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Forbidden to Hate

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August 29, 2010
36:20 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:07 Mins)
…Saeb Erekat clearly misheard the rabbi. He did not call for genocide. He did not call for assassination. He called for G-d to do something. And what is that? That these tormentors of ours cease their torment and cease to be; that these latter-day “Palestinians” so-called cease doing what no people in history ever did which is to proclaim themselves the real owners of this Land that HaShem promised to us Jews.

What our political scientists miss in their scientific politics is that a major component of the Arabs’ violence against us is their need to prove that they are the Chosen People who have the right to this Land. Their envy is the bitter envy of Ishmael kicked out of the tent, sent away, deprived of his rights to inherit his father’s wealth, material and spiritual as the first-born son. Allowing us Jews to live here in peace, prosperity and ownership is a cosmic offense against Islam and the self-esteem of these people.

Also as Arabs, pre-Islamic Arabs, they remain chronic thieves. They are slaves of their appetite for other people’s money and wealth, and they just want to steal it and so they make up a tall tale called the Palestinian Narrative which gives them title to the Land they covet.

So Saeb Erekat was projecting onto the learned rabbi his own Arab desire for genocide and assassination.

But then there is another piece to this story, the Enlightened presentation of it in the MSM today but first some music…

Absolute Truth

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August 26, 2010
41:07 Mins
Audio Excerpt (1:49 Mins)
…Lastly, in keeping with the ideas of this webcast, yesterday the UNIFIL so-called peace-keeping troops in Lebanon sent the IDF its version/its report of events earlier this month when Lt. Col. Dov Harari was murdered along the border with Lebanon, which UNIFIL report tracked perfectly with Israel’s version of events at the time. That Israel did not violate the border; its behavior was by the book.

Versus the lede sentences three days ago in the Herald Tribune – which is the New York Times – by their correspondent Robert F. Worth writing about the discussions in Washington after that incident about continuing to send arms and ammunition to Lebanon when this is how the Lebanese are behaving. “Earlier this month, Israeli soldiers were pruning a tree on their country’s northern border when a firefight broke out with Lebanese soldiers across the fence, leaving one Israeli and four Lebanese dead. The skirmish seems to have been accidental…” and so on and so forth.

Give me a break. It was immediately clear what had happened. No firefight just “broke out,” and everything was the opposite of accidental. Some hotshot Hezbollahi in the Lebanese Army invited cameramen ahead of time to come down from Beirut to watch as some sniper-assassin drew a bead of that Jew and murdered him.

This is so typical of the New York Times and the Enlightened for whom there are different narratives and who is to say what the truth is?

Where’s the Oratory?

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August 24, 2010
38:48 Mins
Audio Excerpt (1:05 Mins)
…What has been lost in the state that secular Zionism built is a tradition of oratory, of orators, propagandists, PR spin doctors, call them what you will. Men like Abba Eban and Ze’ev Jabotinsky, David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin, all of whom sang songs of Zionism and belief in the right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel which includes Judea and Samaria. It included Judea and Samaria for them.

What’s missing in Israel today is a leadership that will answer these wild asses of criminals, these mass murderers like Mahmoud Abbas with counter-claims to this Land and tell them it is our ancient homeland. And unlike in the lands of our dispersion, where we were told where we had to live and could not live, where on a whim we could be driven from the homes we had built for ourselves, here, back in the Israel we Jews brought back to life, no one will tell us where we can and cannot live…

Same Old, Same Old

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August 23, 2010
40:10 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:12 Mins)
…Bibi told his cabinet yesterday about the renewal. His idea of a peace agreement, he said, will contain “sustainable and realistic security arrangements for Israel; Palestinian recognition of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people; a resolution to the refugee problem within the borders of the Palestinian state and a Palestinian agreement to announce an end to the conflict.”

What a strange time to be alive. I wonder what George Orwell would think about this use, rather, abuse of language not to expose the truth but cover it up. Benyamin ben Bentzion is a very smart fellow; surely he knows he is playing a word-game. The first half of his policy calls for a Balestinian state, and then conditions said state with conditions the other side simply cannot agree to.

Abbas, by the way, is doing the same thing, for in truth, in opposition to the verbal surface of reality in his mouth, he doesn’t want a state, not even one that included all of Yosh.

Even if Allah made a miracle for Abbas & Co. and got all of us Jews to become so Enlightened that we all agree, all half-million of us, to pack up and leave our homes because the land rightfully belongs to the Ancient Ones; and we even apologize for stealing it from them in 1967; even if this murderer Abbas got back all of Yesha for a Balestinian state, he still wouldn’t want it. Because then he would have to switch gears and stop being a revolutionary, freedom-fighting Ancient Palestinian guerrilla and start managing a civil society. His PA would no longer be the automatic beneficiary of billions of dollars and euros every year from the UN and the EU and individual country governments. The Ancient Ones would finally – to use the American idiom – have to get off welfare and start supporting themselves as an independent, free nation-state…

Mormons & Muslims

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August 19, 2010
38:53 Mins
Audio Excerpt (01:48 Mins)
…He assured them that he wanted to welcome Muslims to America and do so with respect.

And that’s the problem. That’s Obama’s problem. He doesn’t understand that one cannot be faithful to the American people he is supposed to serve, to America’s character and personality over centuries, and accept what Islam has to offer.

