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Turkey’s Hitlerian President

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The TV documentary shows interviews with other Turkish academics and writers who claim the Jews use Darwin’s theory of evolution to claim that G-d created them but everyone else evolved from apes.

And never mind such a magical transformation between men and apes, men and swine, is explicitly in the Koran, nowhere in the Tanakh.

And then an advisor to President Erdogan claims that all anti-government activities in Turkey are in fact attempts by the Mastermind to bring down Turkey and its government.

This would be like Valerie Jarrett or Susan Rice claiming that the Jews in America are behind all the criticism of the President.

In other words, I tell you all this, to make the point that Islam today has replaced Nazism as the primary vehicle of the kind of lunatic Jew-hatred that has been our fate to endure for thousands of years. The Christian and post-Christian West may have moved on from phantasmagorical beliefs in the supernatural evil of Jews to just lying about plausible evil, but not the Muslims. If this is how the powers that be in Turkey think, like the regimes in Tehran, Riyadh, Damascus, Baghdad and Sanaa, we are faced with sea of Islamic Jew-hatred as potentially dangerous as any enemy in our history.

I used to think that post-Holocaust and with all the attention given to the horror over the last couple of decades, that kind of crazy Jew-hatred was a thing of the past.

In light of Islam today, apparently not. Said Kohelet/The Book of Ecclesiastes, there is nothing new under the sun…

The Two-State Threat

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…On the political front, our usual beat, I imagine you all saw Wendy Sherman, Under Secretary of State threaten Israel and not for the first time with a knife in the back if we don’t kowtow to the wishes of her master, the Imam in the Oval Office.

Sherman, remember, is by academic training a social worker, a profession not known for its tough mindedness, and so it is no wonder that when she presided in 1994 over the negotiations with North Korea over its nuclear ambitions under President Clinton, that turned out to a fiasco of incompetence.

But never mind. She has in her heart what Robespierre called the proper virtu, proper philosophical temperament. In his day, during the Terror in the French Revolution, a politician without the proper virtu was sent to the guillotine by him. Sherman of course does not have that power, but she remains in charge of the nuclear negotiations with Iran over its nuclear ambitions. Heaven help us.

Anyway, she addressed a gathering of so-called Reform Jews who I know from personal experience haven’t got a clue what it really means to be a Jew and thus whose views of Israel are commonly all mixed up; mixed up with what’s fashionable inside the Beltway, where political philosophy is dominated by the old line White Anglo Saxon Protestant aristocracy…

An IBJ Terrorism Expert

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The good news, or so it seems, is that Naftali Bennett has been persuaded by Netanyahu to bank the fires of his ambition and accept for the time being the less than distinguished position of Minister of Education instead of Security(Defense) or Foreign Affairs.

Bennett’s time will come to lead this country. He’s young and can wait, and the better part of patriotism at this point is letting Bibi build his coalition by keeping Bogie and Lieberman in their present posts.

It’s good news because the sooner the obnoxious process of coalition building that hardly benefits the country as a whole comes to an end, the better…

Memorial Day

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The Two-State Solution is a fantasy with no leasehold in the reality of the Middle East. The peace process has been a sham from day one in 1993. It sold the world the fantasy that Arafat and Abbas and friends had come around to recognizing the right of the Jews to live free in their own ancient country.

Nonsense. More than nonsense. A complete fabrication of reality. There was not one sliver of evidence in 1993 that the Arabs had come around to accepting the rightness of the Jews to their own state. There had not been one opinion in any Arab newspaper saying that it was time for Araby to stop its war against the Zionist entity.

There had not been one public affairs program on any Arab TV station in which recognition of Israel was discussed and supported by important people.

Oslo was believing, on the part of Beilin, Peres and the Israeli left, that Arafat and Abbas were genuinely committed to peace with Israel. That is, Oslo was rooted in the belief that these mass murdering antisemites were not above lying; that they were sincere; that although they had been terrorist murderers for decades, they finally had done tshuva, repented and seen the error of their ways and now could be trusted in their professions of peaceable intent.

Oslo was evidence of the Jews as the Chosen People, a special people, for Oslo was a special kind of stupidity about people, even a supernatural stupidity only a special chosen people is capable of…

Identifying with the Enemy

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…But I part company from the across-the-board anger in Israel at the EU; for I think the real culprit is ourselves. There is something logical and understandable in the EU antipathy to Israel, for Israel has never denied that this territory really is Balestinian territory. After all, this was on display in 2009 at Bar-Ilan by the prime minister when he, so to speak, went to the baptismal font in the Church of the Enlightened and confessed his belief that, yes, the Balestinians deserve and have a right to a state in Judea and Samaria. All that needs to be worked out are the details. And thus Israel is complicit in the European view of things. Israel in 1993 did this on the White House lawn. Bibi did it again 16 years later. Israel accepts that Judea and Samaria rightfully belongs to the Ancient Ones. And for that it has been tongue-lashed in the West ever since.

