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Euro-AntiJewism Lives

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…On Friday in Maariv’s weekend political supplement, Kalman Liebeskind wrote about the amount of money a whole group of European states give to our mortal enemies here, the so-called Palestinians. Listed were 12 nations (perhaps a mirror-image reflection of the 12 tribes of Israel) plus the EU organization itself, all of them giving together one hundred million shekels’ worth of aid which goes into the pockets of Israeli and Arab NGOs whose life-blood is Israel-bashing in defense of Israel’s victims, the Ancient Ones.

Here’s the list of the countries from the biggest giver to the smallest: Number 1, Great Britain, then Norway, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, and Belgium and then of course the EU.

In other words, every one of these European countries uses these NGOs to undermine the policies of the democratically-elected government of Israel. Imagine what, for example, the UK might have said had Israel at the height of the North Ireland violence been revealed as supporting the IRA in any fashion. What would they say in Madrid if Israel were caught funneling money to the ETA, the Basque underground wanting just like the Ancient Ones their own state, with the difference being that the Basques really are an ancient people with all the characteristics of nationhood unlike the Balestinians about whom there is nothing Palestinian?

So via the Quartet, via the back door support for these NGOs that employ Jewish antiJews opposed to the democratically-elected government of their fellow Israelis, the Israelis working with the antiJews in Europe undermine, subvert, and betray, like all leftists the society they live in…

Jewish antiJewitis

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…So it has come to this for the J Street perversion, this creation out of the mind of the Jewishly-deranged George Soros, inviting to their annual convention on Saturday night such as Roger Cohen of the New York Times and Naomi Chazan, head in Israel of the New Israel Fund which supports a whole flock of Israel-bashing NGOs; Peter Beinart a journalist who thus far has shown this reader he is a first class ignoramus when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict. His writing is absent all references to facts. It is like LTF’s writing on Israel: it is all emotion. LTF, Little Tommy Friedman, recently called Israel “a spoiled child.” No facts; no information. No intelligent reasoning on display. No arguments are made, just kvetching about how terrible we Jews here are to the Ancient Ones.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, I think, psychologically speaking, this syndrome; call it Jewish antiJewitis. You have this Jeremy Ben-Ami, head of J Street, like Friedman, like the famous scientist of politics in Israel here Dr. Beilin. All of them profess their love of Israel but, oddly, seem to have nothing good to say about it. It is this constant whining absent fact and argument, observations and logic.

It is an interesting syndrome, I think, in which these actors present themselves to the world as lovers of Israel, when all they do is bash it and make nice to Israel’s mortal enemy the Arab nation; they take the Arab side in the conflict. They help them make their case against Israel and justify them in their bitterness toward Israel.

Also in attendance on Saturday night at that J Street jamboree will be Michael Lerner editor of Tikkun Magazine. What a piece of work he is. When he started that magazine in the mid or late 80s, I was publishing on Israel with some success and sent him a piece on Islamic antisemitism.

He returned it with comments and requests, which is common for an editor. An editor will ask for a clarification about something that seems to be a contradiction. And what about the opposing argument?

So you re-work the piece to his specifications; and so I did and returned it. And again it came back with more requests and observations. I re-wrote it, returned it. Back it came a third time and by then it was clear this bum was just stringing me along. He would never publish it because of who he is, with whom I was unfamiliar at that time. Lerner it turns in the 1960s was just another local jerk in the Northwest (originally from New Jersey) like Abbie Hofman or Jerry Rubin, an attention-getting antiwar protestor. And now Israel was his target. My piece was about the role of antisemitism in Arab lands, and that role in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and in his mind that subject was taboo. I have never seen it discussed in the New York Times either.

He had no good arguments against anything I said in the piece. He just was incapable spiritually of printing it.

That’s who these Enlightened Jews in our time are: the Reform rabbis, this J Street crowd, the Thomas Friedmans and Yossi Beilins and Martin Indyks, Jews caught in the grasp of the claws of this strange spiritual disorder of claiming to be a big lover of Israel and Israelis who have nothing but venom to spit at us…

Hillary Ain’t No Jefferson

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…Did you see Bibi’s statement issued Saturday night after Shabbos in reply to Imam Barack Hussein’s veto at the UN on Friday? Unlike Hillary Clinton’s flabby pabulum words, his was calculated, shrewd, clever and even sotto voce witty. Here it is: “Israel deeply appreciates the decision by President Obama to veto the Security Council Resolution today. Israel remains committed to pursuing comprehensive peace with all our neighbors, including the Palestinians. We seek a solution that will reconcile the Palestinians’ legitimate aspirations for statehood with Israel’s need for security and recognition.”

