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Hamas-Fatah Accord?

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Program Link: Why Is Obama Protecting Assad?

…Lastly, JPost ran a piece today on how only 5% of Lebanese know the words to their national anthem. A political scientist at AUB (American University of Beirut), a Muslim, was surprised the figure was even that high. He said, “We used to make fun of the anthem in the Sunni school I attended. We were taught that Lebanese identity meant nothing, that it was an artificial European creation.”

Precisely. This Muslim political scientist then went on to “fault the anthem for exalting Lebanese nationalism…with words that deliberately erase the Arab-Muslim history of Lebanon.” He said he “proudly belongs to the 95% of Lebanese who don’t know the anthem.”

Yeah. Right. Exactly. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan. These states were all created, their boundaries were drawn, by Europeans, because the sub-national tribesmen of the region had no sense of nationhood as understood in civilized societies.

Another reason why Mahmoud Abbas and his fellows in their version of Murder Incorporated don’t really want a state. It has no meaning to them. As Arabs they covet the wealth we Jews have created and hate us for illuminating their own inferiority to them.

Hence the grievous sense of humiliation, insult, sense of deprivation. We Jews deny them the wealth they hunger for, and we humiliate them by our superiority.

Islam for them truly is, as Karl Marx said, the opium of the masses…

Religion Drives the World

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…The other big story around here since last Thursday’s webcast has been the bloodshed in Syria next door. Today there was a report in mid-afternoon that Erdogan in Turkey is offering his country as a place to run to if Sultan Bashaar the Magnificent Geek wants to flee like Tunisia’s Zine Abidine bin Ali with his billions. For young Bashaar has his billions sucked out of that small but productive oil industry Syria has.

What with the daily murders now by his government forces – reports of policemen armed with knives barging into people’s homes in search of instigators and government marksmen on roofed stops assigned to kill people at random out on the streets, we shouldn’t be surprised by the rising tide of spilled blood. He is, after all, his father’s son, a father who responded to the Muslim Brotherhood in his day not only by killing 30,000 in the neighborhoods of Hama where they were important but another 20,000 in the much forgotten slaughter inside Tadmor prison in that same period. Assad, Sr. dealt with these challengers by, as I say, throwing 20,000 of into a prison, where once inside they were systematically machine-gunned and grenaded to death.

The opinions here in Israel of where this could all lead to in Syria are of course speculative. Some say it will be good for Israel when Bashaar and his corrupt relatives and cronies are driven from the country or killed; others say the opposite.

For sure one did not expect this morning’s news about the rising daily toll of blood in in Syria to find something funny but there on JPost hard copy’s front page was a small item that got a laugh of yours truly. The headline was “US official: Assad no longer potential peace partner for Israel.” Their Hilary Krieger in Washington reported that a top State Department official named Jacob Sullivan said that current Syrian government behavior “makes it hard to think about other diplomatic missions, like engaging Syria for peace talks with Israel.”

Why, just the other day Mr. Jacob Sullivan’s boss – nice name there; sounds like another product of yet another mixed marriage symptomatic of the shrinking of American Jewry – Jacob Sullivan’s boss Hilary Clinton was just the other day calling Bashaar a reformer.

As I say, this notice got a snort out of yours truly at the chronic, irritating stupidity of the pro-Syrian camp in America’s foreign policy establishment. Men like that antiJew fool James Baker who was always very big on courting Syria. He wanted to “flip it,” in his terms. Hilary’s hubby sent poor Secretary of State Warren Christopher (who recently passed away) to Damascus like 27 times in Clinton’s first term in office. And then there is the current fraud Sen. John Kerry who has gone courting in Damascus five times in the last 24 months of the Barack Hussein Obamanation administration.

Damascus has been a thorn in the side of civilization for thousands of years. What a terrible paradox/irony, that as access to information gets easier and easier, Western leaders grow dumber and dumber, less educated and learned by the day…

Abdullah Gul/Patterns

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Program Link: Lion’s Den: Muhammad Bouazizi: A historical figure

…There is a region called Aksai Chin which is governed by Communist China but is claimed by India as a part of its state of Jammu and Kashmir. And it has been disputed territory since 1963. The area is larger than the entire State of Israel by 40% but nobody hears a peep of protest at the UN about this disputed territory.

