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The Price of Deception

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Program Link: First-Class Islam: Eric Holder Puts Muslims Above Terror Suspicion

…Well, yesterday was International Holocaust Day and I wish that half of our Knesset and other movers and shakers had not gone to Auschwitz because it is not our day. The State of Israel has its own Holocaust and Heroism Memorial Day, as it is called, while traditional Jews include its victims with those remembered on the 9th of Av.

This January 27th date was I think a UN concoction, which already in my mind smears it with a bad smell, for that is an antisemitic operation through and through.

Like other manifestations of covert antiJew animosity, the UN links the Holocaust with other episodes of man’s inhumanity to man on a massive scale when the Holocaust was unique…

Bibi’s Bombshell

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…And surprising it was this morning at first light to hear Kol Yisrael report that the prime minister on Friday in Davos, in meetings with the Secretary of State of the Muslim-led United States of America told him [this later from JPost hard copy] “I have no intention of evacuating any settlement or uprooting any Israelis.”

This of course was a bombshell in Israel today. What? Bibi has agreed to the creation of a state of Balestine presumably in Judea and Samaria in which the so-called large settlement blocs will remain but by implication the little ones will be destroyed and the Jews driven out of them as in Gush Katif.

But here was Bibi basically laying claim to not just the so-called large settlement blocs but all the settlements…

The Jews’ Tragic Flaw

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…The history of the Jews is a history of creating religions and religious sects and their sectarians. Most notable, Christians, Muslims, Karaites, Samaritans, Essenes, Sadducees, Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist and even Yiddishists.

And historians of the future might eventually classify the Zionists as one of them and for sure one of the strangest Jewish movements in history. For one, it is surely the first that does not casually refer to non-Jews as goyim. For Israel’s Enlightened, it is even an ugly word for it sets the Jews apart, and being standoffish has been, the Enlightened think, one of the main reasons people hate us.

I used to have an English friend, a very pleasant fellow, who said “The problem with you lot is you stick together.” No biological theorist of the racial inferiority of Jews, he had no objection to them blending into English. It was their persistent difference and community with one another that bothered him.

He was not prepared to see that this is so for a couple of perfectly understandable reasons, such self-protection from goyim like him and his English people with a record of persecution and discrimination and irrational fantasies about us.

Another reason is we like each other and share a world-view together. We are proud of Jewish accomplishments and are not embarrassed to remain Jews and live with other Jews…

O Canada

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…Not that I am either disappointed or angry. I do not accuse him of hypocrisy. If I were Stephen Harper I would do exactly as he has: publicly defend Israel but officially go along with the policies of similar governments because Stephen Harper may love Israel but is paid a salary to defend Canada and Canadians. And if his government were not to take the politically correct line and even come out in support of Jewish sovereign rights in Judea and Samaria, he could become another Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama responsible for the killing of four US personnel in Benghazi. If Canada was not to take the conventional position, this would license in the minds of the homicidal Hamites here in the Middle East an attack on a Canadian consulate, embassy, business or people. Stephen Harper may be a great friend of Israel but he is a greater friend of his own countrymen and it would irresponsible to go public with support for Jewish rights to Judea and Samaria…

These Are Our Neighbors

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…If John Kerry believes that Muslim terrorists today are driven by the poverty of their upbringing, he hasn’t been reading the newspapers for the several decades, even as he served, inter alia, as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

In other words, this incident Malkin reported on I find truly frightening because it is more evidence that in addition to the secret Muslim agent imposter in the White House, who also is on record saying 9-11 resulted from “poverty, ignorance, helplessness and despair,” the State Department is run by an idiot.

The Secretary of State of the United States of America thinks that the horrors of international terrorism pulled off by Muslim maniacs are rooted in their poor childhoods?

Lord have mercy. How did this happen? How did the once great United States of America raise up for leaders these two jerks who have by their stupidity and malevolence presided over a Middle East turned upside down and set on fire…

Indyk the Instigator

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…I sensed a personal insult in Bogie’s words when he said, so to speak, “Who is this pisher John Kerry to teach me about how to deal with my neighbors?” And Maariv today also fingered Martin Indyk as the leader of the pack, in touch with left-wing Israeli reserve officers and U.S. military officers who have worked with Israelis and support Imam Obama’s views. It is Martin Indyk who is orchestrating the operation against Yaalon and Netanyahu’s view, the view of the overwhelming majority of Israelis who follow the news that withdrawing from the Jordan River and allowing the Arabs as much power in Judea and Samaria as they now have in Gaza, would be suicidal…

Yaalon Speaks

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…What’s going on — this weirdness of phony peace talks — is the result of persisting in the vision of Rabin, Peres, Beilin and other Enlightened post-Jews called the Oslo agreement. Kerry and world antiJewry keep trying to drive us from Judea and Samaria on the false premise that what the Arabs want is just Judea and Samaria, though by their refusal to salute the right of the Jewish people to have their own, independent state anywhere in Balestine, they put the lie to that.

