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Rituals of Hate

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…Everyone knows of the infamous 1975 resolution calling Zionism a form or racism. But less well known are the 53 other resolutions in which Israel was linked to apartheid South Africa. All know the “Zionism is racism” resolution was annulled in 1991, but that was just meaningless. The accusation remains active today in the Jimmy Carter-esque linking of the name Israel with the word apartheid.

Israelis, typified by Bibi in this desire for normalcy a/k/a a non-Jewish identity, “a place among the nations,” are understandably glum at today’s ritual of hate, but they shouldn’t be. It is possible to rejoice in the animosity directed at us by such societies as found in all 56 Islamic states, not an advanced and democratic one among them where individual liberty is a supreme value. That such peoples’ ambassadors at the UN vote against Israel I accept as a badge of honor. We are their opposites and that stokes their envy…

Stealing Dates

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…Instead of playing this annoying game, it might be refreshing for an Israeli prime minister to respond in kind to the hijinks of this punk killer Abbas. On Sunday before Abbas left Ramallah on Monday for ultimately New York and the UN, he told supporters that he was going to the UN after “having won the support of all peace-lovers and countries that believe in the Palestinians’ right to self-determination.”

To which an Israeli prime minister might retort, “There are no ‘Palestinians’ and the only nation with a right to self-determination here is the Jewish nation. Mahmoud Abbas was born in 1935 in Tsfat in the Galilee which in Arab-Muslim eyes was in Syria, so he is a Syrian and his state of Syria has been independent since April 1946, 13 months before the Jews declared Israeli statehood. Mahmoud Abbas doesn’t need another state…”

Jewish Genius

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Program Link: Bankrupting terrorism – one interception at a time

…The Arabs under Islam remain a barbaric people for they, inter alia, imperialistically deny other peoples the right to live. Arabs not only are chronically aggressive against us, in Algeria they won’t let the 20% of the native, non-Arab, truly indigenous population live with them as equals.

The Arabs deny the Kurds their freedom.

In Lebanon they oppressed the Shiites; in Syria the Alawites were oppressed – until they took power.

In Egypt the Muslims keep the Christians in a state of constant anxiety and murder them from time to time.

Islam means submission and it demands submission. When Muslims pray they assume the position of slave on the floor before the sultan who if he wants could chop off his head.

Islam is a totalitarian system antagonistic to liberalism in the best sense, which celebrates the liberty of the individual to the maximum society can allow…


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…And pay no mind to the crowing of the barbarians and their supporters among the Left, today’s incarnation of 20th century antisemites, about how Hamas won and Israel lost.

This framework is wholly inappropriate. This was not a battle between two nations and their militaries but two radically unlike entities; the army of the Jews who target those who endanger them vs. outlaws for whom the targeting of non-combatants is why people call them terrorists. Israel’s task was to stop them; theirs was to kill non-combatant Jews at random.

Israel aims at specific killers; the killers can kill any Jew anywhere in Israel and preen themselves as victorious heroes who made Jews cry. No matter what we do they will claim victory…

Another Miserable Day

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…Over the last five days hundreds of Jews have been wounded, three dead, property smashed. A grad rocket demolished a store completely in Ashdod. And of course with each siren and warning the heart skips a beat. Or with me my stomach does a back flip, as it did today as the sirens went off in Jerusalem and Judea and the boom was heard louder than Friday night’s. It came down in Gush Etzion near the Arab settlement called Jaba on the road from the Gush down to the coastal plain via Emek HaElah, meaning Valley of the Oak where two champions once faced off, a giant of Philistine and a young Jewish boy named David. And we know how that encounter ended, with David cutting off Goliath’s head…

Shooting Gallery

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…I find it fascinating how Israel is tongue-lashed by such dopes as Richard Goldstone and the opinionators in the New York Times for its alleged war crimes against innocent Arab civilians, but nary a complaint is heard from them about Hamas’s principle tactic which is massacring masses of innocent Israeli civilians. When was the last time you heard the expression “innocent civilians” used to refer to Jews in Israel?