The UN, the nations of the world that will wickedly agree to Abu Mazen’s request for a declaration of Ancient Palestinian independence in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem will be nothing in my eyes but confirmation we Jews are the chosen people, chosen to be signaled out from such unjust treatment because we annoyingly, by our very existence, remind people of the existence of the Holy One Blessed be He.

I think it is the most wonderful testimony that Israel is the only UN member-state blocked from sitting on the Security Council. This drives the Enlightened here, Israel’s post-Jewish intellectuals, crazy, bitter crazy, when to me it’s just great that we are so excluded because I know the UN very well and it is a sewer of corruption, and antisemitism.

And it wouldn’t hurt if the prime minister of Israel likewise expresses his disdain for anything world antiJewry at the UN says about us….


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…So Daniel Viflich died today in the afternoon. Earlier in the day, though, the government announced with no little pride that it had captured the two beasts in human form who butchered the five Jewish human beings in the Fogel a month ago at Itamar.

And I think the prime minister made an ass of himself when reporting on their capture to the media. What did he say? “We will not tolerate the slaughtering of our people, not in Gaza, not in Judea and Samaria, and not anywhere else.”

And I say, “Fiddlesticks, Bibi. Of course we tolerate it.”

And then weirdly he came off sounding like an Arab savage himself whose leaders say such things as he did: “We will catch the killers and cut off their hands.”

No, Bibi. We don’t cut off hands, thank G-d. But we do go overboard in not responding as forcefully as we should. Bibi made an ass of himself because everyone knows that these two Ishmaelites savages are going to wind up in an air conditioned prison cell – really a big room – with their friends and be given money to go to a prison store and buy their favorites food, and take classes and get a college degree.

Israel’s handling of such depraved specimens of humanity is an abomination reminiscent of the Oslo abomination, for not only tolerating and even shaking with that poisonous snake Arafat.

And I venture that one reason for Israel’s disgusting kindness to thousands of Ishmaelite killers is the lack of having a truly Yiddisher kup/ a Jewish head. Last Thursday Bibi addressed a Likud gathering in Tel-Aviv. That is when he announced that Speaker of the House in Washington John Boehner had invited him to address Congress toward the end of May, as he had 15 years ago. Bibi said he would focus on a peace in which the Ancient Ones recognize Israel as the state of the Jews and on Israel’s security needs in the event the peace crumbles, as we are now witnessing in Egypt.

Earlier in the same day he spoke to General Staff, referred to the Haggada which teaches that in every generation enemies rise up against us to do us in. “What has changed is that in this generation we have the means to repel these attacks and the means are the IDF, its soldiers and commanders who are represented here to repel these attacks.”

Yes, but that refers to massed, armed attacks by regular armies in uniform, which the Arabs, who are not comatose, do not launch anymore because we beat them every time. So their preferred style of violence against us is Kornet rockets shot at our school buses, and silent, late night penetrations into our homes to slaughter us like animals.

Against that the IDF has no answer. And Bibi the spiritless has no words either.

He made a fool of himself by huffing we will not tolerate this behavior when of course we do. For Bibi, Zionism at its most basic is Jews with guns forming an army to fight violence with violence. But when it comes to understanding the wellsprings of such violence and a better way to deal with it that defeats him.

Israel is of the seed of Avraham who stood alone against the whole world in his vision of the One G-d; the gentile Prophet foresaw a people that will dwell alone, a prophecy that most certainly came true – just look at UN voting patterns – only Bibi wrote a book called A Place Among the Nations, and there is connection between that book title and his foolishness today.

Israel is to be a “light unto the nations,” and one light I would like to see is responding to these two latest murderers just captured, a different way; a fresh approach. I imagine they have already proudly confessed and for sure on videotape.

