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Goyim Obsessed with Jews

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Maybe it’s the rainy weather but I have a feeling this latest outburst of vampiric lust to shed Jewish blood is waning, and one reason may be, as a knowledgeable Arab expert here said the other day, the absence of support around the Muslim and Arab world. These psychopaths are not becoming the heroes of Arabs and Muslims, certainly not among the sober among them who recoil that this wanton murder of people by Islamists with knives.

HAMAS is crowing that the current offensive must never end and perhaps it is a fear that it will peter out that prompted such a statement. For sure, thanks to the flooding of Jerusalem with soldiers and police, and moving roadblocks and the arrest of scores, even maybe hundreds, Jerusalem may be returning to normal.

We shall see, and we shall overcome…

Israel’s Blind Spot

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…But this shouldn’t stop Israel from defending itself with the truth, only it too is paralyzed and I blame classical secular Zionism for that. It is outside their mindset to face the truth that those murdering us these days, as always, are not “Palestinians” but Muslims.

As I said last, there is an upside to the current murders: people are seeing that the Arabs are a nation of Obamas, Clintons, Kerrys: compulsive 24-7 liars. It is a way of life with such people. They say every Arab killed in a terror attack was innocent and was killed by al-Yahud at random, and they planted his weapon.

Every sober observer knows Israel has not lifted a finger in the matter of violating the status quo on the Temple Mount. It is the Arabs doing that and so typically accusing Israel of its own aggressions and transgressions.

But when it comes to the greatest lie of all, Israelis hold onto it for dear life. They as much as the enemy wave the flag of the Palestinians as a legitimate nation with legitimate national rights to a state in its ancient homeland. None other than Prime Minister Netanyahu signed off on that formula at Bar Ilan. Big mistake. Huge mistake. Po kavoor hakelev, we say in Hebrew, “Here the dog is buried” meaning this the heart of the matter, even the elephant the room.

Israelis all agree now what liars these Arabs are but look away from the biggest lie of all: their claim to be “Palestinians” with a legitimate claim on Judea and Samaria and even Jerusalem…

Ishmael’s Murderous Envy

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yesterday in the Torah reading we were introduced to Ishmael and boy are those verses as current as the latest news. In one of the weekend newspapers one report cited the security forces reckoning that most of the violent these days are 16 and 17 years old. These are the ones without a conscience, without human empathy, functionally psychopathic personalities.

And what also is true is the power they have to steer the ship of state so to speak, the community of Arabs. They are the “street Arabs,” a term you will find in the Oxford English Dictionary. In my travels through Arab countries, I saw them everywhere; young men, idle, with nothing to do, and I’ve no doubt one cause of this excess of young men with nothing to do is the polygamy that is common in Araby. They have too many children to raise properly. Osama bin Ladin’s father had children with 56 different women.

They have too many kids that the society cannot sustain. They are also a culture of inbreeding, making a fetish of marrying close cousins…

Lapid To The Rescue

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Program Link: Watch: Lapid takes British media to task for ‘justifying’ terror
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I’ll once again leave it to the Israeli news sites to keep you up to date on the number of attempted murders and killing of the would-be goy murderers, like a dozen incidents-plus in just the last 12 hours and even more than that in the last 48 since the last webcast. Soldiers hit by cars, stabbings. A girl soldier grievously stabbed, whose fellow girl soldier shot the stabber dead. Good for her.

The good news was the behavior of Yair Lapid in London yesterday speaking to reporters, being interviewed on the BBC’s Hard Talk program and finally, so to speak, getting it. Not only did he fire back at today’s Grub Street scriveners for their bizarre anti-Jew coverage of the current, only the latest Jew-killing upheaval, much more important was his declaring that the violence is wholly religious and has nothing to do with so-called Palestinian Nationalism…

Liars and Thieves

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Program Links: US Admiral (ret) James “Ace” Lyons
IDF arrests senior Hamas figure Hassan Yousef in West Bank
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…For an example of the chronic post-Jewish Israeli desire to have, as Bibi wrote, a place among the nations, Israel’s ambassadress to UNESCO, one Carmel Shama Hacohen, according to JPost hard copy today, called the UNESCO draft resolution a “total Islamization of a site that is revered by both Jews and Muslims.”

