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Egypt: The Nightmare Scenario

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…In Middle East expert Barry Rubin’s blog today, he said there are far too many Middle East experts pitching the view that if and when the Brotherhood takes over in Egypt, it won’t be so bad.

In the Weekly Standard today, their terrorism expert Thomas Joscelyn took one of these experts to task, Bruce Reidel, former CIA operative and currently an advisor to the Muslim in the White House who no doubt is also unperturbed by the prospect of the Brotherhood coming to power in Cairo. Why would Barack Obama be when he has had nothing but good things to say about Islam, this totalitarian, antisemitic, anti-Western, anti-freedom culture fit for slaves and slaves of slaves? In his Friday statement on the situation in Egypt, Emir Barack Hussein, as he did in his Cairo speech in the spring of 2009, raped history when he glorified “the Egyptian people who want a future that befits the heirs to a great and ancient civilization.”

Was he referring to the Pharaonic civilization or the culture of Islam, which I intentionally call a culture and not a civilization because word derives from “civitas”/citizenship in a city-state, but in Araby there are no cities to compare to cities in the West or Japan, and now China’s burgeoning cities?

If Prince Barack Hussein had in mind the age of the Pharaohs, well, today’s Egyptians are not their heirs. They don’t speak their language; they don’t read and live by their texts like the Egyptian Book of the Dead. They don’t worship their gods, celebrate their festivals. In fact, the heirs of that civilization do exist, in a way, barely, among the persecuted 10% of Egypt that is Coptic Christian. The very word Coptic is related to the word Egypt. The name of the country comes from the language of the Pharaohs which the Copts have preserved in some form.

On the contrary, today’s Egyptians may be biologically descended from the ancient Egypt but otherwise they are Arabic-speaking Muslims because in the year 640 of the Common Era the Muslims overran the country and implanted not their civilization but their culture. Indeed, when tourists visit Egypt, what they are coming to see are the remnants of Pharaonic Egypt not anything the Muslims built there.

So Prince Barack Hussein was at it again, acting like Louis Farrakhan and his ilk of lunatics with their ridiculous distortions of history…

Jewish Prostitutes

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…And so does Alan Dershowitz in today’s Wall Street Journal, this two-faced man who divides his loyalty between the Children of Israel that he was born into and the politically correct, fashionable legend of the “victims” of Zionism.

What a pathetic and even intellectually corrupt lightweight Dershowitz is. On the one hand, he writes books and articles defending his dejudaized notion of Israel but on the other flacks for the Jew-killers and supports their demand for ownership of Judea and Samaria.

Today Dershowitz was writing against the PLO and its drive for a resolution in the UN Security Council condemning the settlements. And here was his lede sentence: “Although I have opposed Israel’s civilian settlements in the West Bank since 1973, I strongly believe that US should veto a resolution..,” etc.

And the second paragraph’s lede: “There is a big difference between a government action being unwise, which the Israeli policy is, and being illegal, which it is not.”

What a crumbum. Think of this. He and LTF (Little Tommy Friedman), by the way, have been doing this for decades: speaking out of both sides of their mouths; recognizing the legality of our communities here, but calling the settlements “unwise.” And that is because there is a higher value than their legality and that is peace which will come about via the two-state solution which these settlements are an obstacle to.

You see, while we may have a legal right to live and build here – as he admits here – and make our lives here in Judea and Samaria, there is something far more important than our rights, and that is a peace which honors the right of the Ancient Ones to a state.

In other words, their rights are superior to our rights. And in this both of these and other Jewish prostitutes sell out our rights, as Esau sold his right for a bowl of porridge – in exchange for which these dejudaized Jews get to sing and dance in the public arena. They are welcome in the pages of the MSM, or as Sarah Palin calls it, the Lame Stream media.

As I say, opposition to Jewish life restored in the heart of the heart of the Promised Land has become the credo of all Enlightened lovers of peace not only here between us Jews and the Ancient Ones, but peace in the whole Middle East, in the whole world. We settlers have become the obstacle to the arrival of the Prince of Peace and we do that by insisting on our rights, which Friedman and Dershowitz dismiss as not worthy of defending.

They should be ashamed of themselves. For sure they support, fought for, the rights, the civil rights of Negroes a generation ago in America. But for them the Jew-killers of the PLO have a greater right to this land than the Jews they were born into and claim to care so much about…

The Pali-Leaks

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…I believe I sort of thought like that myself at the time and remained a believer in returning all land throughout the 1970s. I too was waiting for that to happen until I began to study the Arabs and Islam intensively and discovered a whole world I had not known about.

