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Their Misdiagnosis

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…Yeah, how we describe, how we diagnosis the malady here which leads to this constant hemorrhaging of human blood, should lead to prudent action, which obviously cannot include turning over any more real estate to our neighbors. We tried that, and it’s been rocket-Hell ever since.

And before 1967, before Evyatar Borovsky had started living in Samaria, there were Arabs just like his murderer today who stabbed Jews to death. Before 1967 there was terror, which is a way of saying that the new Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria since then are not the cause of the homicidal hatred, so removing them would solve nothing…

Gang Wars Forever

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…Gafni is so wrong when he says the Knesset is just like other national parliaments. No way. The US Congress is not that crude; neither I’ll bet do Canada’s parliamentarians in Ottawa comport themselves this way. It is certainly not the folkways of the House of Commons, mother of parliaments, in London. For sure at the appropriate moment it is permissible to shout out “Hear! Hear!” or guffaw, but never with the purpose as in the Knesset of just preventing someone else from talking. That’s the difference.

If I could I would force these MKs to watch a few episodes of the prime minister’s question time in which the opposition mostly certainly has the right to challenge, laugh at, mock the other side but it had better be a verbal barb well fired with intelligence and wit…

Buy Them Off

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…If this report this morning is a good analysis, then how illuminating and the surprise at the similarity in Bibi’s way of thinking, this prince of the Zionist right to that of Moshe Dayan, prince of the Zionist left in the legendary generation of ’48. In ’67, Moshe Dayan also predicted that Israel’s presence in Yesha would raise the Arab’s standard of living and for this they would be grateful and stop hating Israel. One of the oddities of the Age of the Socialists is their disdain for capitalism at the same time they believe that any social problem can be solved by the government throwing enough money at it…

An Unnerving Day

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…Today I caught like a minute on Israeli TV of Uzi Arad being interviewed. He rarely does that. You know, Bibi’s former National Security Advisor in the mold of a Herman Kahn or Richard Perle, and he seemed genuinely puzzled by America’s behavior in the face of the looming threat of the mad murderous mullahs in Teheran in possession of an Atomic bomb. To him it was obvious how it was in America’s interest to defang the Persian viper and so he was puzzled by the lack of urgency and a deadline from Washington to Iran to knock it off.

What the Arad seemed not to khap, Yiddish for “get,” is that Obama is not in office to look after American interests. He has another agenda…

Outlaw Islam II

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…Likewise Barkat and secular Israelis are bothered by the growing body of observant Jews in Jerusalem, a city created thousands of years ago not on a sea coast, not on a river, not on land rich in natural wealth, but a city meant to serve a temple. The whole purpose of Jerusalem is to be a holy city, but Mayor Barkat and Israel’s Enlightened don’t like that. They want Jerusalem to be as non-Jewish as Tel-Aviv or Haifa, nicknamed in the 1930s the “Red City” for the political dominance of the hard Left. On Shabbos in Haifa since 1948 there have been bus lines in operation.

Like the radical feminists who cannot tolerate Orthodox Jewish practice, so the Enlightened want to dejudaize Jerusalem.

In this they are sort of like the Muslims who cannot tolerate the existence of our little island of a state in the vast sea of Middle Eastern Muslim states…

Israeli Self-Abuse

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Program Link: Jordanian Journalist: The Jews And The American Right Are Behind Boston Bombing, Just As They Were Behind 9/11

…John Brennan is on video calling Jerusalem “Al-Quds” and took his oath of office not on the Bible of his upbringing as a Roman Catholic but a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Chuck Hagel also had, through high school, a 100% Roman Catholic education pre-Vatican II, and probably like Mel Gibson’s father and Pat Buchanan, because Vatican II which absolved the Jews of deicide. did not sit well with him. Jews until 1965 were all seen as Christ-killers and treated accordingly, and it is no coincidence that Chuck Hagel was most famous during his 12 years in the Senate for his defiant protest against the normally pro-Israel senators. I suspect Rep. Lamborn – married for 36 years, raising five children, living in Colorado Springs, ground zero for Christian Conservatives – knew exactly what he was doing when put in the record classified information. Why classified? Why should that fact be hidden? How does hiding it enhance the security of the American people? On the contrary, exposing it could energize Americans to pressure the administration to take action…

Death in Boston

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…Of course no one knows who did it but it is always interesting to see the differences between Western civilization and Muslim and other Third World barbarism in such cases. It is likely that yesterday’s satanic bombings in Boston were the handiwork of maniacs similar to the demon who shot Congresswoman Gabby Giffords of Arizona, or that madman who shot up that theater in Colorado, 12 dead, or at Virginia Tech, or at, I am losing track… The point is that such mass murderers in the West are seen as insane. Madmen. Out of their minds. Completely crazy. That Lanza murderer who spent his days in a fantasy world of violent video games. These people are nuts, we say in the West.

