are held up as representatives of the entire State of Israel by its enemies…