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Religion, not Territory

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…The following year the Congress would begin writing the future US Constitution and when completed its first amendment called for no “religious establishment” in the new government which today’s liberals do not understand at all. It was not because the Framers wanted to stifle religion; just the opposite. Religion was none of the government’s business, people were free to believe whatever they wanted and worship as they wanted with no government office, no bureaucracy, as in Israel, charged with regulating religion in society.

This is one marker of the abyss that separates Judeo-Christian, what’s left of it, civilization from the world of Islam. Tonight there could be violence in Cairo, in Homs or Istanbul and Ankara in all three Muslim lands the issue is Islamo-Fascist dictatorship vs. people who don’t want to submit to the tyranny of a Muhammad Morsi in Egypt and Erdogan in Turkey…

Our Eternally Violent Neighbors

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…Loss in the huffing and puffing over the NSA scandal is that this whole snooping business is the direct result of the menace of militant Islam. This snooping’s essential justification is the hunt for Muslim terrorists, and in this way it is akin to the modern headache of air travel, the security check, especially in the states. The “drill” of emptying your pockets and taking off your shoes and belts and holding your pants up as you go shuffling through the electronic scanner. This too is a result of Arab-Muslim barbarism.

In history Muslims made Jews remove their shoes whenever they passed in front of a mosque, and here the Muslims have forced billions of air travelers to remove their shoes and put them back on too…

Why They Hate Bennett?

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…The very word “Palestinian” is an antisemitic concept. It is inherently a verbal vessel bearing hatred of the Jews. In our time the word “Palestinian” conjures up Arabs, Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs, Bedouin Arabs, Arabic-speaking Druze, Muslim Circassians who came in the 19th century; that’s a half-dozen communities in Palestine. All are “Palestinians”.

Only, there is another community in Palestine which is excluded from the definition of “Palestinian”: the Jews. We are as excluded from the concept “the Palestinians” as Jews have been excluded from lots of things throughout history: colleges, medical schools, private men’s clubs, exclusive residential areas, fraternities in universities, restaurants. I myself and my family in the early 1950s were basically barred from eating in a restaurant in our town, an upscale suburb of New York. There was one country club in the town; no Jewish members…

Lies and Liars

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…So here was the two-week-old prime minister of a non-existent state Rami Hamdallah resigning from a post that was created not by the so-called Palestinians but the US in order to put a break on the rampant larceny of the Palestinian Authority. Fayyad was the first prime minister never elected by anyone, but just appointed. A prime minister that never stood for election who quit because he could no longer stand being blocked by Abbas and cronies determined to return to ripping off the aid money in the billions given by World AntiJewry in order to keep the Jews from returning to full sovereignty in the heart of their G-d–promised land…

The Two-State Religionists

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Program Link: Preconditions have no basis in law or fact

…Yeah. A tsunami of bromides of the kind that make yours truly want to blow lunch have been heard in the land these last couple of days. What a revolting spectacle. There was Clinton of the stained blue dress and Sharon Stone, the Hollywood actress who became famous by starring in a movie called Basic Instinct and exposing herself like a two-dollar hooker was also there. Clinton was famous for the mixing of the world of Hollywood movies and politics, and here too was the admittedly excellent actor Robert DeNiro and the Mayor of Chicago who like DeNiro’s words in many of his movies sprinkles his conversation with a four-letter word beginning with the sixth letter of the English alphabet.

What do Rahm Emanuel married to a non-Jewess and Sharon Stone and Robert DeNiro have to do with the resurrection of Jewish life in the Holy Land?

Iran’s Sham Election

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…Anyway, I say the top story was the pseudo-election in Iran because all six candidates were approved by Mr. Big, the Muslim ayatollah who succeeded Khomeini and so it was basically a sham election yesterday. The Iranians are smart and clever and bona fide tricksters and dissemblers, and it is highly likely that while the other five candidates were seen as conservative, even reactionary, Rohani’s election as the “moderate” candidate in contrast to them was exactly what Khamenei wanted. The other five split the reactionary vote allowing this “maverick moderate” to win.

Well, this character has been an insider with the top dogs all his political life. There are photos of him at prayer in the first row just behind Ayatollah Khomeini. He also was in charge of leading Iran’s talks with the West over its nuclear project and of course that effort has never been anything but a scam…

Leon Wieseltier

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…One of its recipients on Sunday was Leon Wieseltier who takes the cake for being one of the most obnoxious Jewish Leftist intellectual Israel-bashers while claiming, like Little Tommy Friedman and his former colleague at the New Republic Peter Beinart, how much he loves the country.

