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Israel Hi-Tech vs. Russian Hi-Tech

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…Well, on the domestic front here in the Judenstaat, if not quite the Judescher Staat, the bill calling for drafting Haredim and throwing their draft-dodgers in jail passed its ministerial committee vote and must now be voted on by the full cabinet and the Knesset.

Yair Lapid got his way and held a press conference to gloat, and in another apostrophe to a hypothetical Haredi youth he tried to persuade him that his rabbis were just trying to scare him, for this bill can only help by leading toward his absorption into Israeli society. Lapid said, “What is happening is not an attack on the Torah. We do not intend – God forbid – to force upon him secularism or our version of how to be an Israeli.”

And again, as observed last webcast, Lapid most certainly does have in mind Israeliness at the center of his identity. Like the liar Obama, he certainly does, like his father, yearn to see Haredim abandon Jewishness in favor of Israeliness…

Crusaders: Kerry & Lapid

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…Yesterday the big head line in JPost hard copy was “Kerry unveils $4 billion economic plan to revitalize flagging Palestinian economy”

To “revitalize”? That connotes restoring it to a former and healthier condition, which is simply detached from reality. How can you revitalize something that was never vital?

I remember Judea and Samaria right after the Six-Day War. Wretched is not too strong a word. I remember the few and crummy roads, the mean villages. I remember Jerusalem after 19 years of Jordanian rule with three stop traffic lights, alleyways where people along open sewers. No street lights. What is Kerry talking about?…

No S-300s?

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…You all know that last Thursday Imam Barack Hussein delivered a long and rambling speech on terrorism, over 6,000 words only three of which referred to Islam.

In all honesty I tried to read what he said at the National Defense University but I confess I couldn’t. Because I do not believe a word this man speaks.

Analysts who do take him seriously found his words unreal. His claim that the terror threat is now lower than before 9-11 was, as Steve Emerson said, a “total fabrication.” Newt Gingrich found his words ‘stunningly, breathtakingly naïve.”

Well, that is again where I part company with the otherwise highly intelligent Gingrich. I don’t think he is naïve. I have never thought he ever sincerely said anything. He is an empty suit with a sinister agenda.

I hope he is nailed for the dereliction of duty over Benghazi and removed from office for this alone…

Islam: What is it?

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…The world is obsessed with Israel, so evident in this story about the allegedly miserable state of health care in the “occupied Palestinian territories” presumably because we cruel and sadistic Jews keep it that way. When the truth is that our presence here since 1967 has worked miracles in the matter of health care here; in terms of lowering the Arabs’ infant mortality rate, extending their life-span.

Last week the famous Ancient Palestinian peace processor Saeb Erekat addressed the UN and whined about the apartheid here. Two years ago I had a medical problem which resulted in a 24-hour stay at Hadassah Ein Kerem, mostly for tests, and I was examined by Jewish doctors and Arab doctors, and served by Jewish and Arab male and female nurses, and spent the night in a room with three other men, two of us Israelites, two of us Ishmaelites. What in the name of sanity is this scheisekopf Erekat talking about?…

Lapid in the Times

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…This morning on radio Galei Tsahal’s flagship morning political program with Razi Barka’i, he and his military political guests discussed the Muhammad ad-Dura story for almost half an hour and I did not hear even once the words “antisemitism” or “blood libel,” let alone reference to, say, William of Norwich, an English boy in the year 1144, smack dab in the middle of the Crusader period who turned up dead and whose death was attributed to the evil Jews, which led to the murder of one of them. This case is remembered as the first of many in Europe for centuries to come; which belief in the blood-thirstiness of Jews is alive and well among our neighbors.

To be fair, there are voices here who have seen the classic blood libel at work here, but rarely do they belong to the secular elite…

Nerve-Wracking Threats

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Program Link: Why Muslims Must Hate Jews

…Anyway, the foregoing has been largely the fruit of today’s nerve-wracking news. Scenarios of flights of missiles targeting our cities and airfields and naval patrol boats.

It is not pleasant to wake to the morning’s first news with threats of missiles on Tel-Aviv made by Sultan Bashaar in Damascus if Israel again strikes a fourth time. The first three were on an arsenal of missiles, and a convoy of missiles, and chemical plant.

Israel has laid down its marker that Hezbollah will not take possession of these advanced missiles, and Assad has to respond at some point.

Israel in turn, it is rumored in the news. has countered that threat with its own to liquidate altogether the Assad regime if he does that.

With Putin and Russians making their own threats because they are determined not to see him go down.

