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The Calm before the Storm?

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…One has the feeling that this shallow, ignorant Obama learned nothing from America’s experience under one of his role models Jimmy Carter and his fiasco in Iran. In the name of human rights, Carter presided over the toppling of the Shah, notorious for his cruel secret police, but in his stead came a tyrant far worse in terms of cruelty, Ayatollah Khomeini and his tyranny of fanatical Muslim priests. In the name of human rights, the human rights of Iranians went from bad to much worse.

And here is President Barack Hussein wanting to bomb Assad and his administration which must bolster his opposition who are at least as insane with Islam as the Ayatollah Khomeini. Al-Assad is defending himself from al-Qaida types who want to install a Muslim Brotherhood-type dictatorship, which may be a clue to Obama’s desire to bomb Assad. Besides the moral preening, between this infidel Alawite and the Sunni jihadis who want to bring him down, these soul mates of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, Obama probably backs the opposition…

A Foreign Policy of Narcissists

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…Last webcast, two evenings ago I said if Syria is attacked by Obama-Kerry, the Syrians will likely attack us.

The day after, yesterday, Syrian spokesmen threatened exactly that, and today Israeli spokesmen were saying that would be insane on Assad’s part so the probability is low.

I’m glad they are more optimistic than I am and the lots of Israelis today crowding the distribution points for gas masks. This man al-Assad has now proven he has no moral scruples about using nerve gas against his own fellow Arabs, so surely he has even less when it comes to us. Fanaticism has been a feature of international life since the late 1960s, and at bottom it is a religious phenomenon. This latest Sultan of Damascus Bashaar the Geek al-Assad told the Pope of Rome when he visited Syria that we Jews are the same people who murdered Jesus, and for sure all over the Arab world we Jews are conceived of as demons. If he feels threatened with the end, he is likely to want to go out in a blaze glory by using his nerve gas on us, G-d forbid…

Israel on Edge

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…On Friday in Makor Rishon Mordechai Kedar, the former career intelligence officer in the IDF, fluent in Arabic, came to the conclusion that not only is Obama a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, so is the State Department, which does not surprise me. The State Department has traditionally been the most antisemitic to the State of Israel. And the Brotherhood is an association of Muslims who are as insane in their fear and hatred of Jews as Germans at a nighttime Nazi rally in the 1930s were, so I am not surprised by his assessment. It tracks with the credible report that John Brennan is a Muslim convert, so was the murdered Amb. Chris Stevens. And what with Obama’s behavior toward Egypt, whose modern political history is a history of suppressing the Brotherhood mercilessly.

And here is Mordechai Kedar who has come to the conclusion it is not only Obama who enamored of the Brotherhood; the State Department Arabists too. They see, and they are not totally wrong, Islam as the only cement that holds society together in this part of the world…

Arabs Gas Their Own

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…In a way, we Israelis are no different. Just like our neighbors’ dictators, our government likewise has the power and has used to it under the euphemism of “administrative detention” to lock up would-be killers indefinitely, and to Hell with a civil court’s principle of habeas corpus.

It is, paradoxically, one of the unintended advantages of not having peace with these people. A constant state of war allows our military to be the ultimate authority in Judea and Samaria and that means the ability to scoop up suspects and remove them from circulation for as long as we want, with little recourse for the victim because this is military law, which is to civilian law what military music is to real music.

On Monday of this week the army in Egypt arrested the spiritual leader of the Brotherhood Muhammed Badie and one suspects much time will pass before he is let out, if ever.

The Egyptians like other Arabs don’t play games…

Judea and Samaria Forever, Logically

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…And although this latest clash like this will be not long remembered, it is proof of why the peace processors, because they are anti-Jew, are so irrational in their other-worldly vision of a peace here. What these nightly raids demonstrate is the indispensable right of our heroic soldiers to go anywhere west of the river after a potential Jew-killers, which means sovereignty in these hills can never be Arab. We are the sovereigns and have the right to go anywhere west of the river at will. We are the legitimate armed force in these hills which position of control we would lose by agreeing to withdraw our troops and recognize a real, international border crossable only by permission of the sovereign. Were Judea and Samaria to become an independent Arab state, Israel would not have the liberty to conduct these nightly raids without permission from a foreign government. Israel can never surrender the control we have now which is what an independent Balestinian state would mean…

Obama: Wicked and Ignorant

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…That wicked and ignorant man in the Oval Office was today reported to threatening, besides canceling the Bright Star program for this year, not sending the usual, annual, financial aid, to which Sisi and friends will not respond. They are fighting for what little freedom Egypt used to afford its people, and no amount of money, however important, is going to change their minds about the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

Indeed, it is the granddaddy of all Islamic terrorist organizations nurtured in the hothouse of Al-Azhar, where Barack Hussein was so warmly received…

