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The Morality of Tribesmen

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Since the mid-19th century as well, a code of conduct has been written and agreed to whose basic principle is that all is not (!) fair in war, especially when it comes to unarmed civilian noncombatants who must be protected to the extent possible. Ergo, the Geneva Conventions and the very concept of a war crimes.

Versus the Arab-Muslim world of Ms. Bouattia’s heritage where war between nations has never really existed. The history of Araby is a history not of nations but tribes and religious sects and communities. History is absent records of wars between Algerians and Tunisians next door, because until the French invented the lines around these two states, they did not exist. There were the few, walled port cities along the North African Coast, but the interior was just tribes, so that to this very day, in the year 2016, the fighting going on in Libya remains tribal. Since Gaddafi’s death, there has been no national state, just tribesmen contending for power.

This is Ms. Bouattia’s heritage and as such she remains very tribal in her thinking. When tribes fight, there are no rules of war leading to war crimes. The clash is not between uniformed soldiers fighting uniformed soldiers but tribesmen for whom war is an expanded family feud, family blood feud in which no distinction is made between civilians and soldiers. It is people against people, and it is legitimate, for example, to enter the home of a pregnant Jewess and stab her to death ion from of her children. War is killing and counter-killing of the enemy people. In Ms. Bouattia’s Arab-Muslim universe, there is nothing wrong with this kind of behavior…

Stealing and Perverting Judaism

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Here is what Prime Minister Netanyahu said after that explosion that wounded some 20 Jews moderately, 2 grievously, including one 12 year-old girl whose mother said she was burnt all over her body. The prime minister said, “We will find whoever prepared that explosive device, we will get to those who sent it…We will settle accounts with those terrorists. We are in an ongoing battle against terrorism, the terrorism of knives, terrorism of shootings, of rocket and even of tunnels.”

No. We are not in “an ongoing battle against terrorism.” We are the victims of Arabs and mostly Muslims; of imperialist, conscienceless Islam. The words “terrorism” and “terrorist” should be retired for they no longer have any impact. And worse, it is plainly untrue that our murderers wave the banner of Terrorism. They waved the banner of Islam, and like all of those who have murdered us history, they hate Jews. The bottom line is that Zionism failed to extinguish the seemingly eternal human hatred of Jews and need to murder us at worse and keep us down…

The Hilltop Rebels, II

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Excerpt from the program on January 3, 2016:

…In the minds of today’s teenage rebels, the entirety of the Religious Nationalist camp is illegitimate. These are not extremists within the camp but deserters from it, living in, really, a fantasy world of wanting to destroy Israel so that King Messiah would replace it. That was eh graffiti on that burnt house in Duma.

They constitute a microscopic percentage of patriotic settler youth who are bent on service in the IDF and increasingly constitute the next generation of officers.

In other words, as Achan was the only one among the twelve tribes to disobey the order to take no booty — as Avraham took no booty during his hostage rescue mission to Damascus – so today a handful of off-the-rails teenagers are held up as representatives of the entire State of Israel by its enemies…

Ishmael Forever, II

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Excerpt from the program on December 1, 2015:

…The reality of our neighbors must be taken into account in our dealings with them and I am afraid we don’t do that.

These Arabs here harbor an ungodly number of sociopaths, which used to be called psychopaths and still should be, I think.

I have no hope for peace with them until Moshiach arrives and all attempts at peace and a cooperative, friendly relationship until then are a cosmic waste of time.

Ishmael was expelled from his father’s community because his father’s wise wife Sarah saw that he was capable, psychologically speaking, of murdering her son Isaac, and she was right.

His expulsion happened in the year 1713 BCE. That was 3,728 years ago, and I say peace with these people is impossible because, obviously, over the last 3,728 years, these people haven’t changed. They are the same. For sure, there are good individuals among them, and some reliable experts claim many are opposed to this latest knife-in-the-back technique but of course they say nothing, and that is because, in addition to these good people, there is an ungodly percentage of homicidal maniacs among them. And worse, their leaders, like the populace apparently, do not have the courage to go against the worst found in the Arab street.

And that is a generous assessment, for their leaders are less afraid of them than like them…

The Silence of the Jewish Lambs, II

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Excerpt from the program on November 3, 2015:

…Surely it was the Almighty’s plan to drive Herzl on his mission, he who had no knowledge of this country; of Islam, of Islam’s feelings about Jews. Had he known any of this history, I doubt he would have launched his crusade. To read his fantasy novel of the state of the Jews twenty years after its peaceful birth, and to follow the day’s news here, is to see how way off the mark Herzl was, he whom post-Jewish Israelis celebrate as the Father of His Country who merits a special day. Herzl did not imagine that 67 years after the emergence of his imagined state, goyim would be daily plunging knives into the backs of Jews and most importantly at random. For sure, he never dreamed that the knifers would also be bent on suicide in the name of Allah.

Yesterday, another Muslim afire with hamas, which means religious zeal, committed the “holy” act of plunging a knife into the back of an 80-year-old Jewish woman. Herzl never conceived of such an act of “piety,” leastwise in the ever swamps of Muslim brains…

Flabbergasted By Their Cruelty, II

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Excerpt from the program on October 6, 2015:

…One interesting feature of the current horrors our barbaric neighbors are inflicting on is now is how quickly our security agencies, IDF, GGS, Police and Border Patrol were able to get their hands on the five savages who pulled off the murder of Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin. One imagines that one factor is the need to brag about their heroics so that it is no great secret who was responsible. They all confessed and that too is significant, even if the word confessed is not quite right. That has the ring of repentance, when for these brutes there is no guilt. This is no confession. This is boasting. They are proud of what they did.

