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Stone-Throwing Arabs

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…Well, as this is the last webcast of the year drawing to a close, let’s end with some goods. About a week and a half ago, the good news out of Egypt was that the veteran antiJew Amr Moussa, a candidate for president in the elections whenever the military junta there gets around to them, he said that the peace treaty with Israel was untouchable. He rejected all thought of cancelling it. He also was reported to have called the episode in which wild asses of men had stormed the Israeli embassy and sacked it; he said it was “the work of thugs.” AntiJew villain though he is, he is also an Egyptian aristocrat who has nothing but contempt and sneering disdain for the masses, Egypt’s teaming dirt-poor. I once spent a social evening with a bunch people in Greenwich Village many years ago chatting for a time with a niece of a Boutros-Boutros Ghali, former foreign minister of Egypt and for a time UN Secretary General. She wanted me to know she was not to be confused with the poor masses that visitors to Egypt meet in the streets.

Also in the good news column from a couple of weeks back was the announcement by Dalia Rabin that this year there would again be no public memorial in central Rabin Square due to no money and the shrinking number of attendees.

Yeah. Today’s youth, the kind that enjoys such mass gatherings, those in the army now have no living memory of the man. This news item is just more evidence that what the Left calls Rabin’s Legacy has turned to ashes in many mouths. So this is good news.

And then there was that item yesterday about Saturday’s speech at the UN by Spain’s foreign minister Ministress Trinidad Jimenez who outlined a new policy statement for Spain which includes the new Spanish view that “Israel is the Jewish people’s national home and any solution to the Balestinian refugee issue must preserve Israel’s Jewish character.”

Now that is good new since Spain has been one of the leading anti-Israel countries in Europe. What this policy does is stand up to and face down the nonsense of the PLO’s CEO Abbas – that’s Chief Executioner Officer (I think). This puts Spain firmly on Israel’s side, that is, behind Bibi’s rock bottom demand that the PLO acknowledge the Jewish people’s right to national liberation.

Not surprisingly she also balanced it with the impossible call for a Balestinian state in the ‘67 lines. This is simply an impossibility in this world that HaShem gave us. There is no way Israel can turn over the high ground in the vicinity of its one international airport to the Arabs because then all it would take would be for one raghead with a mortar shell lobbed into Ben-Gurion airport that did no damage to shut down Israel’s principle gateway to the world. One mortar shell falling on an empty runway would force all international airlines to Israel to cancel their service.

But of course Spain had to make this statement. And truth be told, were I Spain’s foreign minister I would too. I would also support the Ancient Ones in exactly the same way. For as a Spaniard, the foreign minister is responsible for the security of Spaniards and by not telling the Arabs what they want to hear, a foreign minister who did that would risk bringing on savage terror bombings in the cities of Spain.

Of course the Europeans are pro-PLO. They are hostage to the Arabs’ savage, barbaric penchant for perpetrating gruesome terrorist atrocities…

Bibi & Abbas at the UN

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…Lastly, speaking of low-life before about Abbas: you saw maybe how last Thursday in a round-table with bloggers King Billy the Kinky Clinton raped the history of his own words.

In the past he was clear that peace-making in his years failed thanks to Arafat. Now it is Bibi’s fault for not accepting the “Clinton parameters” as the Arabs have now accepted them.

In 2000 of course Arafat rejected them; now the Ancient Ones tell Clinton they are ready for them, but Netanyahu is not. So King Billy was pining for the late Rabin and Sharon who were true peace-makers.

What a low-life Clinton is, he who soiled the Oval Office, the holy of holy in American culture with his playmate in perverted sex Ms. Monica. Not only a low-life but a fool. He said on Thursday, “For reasons that even after all these years I still don’t know for sure, Arafat turned down the deal I put together that Ehud Barak accepted.”

He still doesn’t get it. What do such liberals need? A sledge hammer on the head to wake them up to the realization that Arafat was never for a moment interested in the so-called two-state solution. That mass murdering psychopath was also a pathological liar. Everything that came out his mouth was a lie.

But Emperor Clintonius still doesn’t understand it. He doesn’t understand because he still needs to see the Jews as the guilty party.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael

Obama’s UN Speech

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…A last word on the Israeli Left’s reaction to Obama’s oration came from Haaretz’ veteran Jewish antiJew Akiva Eldar. He doubted that Obama’s gambit will help him politically. “Obama’s graceless courting of the Israeli government is unlikely to attract Jewish votes or financing; those who believe in the perpetuation of the conflict will prefer a Republican candidate who recycles the hollow vow to bring the US Embassy to Jerusalem.”