So Bibi should call a press conference, show the tape, and march the two boys into the auditorium and let the journalists ask them whatever questions as they proudly brag of what they did at Itamar.

And then you march them outside with the press in attendance, and the prime minister himself is handed a pistol which he shoots into the heads point-blank of these two beasts on two feet.

Then Bibi might face the press and tell them, “Islam is today’s successor to totalitarian Communism and Nazism. Its murderers are everywhere now, and civilized men and woman must fight them to the finish, the victorious finish. All liberal democracies,” Bibi might suggest,” must pass legislation slamming the door shut on Muslims altogether seeking residence in their civilized societies.

Bibi might also apologize to the world community for Israel having played such a despicable role in legitimizing Arab terrorism via the Oslo abomination.

Israel, Bibi he should say the country will never sign a treaty with Mahmoud Abbas who was Arafat’s sidekick and therefore also a mass murderer of Jews and others.

Terrorists who called murdering people at random “the armed struggle” as Abbas must be judged enemies of the human race and wiped out, like Amalek…

The Land of Obsession

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Program Link: Obama must broker a new Mideast peace

…Paragraph 15: “Jerusalem has to be made the undivided capital of both Israel and Palestine, with Jewish neighborhoods under Israeli sovereignty and Arab neighborhoods under Palestinian sovereignty.”

This is virtually almost brainless. In the first half of the sentence he says he wants Jerusalem to be undivided, and then in the second half divides it. There is no thinking going on here. Scowcroft is the victim of his antiJewitis which is a kind of dementia and leads to screwed pseudo-thinking like this.

What he and his antiJew soul-mates want is for Israel to be deprived of the full sovereignty it exercises today, but since post-Holocaust people won’t admit to that, this is how it comes out. “Israel and the Ancient Ones must share Jerusalem; share the Holy City. What could be more holy than ecumenically sharing Jerusalem in brotherly love? And that the Jews don’t want to share Jerusalem is only more evidence how greedy the Jews are.” That’s what he means here in this paragraph when it speaks of a “special regime” for the Old City.

This, by the way, resonates with thousands of years of Jew-hatred which was characterized by goy communities driving Jews from their property and moving into and onto it; basically armed robbery. The Old City of Jerusalem today is a tourist mecca that has been all fixed up, renovated, excavated. From the whole new, re-built Jewish Quarter post-67, to the plaza before the Western Wall, to the tunnels excavated now open to tourists. The Old City as it is today is the product of Jewish money and Jewish investment and Jewish planning and Jewish execution and here is this antiJew Scowcroft, without missing a heartbeat, having in mind taking the Old City away from us Jews and placing it in the hands of perhaps an international body of peaceful wise men who will do a much better job of running and nurturing Jerusalem than the we Jews have. He is calling for theft here.

Then by the end of the paragraph he calls for each side to “control its respective holy places.”

This is an ignoramus. The Muslim holy places are our places that they stole from us, and our liberated holy places such as the Western Wall they still covet. Scowcroft seems to think Muslim and Jewish holy places are in different locations and a division can be made. He seems not to know that at the moment, and for the last 44 years, we Jews are forbidden to pray on our own holy mount. We can go up there but the lip police won’t let us pray because the plateau is really Haram as-Sharif and really belongs to Muslims.

And as for the Western Wall: that too is Islamic property that we Jews allegedly stole in 1967. Scowcroft is an ignorant antiJew…

Decommission Gaza

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…So quiet has returned to the skies over Gaza but of course the attempted murder by rocket and shell will begin again at some point. Gaza has been a burning spearhead in Israel’s side for 63 years and will remain so until this artificial rectangular district is decommissioned.

The Strip is about three times the size of the Guantanamo Bay US Naval Base and it is home to over one million Arabs, most of them stateless, unemployed, on welfare and dwelling in slums, providing an ample pool of potentially violent males who want to get in on the firing of rockets at the Jews or in planting IEDs along the security barrier; or firing anti-tank missiles through the fence at army vehicles or school buses.

