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The War against Judaism

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…Bibi seems to be playing for time and doing what he thinks will deter the antisemitic Europeans from having an excuse to aggress against us economically and politically, but I doubt the ultimate effectiveness of his tactics and strategy.

I think he would be more successful in dropping this futile insistence on Israeli security concerns which no one cares about and rebuts in any case with proposals such as Kerry’s calling for surrendering land and having the US and other powers defend Israel instead of the IDF. That, they say, will answer Israel’s security needs.

I would much rather see him speak the truth that this aggression against us by the Ishmaelites and their backers in the EU and the White House is nothing but the old-time religion in modern dress.

This war against our presence in Judea, Samaria and above all Jerusalem is a war against our religion, and it is in the realm of religion Israel must fight.

Official Israel must tell our enemies that this is the Holy Land, the Land promised to us by the G-d of the Bible, and their hatred and aggression is nothing less than a war against our religion, and we wish they would knock it off…

More Murderers Go Free

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…It is nothing short of astounding to yours truly that after the awful driving of 10,000 Jews from their homes in Gush Katif they had every right to live in, the destruction of their communities, the wrecking of lives and livelihoods – which destruction brought nothing in the way of peaceful intent out of Gaza just tens of thousands of missiles — that Israelis like Peri and Livni can envision an even greater expulsion of Jews from Judea and Samaria. It is as if they learned absolutely nothing from the destruction of Gush Katif and subsequent rocket attacks. They still cling to the Oslo fantasy that at the end of the day the Arabs will say, “Okay. Just give us Judea and Samaria and we will cease being the violent haters that we are and become smiling good neighbors.

It is truly amazing to yours truly as well that Peri can talk this way in a week when all around us our Muslim neighbors are as usual in such violent turmoil. These people have never learned to live peaceably with one another but with us Jews they will?

Israel in Denial

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…This war-crime claim that the settlements are a war crime according to that Geneva Convention is nothing but more ugly antisemitism in its dishonesty. As the Levy Report argues — as has been argued for almost 50 years now since the Six-Day War — Israel’s claim on Judea and Samaria is arguably the greatest claim on the basis of the League of Nations Mandate, which was perfectly silent about any nation of Balestinians having title to this real estate, and Israel’s capture in self-defense and routing of the Arab Legion which was truly in illegal occupation.

Tragically, and almost mysteriously, one government after another in this country has refused for almost 50 years to publicly stake Israel’s claim to this land. Regardless of the political party in charge, every Israeli government has operated in the hope of ridding itself for much of this territory in exchange for peace, with even this right wing prime minister publicly acknowledging the rightness not of Jewish sovereignty but Ancient Balestinian sovereignty…

Fighting for Jewish Rights

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…Caroline Glick today in JPost finally got around to what yours truly has preached for years: this is a battle for our rights, not for acceptable security measures and the right of the “victims of Zionism.”

What Israel needs to battle is the poison favored by such as LTF and Alan Dershowitz that yes, Israel may have the right to live in Judea and Samaria but more important than Israelis rights is peace with the Ancient Ones. That is more important than Jewish rights.

But I say Jewish rights are as important as Negro rights were in the Jim Crow South and the rights of Blacks in apartheid South Africa to better treatment by the government of the country.

How materialistic these Israelis are, the offspring of post-religious Jews, post-spiritual Jews. How imprisoned they are in material concerns like security arrangements instead of fighting for the right of this people to life, peace, liberty and the pursuit of Jewish life in our ancient homeland, which includes the right to keep the spoils of war.

What Bibi has done is join the antiJews in agreeing to the rights of our mortal enemies while begging only for security measures which by their very existence are evidence of his belief that our neighbors even after the hypothetical creation of a Balestinian state will still want to destroy ours, dip their hands in as much Jewish blood as they can and steal all the wealth we have created here…

Why G-d made the Arabs

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…About two o’clock this afternoon an innocent inter-urban bus for guilty Jews – in the eyes of Muslim Believers – was chosen by one of the sons of Ishmael to be bombed — but fortunately the dozen-only people on it alerted the driver to an abandoned bag. He saw wires sticking from it, pulled the bus over –it was in Bat Yam at the time on the way to Bnai Barak. He told everyone to leave, which they did. The police were alerted; sappers arrived, and as they were dealing with it, it blew up. Fortunately only one of the sappers was injured lightly.