This is one facet of the Leftist character that made me flee this community years ago. This accusation that someone who does not share Akiva Eldar’s dream of peace is a person who “wants to perpetuate the conflict.”

This is the world of the Peace Now people. Their organization’s title I have always found intolerably disgusting for its implication that their prescription for peace, which is the total surrender of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, is the only one and those who do not share it don’t want peace now. For Peace Now, if you don’t agree with me, you want War Now. You are war lovers who don’t want peace now, which is attainable when Israel accedes to the demands of the victims of the Jewish people’s national movement, Zionism.

Well. To be continued. They say it could be weeks even months before Abbas’s petition to the Security Council is dealt with; likewise the appeal to the General Assembly is acted upon. So at that time we will see what Israel will do and how the story of the Jewish people’s return to Eretz Yisrael continues.

Stay tuned…

Civilization vs. Barbarism

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…Speaking before about the eternal silence of the New York Times on the role of antisemitism in today’s campaign of anti-Israel hostility, of course the Times never touches that for then it might have to fire LTF (Little Tommy Friedman) and Roger Cohen, these textbook Jewboy betrayers of the people they were born into.

Maybe you saw Friedman’s last blast in which he called the Israeli government “the most diplomatically inept and strategically incompetent government in Israel’s history.”

“The most strategically incompetent”? More so than the Rabin-Peres government in 1994 which opened up the gates to the country and ushered in 40,000 antisemitic Arab murderers and gave them guns and ammunition?

Friedman’s shtick is pretending to care so much about Israel, that is why he writes with such disappointment when he writes.

If LTF really cared so much about Israel, why doesn’t he make Aliyah? Why doesn’t he come live here and on a daily basis teach us how to be less diplomatically inept and more competent strategically speaking.

Teach us, O Thomas, of your wisdom. Lead us, Rabbi Tom, by the still waters, make us lie down in green pastures.

In truth, I have stopped reading this pathetic clown of a Jew. I picked up his quote from another website.

In a related story LTF’s soul-mate Dennis Ross will be addressing this year’s J Street conference for the second time I think.

What harm these Jewboys do, only the Good Lord knows.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael

Courting the PLO: Yuk

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…Mentioned before was the person of Zakaria al-Agha – Zakaria being another Jewish name the Ishmaelites stole – the PLO rep in the Gaza rectangle who in JPost today said that the PA was going to the UN because Pasha Barack Hussein in the White House in his speech to the UN a year ago talked about the establishment of an Balestinian state with one year.

How true. And we may be on the verge of seeing yet another negative consequence of Obama’s statecraft. When he came into office, remember, he ordered us Jews as no president ever has to stop building in Judea and Samaria and our Holy City, and as a result this became the bottom line for the PLO and ever since there have been no peace talks. Way to go Barack Hussein.

And now it appears that when the Holocaust Denier in a few days asks some UN body to given him title to the heart of the heart of the Promised Land, the US is likely to cut off the half-billion dollars Obama has asked Congress to give the Ancient Ones over the next fiscal year starting on 1 October, a week later.

Hence, in the Israeli media this morning were various stories on the defense establishment not wanting this to happen, as the thug Mansour earlier threatened, because it could lead to violence in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem, which the army of course does not want. Things are quiet now, and the army fears mass disgruntlement and a return to intifada with its serial atrocities if this aid money is cut off.

Indeed, how like the age of the Barbary Pirates – redux. The world is threatened with violence by Muslims who feel an injustice is done when they are not paid money.

What Israel has done to itself these last 18 years is turn the Arabs in Judea and Samaria into welfare addicts living off cash from outside that buys their quiescence.

The Zionists, by contrast, were never the recipients of foreign aid from foreign governments for almost 100 years of land reclamation and the resurrection of Jewish community life here. Not until after statehood did Israel begin to receive a penny in aid, and even then not much.

Versus these Arabs, whose cousins are of course all over the Middle East swimming in oceans of petro-dollars for decades who nonetheless are mostly supported by non-Arab states who turnover these billions of dollars and euros.

This is one reason why “Palestinian nationalism” is such a hoax: it is the creation of the world community and especially the post-Christians in Europe who after the Holocaust had no way to continue with their venerable anti-Jew hatred until they could invent after the Six-Day War Ancient Palestinians and begin supplying them with diplomatic muscle and recently to pursue the war against the Jews enjoyed by both Muslims and these post-Christians.

