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Obama & Krauthammer

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…Charles Krauthammer has now joined the camp, believe it or not, of LTF and Alan Dershowitz, those “Inside the Beltway” Jews who market themselves as staunch defenders of Israel and simultaneously trash the right of Jewish people, Israeli citizens, to make their homes in these hills. I have read LTF and heard Dershowitz both say that yes, Israelis/Jews have this right BUT for the sake of peace, there is something more important that Jewish rights to own land and be sovereign in their ancient homeland. And that is peace and justice for the victims of Zionism. They trump Jewish rights…

“Israel Doesn’t Want Peace!”

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…Lots of people in history could point to holy land, a holy river, a holy lake or mountain. Read the German scholar Rudolph Otto’s classic text called in English The Idea of the Holy.

But over thousands of years of recorded history only one whole country claimed to be holy, and it is an international fact that when people talk about The Holy Land, they all have the same place in mind.

This is a major reason why a third of the work of the United Nations deals with this country and not others. The United Nations are nations united around Israel as around no other issue…

Lethal Stones

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Program Link: The Secret Document That Set Obama’s Middle East Policy

…Sharia Law in effect goes the concept of the Promised Land a quantum leap further. The Holy One Blessed be He promised this little country to this little people but no more. This people had the obligation to expel the current inhabitants when they crossed over Jordan, which they did not meet for over 400 years.

But that was it. The map of the Promised Land is described in words in the Torah more than once but that’s it.

Versus the Muslim belief that believing in Muhammad as the final and greatest prophet of all means ultimately the taking possession of every country on earth. Islam is a license to conquer, in order to steal, the world…

Degrees of Madness

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…When we were told by the delusionists on the White House lawn that those two criminals, Arafat and Abbas, were now finally ready for peace with Israel, some of us did not believe it. The Oslo delirium on exhibit on that sunny day almost two decades ago now was built upon the belief that one could trust the word of these two savage barbarians, these two murderers of innocent people. The logic of that sick ceremony was that in the past these two villains may have been mass murderers of innocent people, but now they had become advocates of peace and friendly relations with the Jews. Oslo rested on the implicit belief that one could trust the word of slime like Arafat and Abbas, the doctor of Holocaust denial. I find it fascinating how we could all watch David Irving goose-stepping in the Old Bailey courtroom in London strutting his stuff as a lunatic Holocaust Denier, as in the West sober observers look upon men like him as nutcases.

But not Dr. Abbas, PhD. This guy is as much of a nutcase as David Irving but is still seen as the great white hope of peace between his victimized authentic owners of Palestine people and the Jews in Israel…


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…This UN report signed by an international civil servant, Her Moral Majesty Navi Pillay of India, Highest Commissioneress of Human Rights, said that “all parties to the conflict, Gaza Palestinians and the IDF failed to respect international law.”

Israeli being Israelis, they of course focused on the exoneration in this instance but overlooked the moral pollution of the larger context in which both sides are held to the same standard. The report’s idea of even-handedness is taking both sides to task for “failing to respect international law.”

I read that and got morally nauseous. Doesn’t this High Commissioner on Human Rights know that the Hamites in Gaza are terrorists, international terrorists, criminals who are known solely for their terrorist atrocities, the grossest violation of human rights imaginable, the murder of fellow human beings at random? These are people whose very existence is coterminous with the criminal violation of law…

Fratricide as a Way of Life

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…What a world. What a scenario. The White House is taken over legally by Muslim crusaders whose leader is out to bankrupt America.

So this latest maneuver by the Obama administration, bringing this bin Ladin son-in-law into Federal court in Manhattan, he who surely knows lots of secrets about al-Qaida but will not be interrogated as he would be in Guantanamo… this latest Obama-Holder stunt is grounds for impeachment and removal but of course no one in Congress will lead that campaign.

And I think one of the reasons for this, one of the reasons no one has truly campaigned to expose his birth-certificate as a forgery is fear. Real, live, human fear of violence from this man Obama and his supporters. I find him a scary dude. There are expressions on his face photographers capture that I have never seen on any American presidents’ faces. I think he is liar, an imposter but nobody is standing to him precisely because he is so scary.

I think that AIPAC and the Jewish Democratic senators are afraid of him too…

Dennis Ross: Jerk

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Program Link: TERRA INCOGNITA: Segregating fact and fiction

…There is anxiety here and among pro-Israelites abroad that the Prime Minister Netanyahu is ready to give away the store – which he likely wants people to think. I will believe it when I see it. My guess is that Netanyahu’s tactic today is the same he used in 2009 when he offered to create a state for the Ancient Ones in the heart of the Promised Land but so hedged and conditioned his offer as to make it impossible for it to happen. I suspect once again he is sending out trial balloons to prove what a nice guy he is – no greedy Jew – but again will hedge these talked of concessions with impossible conditions…

The Israeli Narrative

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…It is also a fact that of the eight founding terrorists in Fatah in 1959, all had been boyhood members of the Muslim Brotherhood youth group.

Michael Oren and Bibi Netanyahu and Haaretz and AIPAC live in a world where the Two-State Solution is The Solution. Everybody knows that – but in reality the Two-State Solution, as the enemies of Israel conceive of it, will never happen.

No Israeli regardless of political or religious or atheistic bent who is not insane wants to see the high ground overlooking Ben Gurion Airport in the hands of Arabs absent the presence of the IDF and the Jewish communities who live on this high ground.

Nobody, regardless of political party who is not suicidal thinks it would be a good idea if all the Jews abandoned their homes and all the Israeli police and army too, and in their place 100% Arab sovereign rule would take over, which is what Barack Hussein has in mind. And all antisemites like him. But this is not going to happen…

Surrounded by Madmen

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…This was the thinking of Adolf Hitler. In his first meeting with Haj Amin al-Husseini in Berlin in 1941, Hitler told him they had a common enemy. Hitler believed that his two greatest enemies, the Bolsheviks to the east in the Kremlin and the Capitalists to his West in the White House, were really fronts for the Jews who manipulated them both. Hitler seemed to have marveled at the oddity of the Communists in Moscow and Capitalists in Washington in an alliance against him. Hitler believed (and not without reason) that the Bolsheviks were all Jews (half of them were) and of course in the West, it was Jewish bankers who dictated to the White House.

Well, this delusion of a globe-encircling Jewish subterfuge to dominate the whole world is Erdogan’s too. In other words, this guy is as clinical about Jews as Hitler was…