I disagree. This is waving the banner of ecumenical, mutual respect between religions, when the Arabs are light-years from thinking like that. (Well, maybe not light years; last webcast there was story out of Abu Dhabi about government support for building a Hindu temple.)

Here is a likely post-Jewish Israeli diplomat signing off on the equality of Jewish and Muslim reverence for this site, to which I say, “Nonsense.” If the Muslims revered this site, they would not let their kids play soccer on the plateau. They would not pelt Jews innocently visiting with rock and firebombs. This is reverence? And in any case, reverence for what? What exactly is Haram a-Sharif’s message? What holiness deserving of reverence is connected to this site by Muslims?

Jew-haters Hate History

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Lastly, here’s a letter I sent to JPost hard copy this morning. Sometimes the letters editor there prints me, sometimes not. He’s a leftist.

“Your correspondent on your front page October 18 (“Obama says PM…”) wrote, “Since October 1, seven Israelis have been killed and dozens wounded in 30 stabbing or attempted stabbing attacks by Palestinian terrorists.”

I think a more accurate description would be “Since October 1, seven Jews have been murdered…by Muslim assassins.”

After all, the killers are known to, in their striving to reach Muslim paradise — via homicide and suicide — shout out as they strike, “Allahu Akbar!” And since they commonly deny even the existence of “Israelis,” their targets are, in their own eyes, less “Israelis” than the same evil Jews written about in their Koran.

Moreover, since there is nothing “Palestinian” about these knife-wielding maniacs — neither their mother tongue nor religion is indigenous to Palestine — “assassins” (derived from the Arabic) might also be a more accurate description than the clichéd “Palestinian terrorists.”

Cain, Ham and Ishmael

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Could there be two neighboring peoples on earth so unlike one another as Jews and Arabs, descended from half-brothers, Isaac and Ishmael, same father different mother?

One mother was of the line of Shem like her husband/cousin/uncle relative; the other was the granddaughter of Ham. The former gave birth to Jacob who became Israel; the latter gave birth to Ishmael, expelled from his father’s house because he was such a wild ass of a person and even a potential murderer of his half-brother in his mother Sarah’s eyes — I think.

But the character of Ishmael goes even deeper into human history. He seems to carry the spiritual genes of Cain, the first murderer in history whose crime was fratricide, murdering one’s brother…

They’re Different than We Are

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Israel has got to do what is necessary and if the world does not like it, tough. Jabotinsky was the most clear-eyed of Zionists in the 1920s, and it is amazing, at least to yours truly, that with all the history here since then, 92 years of it, there are still dreamers in Zion who hope for and want to work toward an amicable agreement with the Arabs.

It is not going to happen and there is no alternative to, if you will, dictatorial rule. Israel has to annex Judea and Samaria, pass draconian laws for the Arabs, and if that leads to violence, sobeit. We will be victorious so long as we believe in the rightness of our claims and the falseness of theirs, and recognize finally the age-old hatred of Jews by Muslims and their European supporters that hides behind the entire body of lies about the Balestinians and their alleged right to a state in Judea, where the word “Jew” comes from.

We have in fact returned to – we really have never left it -– the medieval and even Dark Age mental universe of these Hamitic brutes, the Arabs, for whom all Jewish violence directed at them, is by definition an aggression. Even Jewish self-defense…

Spiritual Rabies, II

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I leave it to the mainstream Israelis news outlets to report the gory details for the dozens of attacks since Thursday’s webcast; the number of Jews murdered and wounded, some very seriously and the number of wild animals in human form killed (not murdered) by our men and women uniform.

And I think the metaphor of wild animals is appropriate because there is something inhuman about their behavior. It is kind a human rabies, a spiritual, if you will, hydrophobia only with different symptoms. The rabid dog before infection may have been a sweety; when sickened, he froths at the mouth and wants to kill even the human beings he once loved.