The police surmise it was planted by Arabians fearful that the so-called peace talks would succeed and these factors oppose any peace between Believers and what the Qur’an calls their worst enemies, the Jews.

Today’s incident likely is related to the attempts two days ago on Friday and yesterday, on four separate occasions, IDF soldiers opened fire on Arabs who appeared near the barrier between Gaza, just a few miles down the coast in this tiny state from Bat Yam, who also seemed to be placing a bomb. On Friday when soldiers saw suspicious movements along the fence, they shot in the air to frighten the hostiles away, but when they did not leave the soldiers took aim at their legs and hit two of them.

Yesterday on the holy Sabbath there was similar activity and this time our soldiers killed one of them…

Remembering Anna Frank? Why?

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Program Link: Why I Support the Academic Boycott of Israel

…Unbelievable. If you remember, Olmert that corrupt fool, offered to give away the store and it still was not enough for this Arab thief who demands everything. Here he is claiming he was ready for a deal back then and when everyone remembers he rejected the disgusting Olmert’s offer.

What will it take for otherwise sober people to see and understand that Abbas and his tribesmen simply do not want a state in Judea and Samaria even under the most generous terms and the reason for that is that they are in 2013 no more willing to accept the right of us Jews to live free of their tyranny than they ever were. Which is why Bibi demands they admit to that right, which is a variation of what Ehud Barak demanded of Arafat 13 years ago at Camp David, that he sign off on language containing the words “end of conflict.” Ehud Barak also was ready to give away the store in exchange for such a declaration which Arafat would not give, which refusal blew up the Camp David talks, in addition to his demented claim to Bill Clinton’s face that the Jews never had a temple on Haram as-Sharif. The Jews only say that because they want to steal it from the Arabs.

How’s that for psychological projection?

What Will the Goyim Think?

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…I had an Israeli woman friend for many years, raised in a truly antisemitic Communist household, who spent ten years in London getting a degree in history and then becoming a professor of history in Israel, who was convinced even after ten years in London, that the English did hold English Jews in contempt but not Israelis whom they saw as virtually another nationality. Some of the English, she believed, were so uneducated they did not think of Israelis as Jews at all.

She is the type of Leftist intellectual here who insists that because she does not believe in the Jewish religion, she is not a Jew. She does not believe in Catholicism, so don’t call her a Catholic, and likewise don’t call her a Jew.

Ron Pundak, another I think historian, one of the Oslo architects, says the same thing. He insists he is not a Jew but like her a Communist.

And one suspects it is this attitude which contributes to the inability of Israelis like the otherwise estimable Bibi to declare the legality, indeed the righteous right of Israel to sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, a right ultimately rooted in the Jewish religion, because they are embarrassed to identify with it. Or like Livni and Beilin, they are determined to keep religion out of it, out of the conflict here, because then there is no solution…

The Religious Heart of the Matter

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Program Link: Kidnap ransoms ‘fuelling terrorism’ – UK Foreign Office

…The aggression against Israel for our presence, continuing presence in Judea and Samaria; in Hevron, Shechem and above all Jerusalem is clearly more than an attack on the Jewish people. It is part of history’s endless resistance to the religion of the Jews. In this our struggle is a religious aggression, as Jews have been the target of the religions of Christianity and Islam and Communism, a substitute/phony religion, all of which snarl at the refusal of the Jewish people to forsake our religion for theirs.

