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Now the Northern Front

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Suddenly the southern front falls silent and the northern one heats up. Suddenly the Islamist Muslim Brothers in HAMAS stop firing their murder rockets — but don’t tell Navi Pillay — and the Islamist Jabhat al-Nusra Front, son of al-Qaida, is kidnapping people like Barbary Pirates on the Golan Heights, right on our fence with Syria, which has lost control of the border.

Last week they kidnapped scores of Filipinos and Fiji Islanders, UN peace-keepers, though so far the rationale has not been made public by these mujahedeen, holy warriors of Islam, in reality unholy agents of Satan. And since so far they have not publicized the purpose of this kidnapping, from which overnight some the Filipinos were rescued, some escaped, one can only surmise that they object to the presence of non-Believers bearing weapons and endowed with authority on Muslim land.

Let’s remember that according to the biographies of Osama bin Ladin, what lit his fuse was the fact that in 1990 when Saddam Hussein overran, looted and raped Kuwait, the panicked Saudis, his people, asked the US and others infidels to come to rescue them and prevent Saddam from continuing beyond Kuwait into Saudia. Bin Ladin was humiliated by this and judged the Saudi regime bad Muslims. Muslims are very much into humiliation…

What Bibi Lacks

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And so it was last evening. The prime minister made an intelligent argument for his decision to agree ceasefire. Aside from letting Gaza’s fishermen go six miles out inside of three, he denied every demand of the enemy. They got nothing except a promise to talk some more about their demands a month from now. All their bombast about “no cease-fire until all their demands for lifting the blockade and building seaport and restoring the wrecked airport and salaries for their civil servants came” to naught.

Bibi was proud to point out that not one of these demands was met, and indeed as other analysts have pointed out, in the end HAMAS was begging for a ceasefire which came about when Israel ratcheted up its destruction and started bringing down whole apartment buildings.
Netanyahu also boasted of the diplomatic achievement of being able to fight for 50 days of legitimacy from the international community.

He ticked off the elimination of some 1,000 terrorists, the bombing of some 5,000 structures associated in one way or another with HAMAS, Islamic Jihad and other cult groups. He brought up the smashing of the attack tunnels and rocket launchers, weapons factories and arsenals.
But to all this I say, so what? We killed 1,000 active cult members; they will be replaced soon and with no trouble.

This type of warfare in which a military presents such achievements is a cop-out, for it does not address the reason for the homicidal violence these sons of Ishmael never tire of bleeding us with.

To listen to Bibi last night was to listen to an athlete proud of his victory over his opponent in the recent battle. But that is not to be confused with victory in the war…


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Excerpt from this day’s program:

Over a hundred rockets yesterday. In late afternoon seven people were wounded by a missile strike, one of them died. And the rockets kept falling right up to 7 p.m. when the latest cease-fire was announced. The wording of what HAMAS agreed to matters little; sounds all rather vague. Israel was reported to have ceased fire too, and it is impossible for yours truly to know what the Three Bs — Bibi, Bogie and Benny – know. Only they have all the information – how many Iron Dome rockets are left, things like that. Ceasefires are also commonly used to re-group and reinforce.

All I can think of hoping for is that they all agree that in the final analysis, Gaza has to be defanged and that likely means a major invasion costing much in money, which I think we have, but also hundreds more dead. For the wicked stupidity of the Oslo Abomination we paid with the lives of over 2,000 ordinary Jews slain by our savage neighbors, and I fear we must sacrifice some more…

There Must Be Blood

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The Teaching from Mt. Sinai, specifically the book called Beraishees/Genesis, tells us that after Ishmael was expelled from his father’s community of followers, more than a thousand for sure, he went to live in the desert and became an archer.

And what is an archer? A killer who uses his bow and arrow to kill animals for food and kill other men.

Rashi calls him a listim, a highway man, he who waylays people when they are at their most defenseless and robs them and kills them if he chooses, having no civilized conscience to restrain him.

And so Friday a missiles fired out of Gaza of the Philistines crashed landed on a car which blew apart and sprayed shrapnel on this adorable little boy and killed him.

A week and change ago Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said it was safe to return home and even got poetic about these farmers returning to their seasonal tasks, and boy was he wrong about that; so the people of the communities lining the Gaza zone of barbarism are fleeing again. Again these communities are being abandoned, and today the military analysts are finally focusing on the oddball problem: in this violence, the threat to Israel is less the big rockets — the Iron Dome handles them — but the short-range projectiles, indeed the mortars, against which there is no comparable defense. I think the Red Color warning for those communities being hit with mortars is like 15 seconds and even less.

