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Bibi Stands Up

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Webcast Title: Bibi Stands Up
Webcast Date: 04/29/2010
Length: 38:55 Minutes
Program Link: The Hashemite Kingdom of Apartheid?
(April 29, 2010) …Today Enlightened, post-Christians and post-Jews in the West are of the lovely opinion that sharing Jerusalem is a must for peace to reign in Israel. Plain and simple: while the Jews may think they have the right to own and rule in Jerusalem the way, say, the Arabs own and rule in Mecca and the French own and rule in their capital of Paris, Israelis don’t have that right. The Jews in Israel do not have the right to own and rule in their capital as surely as Brazilians rule in Brasilia that they built in the 1950s in the middle of a jungle. The capital of Brazil is built by the nation of Brazil.

But the modern city of Jerusalem built by the Jews…well, they have to share it.

Modern Jerusalem was launched in the year 1855 when the first development outside the walls, the building of a windmill to grind flour for kosher bread, was constructed outside of Jaffa Gate.

And that was a revolution in history: for century after century there was nothing outside those walls, and photography shows that to be true. Photography by 1855 had been around for a couple of decades. Black & white, grainy, there are photographs of Jerusalem in the middle of the 19th century.

And then there are the painters who painted Jerusalem at the time. One painting was done in 1859 by Edward Lear, the famous English poet of light verse, who was also a painter, and he came to the Holy Land. Starting in 1840, a pivotal year in the Middle East, the Turks, threatened by Russia, wanted support from the West and got it but for a price. The Ottomans agreed to allow, for the first time since the Crusades, the freedom of Christians to come on pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

And came they did. Thomas Cook & Sons, the famous travel agents wrote their first tourist guide to the Holy Land in the 1860s. The Land was flooded by tourists and pilgrims…to the extent the Land was capable of absorbing them. Painters came, photographers came.

And looking at this painting by Edward Lear, one sees the visual record – not filtered through the artist’s inner torment or his impression or expression that modern artists are involved in. In those days painting was recording what the eye saw. And this Lear painting makes clear that at that point Jerusalem sat as an island in a sea of desolation. No habitations outside the walls. Jerusalem was an oasis of human settlement in a desert of barrenness.

Thus, hence and ergo, all human settlement outside those walls today are the result of the Jewish nation spending its own money, sweat, tears and blood to restore civilization, city-life to Jerusalem and over all the Land of Israel.

And that this myth of a Palestinian Nation with a valid claim to ownership of the Land and Jerusalem is nothing but a lie as big as Islam itself…

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The Internal Civil War

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Webcast Title: The Internal Civil War
Webcast Date: 04/27/2010
Length: 38:38 Minutes
Program Link: The False Religion of Mideast Peace
(April 27, 2010) …You know that the so-called Arab Peace Initiative was initially the handiwork of LTF [“Little Tommy Friedman”] in the year 2002, a year after 9-11 when Friedman went to Saudi Arabia to genuflect before the king at that time, Fahd, whose presence there was instrumental in bringing the Arab Peace Initiative to the world.

What with Yossi Beilin behind the Oslo Abomination and the continuing abomination of Beilin’s association with the Jew-killer Yasir Abed Rabbo in their Geneva Initiative, it sometimes seems as if the Arab-Israeli conflict is as much an internal Jewish civil war as a struggle between Jew and non-Jew. The Jewish people returned to their homeland are still fighting for peace and quiet and a life without threats of national annihilation, and Israel must still defend itself not only from Arabs and their Gentile supporters but Jewish antiJews too.

Beilin, Indyk, Roger Cohen, LTF, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Danny Kurtzer, Gerald Kaufman in England, Stephen P. Cohen at Harvard; there is no shortage of Israel-bashing Jews in the world, in Israel in the Exile, who energetically offer their services as Stephen P. Cohen did for Obama when he sent him a first draft of that Cairo speech.

There has to be something very wrong with the internal Jewish identity of such people, the 80% of self-identified American Jews like Stephen P. Cohen who voted for this guy…

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Dark Times

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Webcast Title: Dark Times
Webcast Date: 04/25/2010
Length: 38:07 Minutes
Program Link: Who Rules Israel?
Hamas is accused of being moderate
(April 25, 2010) …And the question asks itself: How many Grad rockets would it take landing in the middle of Eilat, G-d forbid, before the entire tourist industry is abandoned by vacationers? This is a serious problem.

