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Talking to our Enemies

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…Yours truly would much prefer an Israeli representative to speak the truth that there is no greater violation of human rights than having your teenage daughter, schmoozing with girl friends in a pizza parlor, get her head blown off by a soul-mate of every one of those Muslim devils on 9-11 and in scores of other horrors perpetrated by these Muslim barbarians.

Israel’s ambassador might change his tack and stop apologizing and expressing only good will toward the Balestinians and tell his audience there are no Palestinians. They are the same Muslim maniacs with the ethics of Neanderthals that have become a curse all over the world. From the Philippines to Thailand, to India, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Kenya, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Nigeria, every one of them in recent years the scene of satanic massacres of innocent people.

I would tell my listeners that Islam is this generation’s imperialist Leviathan as rapacious as Nazism and Communism, and like them wildly antisemitic, which is perfectly understandable. The national independence celebration of the Jews each spring, Passover, is about the breaking of the chains of slavery, when all totalitarians want to rule over not citizens or even subjects but slaves…

Execute All Terrorists

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…I wonder how much the very unspiritual Benyamin ben-Bentzion understands that prisoner release thing is like Obama slapping Bibi in the face numerous times. It is another one of those insults meant to humiliate the Jew. What this stinking maneuver is all about is bending us to the will of these lunatic Arabs who insist that the men being let out of prison this night are soldiers, freedom-fighters, not criminal terrorists. Tonight is a victory for barbarism which justifies the barbaric behavior of these Arabs.

The Arabs are a defective nation, lacking features famous in the West…

Israel Refuses to Fight Back

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…Every time Abbas opens his mouth, our prime minister must tell the world he is not only a lunatic but a crook reported to be worth $100 million, when this bum never did a day’s honest work in his life. On Friday, Makor Rishon reported on a court decision in the states in which Abbas had sued Middle East expert Jonathan Schanzer for defamation over an article of his in Foreign Policy Magazine describing his wealth and that of his son, built on aid funds provided to the PA.

In other words, he is as much of a gonif/thief as Arafat. Where does a man like this come by all that wealth? What he did was use US taxpayer money intended for the poor poor Ancient Ones to make himself a very rich man. Bibi should tell the world what a crook he is…

If I Were Bibi Talking to Kerry

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Program Link: Terra incognita: Saudi Arabia’s Security Council charade

…I suppose we must wait for Bibi’s memoirs to be published to know what it was like to be alone in a room with John Kerry for hours yesterday talking about Kerry’s greatest concern which is not the Iranians building an atomic bomb but the future of the poor, poor ancient victims of Israel. One imagines Kerry thought he could persuade Bibi to see things his way presumably because John Kerry believes he knows better than our Benjamin the son of Bentzion how to make peace with the Balestinians and by extension the whole Arab and Muslim world. All Israel has to do is fork over the spoils of war it took in self-defense. The Arabs demand the return of all Judea and Samaria which then will restore the geographic relationship between Israel and the Arabs which led to Arab assault which required Israeli self-defense.

In other words, John Kerry believes that Israel must return to the status quo ante 1967 and that will bring peace because, implicitly, that is all the Arabs and the Muslims in the world want. Just another cute little Arab state, like Jordan, Yemen, Syria. With 21 states, the world doesn’t have enough of them…

Humiliation Forever

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…Livni and Lapid and the whole lot of them this week have been whining about the assault on democracy that these court reforms constitute. Lapid, like Livni, has no serious education in his background and likewise misconstrues the role of a supreme court. It is not to play wise men on a mountain top preaching morality to the benighted. Both Lapid and Livni and Galon see the Court as the enemy of the masses with their uncouth hostility to the “victims of Zionism” and racism directed against African who illegally enter our country.

The current legislative proposal is the opposite of what Livni claims. It is an attempt to return power to the representatives of the people which has been stolen by the High Court which plainly has no respect for the people, as seen in the case of the African illegals let out of jail and allowed to return to their destruction of public life among some of Israel’s poorest people…

Turkey: End of the Road

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…No. Israeli journalists and other Leftists who think and write this way just can’t face the truth that Obama’s hostility to Bibi has not a scintilla of grounding in anything Bibi ever said or did to him or anybody. He hates Bibi as the King of the Jews, the Jews who make men like him envious, and homicidally so. They see in Bibi and Israelis and Jews successful people — far more successful than Obama’s father’s Muslims and Kenyans and Arabs, which makes him feel inferior and projects onto Bibi a contempt for his inferiority. Obama looks at Bibi and smirks to himself, “You think you are better than me. We’ll I’ll show you.”

It is simply intolerable that Barack Hussein Obama has such a friendship and professional relationship with Recep Erdogan without the friends of Israel in the United States publicly calling him out on this…

Bibi as Rabin

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…No doubt this reference made the Leftists in their seats squirm, for this fact, and a few others from this speech, expose them for the true betrayers of “Mr. Security,” Yitzhak Rabin. The Left’s position today is not Rabin’s but Yossi Beilin’s, he who publicly declares he is not a Believer in the religion of the Jewish people; the position of Shulamith Aloni who does not call herself a Jew. Today’s Left ran a rally last Motzei Shabbos in Tel-Aviv to remember Rabin’s assassination, only the mostly young people in attendance — who likely have no recollection of Rabin — would not know that the position of today’s Left wringing their hands over Rabin’s death is opposed to what he stood for…

Lapid: What a Dunce

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…What Israelis miss is that our enemies hate us here from the wellsprings of their Hamitic-Ishmaelitic culture and religious beliefs which have nothing to do with any Balestinians or the alleged need to give them a state.