Turn off the spigot of foreign aid to this alleged nation of Balestinians and their national liberation movement would dry up, would wither, die and be blown away, gone with the wind…

Israel’s UN Hysteria

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…It is Bibi and Ehud who have helped create this tsunami of a story for it most upsets them. They simply have few tools in their spiritual-mental toolkit to deal with the kind of massive antiJew carryings on that go on in the General Assembly all the time and have for 61 years.

And there is also a connection between their dejudaized, secular Zionism and the miserable news item yesterday morning informing us that Hakim Awad of Samaria, one of the satanic knife murderers who butchered the Fogel family, Hashem yikom dammo, at Itamar last March, was found guilty in a military court and sentenced to five, count ‘em, five consecutive life sentences.

Wow. These Israelis, boy. They’re tough. They gave this murderer not one, not two, not three or four but five consecutive life sentences – and never mind that this sentence makes no sense. It has no meaning. It is a sentence impossible to carry out. It is an absurdity hardly fitting the gravity of the monstrous crime of murder, so why hand it out?

I guess to illustrate the righteous anger of the judges at this culprit for his terrible crime. And if so, such a sentence is far less about the culprit-murderer than the judges who preen themselves on their indignation.

In practice, all this sentence means is locking this guy up in a facility with other Muslim Arab men of violence, roommates in a room with a private shower and private toilet, cooking facilities and a television and the opportunity to take courses as a university student and acquire if one wants a PhD in political science. That is what awaits this guy.

Excuse me, but I find such sentences simply sickening for they illustrate the moral corruption of a society that cannot act respond properly to the greatest evil one man can do to another, which is homicide, which the Torah calls for capital punishment.

I wouldn’t recommend the following punishment for its possibly negative influence on society as whole were it to be carried out, but not because I think Hakim Awad would not deserve such a fate. I wouldn’t mind seeing him, say, tied to a stake and smeared down with raw meat, then allow five or six pit bulls who had been starved for a couple of days to have at him; to sick them on and eat him alive, with their mouths tearing him limb from limb. For what this beast on two feet did to the Fogel family, to the parents and the little kids, slicing them up as he did. He deserves to watch as wild dogs sink their teeth into his flesh and eat him alive.

I think Israel is not just incorrect but sinfully incorrect in not executing immediately every Arab terrorist like this bestial Muslim ghoul young Hakim Awad.

Instead he is now going to be sustained by Israeli taxpayers, which is another, like the Oslo peace process, abomination…

Erdogan Must be Stopped II

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…So, this London telegraph piece filed last night was about the likely emergence of an Islamist regime in post-Gaddafi Libya, while last Thursday, on 8 September, the American Thinker ran a piece by one Rick Moran who claimed that Libya’s rebels are now in possession of thousands of Russia’s version of the American Stinger missile which did so much to drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan and lead ultimately to the collapse of the Soviet Union. You know the Stinger missile? Easy to fire off your shoulder at flying aircraft quite high and destroy them in flight.

The fighting in Libya these months has opened for pillage stockpiles of weapons that Gaddafi had purchased. One source for Rich Moran was a CNN report by a human rights worker in Libya who says there were some 20,000 surface-to-air missiles in Libya when the revolt against Gaddafi erupted, and in every locale that the rebels had overrun, one of their first activities is to loot the missiles which can be sold on the black market for mucho dinero and of course wind up in the hands of soul mates of bin Ladin and Arafat and the entire host of Ishmaelitic demoniacs.

Moran cited this Human Rights worker who thinks the whole of North Africa could become a no-fly zone because no airline would dare risk the threat of being shot out of the sky.

Absent from this report was any reference to us, but of course a Jew living in Israel cannot avoid the implications. We are a land-locked country serviced and supplied by ships and planes, and we cannot afford to have our skies made unsafe.

There already has been an almost humorous news item about the fancy car with Libyan license plates taken out of Libya, driven across Egypt and smuggled into the Gaza Strip through those tunnels.

And who knows what other weapons from Libya are now in the Strip, including these Russian “Grinch” missiles as they are known in the West.

HaShem Yirakhem. G-d have mercy…

The Arab Street & Erdogan Folds

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…And that was Psalm 92:2-4.

Lastly, JPost hard copy this morning carried words from Emir Barack Hussein regarding 9-11 and they were immediately infuriating. Listen to this; this is the lede sentence: “On this 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, we remember that 9-11 was not only an attack on the United States, it was an attack on the world and on the humanity and hopes that we share.”


