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Mossad Flotilla Hijinks?

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Webcast Title: Mossad Flotilla Hijinks?
Webcast Date: 05/30/2010
Length: 36:07 Minutes
Program Link: Iraqi Columnist in Arab Liberal Online Daily Elaph: The Hostile and Provocative Name Chosen for the Planned Ground Zero Cordoba Mosque Symbolizes Dreams of Expansion and Invasion of the Territory of the Other
(May 30, 2010) …Speaking before of those vessels which have yet to show up here, this could turn out to be more good news.

One possibility is an ugly confrontation between Israeli warriors at sea and these deranged antiJews, some of whom surely would like to make their mark by attacking a racist imperialist and having a video of it on YouTube as a record of one’s heroism against some of the most evil people in the world, these Zionist oppressors of the Ancient Ones.

On the other hand, so far so good. What started out as nine vessels is now down to five; and by early evening they too seemed to be having mechanical difficulties.

There were also reports in the MSM this morning that the communications equipment aboard the ships was malfunctioning.

And the Cypriots refused to play along by denying Cypriot ports and coastal waters to the flotilla, which stopped them from taking on, as I understand it, some official E.U. antiJews, with analysts here explaining that Cyprus is doing this for economic reasons, which may reflect an Israeli threat that if it does not, Israeli tourists will just stop coming to Cyprus as they have stopped going to Turkey.

It also is an opportunity for the Cypriots to screw the hated Turks. Not because they love Israel but because of the Turks who are major backers of this flotilla.

Judging by these news reports it sounds like Mossad, Military Intelligence, GSS whoever, has been gainfully employed getting employees onto those vessels, mixing in with the crowd with some secret equipment to crap up their communications network and or any other computer stuff on board. Israelis know about computers.

I think it was back in the first intifada in 1988 when Arafat cooked up an imitation Exodus vessel carrying stateless Arabians to land in Israel as another media event. You know how they invented the Naqba to imitate the Shoah, another plagiarization of some Jewishly-owned intellectual property and used it to attack the Jews with it. And so Arafat wanted an Exodus-type vessel. And that single vessel was, I think, lying at anchor in Limossol port on Cyprus the night before it was to set sail, when for some reason some mysterious explosion blew a whole in its hull and it sank. So much for that ploy.

And it sounds as if Israel’s secret services may be having some fun with these nasty antiJews…

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Most Ran Away

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Webcast Title: Most Ran Away
Webcast Date: 05/27/2010
Length: 41:19 Minutes
(May 27, 2010) …In other words, Israel is not wholly pure in this matter. Some 5% seem to have been driven from their homes in the Ramleh-Lod area for military necessity, with the young Communist-educated IDF officer Yitzhak Rabin in charge of that expulsion.

But, really, like 95% ran away in part because there were good reasons to do that. So many of them who fled were migrant laborers living in shanty shacks who owned nothing. And it was no big deal to leave behind one’s worldly possessions for what they assumed to be for a few days.

Most of these migrant workers had come from all over Araby. From Morocco to Yemen to Iraq and were illiterate, unskilled manual laborers who had no permanent homes and possessions in Mandatory Palestine.

But then there were other Arabs who did run away and did have homes and possessions; the crème de la crème really. Like Edward Said’s uncle who lived in Jerusalem in the Arab Christian neighborhood of Talbieh next to Jewish Rehavia, an Arab neighborhood for Christians, mostly Lebanese like the Saids, which neighborhood would not have existed without the Zionists first creating Rehavia. These far more sophisticated Arabs – especially those living in Haifa, because they had come recently from Lebanon to get in on the development of the Zionists – still had family in Beirut. And so it was not much of an ordeal when the war began to throw some clothes into a suitcase and drive the family car – an indication of their greater wealth – over the border into Lebanon to spend some time with family as the Arab armies overran developed Palestine and took it away from the Jews. What shameless thieves these Arabs are.

Yes, the first wave of 100,000 Arabs left Palestine even before the war began, following the U.N. General Assembly Resolution 181 of 2 November, 1947 which called for – finally – creating a Jewish state on 12% of the original promise to the Jews.

(The Merchant of Venice, come to think of it, is also about doing business with a Jew and breaking one’s promise to him.)