What Israel should not be doing is feeding Gaza as it sends into the Strip every day thousands of trucks carrying supplies, commodities, gravel for building. Yesterday the Israeli functionary with the grand and lengthy title of Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories announced that “despite the recent escalation in violence, the authority had coordinated the transfer of 3,656 trucks into the Gaza Strip bearing food and medical supplies.”

Maybe it is just me but I find something simply bizarre going on here. These subcivilized criminals fire an anti-tank projectile into an Israeli school bus, and we are still supplying them with food and medicine? Whatever happened to old-fashioned siege warfare in which you starve the enemy until he can fight no more? What is going on here with Israel sustaining the enemy? This is unheard of in human history, I think.

In 2005, with the retreat from land and communities that were rightfully ours, we should have given the Arabs a year’s notice in the matter of supplying them with anything, not only food and medicine but water and electricity. The message might have been that “You can’t have it both ways, Arabians. You can’t expect Israel to sustain you as you fire rockets to kill Israelis. One or the other.”

In the matter of water, I’ve heard, it might not be so easy to separate, for the two systems are intertwined after all these years. But electricity is another matter.

Of course turning of the water and the electricity would raise howls around the globe; that would echo throughout the solar system, even the galaxy and beyond, that Israel was practicing collective punishment on the Ancient Ones. Okay, The Israelis don’t like these little rocket barrages, the Enlightened say, but why should all of Gaza have to suffer?”

And the Israelis would have to answer that terrorism is the ultimate in collective punishment cruelty. What one crummy little home-made Qassam rocket does when it shoots up and the sirens go off around the Gaza rectangle in the Jewish communities, tens of thousands, scores of thousands of Jews are frightened, fearful for the lives, for the lives of their little kids playing outside. Terrorism’s ethical logic is that every man, woman and child in Israel is guilty and deserves to die. This is the ultimate in collective punishment…

Iron Dome’s Success

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…Last week in the Washington Post, columnist David Ignatius wrote up a community activist in one of Cairo’s poorest neighborhoods who had been in the thick of the Tahrir revolution in hopes of democratic reform but she is now fearful of the Muslim Brotherhood which, if you remember, had that big win on March 19 with that vote on the amendments to the constitution. The Brotherhood had plastered the walls of her community with posters saying, “Yes. Muslim brotherhood” A wonderfully terse campaign slogan. The message was clear: the Brotherhood wanted these amendments approved and 77% of the voters did that.

His woman activist acquaintance told him of the threats she received campaigning for a no vote. She received a text message from someone warning against her work and threatened to throw acid in her face if she did not stop. In the hours before the referendum as well, rumors swept the poor neighborhoods of Cairo that the Copts, the Christians, were campaigning against the amendments, so it was a religious duty of all Muslims to vote yes. Otherwise, Islam would be removed as the country’s official religion, governed by Sharia, and Egypt would be turned into a Christian country.”

And in trying to fathom the attraction of Islam to all these Muslims who voted as the Brotherhood wanted, one imagines that what Islam means to Egyptian men in particular, and why it is so important to them, is sex. That is, the current and perennial relationships between men and females. What Islam means to them is maintaining the status quo in which women are as held in their place as Negroes used to be in the American South for a century after the Civil War; blacks in South Africa under apartheid and Jews perennially until the late 18th century in the West who were downtrodden and outcast and without rights.

That is who the women in Islam are. And the Brotherhood stands for the status quo.

It also stands politically for the status quo on display in Iran where there is no separation between the political and the religious establishments. The Khomeini revolution led to a parliament of priests.

What these Muslims need desperately is what Ataturk gave them, and Erdogan & Co. are trying to undo: the separation of if not church and state then mosque and state. That is what is wrong with Sharia law: it is the melding of the two realms which is a lethal combination.

This after all was the sin of the Hasmonaim, the Maccabees, who became corrupted because as priests they had no right to assume political power which they did.

What the Brotherhood represents is the rearguard action of Muslim men against a Reformation in the Protestant mold, when the monarchs of Europe declared independence from Rome. Quite a struggle that was.

