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Israel’s Failure to Claim Its Rights

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…In 1967 the international media in a very different climate vis-à-vis Israel celebrated little Israel’s amazing victory over its Arab neighbors. Israel’s survival and spectacular military prowess was like a cliff-hanger Hollywood movie in which the hero and heroine are snatched from the jaws of death at the lost moment.

The world was also in awe of the behavior of Israelis post-war. How decent they were to people who just the day before were shrieking Slaughter the Jews. In a word, Israel’s victory was celebrated.

Today, though, that Six-Day War is seen as an act of racist, fascist, imperialist aggression against the Palestinians. I am dumb-struck sometimes by some of the talk-backs on the Israeli sites by obvious, clinically anti-Jew nutjobs and how they programmatically accuse Israel of just walking into Palestine and stealing people’s land. It is this political cartoon-like shallowness that calls to mind the very first comment on the first verse in the Torah by the greatest commentator Rashi who lived in France in the 11th century. He asks why the Torah, which is primarily a book of laws for the Jews, opens with the creation of the Universe. And he says there will come a time when the nations will accuse the Jews of stealing the land from the Canaanites and Philistines and the answer is that G-d created the land and in his orchestration of history He decides who gets to live in it…

Israel’s Religion Deficit

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The reason on Sunday morning dozens of violent barbarians attacked police and Jews come to pray is because Israel is mute when it comes to asserting its rights precisely because they are in essence religious rights. To end the disgrace of the State of Israel tolerating what goes down on the Mount, starting with the prohibition against Jewish prayer, Israel would have to fight for its religion and this country was founded by anti-religionists, left and right.

Fifteen years ago prince of atheist communes Prime Minister Ehud Barak, the apotheosis of the new Jew as soldier, the most decorated in the state’s lifetime, did absolutely nothing as the Arabs removed thousands of tons of dirt from the mount with dump trucks to build a huge underground mosque inside the mount…

Europe’s Endless Aggression

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Well, this Sussiya story is a classic, a microcosm of the last half-century of post-Holocaust anti-Jewism. When the sights and smells of Auschwitz made the news world-wide, people were so disgusted, anti-Semitism was finished; leastwise in its Nazi incarnation and the crackpot theories of the previous 100 years when the very name anti-Semitism was invented after Europeans had lost their faith in Christianity.

Post-Holocaust Europeans were now bereft of a permissible way to hate the Jews and it took a couple of decades but eventually they came up with the tragedy of the Ancient Palestinians, this hallucination of an ancient people living here as the victims of racist, fascist, imperialist Jews who were no better that the Nazis who had persecuted them. That is the meaning of the Nakba.

And here in this latest episode, it seems that this Arab village called Sussiya, now home to over 300 Arabians, is just about lock, stock and barrel a creation of one European country after another via their charities and NGOs and direct government assistance to the Palestinian Authority.

The myth of the Palestinians has become this generation’s decide charge, and to make it stick, the Europeans spend millions supporting local anti-Jew NGOs manned by antisemitic Israelis – we have such internal enemies in every generation – and for such projects as providing the infrastructure for this phony Potemkin village of Sussiya in order to deny the barren land to the Jews…

Obama is Unfit for Office

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yesterday in Brussels, the EU foreign ministers under the direction of the erstwhile Young Communist Federica Mogherini resolved that “The EU reiterates its strong opposition to Israel’s settlement policy and actions taken in this context, such as building the separation barrier beyond the 1967 line, demolitions and confiscations — including of EU funded projects – evictions, forced transfers including of Bedouins, illegal outposts, settler violence and restriction of movement and access.”

What a bill of indictment. The statement also concluded that “these actions seriously threaten the two-state solution.”

And there was only one sentence in which the foreign ministers said, “Recent rocket fire from Gaza by militant groups is unacceptable and underlines against the danger of escalation.”

You got that? Pinning the tail on the donkey, Israel is stuck with a laundry of crimes, but as for its antagonists, why, we are not even sure who they are. The resolution of course said rocket fire out of Gaza was unacceptable but did not name those firing the rockets. Just some “militant groups.” Not Hamas, not Islamic Jihad, not the Palestinians, that’s for sure.