Every rocket fired out of Gaza into Israel is a war crime, a deliberate attempt to kill defenseless civilians, but it is Israel that is cautioned about being disproportionate in its response.

Has Hamas ever been told its rocket fire was “disproportionate”?…

The Arabs Lack Empathy

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…So the good news today, amid the rain of hundreds of missiles was that just as in 2006 when the Air Force in 34 minutes took out all the long-range rockets in Hezbollah’s hands as the opening shot in that round of violence, so yesterday after exterminating Ahmad Jabari the Air Force destroyed the bulk of the Fajr 5 missiles in the Strip, smuggled in from Iran.

One imagines that there is a self-limiting utility to the increasing size of the missiles the barbarians Gaza smuggle into Gaza. I mean, the bigger and more complex they are, the harder to hide from Israeli intelligence…

What a Depressing Day

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…So Israel’s policy should be the eventual de-population of the Gaza rectangle as a gigantic petri dish to cultivate a human culture of Jew-hate. Homicidal Jew-hate.

The rockets of the last week have sent scores of Jews into shock. Serious damage to property, to scores of Jewish homes and businesses, has been done. The blast of these rockets even when they land on nothing has shattered countless windows. The nights are getting colder as we move toward winter, and Israel is at a loss over how to stop it.

Goyim are making life intolerable for hundreds of thousands of Jews and Israel is paralyzed thanks to the situation created by the beautiful people, the Enlightened, who still think like St. Simon of Oslo, beloved by the antisemitic goyim in Scandinavia who gave him his Nobel Prize for peace when in truth he brought down on his country not peace but years of horrific carnage…

The New Jew-Killing Fields

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…What Obama did in his inaugural speech was demote the Jewish people in American society. A “nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus” relegates us to third place, now behind the Muslims and back with the Hindus whose contribution is negligible and who are hated by Muslims for being idolaters. During his first campaign, Obama promised to “fundamentally change” the nation and this was part of it, however subtle, right at the beginning…

The Dissembler Returns

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…This is so wrong. It turns Jewish life re-born in Judea and Samaria into a punishment of the Arabs, which unwittingly confirms them in their paranoia that Zionism’s primary purpose has always been to aggress against the Ancient Ones. Settlements as evil and cruel, and never mind that the Jewish communities built on barren hillsides since 1967 displaced no Arabs and even led to gainful employment for them.

Israel, on the other hand, should finally – it is long overdue – declare Jewish development in Judea and Samaria not only legal but salutary, and proceed apace.

The great rabbi Hillel taught. “…and if I am not for myself, who will be for me?” so there is something awry when the government of the State of Israel cannot play defense attorney for the Jewish people in their claim to Jewish ownership in Judea and Samaria.

Our struggle for survival is a property dispute: who owns this real estate? And it is simply not right that Israel never makes its own case for ownership of this land in the court of public opinion…

The Gangs of Araby

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(May 17, 2012) …No, the chronic and bloody clashes with the Arabs here today were not in the top of the news. Which is not to say the problem of violent goyim was absent. On the contrary, the top concern was this seeming wave of rapes of Jewish women by Africans who have illegally entered our country.

I myself have not been through south Tel-Aviv in ages but the reports are repetitive and consistent and believable. For every major horror like these rapes that have been making headlines, there surely have been oodles more that have not. In other words, I believe the reports that in south Tel-Aviv and other areas in Eilat and Arad there are swarms of these Africans who are not political refugees fleeing a dictatorship, each like a fictional Victor Lazlo in Casablanca, freedom fighter against tyranny. They are just guys without work back home looking for work. And not surprisingly, since there are thousands of them here now, statistically they just have to produce an intolerable number of evil ones who are making life in these Jewish communities unlivable.