This is death not by a knockout but a thousand cuts. It is the little stuff which is now killing us…

Good News, Maybe

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Today in JPost their estimable Herb Keinon reckoned that we are entering the second round of this fighting and the international leeway and legitimacy that Israel enjoyed at the beginning, following the triple murder of our boys, has been depleted.

Perhaps. But I think he wrote this before news of the decapitation of James Foley. For sure, Israel was thoroughly smeared with the blood of innocents before the cease-fire but I think Israel could profit from yesterday’s horror in Iraq if only it were capable of doing what it has never done: and that is to dismiss Palestinian Nationalism for the hoax that it is and turn the spotlight on HAMAS as a soul-sister organization of ISIL. Israel needs its ambassadors abroad to link in the mind HAMAS with ISIL for HAMAS became famous through suicide bombing every bit as grisly and gruesome as this latest decapitation by a Muslim of a Western infidel. For I don’t see much aesthetic or moral daylight between cutting off Foley’s head, and exploding oneself on a crowded rush-hour bus in Jerusalem which explosion blows the heads off several Jews at the same time.

I remember that image well, never actually shown in photo but described in words by a policeman who boarded such a blasted bus at the Patt Junction in Jerusalem in which he said the people who had been sitting in the front row, like two abreast on either side of the center aisle, were still sitting there as if nothing had happened only they had no heads. They had been blown off their shoulders and were in the back of the bus. Israel needs to make clear that our self-defense against HAMAS is the same as fighting al-Qaida and ISIL…

Decommission Gaza, II

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I guess it is with mixed feelings this evening that one greets the return of the rocket fire, ruining the lives of thousands of Jews, and that is because how can one be grateful for such terror, but on the other hand, I have been fearful that Israel would settle for, as Bibi said at the outset, “Quiet for quiet.” But I reject that as a goal of policy and hope that maybe this latest betrayal by the Arabs and their return to mass attempted murder and destruction will lead to Israel finally, after 14 years — and really after 47 years — do the right thing with Gaza. Israel must decommission Gaza and return the real estate to its historic place as within the Land of Israel.

The Arabs in Gaza must be helped to live elsewhere in the Arab world, and with 21 sovereign Arab states spread over territory larger than the United States of American by 40%, there is room for them. And with so many Arab states awash in billions of petrodollars, funding such a population transfer should be no problem.

One of the things I don’t like about Bibi’s goal of “quiet for quiet” is that it is typically short-range. None of the children and grandchildren of the original secular Zionists who dreamed of a state in the future seems capable of imagining a better future, which should include decommissioning Gaza as this cesspool of Jew-hate that it represents…

The Islamists Are Right

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Bibi has to call a press conference for early evening when it can be broadcast live on CNN and the BBC World Service, FOX, Al-Jazeera and everywhere around the world during which he states that the Muslims in the Gaza Strip have no right to fire rockets into Jewish communities, Jewish farm houses and Jewish land; into Jewish towns like Sderot, into the homes, the modest apartments of good people; into children’s playgrounds; into children’s bedrooms. They have no right to do this and because they do not, we have the right to do anything necessary to make them stop. And we will not stop until we see the white flag surrender and we are able to destroy every missile in the Strip and the machines used to make them. Israel declares to the entire planet that these barbaric people have no right to turn our tiny country into a shooting gallery. The age of the Coliseum in Rome in which Jews were butchered by gladiators and wild animals for the amusement of the pagans that the Roman were is no more. Israel will not tolerate anymore this behavior that Israel tragically did not deal with properly for 14 years…

Arab Muslims Hate Guilt

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Well, the top story today in Israel was the Wall Street Journal piece this morning was about the Muslim Brotherhood secret agent in the Oval Office halting a shipment of weapons Israel needs to defend itself from his fellow Muslim Brothers in HAMAS. Makes sense to me.

Actually, I heard a rumor of this about a week ago only as with most rumors, one difference was the word that it was Iron Dome missiles in US arsenals here in Israel that U.S. managers were refusing, on orders, to supply. Over the past month I’ve worried about that; I’ve wondered how many Iron Dome missiles we began with and how many more remain. We have used a lot of them.

