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No Lies in Araby

Internet Radio

Program Link: Damascus Friday Sermon: The Americans Established ISIS to Destroy Syria

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…No, Abbas did not know he was lying, for truth and falsehood are of no interest to him. Barnea, who surely sees himself as a cosmopolitan who has transcended the ghetto-like insularity of Jews, is nonetheless a hopeless provincial for his inability to take the full measure of this man Abbas and his society, his culture in which truth is not objective but subjective. The truth is that he and his people were humiliated by the loss of Balestine. He in particular who as a 13 year-old in 1948 ran away to Lebanon and did not fight when 13 year-old Jewish boys did what they could to support the war of independence. They did not run away.

Abbas is also an Arab and from time immemorial raiding other tribes and stealing their property was a way of life and nothing to be ashamed of. One raided other tribes and made off with their goats, sheep, camels and women in the knowledge that when their victims recovered, they would counter-attack to take back what was taken from them and then some. That was the way of the world.

In this life and death struggle with al-Yahud, one can say whatever one wants so long as it wounds the enemy. Abbas, no less than before the “Zionism is racism” smear of 1975, sees Jews as Nazi-like in their aggression and so genocide fits their behavior, for genocide was the crime of the Nazis, which crime the Jews have used to blackmail the world into recognizing their right to independence in Balestine. Well, if the Jews are guilty of genocide, they lost that right; and if the Balestinians are victims of genocide, they too have the right to statehood in Balestine just like the Jews…

Evolution, Kosher-Style

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Indeed, as we approach misnamed Jewish New Year – misnamed because the birth of the Jewish people was Passover in the year 1313 before the Common Era, Rosh HaShana commemorates the birth of man as he is known today.

The Jewish mystical tradition teaches — long before Darwin — that Adam was not the first humanoid but generation No. 971. That there had been 970 generations of man prior to his birth but they all were more animal-like than human. The way sort of Ishmael was in his character and behavior a slave of his animal instincts, more like an untamed, undomesticated jackass than a man.

No, what the evolution of man, the successive generations may have accomplished is refining the good qualities of man away from his similarity to animals but always, never completely free of them — until Adam, the first man born with free will, the freedom to choose to surmount our animal-like drives, urges and appetites.

And what was the first thing the new version of man and woman learned after eating from the Tree of Knowledge? Their first knowledge of anything was that there is good and evil, and they are not the same. And G-d their Maker wants them to choose to do good and refrain from evil…

Holocaust Cultists

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…How ironic. The Holocaust of the 1930s and 40s was the greatest human sacrifice in history, and of the people whose mission in life it was to make known the existence of the true Creator of Life who is no god of the Aztecs or Canaanites who demanded human sacrifice but just the opposite: He opposed it.

The Aztecs seemed to believe that the explanation for death was the demand of their god, so if their priests provided victims every day, the priests themselves and their people would be spared death. Hence the victims were always the surrounding smaller tribes.

And since Adolf Hitler imach shemo was a self-proclaimed pagan who wanted to return Germany to its pre-Christian roots and even build temples to Thor and Odin as he established his 1000 year-Reich, he too may have dreamed of eternal life by sacrificing in all the Jews.

Genocide was his bid to conquer death by feeding his notion of god all the Jews…

Jews: Nation or Religion?

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The talk-backs on the Israeli websites daily carry the ravings of these people afflicted with this mental behavior which commonly conceives of Jews as conscienceless murderers and cold-blooded killers. I have been fascinated how the 50-day war was perceived by antiJews as “genocide” committed by the IDF, soldiers who deliberately, wantonly, willfully slaughtered children and women and other civilians for no good reason other than the Jews’ evil nature.

Very much as that Turkish TV dramatization of the Gaza fighting in 2009 portrayed an expressionless Israeli soldier calmly, almost mechanically, shooting to death a terrified Arab girl.

It is truly a satanic conception of functionally supernatural, inhuman Jews who live to murder, when of course the news lately should have made plain to the still disbelieving that it is Muslims for whom murdering helpless people is their way of life…

Us Head-Chopping Settlers

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes indeedy. The world is nauseated once again by Muslim behavior as on 9-11 and this is how not the cranks on the fringes of society in Islam but it leaders, the politicians, the generals, the academics deal with it: in classical fashion according to the cultural anthropologists. These shame societies, not guilt cultures, simply cannot assimilate and deal with guilt; only shame and big time. One of the hosts on FIX TV responding to the latest ghoulish beheading – ghoul being an Arabic word and figure in folklore akin to an African voodooist’s zombie, by emphasizing how they humiliated David Haines in that video.

And because these blood-thirsty maniacs lack all guilt, like sociopaths in the West. they are barbarians, and have been through all of recorded history. The word “barbarian” is believed to derive from the ancient Greek word varvaros, in meaning a non-Greek primitive, and it was attached to the Hamitic peoples (as we see them) on the other side of the Mediterranean which came to be called the Barbary Coast, home to the Barbary Pirates who my pioneering research exposed were not pirates but mujahedeen for centuries; as they are today.

And here was the Balestinian Authority whining that the ISIS Crisis was stealing the spotlight from Ancient Ones suffering no less at the hands of the Jews, camouflaged verbally as “the Occupation.” I am suggesting that as in Algeria in 1950s when the Muslims there learned to talk the talk civilized people wanted to hear, about national liberation not jihad, so the “Zionist Occupation” today has become a cover-up for al-Yahud. The Jews, the spawn of Satan, bearers of all evil…

Mutiny in the Ranks!