So the first exodus from Palestine, after word came from New York in early November of ‘47, were these 100,000 richest and most sophisticated Arabs: the lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, successful merchants, Edward Said’s people, who simply picked up and left because they did not want to fight for Palestine – which made Edward Said’s career all the more, in my eyes, contemptibly disgusting.

In a way, the career indignation about the alleged theft of Palestine by us racist Jews was really for Said a masquerade meant to cover the truth that his people did not fight for Palestine. They were cowards.

And this goes for all of them. Mahmoud Abbas as well is on record remembering his flight from Tsfat as a young teenager, when teenage Jewish boys were helping with the war effort. Arafat as well was living in Gaza at the time when he fled to Cairo even before the IDF showed up.

So these first 100,000 Arab refugees were not driven from their homes. And the bulk of the rest weren’t either.

Yet this is the fairy tale of Jewish evil that is in the head, at this very moment, of hundreds of antiJews on nine small vessels having, I am sure, this evening a wonderful time partying aboard ship as they cruise toward Gaza to act out the fairy tale of Jews starving the Ancient Ones to death after having in 1948 stolen their country from them…

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Brando/Zionist & The Guardian

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Webcast Title: Brando/Zionist & The Guardian
Webcast Date: 05/25/2010
Length: 38:09 Minutes
(May 25, 2010) …In those days it was as “in” to be pro-Zionist as later it was to be pro-civil rights and the other.

For example, in New York City in September, 1946, a new show debuted on Broadway that was called A Flag Is Born and it was all about the rightness of finally turning the Palestine created after World War I into a Jewish state. It was a social cause play whose cause was the rightness of having a Jewish state in Palestine finally – what with at that very moment hundreds of thousands of Jews still confined to Displaced Persons camps in Europe.

Two of the cast of this three-person drama were two of the finest actors at the time: Paul Muni and Celia Adler and a third one just making a name for himself, a young actor by the name of Marlon Brando.

This play was a plea for the creation of a Jewish state. It was written by Hollywood’s most successful screenwriter, Ben Hecht. It was directed by Luther Adler, also of the famous Adler family; with music by Kurt Weill. It was produced by the American League for a Free Palestine, an organization headed by Hillel Kook a/k/a Peter Bergson.

The play with its three-character cast concerned a husband and wife, Tevye and Zelda (Teyve is the Yiddish/Hebrew “Tobias”), two survivors of the death camp at Treblinka who are desperately trying to get to the Land of Israel. And they are traveling with their angry teenage son played by young Marlon Brando. He too survived the concentration camps.

The play opens as the older couple halts for the night in the journey and Zelda lights Shabbos candles on a broken tombstone. And Tevye recites the Shabbath prayers. And then he dreams of the town where he was born, as it was before the Nazis destroyed it.

He dreams of King Saul at war in Gilead and dreams up a conversation with King David after which, in his dream, he addresses the Security Council of the United Nations – England, France, the United States, the Soviet Union – and pleads for the creation of a Jewish state. Of course in his dream they all ignored him.

Then he awakes to find wife Zelda has died during the night. He says Kaddish, and welcomes the Angel of Death who has come for him too, he believes. He too wants to die.

And his angry young son David also ruminates on suicide, but then three Jewish soldiers appear and promise to take them them to the Land of Israel to fight for Jewish independence.

As Wikipedia has it, in the play’s stirring finale David (Marlon Brando) delivers a moving Zionist speech and marches off to fight for Jewish freedom holding a Zionist flag made out of Tevya’s prayer shawl.

Well, that was 1946, and today is today…

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The Real Menace II

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Webcast Title: The Real Menace II
Webcast Date: 05/23/2010
Length: 37:30 Minutes
Program Link: The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment
(May 23, 2010) …Today’s top story was the first day of a five-day exercise in Israel on how to cope with a rain of missiles, thousands of them. Some time back I named a webcast “The Real Menace,” which is not the A-bomb in Iran but these missiles which by themselves, I reckon, would do serious damage to the people of Israel, not so much in terms of casualties. The real danger is what they can to our infrastructure, to the oil refineries in Haifa, to the power plants in this country which you can’t hide from Googleearth cameras.