To repeat: “Israel remains committed to pursuing comprehensive peace with all our neighbors, including the Palestinians.” There is a world of history in this sentence, starting with the word “comprehensive.” My book in progress will pinpoint the day that word entered the lexicon used to talk of Israel and our fight for survival. It first appeared in a UN Security Council resolution in 1975, the same one (I think) which awarded the PLO observer status at the Council, i.e. the right to be present but have no vote. It was in the same year as the “Zionism is racism” vote in the General Assembly.

“Comprehensive” was a new word and it signified that for the desired peace referred to in Res. 242 of 8 years earlier after the Six-Day War to be realized, all parties to the conflict had to be satisfied. In 242, the parties concerned were Israel and the contiguous Arab states that went to war to destroy Israel. But starting in 1975, there was a new party to the conflict which also had to be satisfied: the Ancient Palestinians. And they were inserted – they were invented – to shield the Arab states so that they would not have to recognize Israel and make peace. So long as the Ancient Ones were dissatisfied, there would be no peace. And in 1975 the PLO was clear that satisfaction meant the destruction of Israel.

So here is Bibi in a way applying a little verbal jujitsu. Notice how he commits Israel to a “comprehensive peace, including the Palestinians,” which indicates satisfying all the Arab states, and only then the Palestinians. It is a way of saying that for Israel, this remains the Arab-Israeli conflict and not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Notice too how he uses the word “legitimate,” when Hillary and Rice and Imam Barack Hussein used on Friday “illegitimate,” which here suggests that while the Ancient Ones have “legitimate aspirations” – and of course all aspirations are legitimate, which is not the same thing as all wishes are legal – they must conform to Israel’s need for security and recognition. This is like wanting to square the circle, for the only way to satisfy them is by crippling Israel’s security.

And as for Israel’s need for recognition: this is a lovely, low key reference to Islam undergoing a spiritual earthquake on a par with the Protestant Reformation or Vatican II’s cleansing of living Jews and future Jews of the guilt of killing the man from Nazareth.

Bibi surely knows that the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state is, at least for now and the foreseeable future, a messianic fantasy…

Sex, Jews & Cruelty

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…Speaking before of the assault on Lara Logan the CBS TV journalist and the sex lives of too many Muslim males in Egypt, Israpundit carried Noni Darwish on the subject, and she knows best, being an Egyptian Muslim woman for most of her life. Now she is an ex-Muslim, and she writes with authority on the term “uncovered meat” that Muslim priests use to describe women without Muslim robes and covering in the street. She reports what corroborates what my traveling companion Angie told me about: the misery of walking in crowded Cairo. Darwish reports that 98% of foreign women are sexually harassed in Egypt.

And there is a connection between what happened to Lara Logan in Tahrir Square and who showed up in Tahrir on Friday, if not the famous Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, host of Al-Jazeera’s most popular show, a man banned from Egypt since 1961, this Muslim maniac of a mullah, a Sunni, who hates the West, hates Jews, hates women.

He is a supporter of the sexual mutilation of women. He is a supporter of the suicide bombing of Jews by his disciples in Hamas. And there is connection between the two facets of this culture, the suicide bombing of Jews and the sexual harassment, abuse and mutilation of women.

What is the connection? Those boys who blow themselves up are on their way to, let’s not forget, an endless, drunken orgy of deflowering virgins for all eternity. These are the boys who blow themselves up in crowds of Jews. And this Qaradawi is a justifier of the connection between those two phenomena. He took over Tahrir Square on Friday, that famous square where just the other day LTF and other Enlightened people in the West thrilled to the display of all these budding Muslim Thomas Jeffersons pining for democracy. The truth, I am sure, is that a major percentage of the men in that square were Muslim thugs like the brutes chanting “Jew Jew Jew” who assaulted that poor woman.