This is the face of antisemitism in the year 2015. Here is the collective wisdom of all the foreign minister in Europe with its 450 million people and their judgment includes specifically calling out Israel by name as guilty of a half-dozen at least crimes while its adversaries are not even named. Just some “militant groups.”

Traitors Indeed

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Last Thursday the Prime Minister accused the International Criminal Court of hypocrisy for singling out Israel again over the Mavi Marmara incident of five years ago — as Assad in Syria drops barrels bombs and chemical weapons on his own people.

Though I think Bibi’s choice of word “hypocrisy” is a cousin of his unfortunate Bar Ilan speech. “Hypocrisy” is not the right word in this situation. The right word is “antisemitism,” the smearing of Jews with guilt as a diversion or distraction away from the truly guilty elsewhere.

Again, like Mordechai Kedar, I think Bibi is another Israeli who never experienced antisemitism in his formative years.

Here was just yesterday Signorina — or is it Dottore? — Mogherini with a PhD in Political Science, erstwhile member of the Young Communist League or something, in Vienna smiling at the Iranians, giving them billions, smiling at their eventual A-bomb production then flying on her broomstick back to Brussels to address all foreign ministers in Europe as together they ponder what to do to us Jews, we stiff-necked crucifiers of the Ancient Palestinians for not handing back the land that we stole from them in 1967.

I think Bibi is like other Israelis I have known and especially in his age cohort (basically mine) who not only did not experience antisemitism in their formative years, they were taught by secular Zionist culture that antisemitism was also to a serious degree the result of the Jews themselves and the way they mistreated the gentiles. Israelis like this sneer at the thought that the Jews were 100% innocent. They had to have had some role in having people hate them…

Israel’s Cocoon

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…There is something sinister and sick in the UK, France and Germany above all in their submitting to an Iran that is as blatantly crazy about Jews as the Germans were. What they voted on this week was forking over all that money to the regime which will not use it for the commonweal but to wage jihad, for that is what Iran is all about; jihad, otherwise known as terrorism.

Their aggression against the world as the No. 1 backer of terrorism is expressed in the jihad, and here are these otherwise free societies forking over all this loot, the way they used to pay tribute to the pashas, beys and deys of North Africa not to attack their commercial shipping and enslave their merchant seamen and innocent passengers.

Islam has been at war with non-Muslims since the day it was born. It swept out of the Arabian Peninsula into Egypt in the year 640 and over the next 70 swept across North Africa to Gibraltar, leapt across to Europe in the year 711 and remained in Iberia for the next almost 800 years…

Decision in Vienna

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Iran is this generation’s crusading, totalitarian, antisemitic successor to Nazi Germany, and here is the West once again choosing to bow down before Iran and even participate in its genocidal, anti-Jew ambitions.

In Orwell’s novel 1984, language is raped and stripped and ripped of meaning, of truth, and here this morning both Obama and Kerry gave speeches announcing the agreement in Vienna. Later on FOX, I saw the excellent John Bolton say flat out that both were “absolutely incorrect” in what they were saying.

This, of course, because Bolton is a former diplomat, was his polite and euphemistic way of saying, “They are lying! The two of them were lying in their triumphant sale pitch for what a great accomplishment this was for American diplomacy!

What came to mind was – as it always does with this guy — was Ft. Hood, and “You can keep your doctor.” The man is a chronic, habitual, steady-state liar…

Kerry vs Obama, Fool vs Villain

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yesterday in Teheran, El Supremo Ayatollah Khameini addressed his countrymen and told them America was the epitome of arrogance, as his countrymen burned American and Israeli flags, and make no mistake, much of the hatred for America stems from its unique support in the world of Israel. This drives Muslims crazy with envy, with its echoes of Avraham expelling Ishmael from his tents, sending him away with his mother back to Egypt.

Avraham orders Ishmael and Mother to depart. They do and hysterical Ishmael is profligate with the water, which soon runs out and then his mother abandons him in his suffering. This is one unhappy teenager, this wild ass of a man who has lost his position as first-born son.