On Friday JPost headlined the story: “Next week’s civil defense drill to simulate attack on water infrastructure.”

What happens when our water supply is damaged? What will we drink?

How will we turn on lights when our electrical plants are bombed?

What happens when Ben Gurion Airport is hit and all airlines, save for Israel’s three or so, stop flying here? What happens to our tourist industry?

What happens to the ports of Ashdod and Haifa being made incapable of handing cargoes?

And in thinking these thoughts today, they led to this longish excursion into the life of Karl Marx because it appears that as Israeli Marxist philosopher Shimon Peres was the genius who thought bringing Arafat & Co. into our tiny country was a good idea, it was the Marxist philosopher Shimon Peres who more than any other Israeli is responsible for Israel’s notorious refusal to admit to having nuclear bombs.

One could argue that the miserable strategic situation we are in today derives from this policy of nuclear ambiguity connected with this man.

It would have been a different world if instead of the history of the last half-century here in which Israel has refused to relate to its nuclear potential, and I don’t mean actively but as a threat.

Imagine a world in which Israel as soon as it got the bomb held it over the heads of the Arabians and gave them the excuse to make peace; to be docile.

Imagine a world in which the first day Israel got wind that Iran was fixing to build a bomb, Israel publicly threatened to bomb it with our own unless they stopped.

I can’t help thinking that our miserable strategic crisis today is all the product of the mind of Shimon Peres, HaShem Yirakhem, G-d have mercy…

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Obama the Wicked and His Plan

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Webcast Title: Obama the Wicked and His Plan
Webcast Date: 05/20/2010
Length: 38:28 Minutes
(May 20, 2010) “…in Hezbollah, there are moderates. And it is America’s job to build them up.”

No, John. That’s not America’s job. I’ll tell you what America’s job is: it is to kill Hezbollah, destroy it. It was Hezbollahi suicide freaks, basically agents of the same crowd that overran the U.S. embassy in Iran in 1979, who in Beirut four years later in April 1983 blew up the U.S. embassy and killed 60 people inside, including – John Brennan, if you are listening, you moron – the whole CIA station; wiped out.

And then more Hezbollahi six months later in October 1983 killed 241 U.S. military personnel, most of them U.S Marines, in that same chaotic, rotten Arab country.

John Brennan is typical of too many CIA and State Department Gentiles who get posted to the Arab Middle East and often have an eye, while still in service, on their retirement when they can look forward to making big bucks negotiating deals for American and other investors with acquaintances they made while working in these oil countries.

What Obama and his Jewish clown sidekick Rahm Emanuel and James Jones and John Brennan and Zbigniew Brzezinski are doing is forfeiting America’s right to protect its own interests which cannot possibly include a nuclear Ian.

Since when did U.S. foreign policy and the decision to go to war slip from the hands of America’s democratically-elected officials in the government and fall into the hands of the U.N. Security Council?

Was there an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that passed when I wasn’t paying attention that awarded the decision to go to war basically to the Russians and the Chinese and the French and Brits and the rest of the nations of the world – except for Israel, of course, which is kept out of this exclusive club? You know, the U.N. which denies Israel the right to be included in the Security Council, uniquely so, is the same organization that has voted on literally thousands of resolutions to smear Israel for its exclusivist, racist exclusion of the Ancient Ones and for its outrageous owning and governing of historic Palestine of the “Palestinians.”

On one of the conservative websites, Fouad Adjami, one of the last of the sober south Lebanon Shiites, at Johns Hopkins, says there are only two people in the world who can stop the Iranians from going nuclear and they are Obama and Netanyahu; and Obama is not going to do it.

How true. This wicked disciple of Wright and Farrakhan is doing nothing serious to prevent the Iranians from going nuclear; and he will do this by supporting this timid resolution at the U.N. while smiling at gullible, dejudaized American Jewish politicos. And at Elie Weisel.

What should be done is for the United States of America to re-take control of its own foreign policy and project its power at Iran by declaring war on that country. The U.S. Constitution does provide for that.

And there is no shortage of legitimate justifications for declaring war like the aforementioned assault on American sovereign soil at the U.S. Embassy in Iran. Invading it in 1979 was legally identical to invading New York City or Boston or L.A.

Blowing up the embassy in Beirut was the equivalent of blowing up the State Department.