What these maniacal Muslims did to the little town of Sderot, they can do to Eilat with even fewer projectiles launched before the thousands of tourists flee and turn the hotels and restaurants and other attractions into ghost facilities.

The intelligence community drew the easy conclusion that the rocket boys in the Sinai wilderness were al-Qaida types, not necessarily Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Which makes sense. As the PLO varied from 12-to-18 separate murder gangs, so the so-called Islamists are as fractious.

The Sinai Peninsula is about half the size of England and is largely uninhabited, but is known to be a place for adventurous jihadis these days, this plague of barbarians who use their religion to legitimize their barbarism. How many of them are holed up in the Sinai Peninsula is an estimate for the intelligence community to make but for sure they are there. Every vacation time Israelis go down the Gulf of Eilat coast to the hotels and beaches that we developed and handed over to the Egyptians. And every time the GSS emits warnings, that there are homicidal antisemites on the loose planning to murder Jews. And just this Passover there was a swarm of Jewish vacationers who hustled back over the border.

This is our fate. We have not known a day since May 14, 1948 when Israel declared independence without some Arabs somewhere plotting and carrying out plots to murder us. In this regard, World War II never ended for us…

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The New Inquisition

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Webcast Title: The New Inquisition
Webcast Date: 04/22/2010
Length: 43:39 Minutes
(April 22, 2010) …In order to really understand the Spanish Inquisition and expulsion in 1492, one has to start 101 years earlier in 1391, when in the spring Pesach and Easter coincided, and starting in Andalucia in Sevilla, a frenzied mob of Catholics rampaged through the Jewish community raping, stealing, mutilating, murdering in an orgy of blood.

Which homicidal fever then infected other Spaniards in the south, in Cordova and Granada and eventually, over the spring and summer that year, jumping from town to town like a forest fire, one Jewish community after another was invaded and the goyim brought their Christian version of hell for Jews to infernal life. That summer in Spain, thousands of Jews were slaughtered, raped, dismembered, burnt to death. It was such a tsunami of blood and terror, some scholars estimate that in the ensuing ten years, half of the hundreds of thousands of Jews in Spain converted to Roman Catholicism. Scared out of the minds with what that goy had just done, half of them converted.

For sure, some percentage of them threw in the towel on being Jewish. They did not want to die for it, and they converted and left it behind.

But no less many chose to go underground. They converted and lived as Catholics in public in every way; in private they lived their Jewish lives.

Think of Anne Frank and other Jews hiding in those attics in Amsterdam. Here legions of Jews became actors living double lives. The term marrano came into use, its origin in doubt. Scholars agree it’s basically a synonym for pigs/swine. In doubt was its genesis as name for these Jews. Was it the invention of real Spanish Catholics in their hatred of these phony, insincere Christians? Or was it the invention of Jews who did not convert and were contemptuous of those who did?…

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Martin Indyk: Antisemite

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Webcast Title: Martin Indyk: Antisemite
Webcast Date: 04/21/2010
Length: 36:15 Minutes
(April 21, 2010) …And “shared sovereignty” of a city in general? Where is the model for this? Where in all of human history over thousands of years has there been such a capital shared and administered jointly by two warring peoples?

And, in any case, at Camp David ten years ago this summer, Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered just that: a shared Temple Mount. The Ishmaelites would keep the top with the mosque and the shrine and Israel would keep the Wall, basically freezing the current peaceful relationship, which is as peaceful as it is because Israel exercises exclusive police powers. The idea of splitting authority so that there are two police powers must inevitably at some point lead to disagreements, argument, friction and clashes.

How ironic. King Solomon the Wise appears in Tanakh – the builder of Jerusalem – and in short order after we meet him he is judging between two women fighting over a baby, which dispute the great psychologist Shlomo ben David solved by imagining the cutting in two of the baby, which idea provoked two different responses in the women. And he knew who the real mom was.

Well, one lesson from this tale might be that there are some things in life that you can’t divide, that are nor shareable. When in history has there been such a shared capital between two nations whose entire history is that of abuse by one side, the Ishmaelites of the Israelites, on the other?

