Hamas-Fatah Accord?

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…Lastly, JPost ran a piece today on how only 5% of Lebanese know the words to their national anthem. A political scientist at AUB (American University of Beirut), a Muslim, was surprised the figure was even that high. He said, “We used to make fun of the anthem in the Sunni school I attended. We were taught that Lebanese identity meant nothing, that it was an artificial European creation.”

Precisely. This Muslim political scientist then went on to “fault the anthem for exalting Lebanese nationalism…with words that deliberately erase the Arab-Muslim history of Lebanon.” He said he “proudly belongs to the 95% of Lebanese who don’t know the anthem.”

Yeah. Right. Exactly. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan. These states were all created, their boundaries were drawn, by Europeans, because the sub-national tribesmen of the region had no sense of nationhood as understood in civilized societies.

Another reason why Mahmoud Abbas and his fellows in their version of Murder Incorporated don’t really want a state. It has no meaning to them. As Arabs they covet the wealth we Jews have created and hate us for illuminating their own inferiority to them.

Hence the grievous sense of humiliation, insult, sense of deprivation. We Jews deny them the wealth they hunger for, and we humiliate them by our superiority.

Islam for them truly is, as Karl Marx said, the opium of the masses…