Reading of Livni in conversation with these Arab terrorists in suits, I could only wish to interview her and ask her if she had ever read the Qur’an. If she had ever read even one book on the life of Jews under Islam for fourteen centuries. I doubt it. I doubt Condi Rice and Dennis Ross and Danny Kurtzer and LTF have ever read such books either. I doubt they have read The Arab Mind by Raphael Patai

In Israel today, such peace processors as Dubi Weisglass who was Sharon’s errand boy to Washington to W and Rice, was claiming the Pali-Leaks show there was a partner on the other side for their concessions.

In the Guardian as well, LTF’s British soul-mate Jonathan Freeland was also saying the same thing. See how compromising the Arabians are. Those Israelis who said there is no partner on the other side are wrong and these texts prove it. None other than the Holocaust Denier was admitting that it was not realistic that millions of Ancient Ones would return to Israel because as Israel says that would destroy Israel. So let us just settle for 100,000.

You know many babies these polygamists could produce with an influx like that?

But above all, missing from this whole brouhaha was even one word about the Temple Mount amid all these claims of how moderate the Ancient Ones are.

The whole thing is a farce and worse: a manifestation of the foolishness and ignorance and naïve immorality of Israelis like Livni, Olmert her boss, Weisglass and others thinking that these negotiations are conducted in earnest sincerity. They don’t know the word “taqqiya” in Arabic: dissembling.

The immorality of dealing with these people is matched only by the foolishness of it…

The Wrong Remedy

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…According to the Los Angeles Times today, Sunday, when all literate and upscale Americans spend their mornings perusing the prestige press as on no other day, there was their man in Jerusalem Edmund Sanders reporting on “Israeli intolerance on the Internet, in the Knesset, on the street.” That’s the headline.

For starters, he says, there was an anonymous Internet video calling for the killing of the deputy state prosecutor Sha’i Nitzan “for betraying his Jewish roots by beginning a criminal inquiry into racist threats and hate speech” on two, count ‘em two Israel-based Facebook pages with statements in Hebrew calling for “Death to the Arabs.” Said Sanders, “It was the latest and most overtly violent sign of what many here are calling a wave of intolerance towards people of different races, religions, orientations and viewpoints.”

And then he goes on, of course, to cite the rabbis’ letter a few weeks back warning of the Arabs’ strategy of destroying Jewish communities from within by providing funds to buy Jewish homes at inflated prices.

And then he cited Princess of Peace Tsipora Livni, head of “the centrist Kadima Party” [and never mind it is a leftist party now] who has warned that ‘an evil spirit has been sweeping over the country.'” And Defense Minister Ehud Barak also said, “A wave of racism is threatening to pull Israeli society into dark and dangerous places.”

He also cited Minister Dan Meridor who rejects the cabinet’s recent decision calling for a loyalty oath for new citizens with the credo that Israel is a Jewish state [and never mind that new citizens in Edmund Sanders’ United States also raise their hands to pledge their allegiance to the Constitution of the United States.] Meridor, who comes from the secular right like Livni – he used to be Menachem Begin’s protégé – said, “This is not the Israel we know.”

And then the citing of the headline in Haaretz last month: “A Time to Hate” dealing with the same phenomenon.

And how did yours truly get to the LA Times Sunday paper today? Why, via which reported on it with the headline “L.A. Times on Israel: Rising racism, homophobia and discrimination. Major U.S. newspaper follows what it calls is a recent ‘wave of intolerance’ that is washing over the country.”

You see what’s going here? This airless, incestuous, closed-circuit of Jew-bashing. Livni and Barak protest a wave of racism, Haaretz writes them up, then Sanders in Jerusalem writes that up for his newspaper, then Haaretz writes up Sanders’ write-up.

What a racket, this racket, this noise of Jew-bashing that bears no resemblance to reality and truth. There is no wave of racism here…

Paralysis in Zion

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…There are times when yours truly here despairs, and that happens whenever some enemy mouthpiece spews his historical lies of “Palestinian” Nationalism which official Israel never responds to, never attacks and demolishes as the IDF did today that terrorist at Mevo Dotan.

“Palestinian” Nationalism is as much a lie about the Jewish people as the Blood Libel that Sarah Palin rightly referred to in her own self-defense against haters of everything she stands for.