Two peoples whose relationship began in the generation of a problem child, Ishmael, who was denied his birthright because he was such a wild guy.

And ever since, the seed of Ishmael has envied and begrudged the seed of Yitzhak, his baby half-brother who got his inheritance.

The Arabs facing the Jews are a bitter and resentful people because the Jews are so far above them in so many ways.

And so they must have Haram as-Sharif; it is essential for their self-esteem. And it cannot be shared with al-Yahud. Al-Yahud must give it up.

And not only that say the Arabs: they want to take it from them. Al-Yahud is lying. That is what Arafat said to Clinton ten years ago at Camp David. “When the Israelis say the Temples stood on Haram as-Sharif, they are lying because they want to steal it from us.”

Of course he would say that, this primitive punk Arafat, who put the Thief of Baghdad in his pocket as a thief, with two-thirds of the PA aid in his own private bank account.

He accused Israel of wanting to steal Haram as-Sharif from the Muslims…

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The Real Threat

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: The Real Threat
Webcast Date: 04/18/2010
Length: 38:25 Minutes
(April 18, 2010) …Our cruel, Hamitic, antediluvian neighbors know very well how we did not like the rain of 39 SCUD missiles that landed on Tel-Aviv and environs in 1991. And how we certainly didn’t like the 4,000 rockets in 2006. Or the Frog missiles a year ago that terrorized hundreds of thousands of Jews in the south and paralyzed life for them during Operation Cast Lead.

The Iranians, for they are the principle enemy here operating behind Syria and Hamas and Hezbollah, also remember all too painfully their own experience with terror missile bombings in their cities; in their capital of Teheran during the Iraq-Iran War 1980-1988. Saddam Hussein, that monster father of two psychopathic sons, figured at the time that with his revolutionary neighbor Iran in turmoil, he could just barge in and steal some of Iran. Like the legendary Thief of Baghdad. He wanted to steal Iran’s oil fields on the other side of the border between them, the Shatt al-Arab, which incursion lasted for 8 years. Eight years of hell in which a million people died that ended only because Saddam, who lost the initiative early on and was mostly on the defensive, was still able to keep launching missiles into Teheran and making life hell for the people there, which ultimately forced Khomeini to sue for peace. Khomeini was determined to fight until Saddam was vanquished, but those volleys of rockets were intolerable, which led Khomeini to agree to a cease-fire. He said it was like drinking poison, but he agreed to it because of those terror rocket barrages.

Ergo, this is what the Iranians might enjoy doing to us.

G-d forbid…

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Prince Obama Draws His Dagger

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Webcast Title: Prince Obama Draws His Dagger
Webcast Date: 04/15/2010
Length: 41:06 Minutes
Program Link: Obama Speech Signals a U.S. Shift on Middle East
(April 15, 2010) …And that was Psalm 100.

Finally, I want to go back to that mention of Rashid Khalidi, Obama’s friend, writing in today’s snooty, antiJew Foreign Affairs magazine online, who is positively delusional when it comes to Israel. He whines, for example, that 40 generations of Palestinians are buried in a central Jerusalem Muslim graveyard.

Forty generations? Assuming a generation is forty years, that’s like 1,600 years.

And he complains about “pushing settlers into Arab areas in Jerusalem” “Pushing settlers”? Nobody is pushed. All are volunteers. He says this is “part of a tactic of the Zionist movement for over a century to obtain control over more and more of Palestine.”

A century ago, it was the year 1910 and Jews were building on barren land outside the walls of Jerusalem, that’s true; and in any case in 1910, Palestine did not exist except in the minds and in the books of Jews and Christians. Arab Muslims had no conception of it.

I read this charlatan’s book, Palestinian Identity: The Making of a Modern National Consciousness. It was such rubbish. There was not one line in it concerning the content of this “Palestinian National Consciousness.” What it was about was a search for the time when Arabs began to call themselves “Palestinians” which is a very different matter. And his earliest, inconclusive find was the year 1908, when two Christian brothers in Jaffa became publishing a four-page newspaper using the name.

Which happened four years after Herzl had died and had already set in motion the creation of the first modern bank in the Holy Land whose purpose was to facilitate the purchase of land by Jews. That’s when the Arabs began to discover “Palestine”.

But even then – aside from this exception – the Arabs continued calling the land “southern Syria” for decades to come.

