Obama’s Affect

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…Another thought on Obama’s affect – when he made the announcement the other night, “affect” as the psychologists use the term, his emotional expression or lack thereof when he announced the successful operation: Maybe he was depressed for it is now no secret any more that Pakistan, the recipient of billions of American dollars, is a two-faced ally. For years, the Pakistanis said bin Ladin was in Waziristan, tribal areas we never go into, on the border. In truth, he was down the road from Pakistan’s equivalent of West Point.

On the one hand, Pakistan has been for ten years a support base for US operations in Afghanistan against the Taliban; and on the other hand Pakistan is itself a support base for the Taliban and even al-Qaida. Pakistan can no longer be shielded by Obama and his administration – and in fairness the ones before his – as a US ally against Islamist terrorists because Pakistan is one of them; it is an Islamist terrorist entity.

While some of its military and politicians may have been pro-Western, its covert, veiled, security agency the ISI is an Islamist operation. It has long been known that they were the backbone of the Taliban in Afghanistan, using Saudi money to support those lunatics at their worst before 9-11 which led to the end of their rule. On 9-11, Obama’s base was in Afghanistan, the country run by Muslim fundamentalist Taliban funded by Saudi Arabia.

And the relationship between Saudi Arabi and Pakistan is a long-standing one. The Saudi kingdom is a kingdom of illiterates and primitives and tribesmen with no real loyalty to the Saudi family that runs the place. They are not very good with modern, hi-tech equipment either. For this reason the Saudis have long relied on the Pakistanis to serve in their military. They even had a treaty saying that in the event they are needed, the Saudis can call upon 300,000 Pakistani soldiers to come and defend them. The way the United States defended them twenty years ago.

The Saudis gave Pakistan the money for its nuclear bomb program, and according to one source, the Kamra Air base in Pakistan stores A-bombs reserved for the Saudis. And there have been reports that given the tension with Iran lately, the Saudis have already moved some of their A-bombs into their country; nuclear warheads that can be fixed to missiles manufactured in Pakistan and in China.

In my own imagination I imagine that one factor deterring Israel from using A-bombs to crush Iran is the fear that this will license the Pakistanis to use theirs against us, G-d forbid.

In a nutshell, besides the Muslim maniacs in Iran and Turkey and Egypt, Algeria, Libya and Yemen, Pakistan may be the most dangerous Muslim regime of all…