The sad truth of the Egyptians and of the so-called Palestinians, all these Arabs today in an uproar in like a dozen Arab states, is that as nations, citizens in a state with a unique history and culture as a people they can be proud of and take pleasure in, they are among the poorest people on earth who have only Islam – as Karl Marx would say – as their opiate; their religion as a drug to sooth the pain of their empty lives.

Did you ever notice the common black and blue mark on the forehead of a Muslim male which he gives to himself over a lifetime of bowing down to the ground like a slave and pressing his forehead into the stone floor of a mosque? Over the years this literally flattens the forehead and leaves a permanent black and blue mark.

But if the spiritual people of the Far East are right, there is an invisible third eye in the middle of a forehead, the true seeing eye of wisdom. You see it in statutes in the East, the Buddhas.

But if so, these Muslims spend a lifetime crushing that eye, blinding that eye, pressing it into the floor, extinguishing the light…

The Eternal Resistance

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…The latest skirmish in the eternal culture war here in Israel erupted yesterday when Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar said that starting next year his ministry will support school field trips to the Cave of the Machpelah in Hevron – to which our Enlightened politicians and journalists reacted predictably. That is the burial tomb of the three great couples.

Spitefully – which word may have meant full of spit – the Enlightened spit out their outrage. Haaretz was in fine form. Its front page team of Kashti, Hasson and Lis featured the head of Meretz and other opposition MKs to the plan, men and women of Enlightened views, who said this was “brainwashing.”

In classic Haaretz fashion – which is the first antisemitic newspaper written in the Holy Tongue – they also cited the NGO called Breaking the Silence whose crusade is exposing the racist, fascist, imperialist abuse of the Ancient Ones by Israel Defense Force soldiers. Its director Dana Golan asked that members of his group be allowed to accompany such school trips. “We don’t believe it is possible to visit the tomb and discuss the Jewish nation’s glorious past without discussing the circumstances that led to the present situation – the paralysis of commercial life” among the Ancient Ones there. “The shutting down of hundreds of shops, reprisal acts by the driving of thousands of Palestinians from their homes.”

What he is referring to is the Jewish enclave of less than a thousand Jews which has been re-established in formerly Judenrein town of 165,000 Ancient Ones according to this very article. “A few meters from the entrance to the tomb, there is a path for Palestinians and one for Jews. These are sights reminiscent of German propaganda from 1933 and later.”

This moron doesn’t know the origin of those two paths. Before 1967 there was only one path: for Ancient Ones only; Muslims only, no Jews allowed. And that we allow these people to continue to practically defile our holy site is testimony to our peaceful intentions.

He went on, “Hebron is a bad example for all of the occupation’s ills. You cannot educate to humanism and tolerance and peace while sending students to visit the Tomb of the Patriarchs.”

Yeah, he wants to educate to humanism; he does not want to educate to Judaism.

It is hard to decide here what is worst: the pathetic hatred of one’s own people, the historical ignorance, or the bizarre misinterpretation of the situation.

This pro-“Palestinian” Israeli seems not to now that before 1967, this biblical city, the first capital of King David, was perfectly Judenrein, off limits to Jews. He seems not to know that for a thousand years and more, Muslims prohibited Jews from visiting what is basically the family plot of the Jewish nation. A Jew could only walk up the first seven steps toward the tomb. If he stepped on the eighth he would be beaten.

In 1929, in August, the tiny community was so savaged by a rampaging mob of Arabs the British afterwards forcibly drove the survivors in the community from their homes because they said they could not defend them from the Arabs; that it was for their own safety. That put an end to thousands of years of Jewish life in Hevron altogether.

And then since 1968 this now 1000-person community has brought the neighborhood back to life. And it is defended by the armed soldiers of the Jewish people who keep the other 165,000 at bay. Without the IDF, they would tear them to pieces in their ghetto neighborhood. What these Jewish antiJews see is this tiny community bullying and oppressing the other 165,000.

In 1994, thanks to the immoral temper tantrum of Baruch Goldstein, the ghetto had to be strengthened and in the process some Arabs were evicted.

And it is for them these Enlightened leftists are pouting.

