The Settlements are Legal

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Program Link: Harper will defend Israel ‘whatever the cost’

(November 9, 2010) …President Obama in the Far East where he lived as a Muslim school boy said this “kind of activity” his words “was never helpful.” And never mind that the activity of Jewish people over the last 150 years of building in Jerusalem is what turned what was a stinking, Muslim backwater of a museum-like town into a modern, thriving, lovely city. His beloved Ancient Victims of the Jews’ ancient cruelty, the Balestinians, didn’t build anything; certainly nothing more public than a mosque. Today, though, they shamelessly claim Jerusalem is theirs. We Jews started building in this city before there were any Arab dwellings east of the Turkish walls. We built this city, made it 10 times larger today than it was 100 years ago, but these descendants of desert highwaymen insist the city, the heart of Jerusalem, is their property. And the State Department seems to go along with that.

This is a lie on a par with the Muslim claim that Avraham was ever in Mecca with his son Ishmael. Where does it say that in our holy books? It doesn’t. The first Muslims just made it up. You know, like the schoolyard bully who yanks a ball from the hands of a smaller boy, Ishmael stole Judaism from Israel. At the point of Islam’s birth it was always already 2,000 years old…