This guy is a disaster. 9-11 was only an attack on the United States, you idiot. It was not an attack on the world and humanity and its shared hopes. There is nothing in the record about the 19 skydevils plotting to attack the world and its shared hopes.

Their target was the United States of America and its civilization. The wider world and the shared hopes of humanity had nothing to do with the evil done by these Muslims, Barack Hussein. This guy can’t even spend one whole sentence on America the Beautiful under attack before he changes the subject and starts talking about the “world’s shared hopes for humanity.”

This is so typical of his type of shallow, ultimately not very bright leftist internationalist for whom mere patriotism is too small a loyalty. He is a cosmopolitan internationalist.

Obama is this first ant-American occupant of the Oval Office and let us hope he is the last and does no more damage than he has over the next 16 months.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael.

Erdogan Must be Stopped

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Program Links: Code name: Barbaros
The Innocents Abroad: Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Characterized

…Speaking before of the Islam devotee in the Oval Office, he did at least today let his administration go public, finally, with the promise to veto in the Security Council the mass murderer Abbas’s request that it baptize Judea and Samaria as Ancient Palestinian property.

I even heard a threat by the administration that it would turn off the spigot of aid if the PLO if he goes through with his antic. This falls in line with the report a week ago that the Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was making the same threat.

Overall I think much too much has been made by Israel over this appeal to the General Assembly. Israel might have, alternately, just ignored the initiative because the Assembly has passed hundreds and hundreds of anti-Israel resolutions that have had no practical effect. All that will happen on 23 September when the body votes is to register what is known and has been known for decades. The entire Muslim bloc of 56 states, almost half of those who will vote for “statehood,” hate Israel and reject the principle of Jews living free of Muslim abuse, let alone being allowed to keep the spoils of victory taken from Believers, their victims. So what else is new? Likewise the other 60 or so corrupt states that will vote with them.

Late today, there was a report that the 27 states of the EU will deal with their own lack of unanimity on the matter by agreeing, all of them, to collectively abstain. That is just Europe trying as always to act as one power when there are limits to their federation which inhibit that.

Overall, I think Israel has made much too much of this whole business. Apparently, some dozen Israeli minister and MKs will be off to New York to make their voices heard in this regard, and this is a result of Israel’s neurotic relationship to the UN, which is a function of the foolishness of the secular Zionist fantasy, namely, create a state like all the states, in Bibi’s words, “a place among the nations,” and the nations, the goyim, will finally if not love you than at least stop their endless persecution of Jews.

And I say, after 62 years of abuse at the UN, when is Israel going to “get it” and accept that until Moshiach arrives, Israel will always be chosen to be a people that dwells alone…

Turkey, Good News & Bad

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…Maariv this morning couldn’t help but cover the latest Wikileaks dump of diplomatic cables in which US Ambassador James Cunningham in Tel-Aviv reported back home on the Associate Director of the New Israel Fund in Israel, Hedva Radovanitz, telling him, in regard to future Knesset legislation on transparency in the matter of NGO funding, that she believed Israel would eventually, after a hundred years, become a majority Arab state and really disappear as a Jewish state but that was okay because it would be a more democratic state.

And there you have it. This is the New Israel Fund. This is what they stand for. You know the idea that today’s liberal American, non-observant Jew thinks Judaism and the platform of the Democratic Party are one and the same? Well, here is that idea incarnate. Here is a Jewess for whom democracy trumps Judaism as her ideal ideology.

Everything I know of the New Israel Fund tells me that its directors are hardcore assimilationists for whom Jewishness should be indistinguishable for other Enlightened Gentile cultures and societies. Multiculturalism trumps the particularity of Jews wishing to preserve their unique identity: a national identity rooted in a metaphysical belief.

Other peoples define their nationality by their real estate, by their cuisine, by their language. And when someone moves away and forgets the language and eats like the nation he lives in, he has lost his earlier national identity and joins the other national group.

But not the Jews. Jewish identity is above all the Torah, above even the Land. Most of Jewish history has been spent outside the Land. The Torah was given outside the land, and then carried around from encampment to encampment, over 40 years, 42 different camp sites, kind of a rehearsal (I imagine it to have been) for the great Diaspora when all the Jew had of their national identity was their Book and its metaphysic basis which they carried from country to country.

