Living on Hope

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…Last week at the White House Emir Barack Hussein launched yet another peace initiative toward Syria by naming a new ambassador. His predecessor, you may remember, was withdrawn a half-decade ago after the murder of Lebanese leader Rafik Hariri. Obama and obviously Lady Clinton are still hopeful that they can engage in fruitful peace talks with the Syrians and persuade them to severe ties with Iran – with no understanding that without this alliance, Syria is one of the great big nothings of a country on this planet; with nothing to offer the world, to engage the world, to get the attention of world except by menacing the world with its support for terror. The only reason anyone pays any attention to Syria at all in this life is its identity as an outlaw, rogue state, as much a base today for numerous terror gangs – Fath, PFLP, Hamas, Hezbollah – as it was a base for kidnappers in the days of Abraham.

The Syrians in our day as a people have nothing to offer mankind in the way of products, science, culture. There is some tourism there but of course that is mostly foreigners interested in the ruins of non-Syrian peoples, the Greeks and the Romans and what they left behind. Like Egypt, where tourism is a major business, where tourists come not to see what the Muslims created since they overran the country in the year 640, but the remnants of pre-Islamic, Pharaonic civilization.

Glick also reported that retiring Israeli Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi is another Israeli who wants to hand over the Golan in the belief that the Syrians will then have a change of heart toward Israel, sever its relationship with Iran become a nice, peaceful neighbor.

Glick got it right in nailing the Israeli Left for believing that Israel can completely change Syria and Iran by “denying itself the ability to defend northern Israel by abandoning the Golan.”

They all live on hope and the fantasy that they can remake the character of the Syrians and the Iranians by material concession, by handing over what these two enemies demand as rightfully theirs.

I guess it makes sense that these post-Jewish Israelis would think this way. For to stand up to the enemy demands, to challenge and refute them, would be to claim that all these territories are rightfully Jewish land for three reasons, each one sufficient in itself to make the case: 1) The League of Nations mandate called for a resurrected Palestine to become a Jewish homeland. 2) All these demanded lands were taken in 1967 in righteous self-defense from the violators of the cease-fire agreements of 1949. 3) Because they are at the heart of the Jewish religion, for which we need no more legitimacy from the international community than found in the Five Books of Moses, which might otherwise be called, because he only wrote them down, the Five Books of G-d…