Not a pleasant day, news-wise here today…

Arab Cannibals

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Program Link: FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Fired From Watergate Investigation For ‘Lying, Unethical Behavior’

…Yeah, there is an abyss separating civilization as we know it in the Judeo-Christian West and the world of Islam as we know it in Araby, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Iraq, where the bombs never stop going off, and of course Turkey, where, while there are no bombs going off, for sure the despot at the top who met today in Washington with his pal in admiration of Islam, named for the second martyr in Islamic history, Hussein ibn Ali, remains a fervent Muslim and Jew-hater who is dragging his country back into the universe of Islam which for 80 years since Ataturk had been suppressed.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Obama’s best advisor on the Middle East, has locked up more journalists than any country in the world. 20% of the generals in the army that used to preserve democracy are also in prison. He is Obama’s most trusted advisor on the Middle East and as Efraim Inbar of the BESA think-tank says, he is a full-blooded antisemite.

I hope Obama does not survive the cascades of scandals dominating the news…

The UN Boondoggle

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…Lastly, following on the idea that preceded the music: On Friday the Washington Times reported that the ex-girlfriend of the Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev said he used to “beat her if she wore Western clothing and tried hard to turn her against the United States….One day he’s this funny normal guy, the next is praying four times day and talking insane nonsense…He became extremely religious and tried to brainwash me to follow Islam. He wanted me to hate American like he did.”

And there you have it. Crusading Islam in a nutshell: 1-He beats his woman 2-He talks insane nonsense 3-He hates America.

And this is the religion of the fan of Islam in the Oval Office.

HaShem yirakhem/G-d have mercy...

Jewishness Can Make People Crazy

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…This for me was a jaw-dropper. He writes as if the Oslo years never happened; as if people today who do not want to trade land for peace have no basis for that other than their own bigotry toward the Ancient Ones rather than their sober conclusions.

Dershowitz writes as if the Oslo years, the Handshake on the White House Lawn, never happened. That was truly a major effort at trading land for peace with the Balestinians, but it failed. Failed big time, Alan, but you seem not to have noticed or learned from the experience.

Dershowitz writes as if those horrendous explosions here did not lead sober people to declare the initiative a bust, big time. It got so bad on Pesach 2002, when a dining-room full of old Jews were obliterated in an explosion so powerful it left no bodies to bury, only gore and splatter to vacuum up, after which Prime Minister Sharon ordered the army of Israel to take back all the land we traded for peace, Alan. But you want to try it again?…

Returning to Jerusalem

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…The taking of Jerusalem 46 years ago, on a Wednesday too it was, was special after more than two weeks of great fear that the Arabs were going to do what they publically crowed they wanted to do – finish Hitler’s work. It generated feelings unlike any other one can imagine. It was not until Wednesday, after 48 hours of the Israeli government saying nothing during the war and the Arab governments publically rejoicing over the “occupation of Tel-Aviv and Haifa already,” that the curtain of secrecy began to lift to expose the reality that not only had Israel survived the threats of scores of millions of Arabs, Israel was now four times larger in area, which fighting had included driving the Jordanians out of the divided city and the taking of the Western Wall and Temple Mount. Not since 63 b.c.e. had there been such a moment…

Rock Bottom

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…This guy Obama is a menace. He is an agent for real, or just functionally, for his behavior, of the Islamists in the Middle East. His refusal to call Ft. Hood an Islamist massacre speaks volumes; in addition the volumes of government paper work now cleansed of any reference to Muslim terror also speaks volumes, when Benghazi was no less an act of al-Qaida terror on 9-11 2012, as the one on 9-11 11 years earlier. And he tried to cover it up, cover up the villains who killed a U.S. ambassador.

Not only should this imposter be removed from office, he belongs in prison for his anti-American polices and behavior. The country has been bloodied again and again by Muslims over the last half-century, since the late 1960s, and he is a president in full denial of the reality that there are Muslims out the who hate America religiously, Islamically, and are supported by Islamic priests. I think the country could save a lot of money by shutting down the CIA with its 44 billion dollar annual budget and just have a skeleton staff watch YouTube sermons by Islamic priests. It’s all you need to know about the Middle East…

Cowards of the Left

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…And likewise Herzl’s spiritual offspring today, Israel’s Leftists. Just today the latest Pew Research Center poll reported that 40% of Muslims support suicide bombing.

Now, dying for one’s religion under certain circumstances is even a Jewish value. Knowingly going to one’s death for a religious principle deserves honor, but tragically the Muslim barbarians, 40% of them who think this way, suffer from a kind of monocular vision. All they see is the act from the point of the suicide bomber sacrificing for a cause greater than his own life; what they don’t see are his victims: innocent passersby, undefended, women, children, old people at random whose lives the suicide maniac takes from them. He may have the right to sacrifice for his beliefs in order to reach Paradise, but he does not have the right to sacrifice me and others for his quest.

Gai gezunterheit, go kill yourself Abdul, but leave me and us Jewish people out of it…