Iran has killed other U.S. military personnel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and aboard the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen.

The U.S. should declare war and give the Iranians an ultimatum: 72 hours to start dismantling their nuclear enterprise or America is going to bomb not only the installations themselves but power plants all over Iran; bomb the parliament, bomb whatever it takes to make the Iranians surrender and agree to American terms which should include an end to Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

All this turning to the U.N. is a symptom of the decline of the West before the rising power of a renascent Muslim caliphate.

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Exile the Enemy

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Webcast Title: Exile the Enemy
Webcast Date: 05/16/2010
Length: 37:06 Minutes
(May 16, 2010) …So yesterday was Nakba Day, and a new idea came from Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz who reacted to the words yesterday of Raed Salah- he’ s head of the major Islamist movement among Arabs here with citizenship. Salah said, inter alia, “Jewish construction in Jerusalem is the new nakba.”

And Steinitz said, “It is intolerable and unforgivable that in the State of Israel there are Arabs, and also a small group of Jews, that oppose Israel’s existence and mourn its establishment. In my opinion, we have to find a way to limit these people, and maybe even revoke their citizenship. Whoever opposes the State of Israel’s existence, whoever cries over its establishment [that’s what Nakba Day is] is raising a question mark as to his own citizenship in this state.”

There are a couple of things here: First of all, while countries like the United States do not allow the government to deprive people of their citizenship if they are born in the territory of the U.S., the U.S. has no power to send people outside the country, but others do. The Russians exiled Solzhenitsyn.

In any case, it is not written in granite that all countries must have laws which forbid exiling natural-born citizens. Why not make exile from the country a possible punishment for certain behaviors?

Though at the outset I would stipulate that there be here, if we go in that direction, complete inequality in this matter between Jews and non-Jews. It should be much harder to exile a Jew, if at all.

And of course Israel, by making that distinction, the Enlightened would howl and shriek “Racism! Making a distinction between Jews and non-Jews?” And never mind that there are 21 Arab states – officially Arab states – which make every non-Arab within their borders outsiders. And there are 56 officially Muslim states. Same thing goes for that.

But when the one, tiny Jewish state proclaims itself as exclusively Jewish as these others are exclusively Arab or Muslim, the Jews are tongue-lashed as racists and bigots…

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A Disputation Today

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Webcast Title: A Disputation Today
Webcast Date: 05/13/2010
Length: 38:48 Minutes
(May 13, 2010) …You know, it is a misconception that a ghetto for Jews was a Christian-European invention, starting with the first, as the historians teach us, in Venice in the year 1516. The word ghetto at the time meant foundry; you know, a noisy, industrial metal-clanging plant, dross and fumes. And it was near one of these in a section of that city of canals that was walled off to serve as the Jewish area. Hence, ever since, such compounds have been called ghettoes.

Well, that may be the linguistic history of that word, but it was hardly the first time in Jewish history Jews were told where in a town or city they could and could not live. In Marrakesh, Morocco decades earlier, the Jews were confined to what in Moroccan Arabic is called a mellah, from the word for “salt” (melakh in Hebrew and Arabic) and it referred to, I believe, salty ground not good for planting, bad land where the Jews had to live.

Next door in what became Algeria and Tunisia the Jewish ghetto – before the word ghetto appeared in Christian Europe – was called “hara”. In Yemenite Arabic it was “qaa”. Qaa-al-Yahud, the Jewish area.

And in 20th century America Jews were not allowed to buy homes in such places as Greenwich or Wilton, Connecticut, or Grosse Pointe, Michigan. And in the wealthy buildings of Manhattan’s Upper East Side there are co-ops and condos that are Judenrein, no Jews allowed.

In the tony town outside of New York where yours truly grew up, Jews were denied residence in certain areas. The one country club in the incorporated village would not admit Jews as members.

And now we are in the 21st century after the Jewish people have resurrected Jerusalem, with their money, their efforts, their sacrifice, pain and blood being told there are also areas in Jerusalem that must be Judenrein. No Jews allowed, for the land is rightfully the property of the Ancient Palestinians, and Jews have no right either to build homes there for themselves or destroy standing Ancient Palestinian buildings built without Israeli building permits. “Who is Israel to be handing out or not handing out licenses to the Ancient Ones in “their” ancient city?”