In Araby and Islam they are saintly, pious, heroes of the faith…

Whose Human Rights?

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…This is their tactic for decades now. Youngsters throwing stones that can kill who when killed by the IDF becomes martyrs, innocent victims of IDF harassment.

And there supporting these so-called Balestinians are the likes of Bill Van Esveld of Human Rights Watch who is completely blind to the human rights of us Jews who have the human right, I think, not to be pelted with rocks as we drive by in our cars.

A 14-year old with a good pitching can probably throw a baseball-sized rock at maybe 70 miles an hour into the windshield of an oncoming Jewish car moving at 40 miles an hour, for an impact at 110 miles an hour a rock thrown into a car window, into a Jew’s head and you’ve got a dead Jew. These kids are would-be murderers which the likes of Bill Van Esveld go to bat for in the name of their human rights.

And what about our human rights, Mr. Van Esveld, not to be stoned as we have been stoned constantly throughout 14 centuries of Islam?

Mishegass at the Wall

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…In my lifetime, the culture invented the prenuptial agreement before marriage, which practice, the writing and reading out loud at the wedding of the kesuba, the marriage contract, has been Jewish practice for thousands of years. It obligates the husband far more than the wife and spells out her rights. A Jewish father marrying off his daughter hears the marriage contract read aloud in public which obligates his future son-in-law to be a good husband to his daughter. The signing of the kesuba, the protection of the wife is part of a network of Jewish behaviors that have kept this people alive as no other and against all odds and aggressions for thousands of years.

But the top story today in Israel continued to be the assault on Jewishness by a handful of women arguably neurotic for accusing others of their own sin…

Sunday School in Plains, GA

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…And the Halacha, which is voluminous, simply never licenses a Jew to deal unjustly with a Gentile. Period. The Arabs license Believers to dissemble in order to conquer and oppress. We are just the opposite. We only ask to be left alone.

This business of Jews allegedly teaching their children to hate non-Jews is nothing but, this deep accusation, a projection of the antisemite. Observe the irony: here is Jimmy Carter teaching his Sunday school classes, his church’s children, to hate Jews, to hate and fear us. And that is because in the relationship it is Jimmy Carter who teaches hatred of Jews, not Jews teaching hatred of Christians like himself.

Evidently Simon and Schuster marketed tapes of Carter’s Sunday School talks for some time, only now people are paying attention to them their perverted view of Jews plainly on display for all to hear.

Not that anyone should be surprised. Everything in this man’s attitudes toward Israel was a function of his functionally medieval fears, hatreds and fantasies about us Jews…

Blackmail Forever

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Program Link: The Pharaoh Weeps by Judith Miller

…What the West has been doing for 20 years now is forking over billions to these grafters in exchange for relative peace with Israel.

This has been the American posture toward Egypt since the 1979 peace treaty. All that foreign aid to Egypt went to the army, the second government there, in exchange for which the army maintained the peace with Israel. Foreign aid as extortion, rather, extortion as foreign aid, which was the tribute Western countries used to pay the Barbary cities not to hijack their merchant marine and enslave their passengers and crews.

Dealing with these Arabs is like living in a state of permanent blackmail…

An Unprecedented Decision

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…“The West” here surely includes the United States of America under Imam Barack Hussein, assisted by his CIA appointee who smiles at the word jihad as a positive, spiritual exercise, he insists, having nothing to do with flying airplanes into skyscrapers. If indeed Brennan is a covert convert who converted in Saudi Arabia, he is a demented fellow for thinking as he does about the spirituality of jihad when 15 of the 19 homicidal Muslim maniacs on 9-11 on those planes were Saudis.

This character spent some years (I guess) as CIA station chief in Riyadh and apparently had no problem living in a culture where women are functionally slaves. How John Brennan could live in that country so bereft of civilization and want to convert to the religion of that society is beyond me…

Muslim Imperialists

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Program Link: Shhhh, Don’t Tell Anyone: Hamas Won

…Well, in addition to the failure of Zionism mentioned before to extinguish lunatic Jew-hatred in the world, the recent visit here by His Holiness Imam Barack Hussein did nothing to advance the so-called peace process which has never really been a peace process because it began with and was based on a lie: that the Arabs here had had a change of heart and mind when it came to Israel and the Jewish free state. Oslo was a monumental act of self-deception by those two socialist-educated fools Rabin and Peres and his poodle Yossi Beilin who is more of an anti-Jew then the two of them combined. The self-deception was that the enemy was no longer the enemy; that Arafat, Abbas & Co. really had come around to accepting the right of Israel to exist and that all they wanted for themselves was just Yesha…