Egypt’s Ancient Behavior

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…The politics surrounding the State of Israel are unique in the world. In addition to all the normal facets of the life of a nation among the nations, the political and military and economic dimensions, with Israel there is always the unique dimension of religion and homo sapiens never-ending rebellion against G-d…

A Moral Abyss Separates Us

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…Europe doesn’t give a damn about the so-called Balestinians. These bureaucrats know they are the same Arabs and Muslims who are making life miserable all over Western Europe. I just heard there are 751 no-go places in municipalities in France now; that is 751 parts of towns and cities which the police and fire services have basically disowned. They have become autonomous Muslims neighborhoods. Surely those enemies of Israel in Brussels know at some level of cognition these so-called Balestinians are the same people.

No, their focus is on Israel, which they single out for special treatment…

A Failure of Nerve

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Program Link: The Mosque: Center of Religion, Politics and Dominance

…The nerve of these goyim in Brussels telling us we have apostasize, renounce the Jewish faith’s core belief that the Land and Jerusalem are ours and nobody else’s. We have to stand alone on the other side of the river with Avraham and talk back to the hostile goyim, the nations of the world and tell them “We are right and they are wrong.” This land is rightfully our land according to Gentile jurisprudence, in addition to our religious beliefs.

But for some reason, this great mystery, Israelis like Bibi, like Elkin, are incapable of answering the antisemitic poison of reptiles like the late Arafat and his sidekick Dr. Abbas the famous historian…

Our Own Worst Enemies

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…Has there ever been a people with such a high percentage of enemies within? As the US is currently being led by an anti-American American, who in tossing out a bust of Winston Churchill and bowing before the barbarian king of Saudi Arabia, exposed his traitorous views, so in Israel we suffer from huge percentage of anti-Jew Jewish Israelis whose flagship newspaper is ironically Haaretz, which means The Land, the very land its readers want to drive hundreds of thousands of Jews from and hand over to an enemy shameless open about his drive to destroy all Jewish freedom; their readers’ freedom…

The True Root Cause

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…It will certainly be interesting to see how this latest version of age-old religious Jew-hatred plays out. I mean, beneath the contemporary politics, that is all this EU bureaucracy gambit is: another attack on the Jewish religion.

It is hard at the moment to imagine the Prime Minister agreeing to this demand if only because it means disowning Jerusalem, which Israel formally unified and embraced within like a week and a half of the Six-Day War, and a formally incorporated the Golan in 1980 or 81.

In a way, these hostile goyim have done Israel a favor. If they were smarter than they are, they would have omitted Jerusalem and the Golan, specified just Judea and Samaria, and Netanyahu would surely have been put on the spot. But now, so long as it seems to be a package deal, all this real estate together, it is not plausible that Bibi will agree to sign such a statement as the price for participating in Horizon 2020. What the European enemy has done is strengthened Israel’s grasp on all these territories. We renounce none of them.

And this is why I say this is just the old hatred of Judaism in modern dress…

Obama’s Threat

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…If I were Bibi, I would arrange for a tete-a-tete, with him, just the two of them in a room, and if I would tell Kerry, “I don’t know your motivation. I have no x-ray vision and cannot see into your heart. But I feel on solid ground telling you that from what I know of your background and your stewardship of US foreign policy in our region since last January, I don’t think you know jack-[expletive deleted] about Israel and our war for survival surrounded by these violent Muslims.

And I am not going to do anything to endanger my people and my country by listening to you. You do not know my country and my neighbors like I do, like our intelligence people know them; our GSS, our Mossad. You don’t know anything about Islam, which is apparent in your handling of Egypt…”

Douglas Bloomfield

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…Of course Bloomfield wants the best for Israel but in his writing he repetitively treats Netanyahu and Abbas as if they were equals doing the same thing because they are politicians. For example, adopting the pose of Olympian neutrality, Bloomfield could write, “That expectations are low for the renewed peace talks in view of the scant confidence most people have in the ability of the leaders on both sides to rise to the occasion.”

They are “hobbled by reputations as weak and cautious leaders rather than creative thinkers willing to take risks…the conventional wisdom considers the new talks a waste of time as long as Netanyahu and Abbas are around…both leaders fear failure and the judgment of history. There is no sign of real change on either side.”

And so on and so forth. There was more of this repetitive linking as equals the two leaders both unwilling to take risks.

I don’t know about you, but this moral equivalence disgusts me for its dishonest construction of reality and functionally (albeit covert) antiJew aggression. How dare Bloomfield compare the prime minister of Israel, whose biography is a matter of public record, with this international terrorist criminal, this Holocaust Denying murderer?

Bloomfield sits up there on Mt. Olympus and smirks down on both sides…