Bibi acquitted himself well yesterday in a special Knesset session commemorating the reunification of Jerusalem and expulsion of the Jordanian aggressor-occupiers of two decades. He gracefully dismissed those Israelis who “lament the day that Jerusalem was liberated and freed from its stranglehold.” He likely had Yossi Sarid in mind whose opinion piece yesterday morning in Haaretz did just that.

Could there be a more antiJew, antiZionist sentiment than Yossi Sarid’s? Regretting the return to the real Zion, meeting the Temple Mount? Yossi Sarid & Co., the Israeli and Jewish left, are nothing but the Neturei Karta without the beards…

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Jerusalem Day

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Webcast Title: Jerusalem Day
Webcast Date: 05/11/2010
Length: 38:13 Minutes
(May 11, 2010) …Well, today among the Enlightened, Erev Yom Yerushalayim, it is the common wisdom that it is wrong for Israel to rule over all of Jerusalem to the exclusion of the Ancient Palestinians whose claim is surely as ancient as that of the Jews – and never mind they did not build this modern city, the Jews did.

Palestinian Nationalism is a fancy term covering up the hunger of these Hamitic Arabs for our property, for what rightfully belongs to us. Palestinianism is the justification for their insatiable appetite for Jewish wealth.

I think that is what jihad is all about too. These Muslims believe that they have the right, the religious obligation even, of getting the whole world to be Muslim. And as Believers they have the right to do anything, including leave a car bomb on 45th Street in Manhattan. They have the right to conquer the world – and wind up with all the world’s wealth. That is the unspoken part of the deal.

What an odd turn of events, historical events really. A generation ago in 1967, the Jewish liberation of Jerusalem was kind of a supernatural moment in time, an electric moment.

Today, though, “Who do these Jews think they are building in Ancient East Jerusalem of the Palestinians?” and never mind that Jerusalem is a Jewish word. It is a Hebrew word…

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“Give Them What They Want”

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Webcast Title: “Give Them What They Want”
Webcast Date: 05/09/2010
Length: 37:27 Minutes
(May 09, 2010) …Here’s an interesting tidbit connected to the foregoing ruminations on leftists of Jewish extraction. In Friday’s Haaretz weekend magazine, there was yet another article on the capture of Adolph Eichmann in March 1960 by mostly GSS people (not the Mossad) whose team leader was Rafi Eitan (the same who ran Jonathan Pollard a quarter-century later). And he told the interesting detail that three years before the capture, he had gotten leave to study Political Economy at LSE, the London School of Economics. That was in the fall of 1957, when the Russians launched the first satellite, Sputnik, and one of his classmates at LSE who raised a toast to the Soviets was none other than the mother of the current foreign secretary of the U.K. David Miliband. Another Red Jewess.

Miliband too, like Yitzhak Rabin, evidently came from a radically dejudaized family. Sometimes it seems as if the Jewish people is in a state of eternal civil war between lovers of HaShem and His commandments on the one hand and the rebels who want to be normal on the other.

It turns out now too that the head of the French imitation of J Street called JCall is an Israeli “yored,” one who “went down” from the country, left the Holy Land, David Chemla, which means “compassion,” which he has little of for his former countrymen. He settled in France and is the chairman of Peace Now in France.

In other words, it is the same-old, same-old crowd forever coming up with new groups to bash Israel under different names. Being chairman of Peace Now was not enough for David Chemla: he had to create JCall as well with the identical mission of telling the government of Israel elected by the people of Israel it is wrong not to give in to the legitimate demands of the Ancient Palestinians.

This is akin to what we heard last week from Nick Clegg is London. How much he respects the Jewish people, if not the government of Israel – and never mind the implicit insult. Since Bibi was elected in a democratic election with 60% of the voters voting on the right, these Israelis, according to Clegg, don’t know how to choose politically correct leaders. They may have a genius for a thriving economy – note the implied, subtle connection between Jews and money – but when it comes to choosing their leaders, they don’t know what they are doing, but Nick Clegg (like Barack Obama) knows better than the Israeli electorate. When it comes to foreign politics, the Jews are not the geniuses they are in other endeavors.

