The DPP Site Map

DeProgram Program has three distinct websites on two servers that are blended into one site that flows between the three. The Home Page and the DPP Blog are WordPress sites.

The Webcasts Page is the same internal page that we’ve always had for subscribers to access the most recent Webcasts along with user profile and subscription information.

All three sites are hosted by the same web provider that DeProgram Program has had for seven years. The Webcasts Page is accessible from the Home Page via the LOGIN / WEBCASTS link on the left side, but the only links to the private DPP Blog are on the internal Webcasts Page.

  The Home Page is the main site reachable on the internet via the DeProgram Program url.

There is a link on the left side (LOGIN / WEBCASTS) to reach the Webcasts page.

Home Page

The Webcasts Page has the login for DeProgram Program and the webcasts.

There is a link on the Webcasts page for the private DPP Blog.



Webcasts Page



The private DPP Blog is only viewable for subscribers via a second DPP login.

It is a duplicate of the Home Page except that these posts allow comments.

DPP Blog