That is why Bibi is right on target demanding that the enemy recognize our right to a state, and why uneducated, narcissistic dummies like Lapid don’t get it.

Our enemies here are mostly Muslims whose relationship to the Jewish people did not begin in 1967, 1947, 1917, 1897. They have been hostile to our Zionist enterprise proclaiming striving for and attaining Jewish independence from Day One.

And over the last century the only thing that has changed is the narrative because the Arabs have successfully, with the help of doltish Israelis, created this Frankenstein monster of a nation whose sole purpose has been to justify Arab resistance to Jewish freedom and justify what they call the armed struggle and civilized people called terrorist atrocities…

The West Needs Self-Love

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Program Link: An Israeli Soldier to American Jews: wake up!

…No doubt the Muslim con man in the White House sincerely has believed that since Islam is the answer, and all the governments in the Arab states are corrupt dictatorships, it makes sense to support their perennial opposition, the Muslim Brothers. Obama is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Political correctness prevents people in the West from speaking the truth that in the Middle East, in Syria, Iraq, Libya etc. the people are unfit for democracy because they are so illiterate, uneducated, anarchic and cruel to one another, to women. They say most of the women in Egypt have been mutilated.

The West has to recover its healthy self-love as the home of Judeo—Greco-Roman Christian civilization and not shy away from looking at the people in the countries where Islam dominates as barbarians…

Proud to be Israelis or Jews?

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…Yesterday at the continuing 20th anniversary gathering of the Begin-Sadat Strategic Studies think-tank, Minister of Homeland Defense Gilad Erdan painted a picture of our strategic posture as unnerving as any in our history. He described the next full scale war as one in which thousands of missiles will shower down on the home front for up to three weeks and that every point in the country could be targeted by Hezballah. He said Israel is surrounded by enemies in possession of 200,000 missiles. One out of every 10 homes in Lebanon has a rocket launcher or weapons stored in it. There are homes with roofs built to open up to allow a pre-positioned missile inside to be fired.

And of course Hezballah will target national infrastructure sites, natural gas facilities, electricity plants. “Our enemies want to break the spirit of Israelis, and get them to stop believing that we can have a normal life here.”

No doubt…

Rabbis & Politics

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…In Yediot as well, my favorite settler journalist, Hagai Segal, who used to be the star journalist at Arutz 7 in Hebrew, danced around this facet of this important rabbi. In the immediate wake of a man’s passing it is not right to highlight his sins.

He was verbally vicious towards fellow Sabbath-observant, kashrut-observant, family purity-observant Jews as he, but because their sons serve in the army, he sneered and curled his lip at them.

There was fracture in his character. In person with others he was remarkably gentle and polite, but when pronouncing on others in the realm of politics, Rabbi Jekyll turned in Rabbi Hyde.

His merits were great and many; had they not been, 800,000 Jews yesterday would not have interrupted their workday routine to attend his funeral.

Still, I think his life will become an example of the unstable and dangerous mixing of politics which is about power, and religion, which focuses more on the lives of each individual in his or her daily life…

The Chasm between Jews and Arabs

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…Israel should call off the so-called peace talks until Abbas in Arabic goes public with harsh words against this attempted homicide of a 9 year-old Jewish girl.

The bottomless chasm that separates us Jews from these Arabs marks the frontier between the civilized, people who are forever improving their societies, and these retrograde Arabs with their endless, savage violence among themselves. For sure we are outraged when they bleed us in wars and terror attacks. But arithmetically speaking, they are far, far worse to their own brothers and sisters. Four dead in Egypt on Friday and Saturday in the endless struggle between the army and Muslim crusaders.

I think that contest in Egypt could also be framed in terms of the rational and insane…

Madness & Disrespect

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…What in the name of sanity are the liberal democracies still doing by participating in the clinical mishegass in that UN building?

Several small books have been published over the years by former U.S. representatives serving in the UN, Jed Babbin and Pedro Sanjuan, which track with the comment of the late, great Jean Kirkpatrick who said she was shocked when she arrived as UN ambassador to find the rampant, shameless antisemitism in its halls. Not anti-Zionism but antisemitism.

And so it remains today a sink hole of antisemitism, evidenced by this JPost story this morning. Iran is on record fantasizing the dropping of an atomic on Israel; Iran is manufacturing its own nuclear bomb, and then gets chosen to monitor its desire for a non-nuclear Middle East…

Bibi’s Speech…I Wish

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…So watching just a couple minutes of Bibi today speaking in that UN auditorium, the question was why? What does he hope to accomplish? His purpose, the MSM in Israel told us, was to speak the truth about Hassan Rohani of Iran, the new “smiling” president.

And I say people are not that stupid. His smile or Ahmadinejad’s nastiness, Iran remains Iran and only a fool believes it is ready to call a halt to its A-bomb making efforts. It understandably would like to see the sanctions lifted but will not cave in. So long as there are not bread riots in the streets and people dying of starvation, the regime will not give up.

So I look upon Bibi’s address today as more of the make-believe life in this world of lies, alma dishikra we live…