This exposure of the New Israel Fund was delightful. We found that this very person is in charge here of doling out 11 million dollars a year to 350 NGOs the overwhelming majority of them I’ll bet anti-Jew in outlook is prepared to see Israel disappear.

For sure the New Israel Fund funds some pro-Israel efforts, but that is just camouflage. The Fund really funds hundreds of anti-Israel outfits, and here is their local fund distributor, a Jewess, dreaming of a time when Jewish Israel disappears.


The Turks Menace

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Program Link: The Administration Takes on ‘Islamophobia’

…Last Wednesday JPost hard copy reported that several southern California mosques held prayers in support of the ten students at UC Irvine going on trial for their behavior in February of last year, 2010, during a speech by Israeli ambassador Michael Oren.

The technique was just on display the other night at the Albert Hall in London where Zubin Mehta was conducting the Israeli Philharmonic. When he gave the downbeat on a movement on a new piece some antiJews in the audience would jump up and start bellowing about the racist, fascist, imperialists in Israel, only to be hustled out by security. And they did this serially through the evening.

Well, at UC Irvine they did the same thing. One at a time, every few minutes, one would stand up and Jew-bait with their words, smearing the Holy Land’s representative, claiming he had stolen the Holy Land from the Ancient Ones, or words to that effect.

Anyway those ten arrested that day are now going to trial and south California mosques are supporting in them their prayers, which is another reason why Islam must be outlawed in all liberal democracies because as suggested before it is the religion tribesman, gangsters, subcivilized barbarians who don’t understand the rules of civilized behavior in a self-governing democracy of free people. In a university especially, the free and peaceful exchange of ideas that clash are the life-blood of the life of the mind.

But Islam, again, means submission, which is the antithesis of the liberty that fired the rebels in Colonial America and a few years later in France during the revolution there where fraternite and égalite (which may be incompatible, but don’t tell that to the French) and liberte were the watchwords.

That OIC conference in Istanbul co-chaired by Lady Hillary was about, for its participants, if not her, suppressing criticism of Islam. And here at Irvine was an attempt to suppress the right of a Jew to make the case for his people.

It is not an accident of history that across the vast expanse Islam’s officially 56 nation-states, none one of them is a democracy free people would want to live in. This is no coincidence.

And there is no irony but deep meaning in the hated of Islam for Jews whose seminal national saga is about the emancipation of slaves.

This is a religion where the name Abdel or Abdallah is common. And both mean “slave of G-d.”

Avraham Avinu did all he was told by HaShem but not because he was slave. But because of his clarity of vision and hence high intelligence. He saw the miracle of creation all around him, and knew it was the Creator talking to him. Only a fool would not listen…

Mind Plague

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…So I think the foregoing news items referred to are evidence of the plague of antiJew lunacy that is out there.

Johnny Paul in London reported as well on a study of the Guardian newspaper’ opinion pages on Israel done by a group called Just Journalism which found that the old demand for a state for the Ancient Ones is now passé, so to speak. Now the pages commonly concern denying Israel’s right to exist at all. The old “Two states for two peoples” song is now out of fashion. The Guardian now publishes a variety of voices saying no peace is possible until Israel is physically destroyed, G-d forbid.

At least the truth is coming out. The entirety of the cause of the “Palestinians” has always been in truth not about a positive national liberation movement for Balestinians but the negative suppression of the national liberation of the Jewish people.

In the 1920s and 30s and 40s not one word was spoken here against the State of Israel because it did not exist. The violence had another cause.

Not one word of protest about “illegal settlements” in those days being the obstacle to peace. The Arabs were then as anti-Jewish independence as they are today. And that is the root cause of the violence and strife that never ends here. The violence has always been fueled by a negative, destructive energy bent on destroying the state-building enterprise of the Jews. This is why the so-called Palestinians have never had a written duplicate of what Theodor Herzl did in his two books, both of which dealt with building a Jewish state; building its infrastructure. So-called Palestinian Nationalism, by contrast, has never been about building something only destroying something.

And that is the significance of the current plague of antiJew viciousness evident in these pieces, about these people who suffer from delusions of Jewish villainy that does not exist. Like Prof. Bauman in England who confuses the walls of the Warsaw Ghetto with the security barrier Israel was forced to build to keep itself alive.

This is craziness. It is all craziness. And it is unfortunate in the extreme that Israelis had never had the wherewithal to combat, to resist, to destroy the fantasy of a Palestinian people. Bibi included in this with his talk of a cute little state for them…