There is something of this drive by these Ishmael-clones to stab Jews, to kill, draw blood. Think of that demoniac in that Ramallah police window 15 years ago showing off his hands dripping with warm, innocent, Jewish blood and eyes in a class with Jack Nicholson in Kubrick’s The Shining trying to ax his wife to death.

These Arabs are like rabid dogs in their wild, furious need to kill Jews, throw rocks at us, pounce on old Jews coming from the Western Wall and stab them in the back…

Bibi’s Prudence

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I think there were six attempted murders yesterday, about the same today, stabbings in Hevron, Tel-Aviv, Petach Tikva, Afula and Jerusalem and where else? It is hard to keep track.

There have been Jewish acts of heroism to match these scorpion-like Arabs bent on murder.

Their leaders wail to the world when Israel, for example, demolishes a house as it did the other day belonging to one of the savages who hit the shul in Har Nof last year and cut off a Jew’s head. They complain of collective punishment.

On the contrary, what they call the “armed struggle,” the jihad and their terrorist atrocities are the pinnacle of collective punishment expressing the Arab Muslim belief that all Jews in Israel deserve to die. No guilt attaches to killing an Israeli, either sex, age irrelevant. All Jews at random are guilty and deserve to die.

For the savage, war between peoples is not war between their uniformed soldiers. War is both sides murdering people in the other nation…

Flabbergasted By Their Cruelty

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…One interesting feature of the current horrors our barbaric neighbors are inflicting on is now is how quickly our security agencies, IDF, GGS, Police and Border Patrol were able to get their hands on the five savages who pulled off the murder of Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin. One imagines that one factor is the need to brag about their heroics so that it is no great secret who was responsible. They all confessed and that too is significant, even if the word confessed is not quite right. That has the ring of repentance, when for these brutes there is no guilt. This is no confession. This is boasting. They are proud of what they did.

On the downside, the media also reported that the leader of this quintet of ethical and emotional Neanderthals was once upon a time a prisoner in Israel, and surely he is among hundreds who likewise were imprisoned then let go, which speaks volumes about the defects in the Israeli character. I find it intolerable that Israel does this. It is part of the same defective syndrome which leads to not having a death penalty. HaShem calls for the death penalty following the great Flood, probably because before the Flood homicide was so common…

The Russia-Iran Front

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Program Link: Krauthammer’s Blunder
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…What I have found annoying/amusing are the MSM pundits who continue to criticize Obama for his failed policies that have led to this Russian presence. How long must it take for some people to realize that Obama’s policies only appear to be failures? On the contrary, he may be the most successful president in American history for seeing his ideology implemented. He has clearly shown himself numerous times to be incapable of criticizing Islam, linking it to the horrors done in its name by Muslims. Ft. Hood was workplace violence, and he refused to attend the Charlie Hebdo demonstration and called the dead Jews at the Hyper Cacher just “some folks;” and when the mass head chopping began last winter, he saw fit to defend Islam by reminding Americans that Christians had behaved badly during the Crusades. He was clearly defending Islam to Americans instead defending Americans from Islam.

He has stabbed Israel in the back. Is it not clear that when it comes to Islam, this president has nothing negative to say? Yesterday David Cameron criticized him for this.

And I believe that as Islam was a major influence on him — his father was a Muslim and he surely lived as a Muslim as a schoolboy in Indonesia — so another influence on him was mentor Franklin Marshall Davis the doctrinaire Communist. Obama has reopened friendly relations with Cuba still under the despotic rile of the Castro brothers notorious for their torture of dissidents. Obamacare is very much an imitation of Cuban communism that provides free medical care that the Castros introduced as proof of what saintly fellows they were. And as Islam is beyond reproach, so Russia has special place in Obama’s heart and he believes a Middle East dominated by Russia is a better one than a Middle East dominated the US. This is the president who exposed himself by saying, “Whether we like it or not, the US is a superpower,” or words to that effect…