All of 19th and 20th century antisemitism was a mountain of lies about evil Jews conspiring against mankind; as much as the medieval Blood Libel was of Jews murdering non-Jews for their blood as an “essential” ingredient in Passover matzo, you know, for this blood-thirsty cult of devil worshipping Jews.

But oddly, very oddly, Israel’s ruling elite in our time never ever chooses to call out our enemies for their lies about the allegedly ancient, indigenous landlords of “Balestine.”

On the contrary, all of them – to a man and a woman and even among many religious, nationalist right-wingers – they refer to these people as “Palestinians” with no awareness, apparently, that every time anyone refers to “the Palestinians,” it is another nail in, if not our coffin than in the cross to which we Jews in Israel have been nailed for what we allegedly did to the Ancient Ones, who have to be compensated.

Gone are the Zionist pioneers found in the best-selling book of 1959 Exodus by Leon Uris, which book made a Zionist out of lots of people, out of Natan Sharansky and yours truly and others who saw the Hollywood movie. That generation of Jewish pioneers/halutzim was simply not perceived by the world as stealing Palestine from “the Palestinians.” That would have been impossible because those halutzim WERE the “Palestinians,” and the Arabs were “the Arabs,” because that is how the Arabs called themselves.

There was no Palestine Liberation Organization before 1964. What existed in 1944, three years before the Partition Plan, was the AHC, the ARAB Higher Committee run by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who in 1919, reacting to the plan of creating a country called Palestine that the Arabs never had known, founded a newspaper called Southern Syria. And for the remaining forty years of his miserable life as the leader of the Arabs here, he preached that there was no such country as Palestine.

It was impossible in the 1940s for the world to accuse us Jews of stealing Palestine from the Palestinians, when for fourteen centuries Palestine had meaning only to Jews and Christians. The country simply did not exist for these Arabs, for these Muslims. It doesn’t appear in the Qur’an.

But of this massive lying about history lurking in the black hearts of “Palestinian” nationalists, Israelis, from Bibi on down, say nothing. And I find that odd, even weird.

And because it is so weird, one suspects the wellsprings of this behavior are very deep and meaningful.

If Israelis were to face the truth that today’s Israel-haters are just another variety of Jew-haters; that the lies the Arabs tell about the past are in a league with the Blood Libel and Holocaust Denial, Israelis would have to face the reality that becoming an “Israeli” was an absolute failure, for their type of non-religious Zionism insisted that statehood would put an end to antisemitism, a/k/a the irrational, mendacious homicidal hatred of Jews and anti-Jew persecution.

And that for them might be such a shock to the system, they couldn’t stand it…

Barak Pulls An “Arik”

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…Last Friday in JPost, before this latest coup in Israeli domestic politics, their party expert Gil Hoffman interviewed the brand new, 35 year-old Labor party secretary-general Hilik Bar, who is a Jerusalem city council member. The interview was conducted in a “popular waffle bar in the capital. Bar has been spending a lot of time with average Joes around the country touring Labor branches where activists have told him they had not been visited by any Labor MK in four years.”

So not only do Israeli MKs not have individual constituents who vote for them and must be catered to, they don’t even have a local branch of activists in the party to answer to.

And as for Hilik Bar’s four-step plan (at least as of last week; today’s his party is in shambles) to “advance the party” and send a message to the skeptical press and public that it is actually on the way up, not down. First, he using the budget available to him -now that much of the party debt is paid – to renew activity in Labor’s branches with an emphasis on taking advantage of the student leadership that the party still dominates on campuses nationwide. He says Labor’s relatively strong Young Guard proves that the young generation is looking for an ideological party with roots. Next month a new Labor Party interactive website will be launched that he promises will be the most sophisticated of any party site in the country. It will include social networking for party activists and a large section on the party’s heritage. And he promises a new membership drive with the slogan “Build the party that built the country.”

Notice his target is students in the academy, campus politicians with ambitions of becoming professional politicians. Not a word about the struggles of the worker in this country.

It’s a country with no middle class. Only the well-off and the rest of us who can’t make ends meet from month to month.

Have you seen how the foreign ministry has been on strike, cancelling official visits? I don’t blame them. The staffers are paid poverty wages, like the cops, like the teachers.