What Bibi does by his ultimate his demand — that they recognize Israel as the Jews’ state as of right — is to expose the lie that their goal is the positive creation of yet another Arab-Muslim polity when their real goal is the negative destroying of the Jews’ freedom and stealing all their money…

Ariel Sharon, z”l

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…In fact, Oxford University historian Albert Hourani, in the early 1990s published a major work he called A History of the Arab Peoples (note the plural) and in his introductory pages was at length to explain his title for even he has trouble seeing an Arab nation, a unified community.

The history of nationalism in the West covers centuries of a process of ever expanding group identities which congeal into one identity. Spain, France, Germany, Italy et cetera came together as separate and singular nation-states after centuries of provincial princes and dukedoms.

But the Arabs, by contrast never became a nation. They remain largely tribal and regional and incapable of shedding their particular local identities for a larger national one.

And what is happening today in the Middle East is the bonfire of the Arab nationalist movement going down in flames to the rise of imperialist and totalitarian Islam, terrorist Islam.

And in this turmoil, Israel’s Arab Christian citizens should understandably be moving in the direction of the Druse who may speak Arabic but don’t call them Arabs. According to this report, some of them are starting to call themselves Arameans, not Arabs…

Same-old same-old

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…So this morning an IDF patrol along the Jurassic Park-type barrier surrounding the Gaza rectangle came under mortar fire. Three shells landed. No casualties, no damage. By noon, the Air Force executed two bombing runs, claiming afterwards to have “intercepted terrorists during their final preparations to launch rockets toward Israel.” Just about every day now there is fire out of Gaza and Israeli counter-strikes which kill a teenager here, a teenager there.

And again the MSM today said it was the “Palestinians” who fired the mortars, which I consider the worst kind of journalism. All these rocket-launcher boys are themselves launched by Hamas and Islamic Jihad and other cells all bearing Islamist names, all of them functionally disdainful of nationalist identity. They see themselves as Muslims fighting the infidel Jews whom the Qur’an calls the Muslims’ worst enemies. As Muslims they launched their deadly weapons, but the MSM here keeps calling them “Palestinians.” Same-old same old…

“Israel and Palestine”

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…In any case, this ignoramus of our neighbors Ehud Olmert doesn’t get it that the dream of “full equality” between Jews and Muslims is the antithesis of their dream. They want to return to the days of yesteryear when they were the dominant people who treated Jews the way white trash in the segregated American South treated their “Nigras”: with contempt, sadism, disrespect, exploitation, injustice. Olmert dreams of a world the Muslims never dream of, and because there are far more Muslims around here than Jews, his dream of “full equality” is logically and simply not of this world…

The Silence of Israelis

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…Lastly, Mordechai Kedar had a great lede sentence today in JPost Features:
“Everyone is aware of the American plan to impose the Muslim Brotherhood on Egypt and any other country that would allow it. The reasons for this American plan were revealed on this stage a half-year ago.”

Think of that. This is would have been the equivalent during the Cold War of having a president in the Oval Office who sided with the Kremlin against his own country.

Last week FOX TV posted a video clip of Charles Krauthammer saying, “Obama has taken the side of the mullahs in Iran against Congress.”

Think of that: to me it is on the same level as Obama demanding, like the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland, that everyone think of the Ft. Hood massacre as a workplace accident having nothing to do with Islam!

At the Nelson Mandela funeral, Obama, besides his now infamous “selfie” photograph, met with the head of the Polisario Front based in Algeria which attacks the traditional American ally Morocco.

The Polisario is categorized in the State Department as a terrorist outfit, and here was Obama smiling next to its headman, Muhammad Abdel Aziz.

Hashem Yirakhem. Lord have mercy…

Kerry’s 10th Visitation

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Program Link: Obama Classmate: He Was A Lying, Drug Using, Homosexual Foreigner

…So John Kerry on one side descends from Aaron the brother of Moses, a Cohen forebear who betrayed Aaron and Moses by his apostasy and became Roman Catholic, and on the other descends from the first Americans who loved the Jewish Bible. He was back in town today for his tenth visitation in 11 months.

His compulsive fixation on Israel is by definition unhealthy for distracting attention from the main enemy to his country, imperial Iran which if not stopped will eventually have enough equipment and weapon to stand eye to eye with the United States of America and basically aggress against it in order to topple America from its perch as the greatest country in the world.

Muslims like Kerry’s boss don’t like it that the world looks up to America. Obama in public declared he does not believe in American exceptionalism. One assumes — but only assumes – that as a progressive, multicultural thinker he prefers to see all cultures of equal worth; and I emphasize “one assumes” that is the alternative but he may also be thinking, “No, the one true exceptional culture is Islam.”