On the downside, the media also reported that the leader of this quintet of ethical and emotional Neanderthals was once upon a time a prisoner in Israel, and surely he is among hundreds who likewise were imprisoned then let go, which speaks volumes about the defects in the Israeli character. I find it intolerable that Israel does this. It is part of the same defective syndrome which leads to not having a death penalty. HaShem calls for the death penalty following the great Flood, probably because before the Flood homicide was so common…

Obama the Destroyer, II

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Excerpt from the program on September 3, 2015:

…But of course, what’s bigger these days than this massive invasion of Europe by Muslims, this tidal wave of people who are literally running from their lives due to “Islamic terrorism”? How ironic that is the very expression that this president insisted must never be spoken.

There is a connection between Obama’s denial of Islamic terrorism eleven months into his term after the slaughter at Ft. Hood and this tidal wave of humanity out of mostly Syria and Iraq literally fleeing for their lives from their fellow Muslims who daily attain new heights, or should we say, plunge to new depths of depravity. “Islamic terrorists,” whose description the President of the United States refuses to utter; the same president who last January refused to join world leaders in Paris after the Ft. Hood-like carnage in the Charlie Hebdo offices and then denied that the four people murdered in that kosher grocery store before Shabbos were Jews murdered by Muslims because they were Jews. Barack Hussein Obama said the victims were “just some folks.”

I’m telling you, this guy is virtually clinical in his ability to deny what he does not want to accept. Worse, not only does he not want to accept the reality of Muslim maniacs on the loose in the world, he wants people to like Islam and pay no mind to behaviors he claims are those of unrepresentative “extremists.”

There is a connection between the situation now in the Middle East, this eruption of hell on earth produced by ISIS, and Obama and Hillary Clinton’s support for Islamists against Qaddafi and against Mubarak. This villain Obama popped open a bottle found on the seashore and out popped the Demon of Satanic Islam on the march.

The violence in the Muslim Middle East reaches new levels of evil daily. You must have seen at least the still photo if not the actual video of those four Shiites in Anbar Province in Iraq chained upside down, hog-tied, doused with some flammable liquid, and then four separate lines on the ground of the fluid were lit at one end which then crept toward the men to ignite them and barbecue them to charcoal.

And what a coincidence that this Nazi-like sadism comes out of this movement that hates Jews with the same satanic intensity as Nazism…

Europe’s Timeless Hatred, II

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Program Link: Israeli-Arab Actor Defends Hijacker: He Was No ‘Terrorist’
Excerpt from the program on August 13, 2015:

…That is an almost direct quote from a fascinating news story this morning. How in Oslo, the magical city where Yossi Beilin and a gang of Jew-killers shook hands on the Oslo abomination just about this time 22 years ago, a film festival won’t show an Israeli documentary on the lives of four seriously challenged children and the treatment they receive in Israel. The direct Roy Zafrani’s film was rejected by the – listen to this title – “Festival of Human Rights and Human Wrongs.” His film had been warmly received at other festivals in other countries but in this one, in Oslo, Norway, he was sent a letter saying, “We support the academic and cultural boycott of Israel so unless the films are about the illegal occupation, or deal with the occupation or the blockade of Gaza, otherwise the discrimination against Palestinians, we can’t show them.”

And there you have this generation’s substitute for Jews as Christ-killers, Jews as greedy, capitalist war-mongers, Jews as spreaders of disease, Jews as vampires who suck out their gentile victim’s blood.

Today it is our illegal occupation, the blockade of Gaza and discrimination against Palestinians.

And these Norwegian festival organizers are not alone in Europe…

Traitors Indeed, II

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Excerpt from the program on July 19, 2015:

…Last Thursday the Prime Minister accused the International Criminal Court of hypocrisy for singling out Israel again over the Mavi Marmara incident of five years ago — as Assad in Syria drops barrels bombs and chemical weapons on his own people.

Though I think Bibi’s choice of word “hypocrisy” is a cousin of his unfortunate Bar Ilan speech. “Hypocrisy” is not the right word in this situation. The right word is “antisemitism,” the smearing of Jews with guilt as a diversion or distraction away from the truly guilty elsewhere.

Again, like Mordechai Kedar, I think Bibi is another Israeli who never experienced antisemitism in his formative years.

Here was just yesterday Signorina — or is it Dottore? — Mogherini with a PhD in Political Science, erstwhile member of the Young Communist League or something, in Vienna smiling at the Iranians, giving them billions, smiling at their eventual A-bomb production then flying on her broomstick back to Brussels to address all foreign ministers in Europe as together they ponder what to do to us Jews, we stiff-necked crucifiers of the Ancient Palestinians for not handing back the land that we stole from them in 1967.

I think Bibi is like other Israelis I have known and especially in his age cohort (basically mine) who not only did not experience antisemitism in their formative years, they were taught by secular Zionist culture that antisemitism was also to a serious degree the result of the Jews themselves and the way they mistreated the gentiles. Israelis like this sneer at the thought that the Jews were 100% innocent. They had to have had some role in having people hate them…

Israel Must Re-Brand the Conflict, II

Internet Radio

Excerpt from the program on June 16, 2015:

…And I wait for the day Israelis, that is their leaders, rip the scales from their eyes and re-brand the enemy as not the ancient Palestinian Nation and its freedom-fighters but Muslims who after 14 centuries of oppressing and humiliating Jews as part of their religion have never accepted the rightness of the Jewish living free of their ugly persecution.

What is going on here is not a movement of national liberation by a victimized Third World people fighting to drive out European imperialists — the story of scores of member-states in the UN today. That is a complete lie. It is the on-going national liberation movement of the Jews fighting every day to live free of Arab imperialist domination. They, the Arabs as thieves, and the Muslims as totalitarian Crusaders are the enemies of Jewish freedom. All the rest of their propaganda is whirlwind of antisemitic myths…