Islam everywhere it is dominant is mixed up with political power and government and is the official religion of the state. And in every one of these states there is no democracy as the Judeo-Christian West developed it.

Islam is synonymous with tyranny. It is a religion which produces tyrants for political leaders, corrupt criminals.

For a few years in the 1990s I taught refugees from the old Soviet Union and marveled at their stories and the history of where they came from and what it was like to live under such tyranny. Russia of the Czars, then came Lenin and Stalin, these monsters. And as I heard the stories I compared the political leaders there to those in the United States, to the then 40 presidents in American history. A few were innocuous, maybe a few of dubious ethics but overall these were good men, and not a one of them like a Stalin who murdered scores of millions of his own people, or a Saddam Hussein who gassed his own people.

Islam is a menace…

Bring on the B-52s

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…The good news out of the Gaza, out of the violence there today was of the Iron Dome system performing successfully, whatever that means. For sure, since it is a first generation weapon it has to be less than the perfect. But it will improve.

The bad news, though, was the results of a poll taken among the barbarians by Hebrew University and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research which found that roughly a third, 32% of them applaud the massacre at Itamar of the Fogel family. This is a news story Bibi might also insert into a live, world-wide press conference and tell the world that with a percentage like that, peace with these individuals is impossible.

Maybe if 3%/4% felt this way – numbers statisticians call “statistically insignificant” – one could agree that finally these Arabs have come around to living with us in peace.

I remember in 1994 when they first brought the PLO, thinking then, rather when the massacres began: if these massacre artists represent only a statistically insignificant number of Arabians, maybe Shimon Peres is right. He called murders the “victims of peace,” and if they were statistically insignificant, perhaps it was worth it.

But there never has been even one day in the history of the Zionist movement when such a huge number of these Arabs did not support such evil as was done at Itamar.

The other day the great Mordechai Kedar on the Web wrote of how throat-slitting is a kind of almost spectator sport. Rather, it is a religious activity and is basic to the education of all Muslims who as children on holy days get to watch as their father slits the throat of a sheep. They see it every holiday; see how it is done. And that is what was done to the Fogel family: they were sacrificed like sheep to the pagan religious life of these Arab Muslim savages, whose Arabness has never been fully suppressed by their religion. Islam did pull these primitives away from polytheism, the idiotic worship of trees and stones and mountains. Islam imposed monotheism on them and extinguished their idol worship, but it never fully suppressed the Arabs’ blood-thirsty nature.

Think of that Arab demon outside that Ramallah police station a decade ago with a crazy smile on his face as he held aloft his hands drenched in the blood of the two Jewish reservists literally beaten to a bloody pulp, until their faces and heads were so smashed they were no longer anything but bloody pulp. Into that gore this Arab killer joyously dipped his hands and went outside to show them off before the mob.

His soul brothers are the ones today who launched those projectiles, one of which tagged that bus and smashed the head of a possibly very nice Jewish boy.

Bring on the B-52s…

Obama & Shimon

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…At the ADL conference yesterday in Washington, Dennis Ross was reported to have said in his address, “It is important that the Palestinians see that peace is a possibility. They need to see that negotiations can not only take place, but they can produce. For that to happen, each side needs to show that it understands the other’s needs and realities including the Palestinians providing assurances over Israel’s very real security needs. The Palestinians need to see that they can have an independent state that’s contiguous and viable.”

You all know code, right? Contiguous and viable means that Israel will be cut in half by a corridor between Gaza and the south Hebron hills. Otherwise the Old-New State of Ancient Philistia would not be viable.

But what I really enjoyed here was once again Dennis Ross sounding like a marriage counselor, not a statesman. He said, to repeat, “Each side needs to show it understands the other’s needs.”