There is something wrong with these people, these embarrassingly ignorant and traitorous dejudaized Israelis…

Antisemitism Itself

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…Well, with the news out of Egypt today much more subdued, with many in the crowds of the last two weeks going back to their usual lives, the Muslim Brotherhood did announce it was going to field candidates for the coming elections for the new parliament.

Of course they will. In 2005 that won 88 of the 454 seats of the lower house, and it is a reasonable assumption that they actually won far more than that but the level of corruption held their mandate down to 88.

And last November, what do you know, those poor Brothers did not win even one seat. And it is a fair bet not because their popularity had plummeted but because Mubarak’s loyalists gave them no quarter this time.

So if they field a slate of candidates for elections in the fall, they might not, probably won’t win a majority. But they could win the plurality and end up as the largest party, especially since there are something like two dozen other parties – a sign of how this community hasn’t got a clue about the mechanics of good democratic government machinery. Like in Israel: too many parties. Real democracies are like the human body divided between left and right, heart and mind; and they tend to two produce two big parties, not dozens.

And the campaign is already underway to whitewash the Brotherhood. It will proceed apace for sure.

But the free and democratic Westerners must not let themselves be fooled about a new and improved, moderate, modern Brotherhood. No more of that old-time religious jihadi fanaticism for them. You know, Barack Obama’s and James Clapper’s vision of multiple voices in a heterogeneous Brotherhood.

Perhaps. But the fact remains that the leader of the Brotherhood remains Mr. Muhammad Badie, 66, who just recently, according to Charles Levinson in today’s Wall Street Journal, pledged that the Brotherhood “would continue to raise the banner of jihad against the Jews,” which he called the group’s “first and foremost enemies.”

Levinson then added he has also “railed against American imperialism and calls for the establishment of an Islamic state.” And I point out: notice the sequence, the priorities. First, the Jew-hatred; then the America-hatred; then the wish for an Islamic state.

All of which makes perfect sense to yours truly. For the Qur’an – what Emir Barack Hussein calls respectfully the Holy Qur’an – does contain many, many verses about Jews and they are not positive to say the least. There is even one verse which Mr. Badie here seems to be quoting almost verbatim. It says that of all the enemies of Believers in the world, the Jews are number one. They are the most hostile to Believers, “even more than Christian priests.”

As I said before, Islam is less an antisemitic religion and more a religion of antisemitism…

Spiritual Rabies

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…What is going on here? What is going on here is what has gone on in every century for thousands of years: there is a mass hysteria out there among many people when they think about us Jews. Here is this UN woman who equates us with these other, savage people.

Adolf Hitler, remember, I mentioned last webcast, believed the Jews were bent on exterminating all Germans, so in self-defense he took action. Ergo, Auschwitz and the extermination factories, the camps, the slave labor. What a plague of madness Nazism was, a kind of mental influenza epidemic or spiritual Bubonic plague like the physical one in the 14th century that carried off like a third of Europe. In Europe in the 1940s, in the 20th century, tens of millions of people died as if there had been a bubonic plague, a Black Death, only this time the disease was spiritual, mental. It was the Nazi mindset which infected not only Germans but many people in Europe. Everywhere the Germans conquered and exterminated Jews they were helped by the locals, often enthusiastically. In Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Holland, Croatia, Ukraine, etc. The locals often led the way for the German exterminators.

There was a homicidal madness in the air, a kind of spiritual rabies which turned human beings into homicidal maniacs against the Jews, on the basis of a fantasy of Jewish evil that had no basis in reality…

Nazis and Muslims

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Program Link: Is Egypt Hopeless

…So, as I say, I finished this book on Nazi propaganda which exposed for me as never before how thoroughly insane not only Hitler but his lieutenants and legions of Germans were; ensnared in their insane perception of what we Jews are up to.

It was a totally crazed distortion of the truth which made our image in their minds that of sinister, evil, functionally in league with the devil people who are out to get them and then the whole word.

I finished the book about the same day the news out of Egypt began hinting that these demonstrations were no passing phenomenon; they were becoming serious. They started in the last week of January, and there in the official PA newspaper Al-Hayat al–Jadida on 26 January, in the sports section for some reason (all of this according to PMW/Palestinian Media Watch site, thank goodness for them) an article described Israel this way: Israel is a country “whose aim is destruction and the ruin of humanity. It disseminates destruction, ruin and weapons in the world. It acts to kill nations, to threaten them and to occupy their land. It acts to disseminate the culture of hatred and racism among human beings.”