Worse, Clegg is on record against Israel’s “unjust abuse” of the Ancient Ones, as is, in another story, National Geographic. Did you see that on YNET yesterday? It seems there is photo exhibit in Los Angeles produced by National Geographic magazine and it blatantly accuses Israel of stealing water from the Arabs.

The title of the exhibit is “Water – Our Thirsty World”. It is evidently mostly environmental stuff, non-political, but there are 9 photos taken in Judea and Samaria, on the Kinneret/Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea; and the captions inform the visitor to the exhibit of Israel’s water crimes. According to a caption referring to the Sea of Galilee, “Since 1967 Israel has blocked Syria’s access to the shoreline” – which is a perversion of historical truth worthy of Obama’s Cairo speech. I was on that shoreline in 1965 and remember it well. Between 1949 and 1967, the Syrians never had access to the even one meter of lake-front shoreline. It was all Israeli territory according to the cease-fire agreement.

Now some may be surprised to read of National Geographic being involved in such a nasty bit of antiJew dishonesty but not yours truly. I remember them from 20 years ago running articles on the Ancient Ones and on the horrors they suffered at the hands of Israelis. National Geographic has been one of the most antiJew publications around.

There is no end to the sinister creativity of antiJews when it comes to insinuating themselves into every nook and cranny of our lives…

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Proof! We are the Chosen People

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Webcast Title: Proof! We are the Chosen People
Webcast Date: 05/06/2010
Length: 39:17 Minutes
(May 6, 2010) …Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 6th day, kaf-gimmel be-Iyyar, Parashas BeHar, tav-shin-ayin, the evening of the 5th day, Thursday, 6 May, 2010, webcasting from the home of the Chosen People chosen by mankind as the Scapegoat People.

Interesting word “scapegoat,” invented, if memory serves, by William Tyndale, who was put to death for translating the Christian bible into English so that people could understand it. What a difference between Christendom and Jewishness until the age of Tyndale and subsequent translators. In the Catholic Church, the Latin Vulgate Bible was forbidden most believers because they couldn’t read Latin.

Versus Yiddishkeit which demands not only that our rabbis but all Jewish men read and study all the holy texts. The Jewish rabbinate has no monopoly on what’s written in the Bible and Talmud. And because of that rabbis, when they cite a passage to make a point, if it is inaccurate and/or poorly argued, his listeners will not hesitate to tell him and challenge him.

Versus the Reform rabbis I knew in my youth who were never asked questions because there were no texts, so whatever the rabbi said was unchallengeable. Reform Jews simply do not read let alone live by what’s in the holy books.

But I digress. Roman Catholicism was in a way akin to the Druze religion which is known fully only to their priests; the laity is in the dark. And as part of the evolution of history leading up to the Protestant Reformation was the translating of the Latin Bible into a language Catholics could understand. It was a capital offense to do that, though, which is why Tyndale lost his life.

And when it came to the passage we just read on Shabbat the other day concerning the two goats sacrificed on Yom Kippur by the High Priest in the Temple in Jerusalem on land now in the hands of Ishmaelites who hold it captive as surely as their brethren in Gaza are holding poor Gilad Shalit, William Tyndale in 14th century England translated the term se’ir laazazel, the goat spiritually laden with all the sins of the community chosen to be sent into the desert away from the community to be pushed off a cliff and killed… Tyndale came up with the word in English, he made it up, “scapegoat.”

Later on in history when Israel sank in sinful failure, and the nation of Greece arose, the Greeks too, descendants of Esav, had yearly rituals of expelling from the community a goat who carried the evil spirits. In Biblical Hebrew goat is se’ir and in Greek it’s tragos, whence cometh the word “tragedy.” Today, “tragedy” is misused to stand for misfortune or sad occurrence or accident; originally it was connected to this ritual of expelling bad feelings.

And over time the religious rituals of early Greece led to the composing of poems and stories and dramas which were acted out as part of the ritual. And these early dithyrambs evolved into the theater of Greek tragedy, which commonly concerns man and fate/divinity in conflict.

Aristotle the great theorist of art defined tragedy as a story leading to, in the audience, the purging or expelling of the emotions of pity and fear.

