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Religion, Not Politics

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Program Link: The Oslo Abomination: Israel’s Socialist Peacemakers
by Sha’i ben-Tekoa (June 2015)

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The MSM here were shocked last week when the deputy foreign ministress Tsipora Hotovely said that Israel must not hesitate to assert that the entire Land of Israel, including Judea and Samaria, belongs to the Jewish people.

Personally, I doubt she meant southern Lebanon, southwestern Syria and western Jordan, but let’s leave that aside. My book makes crystal clear the real Eretz Yisrael includes those areas.

More important was the point that Israel has an historic, religious claim on Judea and Samaria and it should not be ashamed to make it in public.

Said one anonymous foreign ministry operative, a department by the way notoriously the creation of Uncle Shimon, “It’s the first time anyone has asked us to use verses from the Torah for public diplomacy abroad.”

How true. And I find it astonishing that it is, even when I know the history of Israel and should not be surprised. One of the great shameful secrets of the Zionist movement is that it sold itself to the world as the salvation of the Jewish people, when in truth, secular Zionism was about leaving them behind; about so fundamentally changing the Jews as to turn them into non-Jews; to a normal people in Shimon Peres’s ideology.

That of course means no more resorting to the Bible for one’s identity as the Chosen People chosen to be faithful to the Bible and its requirements of the Jewish people. Like Commandment No. 4: Keep the Sabbath…

Israel’s Tragic Flaw, II

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Program Link: Tony Blair Steps Down as Quartet Middle East Envoy but No One Cares

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And I say the Two-State Solution is as much of a phantom as the phantom Palestinian Nation. It is totally not of this world.

What does a Two-Stater like Dennis Ross have in mind when he speaks this way? I assume he imagines a new, independent Arab state in Judea and Samaria absent any Israeli presence. He imagines a “Palestinian” state on the western slopes of the hills of Samaria and Judea looking down into the coastal plain, into Tel-Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport.

On this slope in Judea on winter mornings when the air is at its clearest in the year, with the sun rising in the east, one can see the chimney of the Reading power station on the beach north of Tel-Aviv all the way south past Holon and Bat Yam, the Ashdod, Ashqelon and the power station at the northern end of the Gaza Strip.

The Two-State Solution, one assumes, envision this territory, at an elevation of over 2000 feet above sea level, handed over to the Arabs, who we know in their majority are devotees of the Muslim Brotherhood, locally known as HAMAS.

And I ask of Dennis Ross and all the Two-Staters, “You gotta be kidding? Which Israeli government is going to agree to drive all the Jews from their homes and turn the real estate over to the Arabs?”

Obama’s Love Bombing

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Well, it appears that last week’s meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Europe’s Czarina of Foreign Policy went well from Israel’s point of view. One should not be surprised.

I have no inside information but judging by the photos of their photo-op before the media post-meeting, the antiJewess Mogherini was smiling much more than during their previous meeting. Namely, she liked what the Prime Minister had to say which, as reported today, may have been pure, glatt kosher taurine excreta.

Today Minister of Agriculture and long-time settlement leader Uri Ariel of HaBayit HaYehudi said that if there is truth to the reports of Netanyahu’s desire to renew negotiations with the so-called Palestinian Authority and to discuss the boundaries of the settlement blocs, this is dangerous and contradicts the first article of the government guidelines, the people’s right to the land of Israel…its historic national homeland.”

Sounds good to me for it sends the message that Mogherini wants to hear: Bibi is retreating.

But I say, “Fiddlesticks. It is no accident that today the enemy PA rejected the idea of discussing the boundaries, the limits to the geography of the settlement blocs because, as Bibi well knows, that means accepting the existence of the settlement blocs which he knows since Day One of the Oslo Abomination, the Arabs have said they will never accept. Literally from Day One, 13 September 1993, the enemy said there will no peace so long as any settlement remains…

Provincial Israel

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…You know what Islamophobia is? It’s the attempt to do to non-Muslims what Pres. Obama did after the massacre at Ft. Hood. It is an attempt to make people deny the reality of their senses and common sense; to persuade them that what they think they saw they did not. Said Obama, “Islam had nothing to do with Ft. Hood,” and by implication anyone who thinks that is Islamophobic, has an irrational animus against Islam.

When the head-chopping festivals on TV started some months back, Obama was there to tell you to modify your feelings and thoughts because, you know, during the Crusades Christians also did terrible things too. Moral equivalence is multiplying two negative numbers and coming with a positive one. If both sides are guilty of terrorism, Arabs of terrorism and Israeli soldiers of war crimes, the guilt of the Arabs, by comparison, fades. When both sides are guilty, no side is guilty. They cancel each other out.

So yours truly was disheartened by the government’s action today. Again, just for the sake of avoiding pointless clashes with the Enlightened who yesterday shrieked “Apartheid! Racism!” it would have been better to delay until Her Majesty of Enlightened Political Science Dr. Mogherini was no longer in the country. But once that screw-up screwed up, the government should have pushed back at the antisemitic venom spewed at us for “Apartheid! Racism! It is the color of these Arabs’ skin that led to this program because Israelis are racists and just can’t stand the way the Arabians look physically.”

No Self-Respect

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes, I think Bibi has been his own worst enemy. His Bar-Iran speech had short-term successes but at a terrible price. He himself has contributed to the rise of BDS and violent antisemitism by affirming in the minds and hearts of world antiJewry the rightness of creating a Balestinian state. He has admitted that the Balestinians are entitled to a state, and so the issue for today’s Mogherinis is whether Netanyahu is a liar. He said he supports the Two-State Solution just like every enlightened person who wants to do justice to the “victims of Zionism,” so at stake is not that desire at all. In the matter of statehood, Netanyahu is on board. The issue at hand is his sincerity. Does he keep his word?