This guy has a PhD and writes in this prestigious magazine on foreign affairs. He occupies a fancy chair at Columbia. What has happened to the world?

Rashid Khalidi is yet another crackpot charlatan – who does deserve to sit in a chair named for Edward Said at Columbia University.

Like Obama, yet another fantast of a past that never existed concocted to justify hating and murdering Jews in the present…

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An Astonishing Emptiness

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: An Astonishing Emptiness
Webcast Date: 04/13/2010
Length: 39:27 Minutes
(April 13, 2010) …A final thought on Anat Kam to balance my perhaps ungenerous and uncharitable assault on her.

She looks to be a not particularly happy person based on pictures of her now in the media taken before the current mess.

She could be prettier than she allows her herself to be, and perhaps she turned out this way seemingly bitter, resentful, aggressive, revengeful because she was brought up so far from what she might have become already had she been raised in a Jewish, not an Israeli home: already a warm and nurturing mother of children and a husband.

The thought arose that her betrayal of the symbol of secular, post-Jewish Israel, the IDF, her assault on the IDF, has meaning. Some press reports had acquaintances of hers remarking on her failure as a pilot and unhappiness with serving as clerk/secretary.

Well, I suspect that before her time in the army she was embittered because somewhere deep in her being as a Jewish woman she sensed that she has been raised the wrong way, to have aspirations and feelings alien to her as a Jew and a woman.

Maybe this accounts for other leftists in Israel angry at the state, the culture so stripped of the best that Jewishness has to offer.

These leftists are on the surface furious with the state and patriotic and religious Jews, but underneath, one suspects, they are energized by a profound envious resentment for having been denied the right to be raised as Jews…

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“We let you live…”

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Webcast Title: “We let you live…”
Webcast Date: 04/11/2010
Length: 37:11 Minutes
(April 11, 2010) …Without the Jewish geniuses in the field of nuclear psychics, nuclear energy for civilian and military purposes, there might not be such a field.

Men not only like Albert Einstein but a whole battalion of Jewish physicists who dominated the field in the 20th century and built the first bombs.

The United States of America’s greatest defense during the Cold War was its undersea fleet of nuclear subs very much the handiwork of Jewish engineers.

Jews have been prominent in the nuclear programs of France, England, Argentina, Russia, and in a word, Your Excellencies in your medieval kingdoms and Islamic Republic dictatorships must know that if Israel had wanted over many decades to build, say, 20 bombs and drop them on Teheran, Ankara, Baghdad, Damascus, Amman, Riyadh, Mecca, Medina, Cairo and Algiers, etc. all in one morning’s work, Israel could have done it.

And that we have not is evidence of just who we are, which is the opposite of your medieval, nay, Dark Age, demonic fantasies of evil Jews.

You should all go home now and get down on your knees facing Mecca and thank Allah that we Jews are such nice people.

We Jews don’t have to sign any NPT treaty because we have proven ourselves over decades of being no nuclear threat even when it comes to our hate-filled neighbors. We have proven ourselves as responsible, civilized, humane people.

Versus the homicidal priests in Teheran who publicly make jokes about dropping an atomic bomb on tiny Israel at the same time as they move full-steam ahead toward making this bomb.

All of you leaders here in this assembly today should thank the kind people of Israel who have let you live, who are not at all like the violent Muslims of this world with their terror-bombing daily in Iraq and Pakistan and Afghanistan and Moscow and Chechnya and New York and London and Arlington, Virginia, Bali Indonesia.

You Iranians have murdered our people via your front organizations of Hezbollah and Hamas. You murdered hundreds of U.S. soldiers and marines in Beirut and Iraq and Saudi Arabia in terror attacks. You have proven you are not to be trusted to have in your possession nuclear weapons.

We are to be trusted. We have proven that. You are barbarians, antisemitic barbarians, and we give you an ultimatum: start dismantling immediately your nuclear program or pay the consequences…

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Enemies Domestic

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Webcast Title: Enemies Domestic
Webcast Date: 04/08/2010
Length: 39:24 Minutes
Program Link: Petraeus’s Israel Problem
(April 8, 2010) …But what may be the ugliest feature of the antiJew dreamers’ two-state solution is their claim that really all the elements have been there in the negotiations from the beginning, and all that has to be done is to revive the plans discussed at Camp David in 2000 and later on at Taba in the last days of Ehud Barak’s time in office, which was the shortest time in office any Israeli prime minister.

