Obama’s Immorality

Internet Radio

[audio:http://www.deprogramprogram.com/audio/110522_Excerpt.mp3|titles=Sha’i ben-Tekoa]
…So there is a deafness of a kind in Bibi Netanyahu, really his whole cohort of dejudaized Israeli sabras when facing off against an anti-Jew like Obama. Bibi’s response to the magic words “1967 borders” was to say, “They are indefensible,” which completely misses the point of Obama’s demands. Obama pays lip service to Israel’s defense needs but simply is not interested in them. His demand is an assertion that Israel is in guilty possession of land it stole from the Ancient Ones. Obama’s demand is less a strategic choice and far more an opportunity to smear Israel with guilt. The proper response is not that it is an indefensible line but that this land is our land, not theirs.

Bibi’s missing Obama’s intent. Obama’s intent is not about military defense. It is about asserting that all of Judea and Samaria is Arab land. It was Arab land before 1967 (and never mind it was no less occupied by Jordan than Israel which kingdom had no right to be there) and it must remain in Arab hands in perpetuity according to those who think like Obama. Israel has no right to rule, to own, to govern, to decide the fate of, live in Judea and Samaria because it is land that rightfully belongs to the Ancient Ones, the victims of Zionism, colored Third Worlders like Obama’s father and grandfather in Kenya. In Obama’s eyes, Bibi is the guilty one. Israel is the guilty party that vanquished the Ancient Ones and stripped them of their ancient homeland. Obama has in his head a cartoon perversion of historical truth.

One can only hope that Bibi uses his speech before the joint session of Congress on Tuesday in a way he has never spoken before. I think it was wrong of him in that face-to-face video to say again as he has said on so many occasions how much he wants peace and how much Israel really wants peace. He seems to think that that is his job: persuading our enemies of our good, benevolent, not malevolent intentions. Bibi is always trying to persuade the world how much Israel wants peace, which only re-enforces the enemy in his weird way of projecting his own aggression against Jews onto Jews. The Arabs chronically see themselves as Israel’s victims. Israel, in their minds, strikes at them for no reason other than Israel’s evil racism.

Instead, Bibi for a change might go on the attack and paint our enemies in their true colors. They are past masters of re-writing history right out of George Orwell’s brilliant writing. They are as a people as antisemitic as the Germans and the Austrians and other Europeans were in the 1930s and 40s. Bibi could cite but won’t the work of PMW, which he never does. They record the PA madness about Jews which is as wacky about Jews as Hamas or Nazi propaganda. Bibi must smear Abbas with responsibility for the PA media which is steeped in classical, demonic images of Jews as supernatural demons.

Bibi has got to, ultimately, finally, some day, besides singing of our Israel’s good will, stake a claim to our ancient homeland and assert our right to live anywhere in it and our right to rule over it and it does not matter that there are more Arabians in at the moment than Jews.

Instead of bleating about Israel’s wanting to create a Balestinian state under certain conditions, Bibi must go to war against the immoral policy which declares that Jews do not have the right to keep the spoils of war taken in legitimate self-defense…