This article in the official PA mouthpiece also referred to Mt. Carmel, which was built up by us Jews after 14 centuries of no development under Muslims and Arabs. It was barely populated into the 1920s; today hundreds of thousands of Jews live on its slopes and on top of it; the University of Haifa is up there. The PA newspaper called it“the occupied Palestinian Carmel mountain.”

But pay attention less to the anti-Jew coveting of what we developed and claiming it is all rightfully theirs and take notice for a moment of the claim that Israel wants to “destroy and ruin humanity and disseminate a culture of hatred and racism among human beings.”

This is the “moderate,” centrist, great white hope PA talking. This material is functionally Hitlerian. For Hitler and his henchman truly believed that the Jews were out to get Germany, that they were not only Germany’s Public Enemy No. 1; they were out to exterminate all Germans and then go after the rest of mankind…

Islam’s Silent Majority

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Program Link: Anti-Semitic Imagery at Egypt Protests Draws Yawns from Western Media

…Speaking before of Gen. Jim Jones at Herzliya in his functionally religious vision of Arab-Israeli violence as something G-d wants Emir Barack Hussein to put an end to in order for peace on earth to reign, on Saturday at the annual Munich Security Conference British prime Minister David Cameron surprised many by addressing the intolerance of Muslims living inside European communities like his own, for which he was chastised by the Enlightened media in his country and elsewhere – the Enlightened are simply incapable of criticizing Muslims.

But even he exhibited the terrible tendency to see Muslim terror as the work of extremists in Islam. As JPost’s anonymous editorialist today put it, “Unlike those on the far right, he recognized the difference between Islam and Islamist extremism and specifically rejected the claim that “Islam and the West are irreconcilable – that there is a clash of civilizations…the extremism we face is a distortion of Islam…let us give voice to those followers of Islam in our own countries – the vast, often unheard majority – who despise the extremists and their worldview.”

Here almost ten years now after 9-11, he sounds like Pres. Bush, Jr. right after 9-11 at his worst: preaching how Islam is a religion of peace.

But when he said, “Let us give voice to those in our own Muslim communities who despise the extremists,” he inadvertently touched upon a major truth without being aware of it. What did he mean, “Let us give voice to those who despise the extremists”? The problem with his “vast, often unheard majority” is that they themselves don’t give themselves voice. If he and his ruling elite see it as their role to give them voice, all is lost. If they themselves do not speak up, then like the righteous men of Sodom, they deserve to perish with the guilty.

The problem with Islam is that the vast majority either approves of the terror devils or says nothing against them, let alone does something against them.

Let us assume that of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims, the overwhelming majority are not terrorists; and I believe that 99% of them are not. Let us be even more generous. We Jews constitute not 1% of the world’s population, not even a half of one percent, but a half of that, so let us assume Muslim murderers constitute only one half of one percent of Muslims. That still means there are over 3 million of these maniacs, with all the rest either silently cheering them on or taking no action against them.

Someday, there will be leaders, G-d willing, who go beyond the still politically polite and correct David Cameron who understand that the distinction between Islam and Islamism is baloney.

Islam the culture is the obstacle to peace on earth, not us Yidden here in Samaria and the hills of Judea…

The Muslim Brotherhood II

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Program Link: The Muslim Brotherhood Hates Us

…Lastly, the desire by people in the West this week like Hillary Clinton to see Egypt “transition to democracy” is a misconceived notion.

And the reason for that is that democracy requires a different religious culture. The famous German sociologist Max Weber’s most famous book was called The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.

And indeed there is a connection between the free market and the concept of freedom. Protestantism was a cry for freedom and far more rooted in the Torah miSinai than Roman Catholicism; the Torah whose Ten Commandments begin with HaShem identifying himself not as the Creator of the Universe but the Redeemer of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery.

What Egypt needs today; what the Arab world and Islam need today before democracy is a reformation of Islam. They need less a political than a religious revolution which, G-willing, will teach them to stop persecuting the Copts in Egypt and Christians elsewhere in Islam in Iraq, Pakistan.