But the word this morning was that the missiles in question were not Iron Dome but Hellfire air-to-surface missiles Israel fires from helicopters at Obama’s fellow Muslim Brothers down below in the Gaza rectangle. In a word, the story was of His Majesty the Great and Fundamental Transformer of the United States Imam Barack Obama upset that Israel was communicating directly with U.S. defense officials without first asking the Imam for permission, and the upshot of the story is that henceforth His Majesty, Emperor Barack Hussein will want to approve or reject every one…

Tomorrow Night We’ll Know

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

In this very week when the Council chose this proven enemy of the Jewish people to judge us as gross criminal violators of human rights, Yediot’s veteran Arab affairs reporter Smadar Peri, a reliable source, reported on the deaths of 160 children in Gaza, boys, not at the hands of the IDF but HAMAS who had been recruited into building the tunnels and perished in work accidents, cave-ins and the like.

Described was how they were recruited and/or coerced by masked HAMAS boys into doing this work, with dozens of them being killed on suspicions of spying for Israel. Before a workday began, they would be strip-searched for hidden microphones given them by the Mossad, it was believed. Dozens were murdered just on suspicion.

Where is the UN Human Rights Council on this report? Smadar Peri reported that over the last 3 years, 160 had died in work accidents building the tunnels, 60 had been murdered on suspicion of spying for Israel and presumably other acts of resistance to their overseers…

What Must Be Done

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…On Friday the International New York Times ran yet another official, anonymous editorial on the war against Israel which twice referred to “both sides,” one of the signature hallmarks of contemporary antiJew modernism, the moral equivalence gambit, which is at bottom a form of antisemitism because it insults Jews terribly by equating us with their satanic terrorists and the illiterate Muslims who cheer them on and vote for them.

This editorial referred to Israel and Israelis 11 times; to Palestinians 7 times; to Hamas 4 times.

There was no appearance of the words “Islam” and “Muslim”; no mention of Muslims hiding behind children and in UN buildings. The editorial concluded with the hope that the “indirect talks in Cairo between Israelis and Palestinians lay the ground for something bigger and more durable than one cease-fire.”

What a dishonest piece of journalism. No mention that HAMAS is a self-proclaimed branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, the source of all the so-called Islamist, extremist, terrorist organizations like Al-Qaida, Hezballah, now the head-choppers of ISIL in Iraq.

And it is Israel’s fault that the New York Times and other anti-Jew operations can get away with this shielding its readers from the truth; the truth that Islamic Jihad and HAMAS, the two principle two cults in Cairo the last few days are not “Palestinian” organizations. They are Muslim organizations…

That Old-New Blood Liberal II

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…Think of the sequence in the novel and movie The Godfather in which hotheaded son Santino gets a hysterical call from his sister who is constantly being slapped around by her husband Carlo. Sunny explodes, jumps in his car to go to her rescue and on the way is ambushed and killed by a rival gang. It was all a set-up. Carlo was paid by the rival gang to slap his wife around again in the knowledge Sunny would react as he did.

And so HAMAS, I reckon, ordered up that triple homicide of the boys in June in the knowledge Israel would react severely. It did, re-arresting the killers released for Gilad Shalit, which then licensed HAMAS to begin it rain of rockets.

And the result for HAMAS: world-wide condemnation of the Jews as child-killers, not HAMAS. In a way the entire episode has been a successful HAMAS campaign to smear Jews with the crime of being conscienceless, cold-blooded killers of children.

HAMAS has been calling for Arabs in Judea and Samaria for months to murder Jews, and today the world is outraged at us for our disproportionate use of force, basically, our willful, deliberate, cruel and sadistic murder of children.

The blood libel lives…

Hamas Must Be Destroyed

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Program Link: Palestinian Islamic Jihad Video Showcases Subterranean Rocket-Launching Capabilities

…Yeah, HAMAS is this evil organization of lunatic antiJew gangsters who have become millionaires as they skimmed off the foreign aid money that reaches the Strip, which they use not to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of the UNRWA slums but to build this mind-boggling underground world of tunnels and hidden rockets. You saw that in the video right? How they dig pits in orchards with sliding covers. They install rocket launchers in the pit which they then close and cover over with dirt until the moment they want to fire them to terrorize Jews in Sderot and elsewhere.

Gaza is notorious for its terrible water supply and sewage disposal system which could have been repaired with all the money HAMAS — the government — spent on these tunnels, the miles of them lined with concrete and iron.

You may be remember in years past Israel’s refusal to allow such building materials into the Strip for fear they would be used against us.

But the Enlightened said all the Ancient Ones wanted was to build new schools and medical clinics.

Yeah. Right. How much they care for their children.

Israel’s public diplomacy never exposes the utter corruption of these HAMAS big wigs, their hypocrisy and sick, medieval, even magical Jew-hatred…