So Tyndale gave the English language the word “scapegoat,” which is directly rooted in the Torah miSinai. It comes as a concept from the Jews, and historically the Jews have been mankind’s scapegoat people who are laden with the community’s – in this case, the international community’s – worst sins. Leastwise it is one way to understand the current moment in the news in which we in Israel are being bashed from all sides…

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Theater of the Absurd

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Webcast Title: Theater of the Absurd
Webcast Date: 05/04/2010
Length: 38:58 Minutes
(May 5, 2010) …But to return to an earlier idea that there is a through-line between the collapse of the capitalist system, the victory of sodomy and the corruption of the peace process as a railroad process meant to railroad Israel to its death, G-d forbid. It is no coincidence, I think, that in the same year of 1969 two years after the Jewish people returned to rule in Jerusalem and Judea as they had not since before the Roman occupation a half-century before the rise of Christianity, the denizens in the West of the Sodoms and Gomorrahs emerged from their haunts to demand the re-branding of their behavior from an abomination into a blessed behavior; and at the same time the emergence on the stage of history and international diplomacy of the heretofore unnoticed Ancient Palestinian nation as a party to the Arab-Israeli violence separate from “the Arabs.”

As for the Sodomites, “Gay Liberation” it was called, and “Palestinian national liberation both emerged within weeks of each other, the former before man landed on the moon that year and the latter afterwards, but still in the same satanic year when the Rolling Stones sang of their sympathy for the devil and a member of the audience one evening in a Stones concert was stabbed to death.

This was the age as well of the feminists who burst upon the scene in 1966, not coincidently when the birth control pill and other devices became publicly available. Until then, society had scorned sodomites as hedonists for whom sexual pleasure had nothing to do with procreation, the creating other human beings, the next generation. After 1966, when sexually more normal people adopted the revolution in birth control, the gays laughed in the face of proper society by pointing out that now “We are all equal.” If “straights” could separate the unique pleasure of sexuality, why not Sodomites?

And this led to the opening of the flood gates of appetite for all kinds of desires, including making mountains of dollars one would never spend and not be above killing the goose that laid the golden egg of the capitalist system to do that, by wrecking the banking and financial system, milking it to death.
The 1960s was a time when conventional morality collapsed in a variety of ways. Sex, money, and the Arab-Israeli conflict which was turned on its head and transformed into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in which the Jews became once again the villains.

As we have been in every generation for millennia…

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Israelis are Mute

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Webcast Title: Israelis are Mute
Webcast Date: 05/02/2010
Length: 39:50 Minutes
Program Link: Who Lives in Sheik Jarrah
(May 2, 2010) …Well, there was some more juicy stuff in the news today, can’t get to all of it, so let’s focus on that cowardly betrayal of Israel by those two famous French “philosophes” of Jewish extraction, Bernard Henri Levy the peacock and Alain Finkielkraut, who joined 3,000 other European intellectuals of Jewish descent in calling for a ban of indefinite duration on Jews developing any more of the city of Jerusalem wherever they want and a ban all over Judea and Samaria as well. They have signed on with a European version of J-Street called JCall.

Supporters of the building freeze that fellow PhD, the famous moral philosopher Dr. Mahmoud Abbas is calling for, he who presided over one ghastly Jew-massacre after another as satanic as any the Nazis resorted to, are now joined by these two famous “philosophes”.

I think I am less angry with them than sad for them. I think they are simply pathetic, actually all 3,000 of them. My guess is that many are simply frightened by the recrudescence of violent and menacing Jew-hatred. Some Jew in France yesterday was brutally beaten.

Fortunately, the head of the French CRIF, the national Jewish organization created by Napoleon, Richard Prasquier sharply rejected this petition by the 3,000 which is going to the European parliament tomorrow in Brussels when JCall makes its debut on the stage of world antiJewry.

Good for le president du consistoire. If these two philosophers don’t know the world is ganging up on Israel, and no true friend of Israel joins in the bullying as they have, they are as blind as that other jackass of a French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre the Stalinist immoralist.

Leave it to the French to worship such a moral reprobate and adulterer as Sartre the philosopher, a profession that these two French philosophers of Jewish extraction proudly claim.

Well, they may be French philosophers, but in Jewish eyes, they are cowards and traitors…

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