They need a reformation which will delegitimize murdering apostates, murdering non-believers in acts of horrendous terrorist atrocities, and above all, legitimize the right of us Jews to live free of Qur’anically mandated, Muslim oppression and humiliation.

That is another instance of their psychological projection: they crave humiliating us, so they accuse us of humiliating them.

So that’s it for this Sunday evening, the first of the week. I’ll be back on Tuesday, G-d willing. Until them, leila tov mi Eretz Yisrael.

The Muslim Brotherhood

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…So it’s been interesting this week to scan the different reactions of the different players to what has been happening in Egypt and how, as observed last webcast, hostility to Mubarak in Egypt has been very much a function of his keeping Anwar Sadat’s peace treaty with Israel.

Today a JPost correspondent in Cairo, Ben Hartman, wrote up interviews with “the man in the street,” young men in the Square who described the “years of peace with Israel as a humiliation.” One even said, “Egyptians feel still feel their country is not completely free of the Israeli occupation of Sinai” that ended with Camp David. “The Egyptian army can’t enter Sinai, we feel it is still Israel. There are Israeli people there all the time when we go. Yes, we have peace but we have no dignity.”

Got that? So long as there are Jews that are free there, Egyptians can have no dignity. He is just referring to tourists.

Another demonstrator holding a picture of Mubarak with a Star of David on his forehead – I’ll bet a lot of you saw that – said, “We don’t want to take orders from Israel anymore.” This guy’s delusional. Another said, “All Egyptians hate Israel.” And so on and so forth.

And now let’s revisit that George Soros piece in the Washington Post today where he sees Israel as “the main stumbling block” to American foreign policy in the Middle East. He said, “Israel is unlikely to recognize its own best interests.” George Soros, you know, knows better. “And AIPAC,” he said, “is no longer the sole representative of the American Jewish community.” Egypt is exploding and this man is attacking AIPAC.

He is not alone in being obsessed like this, virtually driven. Look at LTF today, Little Tommy Friedman, in his column. As Egypt comes apart at the seams, and one Arab state after another faces restive masses, Friedman managed to work into his piece the term “apartheid state” which, for the umpteenth time, he warned Israel is in danger of becoming if it uses this Egypt crisis not to make peace with the “moderates” among the Ancient Ones.

Soros is obsessed. Friedman is obsessed. Friedman quoted Arab pollster in Yosh Khalil Shiqaqi, whose Islamist brother, I remember, Fathi Shiqaqi, was liquated in Malta by the Mossad some years back. Khalil Shiqaqi called Israel, “paranoid, messianic and greedy.”

Just like the Egyptian demonstrators in Talat at-Tahrir, Jewish antiJews today are driven to strike out at Israel. How upset they are because the chaos in Egypt has only strengthened Israelis in our distrust of the sons of Ishmael and given us further reason not to surrender the heart of the heart of the Promised Land to our mortal enemies.

Yeah, scary times. But as the Chinese say, interesting times, especially for us Jews whose independent existence on a strip land 50 miles across unhinges the soul of man…

Obama Knows What He is Doing

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Program Link: Obama Egypt Strategy Could Place US at Risk

…Kenneth Timmerman, the investigative journalist, posted on Newsmax yesterday material that was a significant catalyst for my thoughts this evening. I’ll put up the link.

He reports that two months before Obama’s Cairo speech, he welcomed two members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to the White House.

He also, and I remember this, lifted the ban on Tariq Ramadan coming to the States. He is the grandson of the founder of the Brotherhood Hassan al-Banna, who was also, by the way, the uncle of the notorious Jew-killing terrorist Sabri al-Banna better known as Abu Nidal, who likely met his end when, for whatever reason, Saddam Hussein had him murdered. Tariq Ramadan is an intellectual who lives in Geneva and his game is denying the evil of Islamic fundamentalism. He was invited to be a scholar-in-resident at Notre Dame, the American University in Indiana, but was denied entry into the country during W’s time in office.

The MSM today here in Israel and elsewhere has focused on opinion in Israel, concerning the outrageous behavior of Obama in turning his back on Mubarak.

I think it is not so much that the US does not know what it is doing. I think Obama knows exactly what he is doing.

HaShem Yirakhem. God have mercy…