Online you can find the HAMAS founding covenant of 1988 and within the first few lines the Muslim Brothers in Gaza were boasting that Believers were the true favorite people of Allah.

Muslims suffer from a boiling cauldron of homicidal envy of Jews. Our very presence here is experienced as a humiliation, a defeat for Islam that must be reversed. The Koran is quite clear in its views of Jews who must be oppressed and humiliated and that is how it was for more than a thousand years…..

The Problem with Reform Jews

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Part of the problem is that unlike in English which is home to two words, “Jew” and “Jewish,” not so in Hebrew which has only one word, sometimes a noun, sometimes an adjective. Azoulay said, “Any Jew who observes the commandments is for us a Jew. A Reform Jew, from the moment he does not follow Jewish law, I cannot allow myself to say that he is a Jew.”

What Azoulay lacks, I think, is knowledge of Diaspora Jewry and really European Jewish history, he of the Orthodox Sephardi party, Shas. I doubt he has ever heard of the essay by Isaac Deutscher, the Jewish Communist journalist and hagiographer of Trotsky, entitled, “The Non-Jewish Jew,” which is how the majority of Jews alive today see themselves. “Oh yes, we are Jews but we not Jewish in our lives, in our behavior.”

This is not hard to understand. To be born in America is to become an American in law. It is a political status. In this sense, the infamous father and son team of naval officers who spied for the Communists, the Walkers, were 100% Americans in their legal identity but not very American in their behavior, in their beliefs.

The same came be said of most Jews alive today. They define themselves as members of the Jewish people, and those born of a Jewish mother are Jews no less so than the Chief rabbis of Israel.

Still, by their behavior they are not Jews and this is what David Azoulay had in mind when he spoke as he did…


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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Well, Bat Ye’or has written the counter-narrative to the secular Zionist ignoramuses who thought life was better for Jews under Islam. To this day Ashkenazi Arabists write that only in the 20th century did European anti-Semitism penetrate Araby. Technically true, but anti-Jewism had other forms before the emergence of that vile crackpot theory. Bat Ye’or relies on primary sources to show that Jews suffered constantly under Islam, and worse: she invented the tern dhimmitude to describe the state of mind of infidels oppressed by Muslims as a normal part of their lives. And worst of all, she saw Europeans turning into dhimmi, the so-called protected infidels in Islam, and that is what came to mind in David Cameron’s words. His craven untruth of pandering to Muslims about what a great religion they have and that all this murder and mayhem done in the name of Islam is not the real, nice Islam.

Just like Obama after Ft. Hood.

Like Orwell’s Big Brother commanding the people of England not to believe what they see. A life of denial.

“War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength” and I would add, “Islam is a great religion.”

Islam As An Excuse

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So yesterday, these Disciples of the Temple, thinking it means Disciples of Jerusalem, launched a coordinated military attack on Egyptian army positions and murdered any civilians who appeared to be helping them. One figure set the attackers at 300. The battle went on all day. Eventually, with Israeli permission, the Egyptian air force struck back with at least one F-15 and a couple of Apache attack helicopters. In the end, one report said 100 of the attackers, who last week pledged allegiance to ISIS, were killed, dozens of Egyptian personnel too.

This is the true face of the Arab Spring, if not according to multi-millionaire expert Thomas L. Friedman who makes millions for his “brilliant” analyses. This idiot, blinded by his need to see the bad guys in the Middle East the Jews and not the Muslims, thought in 2011 he was witness to a revolution for freedom and liberty and democracy and free speech, and respect for women.


The Middle East is bubbling these days with massacres launched by an endless supply of homicidal Muslim maniacs for whom shooting weapons and killing people is their greatest thrill next to imaginable the ultimate one of being killed as a shahid, a martyr who is launched into Muslim Paradise where he will frolic 24/7 in a drunken sex orgy violently deflowering virgins for all eternity. This is the ultimate high for arguably the most monstrous people on Planet Earth, these violent Muslims on fire with hamas, Islamic piety at its most passionate and bloody…