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Just Normal Fratricide

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Program Link: The President’s First Insult

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And let’s not forget Turkey working with Qatar. If the peoples of Western Europe were not so sickly in spirit, they would immediately convene at NATO Quarters and expel Turkey from NATO. As the Americans are paralyzed when it comes to toppling the Muslim Brotherhood agent in the White House, so NATO is mute and motionless in the face of what has happened to Turkey led by the neo-sultan Erdogan and his sidekick Foreign Minister Davutoglu who have imprisoned hundreds of army officers, the traditional guardians of non-religious governments, and scores of journalists critical of their dictatorship. These brutes are backers of ISIS because ISIS is Sunni.

But I digress. I hit upon Marie Harf because of today’s Washington Post’s scoop that Jihadi John the head-chopper in ISIS speaking perfect British English is a native of Kuwait who grew up in London and went to university and graduated with a degree in computer programming.

One can only wonder how Ms. Harf computes this. Once again, hardly the first time, a Muslim maniac is exposed as no downtrodden member of the exploited proletariat striking out at injustice but yet another well-to-do, comfortable, middle-class, educated fellow. Like Muhammad Atta of 9-11 infamy whose successful dad had enough cash to send him to Germany for his university education. Economic deprivation and political oppression, Marie Hard has yet to understand, has nothing to do with this kind of behavior. Its roots are in the culture of Araby and its principle religion that was only partially successful at suppressing the pagan idolatry of the Arabs two thousand years after Mt. Sinai had turned twelve Jewish tribes into a nation of laws; six centuries after the rise Christianity which also wrestled with paganism…

What Should Bibi Say?

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Well, I think Bibi should start his speech by recalling nostalgically and warmly the relations between Jews in America and American Negroes in the 20th century, with a view to eventually reminding his audience ( and Obama) of all the good Jewish people did for Negroes that led to the great achievement of having finally him, an African-American, elected president! How happy this American Jewish community was, the same community that in 1909 created the NAACP, still the largest self-help organization for today’s African-Americans.

Bibi might remind his audience of how the NAACP’s first president was not a Negro but a Jew, Arthur Spingarn, who contributed his own money to getting the organization on its feet and sharing the Jewish people’s knowledge of but communal self-help organizations wholly apart from the government.

In 1954, the Supreme Court ruled that American apartheid, segregation in the Topeka, Kansas schools, was inherently illegal. The lead attorney for the Negroes was Thurgood Marshall, eventually the first Negro Supreme Court Justice, who was assisted by New York Jew Jack Greenberg whose career in the law was crusading for Negro rights.

A decade later in 1964, three civil rights workers were murdered in the deep south, one a local Negro and two friends, both New York Jews, because that Freedom Summer saw busloads of idealistic white northern college students going south to help fight injustice with, by one estimate, a quarter of them Jews, which was 100 times larger than the size of the Jewish community…

The Power of Fear

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Speaking before of the threat to our little country from Old Persia, one of the Viet Cong’s favorite Americans after Jane Fonda, John Kerry, last seen schmoozing with his Iranian counterpart, you know, like Neville Chamberlain thinking that talking with Hitler was worth the while, spoke up for the Ancient Ones who likely called him up to complain that unless Israel opens the money spigot again, the Ancient Palestinian Authority is liable to collapse and end security cooperation with Israel.

Israel, let us remember, turned off the spigot when the Holocaust Denier turned to the International Criminal Court to prepare for charging the Jews with war crimes for defending themselves when his partners in the PA last summer, Hamas, were firing hundreds of projectiles at Jewish communities.

I imagine (I have no information) that Israel has answered Kerry by telling him to tell his beloved Balestinians that Israel will re-open spigot when they cancel their demarche to the ICC.

The whole thing is more of the Alice in Wonderland land we live in since Israelis foolishly went along with the enemy tactic of calling the Arabs here, who for millennia were known as Syrians, Balestinians. Israeli Nobel Prize winner for Game Theory Moshe Aumann said not long ago this was Israel’s great mistake, and I agree. That is why I wrote the book. Starting in 1969, the UN began calling the Arabs here as they never had “Balestinians” and Israel’s post-Jewish post-Zionists went along with the ruse thinking it would be easier to make peace with them. Hah!

The Way They Think

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So that was one story, the latest in an endless train of grisly and gruesome tales out of Araby, and the other was related, though far less attention was paid in the global village. This was the death here of Adele Biton, age 4, who at age 2, you remember, was riding in the family car in the Shomron when an Arab Muslim threw rocks at the car her mother was driving which resulted in a major injury to the head of this adorable 2 year-old girl and shattered it and her brain. Only her family knows how much of her was left, crippled these last two years. Well, she got sick and died, the latest Jewish victim of barbaric, guilty Muslims incapable of human empathy, who also shriek at the injustice we allegedly do to them.