What is so revolting in all of this is the insulting refusal to allow us Jews in our own democratic state to choose our leaders and commonly on the basis of what they say and do and plan to do. Ehud Barak in 2000was run out of office by Ariel Sharon for having presided over the collapse of the leftists’ fantasy of decades by giving life to the insane Oslo years. He and his leftists brought down murder and mayhem on the Land in terrorist atrocities the likes of which the country had never suffered from in such intensity.

And so Ehud Barak was voted out as in his last weeks he frantically tried to come up with some agreement with the PLO, but they kept refusing. He offered more and more, but in the end failed.

And now these antiJews in Washington, these viziers to Emir Barack Hussein, want to return to those failed efforts, and in so doing tell the Israeli electorate, “We don’t care what you think. We know better. We have a higher standard of justice than you Jews in your eternal crucifixion of the real Jews in this conflict, the real victims, the Ancient Ones.”

Men like Obama and Malley and Scowcroft and Obama are on the side of the barbarians…

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Negative Force Obsession

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: Negative Force Obsession
Webcast Date: 04/06/2010
Length: 36:04 Minutes
(April 6, 2010) …Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 4th day, kaf-gimmel be-Nisan, Parashas Shimini, tav-shin-ayin, the evening of the 3rd day, Tuesday, 6 April, 2010, webcasting from the Land of Israel still under attack by the Philistines here and Philistines abroad.

In the days of the Shoftim/the Judges whose history is recorded in the seventh book of the Bible of that name, a period spanning 440 years, one of them was Samson who is remembered for saving Israel by bringing the Philistine temple down on his head in Gaza and in atonement for his dalliance with Delilah in the year 931 before the Common Era. A long time ago.

Twenty-four years after he did that, David the son of Jesse the Bethlehemite was born, and what catapulted him toward kingship at age 30, inter alia, in the year 877 before the Common Era was his slaying of the Philistine giant, Goliath.

In other words, the Children of Israel crossed over Jordan in the year 1273 before the Common Era, and here we are some 400 years later, in the age of Saul and David, when they were finally ready for kingship after contending with the Canaanites and Philistines for control of this Land.

And here we are 2,864 years after David slew the Philistine giant, and the top story in the Israel morning was of the Neo-Philistines in Gaza calling for a Strip-wide end to rocket fire into the villages and towns and cities of the Children of Israel that they built – versus the history of Ishmaelites in this land who built nothing. They built goornisht, nada, klum in this Land, but as true, ravenous Hamites they are shameless in claiming that what we created is theirs.

A few days ago around Shabbos, Salam Fayyad said there will an Ancient Palestinian state in two years with Jerusalem as its eternal capital.

I heard that and wanted to call a lawyer and sue this son of a female canine for stealing our slogan…

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Obama’s Passover Seder

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: Obama’s Passover Seder
Webcast Date: 04/01/2010
Length: 38:52 Minutes
(April 1, 2010) …So for me, Mr. President, I don’t buy the slogan “…home to the three great monotheistic faiths.” I think only one of them is authentic. And I don’t feel I am being greedy when I say Jerusalem belongs to the Jews any more than I would if I were a Frenchman saying, “Paris belongs to the French,” or a Russian saying, “Moscow belongs to the Russians.” Why must we Jews have to share our capital and with such a wild and bloodthirsty people?

So, unlike the good rabbi in Salt Lake City, I guess, who was not insulted by the Mormons running a seder, I am insulted by Barack Hussein Obama messing around with my religion. I don’t like his interpretations of the Passover Haggada, which word means “the Telling,” the telling of the story of G-d rescuing the Children of Israel from a nightmare because He wanted to install them in the Land He promised to their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – but not to Ishmael.

And I don’t like it that there were Jews at that table in the White House, as I imagine there were. Passover is not about “slavery” and “discrimination” and “persecution” in the abstract as a human behavior mankind must overcome. “We shall overcome…”

No. It is about the seed of Shem enslaved to the people of Ham and the promise to them of the gift of Eretz Canaan which they were commanded to transform into Eretz Yisrael…

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