It is a country ripe for a serious labor movement but these Israelis walk around in darkness…

Tunisia & Kudos for Bibi

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Program Link: Jerusalem opens Muslim Quarter Jewish site to prayer, upsetting status quo

…So Tunisia is turmoil. Algeria next door has had its riots, and Algeria has them periodically at least for a quarter-century. In 1988, there were food riots there because the government raised the price of bread, which led to the army not the civil police being called out to contain the demonstrators; which demonstrations were stopped by killing 500 of them.

This led after a couple of years to an attempt at democratic elections called by the dictatorship to pacify the people. As in Arab Yesha in 2006, when Hamas won – much to the chagrin of the famous Middle East experts and ignoramuses Condoleeza Rice and Monitor Jimmy Carter. It was as if these two had not heard that 14 years earlier in Algeria, the Islamists had won such an election against the old-time Marxist-Leninist FLN elite, who had proven themselves since 1962 to be as corrupt as the Janissaries in Algiers when it was still a pirate city. The FLN had called for that election, but then the next day the results displeased the FLN, so post facto they canceled the results. Talk about p.o.-ing the people. Promising elections, then holding elections, then canceling the results. Well…

This then led to more than a decade of rebellion which was about as satanic as you can get. 200,000 people not killed, not soldiers fighting other soldiers, but 200,000 civilians at random butchered, ambushed on the roads, children beheaded in front of their parents.

I’ve been to Algeria. It is a scary place. These are thuggish people. I was glad to take the train at the end of my stay across the country into Tunisia where the atmosphere was very different. When the founding father of Tunisia Habib Bourguiba replaced the departing French colonial regime in 1956, he wisely chose to maintain civil relations with France. And over the years, one major Tunisian business has been tourism for Europeans who line the beaches in winter staying in hotels providing good and friendly service.

Versus Algeria. Have you ever heard of anybody going on vacation to Algeria? Probably not, and there is a reason for that. They are a xenophobic, suspicious bunch. They don’t like foreigners. In Algiers, when I was there in 1983, only the crudest kind of map for foreigners was available. And in any case the street signs had deliberately been left in place since the French had departed in 1962; bilingual signs in French and Arabic, only twenty-one years later they had not been replaced only defaced by the regime. The French name of the street was painted over with a slash of blue paint, leaving only the Arabic. So even with one of these crude maps of the capital city, if you didn’t read Arabic it was pretty hard to get around. And thus do the Algerians enshrine and perpetuate their hatred and resentment of the French who ruled them for 132 years…

Hillary in Araby

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…Lastly, I don’t want to let the following quotation slip away: In the matter of the cerebral fever swamps of today’s liberals who blame Sarah Palin and conservatives for the horror last Saturday in Tucson, Arizona, here are the words of that quintessential, 1960s’, pointy-headed liberal intellectual Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., the in-house idolater of the Kennedy clan, after Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated by an Arab a few years in the United States on the first anniversary of the Six-Day War, June 5, 1968, in a hotel kitchen in Los Angeles. The facts of the murderer were known immediately, but Schlesinger – like Caspar Weinberger had a paternal German Jewish grandfather, hence the name, but who in likely reaction always made sure to be anti-Jew -was incapable of dealing with the truth that his friend Bobby had been shot dead because in the wake of the glorious Six-Day War he wanted to be associated with miraculous Israel and became its greatest champion in the Senate in the matter of sending Israel its first shipment of American warplanes, Phantom jets. That is why Sirhan Sirhan murdered him.

Instead, Schlesinger, four days later, opined in print, perhaps because his friend Jack had been assassinated in 1963, and two months earlier Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered in that earthquake of a year 1968, with its burning city riots, Schlesinger said, “the United States was home to a violent people with a violent history, and the instinct for violence has seeped into the bloodstream of our national life…”

This is crazy. Schlesinger surely knew the gunman was an Arab, a “Jordanian immigrant.” Today he would be called a “Palestinian” immigrant. Schlesinger read the newspapers and watched TV just like everybody else. Still he went on, “What sort of people are we, we Americans…today we are the most frightening people on this planet…This was so because of the war in Vietnam… [America must recognize that] the evil is in us, that it springs from some dark, intolerable tension in our history and our institutions…a primal curse fixed on our nation…perhaps when we began the practice of killing and enslaving those whom we deemed our inferiors because their skin was another color….”