Such an adorable little girl judging by her picture, who died on Tuesday and was buried yesterday by her shattered mother and family.

I almost never hate Arabs because I see them as such pathetic losers. Wild asses of men control by their animal-like feelings. Normally the people I do hate are those who should know better: fellow Jews and Europeans who play defense attorney for these brutes who have never stopped in a century-plus of restoring the Land murdering us and causing us such heartache.

But with stories like the wounding of little Adele and her death, I make an exception. In moments like this, I hate these bastards. What evil they perpetrate in the world, not the least of which is the evil words they speak, the lies, the ridiculous mental world they inhabit in which, you know, the Jews were behind 9-11…

Blair’s Ignorance

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…On Saturday night, ISIS demons in Libya cut the heads off 21 Copts in the country just looking for work, though I doubt Tony Blair appreciates that this kind of savagery is recorded in every generation of Islam. The rivalry between HAMAS and Fatah here is standard operating procedure in Araby and reconciliation is literally impossible for it suggests returning to a previous state of harmony, amity, peace and equilibrium when there never was such a thing.

In Saudi Arabia, on the Persian Gulf coast when Saudi oil is extracted, the laborers are natives of the country but Shiites and therefore denied citizenship. Can you imagine a Western country these days dominated by, say, Catholics who deny citizenship to Protestants or vice versa?

In Blair’s wishful thinking utterly detached from history, I hear a man who knows nothing of Araby, a true friend of Israel, for which he was driven from office, but he still doesn’t know what he is talking about…

BHO: Non Compos Mentis

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes, what the world needs now is just the opposite of Obama’s denial of the truth that Islam, his beloved religion, is menace to the human race.

What is so wrong in the thinking of the West even among the best of people is the vocabulary words “Islamism” and “Islamist” and “radical Islam.” No. The first three are inventions of the non-Islamic West, while the Islam on display in all its gruesome and grisly behaviors is the real Islam, the true root of Islam. The word “radical” comes from the Latin “radix” for root so that so-called radical Islam is not out there on the fringes of society but in the center. This is why the Muslim Brotherhood won the elections in Egypt after Mubarak was overthrown. Left to their own devices, in an honestly conducted election, most Egyptians did vote for the Brotherhood because they don’t know any better. Half of them are illiterate, uneducated, swept along by history with no understanding of life and society. Most of the Arabs here in 2006 voted for HAMAS that is also the Brotherhood…

Bibi Needs a Barnburner

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This guy, as we saw at the National Prayer Breakfast a week ago, this guy sees his job as explaining Islam to America. It is not explaining America and defending America to Islam and from Islam.

And like all Muslim antiJews who dominate at the UN to the detriment of other world problems crying out for help, so Obama, in his obsession with Israel, has done nothing of note to defend fellow Christians and fellow black Africans being murdered by the thousands by Muslims. In Nigeria, they say hundreds of thousands of people have been turned into internal refugees, homeless in their own country after fleeing Boko Harum savagery. Thus far, according to reliable reports, in addition to the masses of refugees, the communities they ran from — their schools, churches, police stations, homes — have been destroyed and looted by Boko Harum. And you would think this self-advertised Christian might use the power and resources of the U.S. to defend those people.

But no. He is too busy negotiating, if it can be called that, with Iran in order to allow them to keep Israel in a state of perpetual fear of an Atomic bomb launched by Iran.

I hope Bibi speaks the truth, which should include sticking it to this evil man and while he’s at it, give it to John Kerry, recently rated the worst secretary of state in a half century, who betrayed his country and his comrades-in-arms in the 1970s, the male Jane Fonda of the era, who has his own record of antiJew nastiness…

Abbas the Deluded

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The more yours truly studies the phenomenon of antiJew thinking, the more it appears to be a full-blown mental illness characterized by delusion, even hallucinatory thinking. For example, the charge that Israel is an apartheid state when there is not a word about skin color in any Israeli law; in any Zionist propaganda.

And today we were told by JPost that we soon will be treated to a Hebrew translation of Dr. Mahmoud Abbas’s doctoral thesis, his dissertation, his analysis of the Second World War as it affected the Ancient Palestinians.

I’ve known he denies the murder of the Six Million; no more than a million he said at the hands of Nazis and their Zionist collaborators. And the Zionists murdered fellow Jews in cahoots with the Nazis in order to drive them from Europe to Palestine to help them steal Palestine from the Palestinians.

