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DeProgram Program is an AUDIO website featuring Internet Radio webcasts of political, historical and religious commentary from Sha’i ben-Tekoa and the best of modern Israeli music. The webcasts originate from Judea, Israel.

Each DeProgram Program webcast deals with the Arab-Israeli conflict through the dual prism of history and Torah, interspersed by the best in kosher Israeli music. Each webcast lasts roughly 35 minutes and there is also a Comments area for subscribers.

Join this unique webcast and discussion dealing with the most contentious land dispute in human history.

DeProgram Program is half commentary by Sha’i ben-Tekoa and half the most beautiful contemporary music being composed and performed in Israel today.

The 24mb download is a very high quality MP3. (For those less interested in the musical selections, a 10mb version of lower audio quality is available.)

A Webcast Transcript in PDF format is provided for each Webcast.

Cable Car at Kibbutz Menara