The proper response to the demand for a Palestinian state has always been the same. From the get-go, Israel had to back up and support what Golda Meir, of blessed memory, said: There never was such a people, and I would add, Judea and Samaria is rightfully the property of the State of Israel, in perpetuity. The correct answer to the demand for a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria is “There are no Palestinians and they have no right to what is rightfully our land; rightfully according to the League of Nations Mandate which was incorporated into the United Nations; a right embedded in the United Nations Charter that Israel is the rightful owner of Judea and Samaria…

Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The prime minister’s words were unnerving for their honesty. Because his delivery is so low key and measured, I fear few will heed him.

His focus of course for the occasion was the recent P5 +1 capitulation to the Iran, a country the prime minister last evening at Yad Vashem likened to Nazi Germany. He took note of the now reflexive, politically correct expression on such days as “Never Again” spoken by Western world leaders when formally honoring the Holocaust, but then lust for deals with Iran and the selling out of the six million Jews in Israel, overcomes them.

He described Iran’s aggression in the region, it’s shameless, public expressions of destroying the State of Israel, G-d forbid, and took note of the deal making with Iran by the West as if its intentions were not known.

He quoted the Prophet Yeshayahu, in English Isaiah, who spoke of “darkness, deep darkness covering the earth as he referenced the blindness of those in Lausanne to what their eyes tell them of this country of Iran. He made the chilling point that the lesson of the Holocaust has not been learned, though as usual, he did not explicitly name and describe this lesson. Israelis like Bibi have a hard time with that…

A Zero-sum War

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And now we hear Putin has decided to sell Iran, after five-year delay, Russia’s S-300 air defense system which is far superior to its current equipment. The sale will enable Iran to defend its nuclear works better if Israel tries to destroy them, make it harder to do that.

If I were prime minister, though, I would not order such an attack. I think it is irrational. All agree that a successful strike would only mean delaying the program a few years. Obama’s plan he himself admits is also only a delaying tactic.

No, I think such an attack would be pointless. And in any case, in this age of foolishness, stupidity and decadence, people seem to have forgotten that the enemy is not equipment. Centrifuges are not the enemy. The enemy is no machine but the leaders of that country.

Israelis also seem to think that if Israel attacks just the nuclear works, then that would be okay and the Iranians would respond proportionately.

No. One must see that an attack on Iran’s nuclear installations is an attack on Iran as a whole. It is an act of war, and in war one wants to defeat utterly the enemy.

What I would order up is no strike on the nuclear installations. I would not go near them. They are well defended.

Instead, I would wait for the government and parliament to convene, and when they all are their on the most important day in their calendar, and strike there. Bomb the parliament in an effort to decapitate the government of Iran, kill all their leaders, which would also open the door to anti-Islamist Iranians to take power and free the country from the grip of these maniacal Muslim priests…

Obama Must Be Removed

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…What Iran says happened in Lausanne is not what Obama said, not by a country mile. Two different versions of reality.

I am afraid, ladies and gentlemen, we are witness to another instance of the mind of Barack Hussein Obama who told us the Ft. Hood massacre had nothing to do with Islam and “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” And to yours truly, not only do I find his behavior virtually clinical, I despair of a Congress impotent before the truth that this man must be removed from office as expeditiously as possible.

This smells like another Benghazi when unhappy with an outcome, Obama and Hillary Clinton concocted that ridiculous and dishonest story of a video in California. There is also a video of Hillary solemnly telling the relatives of the four dead American security men that she was going to get that guy who made that offensive video.

In other words, Obama is at it again: telling stories that are not true…

The Immoral Futility of Negotiations

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And then there is LTF, Little Tommy Friedman, who on Sunday wrote up his interview in the White House with His Majesty Sultan Barack the First which lasted 46 minutes. LTF published long sections of the transcript, though in all honesty I neither watched the interview — it’s available on line, of course — nor did I read his hard copy column because I am past the point with both LTF and Barack Hussein of thinking I will see something new in either of these anti-Jews.

I did not watch and did not read because I am frankly, first, a bit dumbfounded by this weird behavior on the part LTF who decided to interview him at all. I mean, after six years in office, Barack Obama has often enough been exposed – exposed himself, really – as a chronic liar.

What is the point of interviewing him when he is a known distorter of truth? What does it matter what he said in Sunday’s interview because he is a chronic, habitual liar about healthcare, about Benghazi, about IRS corruption. In the first speech of his that I ever saw, I felt this was a man who did not believe a word he was saying. His whole effort was presenting himself as an impressive orator with his fine baritone and the rhythm of his speech…

The Chosen People and Dual Loyalty

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So the prime minister was right yesterday to go before the cameras and basically tell those diplomats in Lausanne, this is with whom we are dealing and it is “unconscionable” that the P5+1 countries, when apprised of this statement, did not get up out of their chairs and leave the room. By continuing to talk, they validate, such talk as acceptable, such talk in Tehran. And by continuing to talk, it remains “business as usual” and no notice will be taken of this public expression of yet another genocidal, Nazi-like fantasy in this generation. By continuing to talk, they participate in Iran’s evil designs.

We are the Chosen People. Over our very existence as an independent community in our ancient Promised Land six major powers on the planet are locked in talks whose nuclear core is this nuclear Iranian desire to a) build an atomic bomb and b) drop it on the Jews as guiltlessly as Germans massacred Jews in your grandfather’s day…