This was the liberal mind even then, like today, reflexively lashing out at others because they don’t measure up to his liberal’s standards of morality and tolerance. Instead of fingering the Arabs and their chronic, homicidal hatred of Israel, Schlesinger chose to vilify Americans for being racist killers and enslavers.

Maybe someday the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, will register a new one called Liberalitis…

Liberals hate Free Speech

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Program Link: Gauthier: “Jerusalem legally belongs to Jews”

Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 4th day, zion beShvat, Parashas Beshalakh, tav-shin-ayin-alef, the evening of the 3rd day Tuesday, 11 January, 2011, webcasting from Israel with one eye, the one still working, on the United States of America.

Interesting coincidence today for this dual citizen of Israel and the good ole’ USA. Variations on the same theme of a story. In the US, the national chatter is over freedom of speech, the freedom of speech for the huge demographic segment of the American electorate, the non-inside the Beltway people who like and support the ideas and values and attitudes of Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, conservative politicians, Tea Party people.

The Nightmare on Main Street in Tucson, Arizona has had the liberal, even libertine pundits and politicians shrieking about conservatives being the real culprit, inciting such violence with their speech. They, not the madman with the gun, are responsible for the heinous murder of six people and that congresswoman’s grievous wounding. It is the speech of conservatives that bear responsibility for these crimes. That’s how contemporary liberals think.

I used to be liberal. And I can chart two points in my career when I started the process of deliberalizing and completed it; when I finally had to admit it to myself that I no longer was a liberal. Between 1967 and 1984. And what launched the process was the Six-Day War, rather the reaction to the Six-Day War by the Left. And this, by the way, was the beginning of the Neo-Conservative movement, people who no doubt also recoiled as I did at that leftist response to Israel’s wonderful week of glory. They didn’t like it, and by the fall of that year the Left was bashing Israel’s racist, fascist, imperialist aggression of the previous spring.

It was an extraordinary assault on the truth. And in the earth-shaking year of 1968, the idea of the Ancient Ones was percolating to be born in 1969. That is, the birth of the Palestinians as a political player and the birth of their “narrative,” which is a full-bore assault on the truth of historical facts, a functionally full-blown denial of reality of virtually psychotic intensity…

The Daily Human Sacrifice

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Program Link: Allen West: It is my duty to defend Israel!

…Last Wednesday, when I went into Hadassah hospital (more about that later) the Knesset did something that should have been done long ago. It decided to establish a committee to investigate Israel’s NGOs with a view to exposing the facts about those who foot their bills.

Of course NGO Monitor of Gerald Steinberg and others know the facts. Their backers are European governments and anti-Jew outfits like the Ford Foundation named for Henry Ford I whose photograph was the only one on Hitler’s wall or desk (I forget which.) Ford was a great admirer of Adolf Hitler, and the feeling was mutual. Ford’s assembly line process seems to have been the model for the extermination camps; the Henry Ford who in the 1920s during Hitler’s rise in Germany was publishing his own newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, in Michigan which was as antisemitic in its ravings as any of Hitler’s publications.

I’ve suggested to you before the idea that these European-backed NGOs pretending to be human rights organizations are interested only in the human rights of the Ancient Ones. And they are just really the continuation in a new form of thousands of years of European antiJew hostility.

It is thanks to the delusional Israelis that the unspoken falsehood prevails that antisemitism plays no role in Israel’s struggle, when yours truly says just the opposite. Anti-Israel hatred these days is nothing but antisemitism re-worked to fit the times and that’s a pun.

Of course the Left is squealing today that this Knesset committee is an assault on democracy and freedom to criticize the government. Some of these Jewish antiJews today like Shimon Peres’ friend Shulamith Aloni and Yehoshua Sobol, who want their national identity re-registered not as Jewish but Israeli, sent a letter to all MKs saying, “The imposition of fascism is next.”

This is like the hysteria in the States today blaming the horrible massacre in Tucson, Arizona on Sarah Palin. Puh-leeze.