But how about Jewish rights, Dennis? Not that I blame him as a primary culprit for this wretched state of affairs in which Israel is mute in the matter of its rights but vocal only about its security concerns. The real guilty party is the people of Israel whose democratically-elected leaders don’t have the vocabulary of Jewish rights in their minds and on their lips. They are secular Zionists and that movement was not about saving the Jewish people but transforming them into a normal people, to borrow from Peres; with a place among the nations, to borrow from Bibi.

If Israelis don’t frame our predicament in terms of our rights, not just the rights of the Ancient Ones that of course do pre-date the Great Flood, according to the Palestinian Narrative… if Israel doesn’t demand its rights, it’s hard to become overly annoyed with Dennis Ross the marriage counselor who thinks the hostility here, the homicidal hostility of the Arabs is connected to both sides not seeing the needs of the other.

In this JPost piece by their Hilary Leila Krieger in Washington, she also cited Dr. Martin Indyk who also was there at this conference and on a panel discussion, and what he had to say was as useless as anything he has ever said.

What a curse these peace processors are on Israel with their insufferably uninformed, shallow acquaintance with the Middle East and why Israel has had not a day of peace since its declaration of independence 63 years ago.

They haven’t got a clue. They think it is about the need for Israelis and Ancient Ones to be sensitive to the other’s needs, which can be learned via confidence-building measures.

The reason there is no peace is that much of mankind like Barack Obama oppose the Jewish Narrative found in the Bible which is all about the promise of this land to this people.

And they don’t like that. They have their own version of the way things should be. To their way of thinking, justice means the sons of Ishmael, not Yitzhak, are the rightful owners of this land…

Goldstone Again

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…So this eminent international jurist Goldstone turns out to be a bit of a dunce. His penultimate paragraph: “Simply put, the laws of armed conflict apply no-less to non-state actors such as Hamas than they do to national armies.”

This man is a slave to his generation’s wicked clichés. “Non-state actors.” Now what the heck is that? Max Weber the famous German sociologist and theorist of what makes a state said it has the authority; it has a monopoly on the use of force, deadly force, to raise an army or a police force. The state, the government is the body that licenses people to carry weapons and use them if need be.

Versus Hamas, a “non-state actor,” he says, that licenses itself to possess weapons of death to murder Jews. Here Goldstone the slave of intellectual fashion accepts the moral equivalence between the legitimate use of deadly force by a recognized governmental authority such as that of Israel, and Hamas this band of outlaws loyal to no state which arrogates to itself the right to acquire weapons and murder Jews independent any governmental authority. Here Goldstone the Sunday school teacher admonishes Hamas to play by the rules. Not for him calling them terrorists and therefore a criminal outlaw organization like the Mafia. No, they are “non-state actors” who also play by the rules.

This guy is a dunderhead. Ronald Reagan of blessed memory had the integrity to withdraw US participation in this farce of a Human Rights Council, then called a Commission, which Emir Barack Hussein Obama rejoined. He is America’s first Third World intellectual president.

Well, in the matter of Hamas, whom the Israelis foolishly do not re-brand as the Muslim Brotherhood, which is what they are, it is a crying shame that fools like Goldstone are oblivious to the role of Islam in this violence and what a retrograde culture it is.

Look at the past couple of days in Afghanistan following the burning of the Qur’an at that church in Gainesville, Florida. I don’t recommend burning Qur’ans precisely because Islam is such a violent religion thank to Qur’ans. On Friday thousands of believers there in Afghanistan stormed a UN office in the north and seven foreign aid workers were murdered.

I don’t recommend burning the Qur’an but Pastor Terry Jones is right on target in seeing in the Qur’an a dangerous document, dare we say an evil book. Look at how some Muslims respond to the book-burning: murder. The barbaric murder of innocent people. What kind of religion is it that allows for these massacres of innocent non-combatants?

Islam is a menace, and Geert Wilders in Holland is right on target too. Political correctness requires treating Islam as if it were in the same class as Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism, Shintoism, Hinduism, as a religion like all others.

No, it is not a religion like all others. None of the above threatens mankind the way Islam does.

Which makes of Richard Goldstone an even bigger dummy for siding in Gaza against us Jews with the Muslim Brotherhood…