Which is why Minister Eli Yishai burst out yesterday with his desire they all be rounded up and put in detention camps and shipped out of the country; which of course led to some of the Enlightened angrily protesting; those who relish sticking up for these men. Their own self-image as sisters of mercy is more important to them than the lives of their fellow Jews, often poor Jews now suffering from this unacceptable invasion.

Eli Yishai is now being sued because some idiot called one of these NGOs with threats to burn it down, as fire-bombs have recently been thrown at such do-gooder groups by people fed up with the miserable deterioration of the lives, preyed upon as they are by these violent goyim who have no legal right to be in Israel and certainly no moral right to embitter our lives here in our own country.

So Eli Yishai is being sued as an incendiary provocateur who stimulated this idiot to make this threatening phone call, if indeed that is what happened.

It is a miserable situation, with the Enlightened here paralyzed with fear that if Israel does what it should do – round up the men and drive them from the country – Israel will look bad in the eyes of the goyim; be seen as racists.

These modern-day post-Zionists like Ehud Barak and Bibi Netanyahu are so unlike their dedicated parents and grandparents who didn’t care what was said about them as they fought to build their homes on barren land and fought off this predatory nation of violent Ishmaelites whose whole history is that of thieves, burglars and barbaric highwaymen.

Israel has to gird its loins with belief in itself and its right to the life it wants to live…

Our IDF Rulers

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(May 10, 2012) …Well, I am likely this evening to conclude early, for two reasons: I have a wedding to attend and no weddings are more beautiful than Jewish one held outdoors at sunset in the spring or summer in the Promised Land.

Two, it has been blessedly quiet lately on war front with not only our immediate savage neighbors but their backers world-wide among the goyim, the nations of the world.

But I cannot let the day go by without some response to the extraordinary, historic milestone in Washington, DC yesterday when the President of the United States of America came out in support of holy matrimony for Sodomites. Only time will tell, if at all, of the weird connection in his mind of the loss the day before in North Carolina of a referendum on this – what the Bible calls abomination – and the vote against what he just came out in support of. Now 32 states, I believe, have voted against this craziness, thank G-d, but Emir Barack Hussein is now in favor? What could he be thinking? Or has HaShem guided his mind in this direction to bring him down in November?

Some seven years ago the ultra-Orthodox Shira Leibowitz Schmidt, who lives in Netanya, I think, penned a memorable column in JPost, an educational one in this regard. Citing the Midrash on Genesis, she pointed out that the Midrash there teaches that even though same-sex unions were widespread in the generation of the Great Flood, that generation was not blotted out from the world until people wrote marriage contracts for males and males, males and animals, thus legalizing such practices. Said the Midrash, “The Lord G-d is long-suffering for everything except for such behavior.”

In other words, long-suffering even for same-sex unions. It was when people made them legal people stepped over the line.

She also pointed to another Midrash in Vayikra/Leviticus which “differentiates conceptually between non-normative behavior itself and the more severe step of legalizing the non-normative behavior, with a reference to Leviticus 18:3 which prohibits the Jews from following the laws of the Canaanites in such matters as males marrying males.

Indeed, there is a vast conceptual chasm between rejecting sodomy and tolerating it on the one hand, and legalizing it on the other.

The Lord God is long suffering, even forgiving of those suffering powerful, non-normative urges to which they surrender, so long as these non-normative desires and behaviors remained non-normative.

But when they are called normal, a line has been crossed. And in the matter of sodomy, there is nothing in the Chumash/the Five Books to compare to what may have been a massive hydrogen-bomb explosion over Sodom and Gomorrah, which story sends a message about abusing the G-d-given and G-d-like capability of human procreation. Man is no more like G-d than in his ability to create more men, and he must never abuse it. Rather, he must certainly never legalize abusing it, for the consequences are potentially catastrophically dire.

Well as always, here’s Yosef Karduner.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael

Bentzion Netanyahu, R.I.P.