This Knesset law is just demanding what democratic societies demand of their governments: they are looking for transparency. All this committee wants to do is expose just who is behind these charlatans who claim to be human rights organizations, when in truth they are nothing but agents of the enemy, the enemy being the Arabs and the still antisemitic governments and peoples of Europe and elsewhere…

Living on Hope

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…Last week at the White House Emir Barack Hussein launched yet another peace initiative toward Syria by naming a new ambassador. His predecessor, you may remember, was withdrawn a half-decade ago after the murder of Lebanese leader Rafik Hariri. Obama and obviously Lady Clinton are still hopeful that they can engage in fruitful peace talks with the Syrians and persuade them to severe ties with Iran – with no understanding that without this alliance, Syria is one of the great big nothings of a country on this planet; with nothing to offer the world, to engage the world, to get the attention of world except by menacing the world with its support for terror. The only reason anyone pays any attention to Syria at all in this life is its identity as an outlaw, rogue state, as much a base today for numerous terror gangs – Fath, PFLP, Hamas, Hezbollah – as it was a base for kidnappers in the days of Abraham.

The Syrians in our day as a people have nothing to offer mankind in the way of products, science, culture. There is some tourism there but of course that is mostly foreigners interested in the ruins of non-Syrian peoples, the Greeks and the Romans and what they left behind. Like Egypt, where tourism is a major business, where tourists come not to see what the Muslims created since they overran the country in the year 640, but the remnants of pre-Islamic, Pharaonic civilization.

Glick also reported that retiring Israeli Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi is another Israeli who wants to hand over the Golan in the belief that the Syrians will then have a change of heart toward Israel, sever its relationship with Iran become a nice, peaceful neighbor.

Glick got it right in nailing the Israeli Left for believing that Israel can completely change Syria and Iran by “denying itself the ability to defend northern Israel by abandoning the Golan.”

They all live on hope and the fantasy that they can remake the character of the Syrians and the Iranians by material concession, by handing over what these two enemies demand as rightfully theirs.

I guess it makes sense that these post-Jewish Israelis would think this way. For to stand up to the enemy demands, to challenge and refute them, would be to claim that all these territories are rightfully Jewish land for three reasons, each one sufficient in itself to make the case: 1) The League of Nations mandate called for a resurrected Palestine to become a Jewish homeland. 2) All these demanded lands were taken in 1967 in righteous self-defense from the violators of the cease-fire agreements of 1949. 3) Because they are at the heart of the Jewish religion, for which we need no more legitimacy from the international community than found in the Five Books of Moses, which might otherwise be called, because he only wrote them down, the Five Books of G-d…

Hamites on Parade

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Audio Excerpt (4:08 Mins)
…Also in the news last week and today were two related stories. On 24 December, reported that in Jordan the government had banned a textbook used in a private school containing chapters on the Holocaust and the life and death of Anna Frank. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education in Amman, Dr. Khalid Karaki, not only ordered the book removed from classrooms but established a commission of inquiry to discover how such a thing could happen. Even earlier in the week, Hamas in Gaza condemned a UNRWA school field trip to the United States which would have included a visit to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.

And yours truly asks the question, “What could be so offensive about the truth?” One of the failures of Israeli PR – because secular Israelis are still chained to the false dream of peace with the Muslims, so let us not be not nice to them – is the failure to tell the world that it is grievously in error to think that Holocaust Denial is the exclusive property of obvious nutjobs like Ahamadina-nutjob in Iran. Not at all. Holocaust Denial is the norm all across Islam and especially the Arab Middle East. And in this monolithic, dictatorial culture, sympathy for the Jews is just out of the question. They are figures of evil not to be pitied. No.1, and No.2 validating the reality of the Holocaust provides justification for the existence of the State of Israel, which cannot be. Islam the religion cannot tolerate that idea.

Think of the West and its development over 2,000 years of Christian civilization with all of its achievements. Still, until 1965, my lifetime, Catholic doctrine judged every Jew a Christ-killer. Every Jew was guilty of the murder of Jesus of Nazareth. Talk about your blood libel. That is blood libel at its fullest. Jews are guilty because their blood is guilty. They are born guilty of murder. That sin is transmissible by blood.

That was Roman Catholicism until after the Holocaust when that mensch of a pope, Pope John the 23rd, knew how so many Nazis had been baptized in his church and he felt guilty. Hence, the Vatican II conference and its result, the encyclical Nostra Aetate which held that the Jews were the actual Christ-killers at the time, but no more would Jews share in their ancestors’ guilt.

And that was the sophisticated Christian culture of Europe until 1965, which began with Jewish, Greek and Roman cultures under its belt.

Now consider Islam, which was founded six centuries after Christendom and founded not among the descendants of Jews, Greeks and Romans but illiterates, desert brigands.

These Arabs with their stolen perversion of Jewishness; these Hamites still mired antediluvian brutality have a long, long way to go…