What I had not heard was the book’s claim, his claim, that Adolf Hitler and David ben-Gurion had a cooperative relationship and could be called “good friends.”

Here we inspect some of the DNA of the bloody Oslo process fiasco, which was embarked upon because Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin, Yossi Beilin and Dr. Martin Indyk, judged Arafat and his sidekick Abbas dependable partners for peace, and there could not be a more spectacular example of poor judgment in the annals of human diplomacy than their decision to go into business with the two of them when they knew their histories and knew what they had said about Jews and Zionism and the phony Holocaust. How unbelievably obtuse about human beings can one get?

Genocide Threat No. 6

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And this is not the first time Barack Hussein has played the role of spokesman for Islam to the American people, instead of spokesman for the American people to Islam.

He has been flacking for them since his first inaugural address when he called for a new relationship with Islam, which some found odd because the U.S. has relations without states and not religions.

This guy at the UN in his annual performance in 2012 also foresaw no future in which people could slander “the Prophet of Islam.”

This character claims to be a Christian, but if so, he has yet to study Christendom’s historic opinion of Islam. The Vatican does not see it as another religion but a heresy, and for centuries the Christian kings of Europe were sworn to do battle with Islam.

For centuries Muhammad was a figure of revulsion in Christendom, but don’t tell Obama, who in his speech at Al-Azhar in 2009 spoke of his pleasure at being in the region where “the Holy Koran was revealed.”

Excuse me, but I imagine a real Christian (like a real Jew) does not consider the Koran to be holy, and for sure it was not revealed. Obama claims to be a Christian but if so, he has no business calling the Koran holy or believing it was revealed…

Revenge and Justice

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…What we did here was this from the Grand Sheik of Al-Azhar in Cairo, Obama’s true alma mater meaning soul mother, where he spoke in 2009. Ahmed al-Taib said of the killers themselves: “They deserved to be killed, crucified or have their limbs amputated!”

You know there’s an Arabic word which I have forgotten which refers to a particular punishment prescribed by Sharia law which calls for not only the chopping off of the right hand but also the left foot, for someone without a left foot is helped by using a cane held in his right hand. So when the right hand also is chopped off, the victim is crippled big time.

These Arabs, these Muslims are capable of sadistic, savage, cruel behavior. The sentiments in Jordan by the angry population call not for reforming Islam and making it a gentler community but for revenge. No calls for justice but revenge, which is not the same thing.

They say. “All restrictions are lifted,” the editorialist in the official Jordanian newspaper said. Thus does official Jordan license itself to be as barbaric as ISIS in return…

“Pro-Peace” and “Messianic”

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…We’ll get to Lubetsky’s language in a moment but let’s not forget Gil Hoffman’s sly and subtle left-wing propaganda by calling OneVoice a “pro-peace group.”

This is in a class with Peace Now as a name. Both expressions claim a monopoly on the desire for peace, which they think is attainable by adopting the enemy’s view of things and doing as the enemy asks. And if you don’t agree with Peace Now, you don’t want peace now. You want war now. You are a war-monger if you don’t agree with Peace Now that the enemy are the good guys and our side the bad guys.

Hoffman calls OneVoice a pro-peace group. This calls to mind that group of anti-Jews who called themselves J Street. At first their slogan was “pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian.” But cooler heads understood this was not a good idea so they changed it to “pro-Israel and pro-peace.” Gil Hoffman thinks OneVoice is pro-peace which is code for pro- the mortal enemies of the Jewish people returned to the Land they resurrected from its condition of wasteland maintained as wasteland by Islam. Before the Zionists, there was no Balestinian beople in residence. And to say there was is a lie, an antisemitic lie. All lies about Jews are antisemitic lies, and the notion of a Jews stealing Palestine from the Palestinians has no basis in historical truth…

Holocaust Envy

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…What was also of interest last Thursday in these murder raids by the jihadis in Sinai — and I think they also set a bomb off in Alexandria that killed people — was the timing. Just two days after Muslim Brotherhood big shots had a cordial meeting in the State Department with Obama staffers.

For sure, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi has got to be seething with rage at the Muslim Brotherhood agent in the White House who is ultimately responsible for a policy of backing the Brotherhood, the deposing of Mubarak, the elections, the coup d’état, the whole 9 yards of chaos in Egypt these last four years. Hundreds of Brotherhood members killed, thousands arrested. Al-Sisi must curse Obama every day.

And one can only wonder what Obama knew of Egyptian history as he adopted this policy on entering office. I highly doubt he knew anything. All he knew was his love for Islam and belief that in a democracy, the Brotherhood would win and that would make them legitimate and their administration beneficial to the people of Egypt more than that of Mubarak and the army…