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(May 6, 2012) …Think of the forerunners of today’s Ancient Palestinians, the Philistines who thought that by capturing the Ark of the Covenant that they had gotten their hands on some material which would give them power. What they did not understand is that Jewishness is not to be found in material objects but inside oneself. The Ark of the Covenant contained just some words etched in stone whose power was not in the stone but in the spirit and intellect behind the words. The Ark was not some object that anyone could get his hands on like a magic wand and manipulate its power.

By the same token, here was Benzion Netanyahu apparently cut off from the Sabbath that he had keep all his life as a duty to his father without ever understanding what it was all about.

Ergo, his oddball thesis which other scholars shake their heads at. His thesis was that religion was not a factor in the relationship between the Roman Catholic Spaniards and the Jews.

He rightly pointed to the material dimension of the inquisition and the motivations of the Church to burn Jews at the stake because the punishment for being a false Christian, being exposed as a Jew in secret, included the sheer, human, ugly greed of the Church; for in addition to being burnt at the stake, all the victim’s property was confiscated by the Church. The Inquisition brought Spaniards great wealth, as the Holocaust in Germany, besides being another mass burning of Jews, was also the theft of the money, the homes, the cars, the businesses, you name it, of the Six Million.

Bentzion Netanyahu was like a color-blind person who cannot see some or even all colors. In his own life religion did not exist, and so it is not surprising this is how he looked upon the Spanish Inquisition.

And this is root of his son’s identical deadness when it comes to Yiddishkeit, to the metaphysical and religious experience of the Jews.

In one of the voluminous commentaries over the weekend someone who knew Bentzion Netanyahu personally said the same thing. There was not a drop of Yiddishkeit in him. Like father like son. Like son, like father…

The Real Messianists

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(April 29, 2012) …Well, a week ago, you remember, the cabinet after decades signed off on the communities in Judea and Samaria: Bruchin, Sansana and Rechelim, with reactions among the goyim about what you’d expect. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon of the organization that spends a third of its time bashing Israel and pays his nice salary and provides him with a posh apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East side, said that he was “deeply troubled” by the decision.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said he was “very worried about the plan to legalize Israeli settlements in the West Bank.”

That was last Tuesday. And then on Thursday the Right Honorable Baroness Catherine of Ashton, foreign policy mastermind for the entire continent of Europe said she was “extremely concerned.”

“Deeply troubled,” “very worried’ and “extremely concerned.” Ah yes, all of them. And she did not fail to add as she always does, “Settlements are illegal under international law.”

This is just pathetic. Ban Ki-moon of course is a hired hand, hired by the largest non-governmental anti-Jew institution on the planet; Westerwelle and Ashton as Europeans have a rich history of antiJew behavior but also in fairness to them, they have every reason to believe that if they were to be less pro-Hamitic and more pro-Semitic the Hamites among them would erupt into waves of terrible urban terrorism.

The Europeans have become, these seeds of the Crusaders, after all, an occupied people. No, they were not invaded by uniformed armies of enemy Saracens but civilians willing to do work Europeans were not.

And now these Saracens, these Muslims, have a major foothold in Europe, millions of them, and no government wants to stir them up, which they would by taking our side.

In a way I can’t blame Catherine of Ashton und Herr Minister Westerwelle for taking the positions that they do. Their countries are occupied by Muslims unbridled by civilized restraints.

France has suffered over the last half-century and more waves of terror inside the country perpetrated by Muslims. First there were the Algerians setting off bombs in France as part of their war of independence in the 1950s and 60s. And then in the 1980s there was a terrible way for Hezbollah objected to French backing for the Maronites in Lebanon, and terrorized Metropolitan France accordingly with bombs.

So of course these major league diplomats are deeply worried that we Jews are acting on the belief that we have the right to live in Judea and Samaria, when Muslims are adamant that all the land in Balestine becomes to Believers. That is Sharia law. And as the English ad the French and the Germans have accommodated themselves to a degree to Sharia law, it is not surprising that Baroness Catherine is “extremely concerned”…