Like Alan Dershowitz, he attended Yeshiva of Flatbush High School and like him abandoned the faith while at the same time, parading his identity as a Jew as something that makes him exotic, and because his father was a survivor, he stakes a claim to being some kind expert on what it means to be Jew and on Israel.

He wrote a pretentious meditation on the mourner’s Kaddish in the 1990s which won him a National Jewish Book award, and here again he has won another prize. He is as much of a charlatan as the Obama he likely voted for…

Israel’s Essential Identity

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…In a related story, on Sunday after the cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Netanyahu attended the annual international cyber security conference at Tel-Aviv University where he said there has been a significant rise in the number of cyber-attacks on Israel coming from Iran. Another source said there are hundreds, even thousands per week not only on defense and government sites but all kinds. But not to worry, as the PM said, one rarely hears of successful ones because Israel is a leader in Internet security. In this regard as well, as part of the reportage, it was reported that in addition to such as Intel and Microsoft and Google and other operations with major facilities in Israel, GE and Oracle are now setting up R &D operations here too.

And maybe you heard of the latest deal in which Israeli start-up WAZE is being sold for more than a billion dollars…

What Is Going On?

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…There is a lunacy loose in the world borne by an ill wind, wind being the air we breathe, the very substance which sustains life every moment.

In Hebrew, Latin, I presume Greek, the word for breath and spirit is the same. Spiritus in Latin and ruach in Hebrew which is what HaShem breathes into Adam to make him live, and keeps him alive every moment of his life.

How long can a person go without food? Days. How long without water? Likewise more than a day or three?

But breath? Air? Pearl divers can submerge for some minutes but they are the exception to the rule. G-d keeps us alive every minute with His breath.

And a people without G-d will not survive.

What is going on?

Leftists Love to Bash Their Own

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…The Israeli media today of course covered the nomination of Samantha Power yesterday listing her famous policy prescriptions. You know, quotes from that 2002 video whose link was posted on yesterday’s website, which included the criticism of spending billions on supporting Israel’s military instead of spending billions on building the State of Balestine, though none bothered to note that this video, this interview with her when she was still a professor of government Harvard, was made in 2002, arguably the most satanic year in the last intifada, when Jews were being butchered and blown apart seemingly every week. In this interview she said the US had to intervene to prevent genocide, presumably committed by us Jews against the Ancient Ones, this in that satanic year…

Samantha Power? Oh no!

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Program Links: Republican Jewish Coalition statement on Samantha Power nomination
Make Room for Islamistgate: The Obama Administration’s New Scandal

…Yeah, there seems to a serious concern in Jerusalem that in the works in the nasty head of the enemy agent in the Oval Office is a plan to force upon us what Samantha Power alludes to in the link posted on this webcast.

Yesterday in a speech delivered by Minister Yuval Steinitz at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, he forcefully expressed opposition to, according to the headline in JPost this morning, an international force as part of any peace deal. In other words, the very idea expressed by Power in this video clip of 11 years ago in which she entertained the idea of driving the IDF out of Judea and Samaria to be replaced by another military force.

Steinitz was quoted saying he would “vehemently oppose any deployment of international force to replace the IDF. And why would he say that yesterday if not for intelligence coming his way suggesting such a plan is in the works?…

The Moshiach Solution

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…It took yours truly about a dozen years following the Six-Day War to accept that giving back the land captured was no solution; that after a dozen years of rejecting Israel’s hope of land for peace the Arabs were simply not interested in such a deal.

But dreams die hard, and such as Livni and Kerry remain enslaved to the belief that there are really Balestinians out there just like us Jews who want a cute little state for their stateless brethren – when statehood is the last thing these Arabs want.

They were offered more or less the same two- state solution in July 1937 by the Brits, the Peel Commission recommendations. A decade later in 1947 the UN General Assembly also offered them more or less the same deal. Again they said, “No thanks.”

How long, O Lord, how long, before such as Livni and Israel’s Left open their eyes and surrender their ignorant really perception of our Hamitic neighbors?

I am afraid the Two-State Solution is no solution. The only one that will work is the Moshiach Solution…