Like the famous Sherlock Holmes story in which the key clue was the dog that did not bark — an event that did not happen — it is the absence of religion in all this blah-blah about Balestinian nationalism — a phantom if there ever was one — and military defense measures and tactics and techniques which alludes to Religion as the heart of the matter…

Hope Dashes

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…The Free Beacon today reported that the dominant Senate Democrats will not take action against Iran in opposition to the wishes of their antisemitic leader in the two weeks remaining of this Congressional session. The hope had been that via the Senate Banking Committee and the annual defense authorization bill the crippling sanctions needed could have been installed but now that hope has ended. Israel’s greatest friend in the Congress, Republican Representative Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota who after high school visited Israel and worked on a kibbutz and fell in love with the country, called the Senators’ obedience to the president not to take such action is a “tragedy. This is our first president who has truly made a decision to be truly anti-Israel.”

While Israel Slept

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…What’s interesting for those of us with memories of history in the Dutch case is how forty years ago at this time there were still, I believe, dozens of Dutch truck drivers in the country who had volunteered to come here during the Yom Kippur War because of the mass call-up. I myself, at the time, not yet an Israeli citizen, happened to be in the country at the time and I too volunteered to drive a truck, in my case carrying fuel from the refineries in Haifa, because all the able-bodied truck drivers were still in uniform.

This was six years after the Six-Day War and I don’t recall anyone in Holland complaining that Israel was in illegal occupation of these very same hills. It was not an issue.

Also from an historical point of view, the hypocrisy of the British takes one’s breath away…

What’s It All About, John?

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…A featured speaker was Yuval Diskin, former head of the GSS who brainlessly said the absence of peace with the Ancient Ones was a greater threat to Israel than Iran’s A-bomb project.

And his bright idea was calling for an immediate building freeze beyond the Green Line as a gesture of “good will,” which won him a wave of enthusiastic applause.

I heard about that and thought this is some of kind of political Alzheimer’s, a collective amnesia among otherwise intelligent people who seem to have forgotten the 10-month freeze that commenced four years ago in November 2009 which brought us nothing

But then again, this was just more proof that this conflict is through and through wholly an unholy religious conflict. There are no “Palestinians” yearning for a state but Muslims incapable of letting Jews have one; and Jews like these Enlightened Tel-Aviv types who hate the communities in Judea and Samaria also for religious reasons; their hostility to the religion of the people they were born into, the only people whose religion created their nation…

Israeli Blindness

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…On the micro level, the self-starting, free-lance attacks continue. Last Thursday, as reported here, a Jewish infidel, a two-year Zionist female, was hit by a rock thrown by a Muslim warrior in the Armon HaNatziv neighborhood in Jeruaslem which abuts Tsur Baher, an Ishmaeli neighborhood. The little girl had her head smashed for the crime of being a rebellious Jewess riding in the family car. She was rushed to hospital semi-conscious but the latest reports are positive. After extensive tests, she was sent home on Sunday, as the police announced yesterday they had arrested five wild-ass-of-a-man Ishmael clones for the attack, about Ishmael’s age too, Arab teenagers, but of course the MSM here, and even Arutz 7 called them “Palestinian Arab” teenagers even though there is nothing Palestinian about them. Maybe if enough people buy and read my book it will help turn the tide in this regard…

Geneva’s Great Success

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…Remember too how in the spring of his first year Iran’s voters were betrayed by the Muslim priests running that country who oversaw a wholly corrupt vote, after which people came out in huge numbers to protest and Obama said nothing in support.

How many times must this Muslim crusader do something exposing his true intentions, his support for Islamists in Turkey and Iran, before people wake up and face the truth about him?

As I have said before, when he called the Ft. Hood massacre perpetrated by a Muslim religious fanatic shouting “Allahu Akbar!” a workplace accident, immediate steps should have been taken in the Congress of the United States of America leading toward his removal from office under the rubric of high crimes, including treason.

This shameless demand of the American people that they deny the evidence before their eyes that Ft. Hood was ethically identical to 9-11, only the arithmetic, the number of dead Americans killed by a Muslim fanatic, was different…