Bibi’s Bar-Ilan speech was like a new, wonder drug that saves the patient in immediate danger but then leads to terrible, long-term consequences.

The only way for Israel to combat the dragon of anti-hatred growing daily, it seems, is to plunge a sword into its heart and its basic claim that the Jews stole Palestine from the Balestinians. In truth, the Arabs never knew there was such a country with that name; Israel stole nothing, and statehood for “Palestinians” is nothing but an Orwellian smoke screen…

Jerusalem, 1967

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Program Link: Ramallah City Official Facebook Page

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So on that first day of the war and the second, the Israeli Government said nothing, and the Arab governments did not stop announcing great victories. “The oil refineries in Haifa that been destroyed! Syrian officers are already sitting in the cafes in Tel-Aviv!” – presumably like Wehrmacht offizieren sitting in the cafes in Paris in 1940 ordering the French around.

A miserable 48 hours was that cloud of unknowing.

But then on Wednesday, the Israelis started to raise the curtain on what had happened which left the world stunned. Not only had there been no Holocaust, the IDF had smashed the military establishments of four Arab states.

And not only that. That day, the IDF had driven the Jordanians from Jerusalem and the wall dividing the city was already being taken down by Israeli volunteers…

A Chronic Jewish Temptation

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Well, I have avoided until now any words on the top story in Israel which remains the struggle by Netanyahu to form a government and it is not pretty. Everybody is coming off dirty. Boogie Herzog and Co. are simply shameless, virtually comatose in their hostility to the people of Israel who voted clearly for Bibi to lead them. This nitwit said yesterday he was going to replace Bibi, bring him down – and never mind the implicit sneering at the clear wish of the voters for him.

On the other side, Bibi has to promise millions of taxpayers’ shekels to finance the invention of utterly useless government ministries to satisfy his shameless Likudniks demand for them.

He is in the middle of legislation cancelling legislation that limits a government to 18 ministries, and thus makes a mockery of legislation as a serious endeavor. I remember when Assad. Jr. was made dictator in Damascus after the death of his father. The Syrian constitution said he was too young, so one morning their so-called parliament voted to write a new constitution.

In these days, Israel seems not much better…

Obama’s Plot

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Is it just yours truly, or do others see that behind the scenes of international politics, the engine of the war against Israel is the same-old same-old?

In any case, I find current scenario fascinating display of the same-old same-old only now denied by the Jew-haters. That has been one of the lasting effects of the Holocaust. Until then, antisemitic ideas, that is, the word, the attempt to explain to Jew-hatred in pseudo-academic, pseudo-scientific terms apart from classical religious calumny, had been in many quarters a legitimate subject. Only at the end did antisemitism connote mass murder. From the mid-19th century until the Final Solution, legions of thinkers had pondered the revulsion people felt in the presence of Jews — I have seen and experienced that myself – and many of them, Jews included, came up with logical explanations and all toward resolving the hatred by basically dejudaizing the Jews. That was very much the project of the secular Zionist themselves…

The Non-Jewish Jew

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So there is to be a new government with the backing of 61 MKs only, which no one expects to last, and the result is toxic cascades of verbal nastiness. JPost’s political reporter Gil Hoffman wrote under the headline, “Time for Revenge” for those politicians who have felt slighted by the prime minister, and what is significant is that none of them is politically opposed to him. For sure, Boojie Herzog sneered but of course, he is the opposition. In contrast, the MSM today was full of politicians of the right who have a score to settle with Netanyahu for his mistreatment of them.

Notice this has little to do with policy and everything with personal ego. And I suspect that the common denominator is all those offended by him felt he did not see things their way and did not treat them as equals.

And I think this is a legacy of the dominant Zionist Left that led the Israelis into independence with their half-baked notions of democracy, half-baked in part because most of them grew up abroad in countries with no strong history of liberal democracy. For them, these social democrats, a government was a committee, as in the central committee of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union…

Ethiopians Riot

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Well, the big story domestically since last Thursday has been of course the violence in Jerusalem by a crowd of Ethiopian Jews and Sunday’s even bigger riot in Tel-Aviv. The charge in the air is racism but I’m afraid that’s only partly true.

The whole thing started of course with that video a week ago yesterday of that Israeli cop attacking this Ethiopian soldier in Bat Yam standing peacefully with his bicycle, who appears to exchange some words with this cop who suddenly lunges for him and proceeds to beat him up. Not a pretty sight.

Yes, racism may have played a part, but I don’t think that is the whole story.

I look forwarded to learning at some point what they said to each other. It appears the cop spoke, then the soldier Damas Pakada…

Switching Good and Evil

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Jimmy Carter, for sure, remains an active Christian as he experiences that religion. A few years ago, there was a news story of audio tapes of Jimmy Carter teaching Sunday school in Plains, Georgia, teach his church’s children of the perfidy of the Jews in such a way it was not a historical narrative but current events.

And what does Israel have to say about this man and others like him? Official Israel shuns him but does not mark him for the classical, stereotypical Jew-hater that he is.

There is something timeless about this behavior. The very idea of Jews and the undeniable reality that they are not only still around and after centuries of Hell at the hands of lunatic haters, they have carried out the prophecy in their Bible of returning from exile and restoring their ancient homeland to life.

Men like Jimmy Carter cannot deal with this. Yes, he went to Annapolis and studied nuclear engineering, but he remains a peanut farmer and mired in the mentality of mankind of the distant past…