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So the big story today was the letter sent on Friday to the prime minister, chief of staff and head of military intelligence by 43 “Palestinian nationalists” of Jewish extraction who used to work till Friday in Unit 8200, the Sigint/signals branch monitoring telephone calls, text messages, emails and faxes among the enemy Arabs in Judea and Samaria.

Not that these 43 young men and women see in that way. They see Balestinians in the “occupied territories,” which is one reason I say they are of Jewish extraction. They are legally, according to Jewish law, Jews but clearly they don’t see things that way. No knowledgeable and self-respecting Jew calls these hills “the occupied territories,” a nameless name which works to cover up, camouflage, their true names: Judea and Samaria whence cometh the very word Jew.

The Greeks were occupied for over three hundred years by the Ottoman Turks and it’s a fair bet that when two Greeks overseas ran into each other and discovered they came from the same country, they did not say, “Oh, are you from western Turkey too? No, speaking in Greek they called their homeland Ellada, the Greek word for Greece.

But here in Israel and among many Enlightened post-Jews in the exile, their homeland is “the occupied territories,” with the implication the current ruler — Israel — is a temporary sovereign which really doesn’t belong there…

Israel Must Speak the Truth

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yet here is Israel basically running scared. There was a big Poli. Sci. analysis in JPost today, a whole page by veteran academic analyst Avigdor Haselkorn who claims that the IDF conducted Operation Protective Edge “constantly looking over its ‘Goldstone’ shoulder…” This time IDF officers even boasted of the stationing of military lawyers at various command levels to advise planners of the legality of impending actions. Combat engagements were likewise videotaped to prepare alibis for a possible “Goldstone II” inquiry… [which led to the] “ensuing degradation in the IDF’s military effectiveness which is precisely what those who hatched the fact-finding committee had hoped for. At the same time – whether by design or default – the Goldstone Report also made Hamas even less deterrable than before and more determined to hid among the civilian population in Gaza.”

Can you imagine? When in the course of human combat have lawyers been attached to combat units to monitor their behavior in light of rules of war in this case penned by the International Red Cross? That is the originating body of the Geneva Conventions.

And I ask when are Israelis going to figure out that the lion’s share of the criticism of our conduct in general and specifically in combat comes out of the cesspool of Jew-hatred?

Caroline B. Glick is Very Wrong

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Program Link: Preacher on Hamas TV: The Jews Are the Enemies of Mankind

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…For example, take the post today, an editorial in the important Teheran daily Al-Kayhan written by its editor, Mr. Hussein Shariatmadari, a close associate of El Supremo, basically the High-Priest-Pope Dictator of Iran, Ali Khamenei. There is/was a famous ayatollah with the same last name; I wouldn’t be surprised if this editor is a son, a brother.

The editorial included excerpts from previous editorials by him in 2006 and 2013, where the main thrust is that there was no Holocaust of the Jews and the real Holocaust is Israel’s actions against the Balestinians. Nothing new there.

What was new was his assertion that even the term Holocaust originally was used to describe the burning of an entire community of Christians in Yemen before the rise of Islam ordered up by the Jewish king of Yemen. After World War II, the Jewish Agency appropriated the term holocaust for its fabricated story of the murder of 6 million European Jews.

In this current editorial of 3 August, he also said that “the characteristics of the Zionists that are familiar to the world’s residents include their worship of money, their cruelty and their cowardice.”

In any case, he said the Zionists are not even real Jews and like the Pharaoh in the time of Moses they murder children to pre-empt threats.

You see what I mean about the power of the very idea of Jews and its ability to derange the mind. Here is a mind truly unhinged from the truth and facts of history and today’s reality…

The AntiJew York Times, II

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Let’s stop right here. If Kershner were my teenage daughter in a rebellious phase who talked like this to my face, I would want to give her a little slap in the face for this, insolent antiJew performance.

Her story about this satanic, evil triple kidnapping and homicide, accuses the State of Israel of error in its reading of the situation, of over-reacting. Of blaming Hamas in Gaza when it was not to blame.

This is also a form of insolence in writing that “Israel regards Hamas as a terrorist group committed to Israel’s destruction” as if this were just Israel’s opinion and not necessarily the truth.

In my book, its spine is the coverage of Israel over decades by the New York Times and how the vocabulary has morphed; how, for example, before the Six-Day War the Times reported on Arab terrorists here, but afterwards the Times began placing quotation marks around the word “terrorist” to convey to the reader this was Israel’s view of them and not necessarily those of the New York Times…

All Islam is Guilty

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I too want to know why today, among the dominant religions in the world, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc., why is it that only Islam has produced devotees of head-chopping, like what just happened to another American journalist like James Foley, only like yours truly, a dual citizen of the U.S. and Israel, poor Steven Joel Sotloff? Like Daniel Pearl, like those four Arabs in the Sinai beheaded last week, all of them victims of arguably the human animal in its lowest and most evil incarnation.

And it is not only the individual agents of Satan who do the actual head-chopping who are evil. No less are the leaders of every Muslim country who have not opened their mouths to protest this horrific behavior.

And they are joined in this evil by every Muslim preacher, in particular the heads of Al Azhar seminary in Cairo and the head of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Their silence screams out of their evil.

And of course the two-headed leadership of HAMAS, Mashaal and Khaniyeh too; and Nasrallah at the head of Hizballah. Islam as a whole, not just the so-called extremists are guilty for the horrible beheadings…