In a nutshell, while Obama wants to “welcome” Muslims and “respect” them, the exact opposite strategy is what is necessary for America now. They must be not welcomed but told in no uncertain terms that there are features to the teachings and behaviors of Islam which simply are not American and Americans don’t want them in their country. America must not welcome Muslims and must not respect them, but challenge them and disrespect Islam – if Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Dr. Wafa Sultan and Tarik Hamid and Mosab Abu Hassan and Walid Shoebat are right about Islam.

And there is a precedent in American history for such a stance against Islam; of not treating it like other religions, and that is found in the history of the Mormon religion in America, which for a Biblical generation of forty years and more was resisted by the American people. The state they created, Utah, was denied statehood over the issue because the Mormons were polygamists. The men were allowed to have many wives and Americans said nothing doing…

Obama Claims America for Islam

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August 17, 2010
37:44 Mins
Audio Excerpt (3:02 Mins)
…Don’t eat that apple. Curb your appetite. Don’t eat everything that is edible or appealing or eat in excessive quantities. Restrain yourselves; that is the beginning of morality.

It is a little known fact that the day before the Pilgrims on the ship Mayflower came ashore in the year 1620 – remembered every year in America’s unique holiday of Thanksgiving – they wrote out an agreement on how they would run their community, which came to be known as the Mayflower Compact. And they wrote a draft of it on the back of a sheet of paper they had previously used during the monotonous weeks at sea, sailing from Holland, to study Hebrew. That paper was a vocabulary list, two columns of words, one in English, one in Hebrew. These were so-called Old Testament Christians, which Book enraptured them and they used for their model of society. They were out to live in a wilderness according to their own religious beliefs, rooted in the so-called Old Testament, people who had been oppressed in England, and one feature of their Christianity was immersing themselves in the Hebrew text in order to really understand what was written.

And after they landed and survived and began to thrive and take root in the New Land, after sixteen years, when a man in those days was a ma (no teenagers in those days) the community saw the need to establish a school to teach the next generation of ministers; for their political-social leaders were their clergy.

And because these Puritans were who they were, they laid out a four-year course of study in what today would be called a seminary, and every year the students had to study Hebrew. And at end of the four-year course – they all got BAs – the best student during the graduation ceremony gave his valedictory speech in Biblical Hebrew.

And as the school expanded, Hebrew nonetheless remained a requirement at what came to be called Harvard College for the next 150 years, until the practice was abandoned in 1786 in the spirit of the anti-religious Enlightenment.

And here we are 224 years later, since Harvard stopped having this valedictory speech in Hebrew – and the American economy, its money bloodstream managed by banks, has been polluted and made worthless because since the 1960s all the old values were flushed down the toilet.

Here in Israel, though, apparently, our bankers never let go of the reins, and the economy here, the Hebrew-speaking economy here, is doing pretty good…

Obama’s Gotta Go

Internet Radio

August 15, 2010
34:30 Mins
Audio Excerpt (4:02 Mins)
…Last week on the Weekly Standard website to which I subscribe, Stephen Hayes and Thomas Jocelyn, the latter especially is as knowledgeable of the terror business these days as anyone, led off their post this way: “Iran is at war with the United States in Afghanistan. Documents released as part of the Wikileaks dump show that U.S. commanders receive regular reports of collusion between the Iranians, al-Qaeda, the Taliban and the HezbeIslami Gulbuddin Islamist group. The Iranians arm, train, shelter, and fund the jihadists.”

Yeah, of course. And I find it mind-boggling, fascinating and frightening that the United States denies it is at war with Iran. The last thing Pres. Barack Hussein would do is declare war against Iran in the well of the Congress, as FDR declared war on the same spot the day after Pearl Harbor.

It is functionally criminal that Pres. Obama has done nothing about Iran in his time in office because since before 9-11, the Iranians have been an octopus of terror whose tentacles have reached around the globe.

Hezbollah, Hamas, they are Iran hiding behind a veil, a burka of front groups.

Iran is this generation’s Germany as an international menace.

(And so is, by the way, Saudi Arabia if not operationally then because it has been the great source of money to build mosques and medrassas all over the place.)

Yet, when it comes to facing the reality of the menace of Islam and Iran and its active killing of American servicemen via these front organizations, the United States in the hands of Barack Hussein Obama does nothing. How could it when he is incapable of recognizing Islam as being at war with his country? In his mind, Islam is good. The terrorists are not representative; they are extremists.

I think it was while watching Obama speak at Cairo University in June of last year that he revealed himself, at least to my eyes, as, if not a practicing Muslim, than a man who thinks like a Muslim. His relationship to historical truth in that speech was classically Arab-Muslim: a re-writing of history more pleasing to the Arab-Muslim as history, and as a foundation for claims in the present.

At Cairo U. and I think at that Ramadan dinner last week again he said Muslims have been part of America since the beginning. This is functionally delusional. He is referring to a history that never happened.

And that is something I can attest to almost personally. I spent years of my life fascinated in researching the so-called Barbary Period in American history, and for sure there was not one Muslim in the 13 Colonies and then the 13 States for decades. Obama last week made reference to, I heard, Thomas Jefferson greeting a Tunisian ambassador at the White House. There was an episode like that but this hardly qualifies as Islam being a part of America since the beginning.

Well, actually, there is a truth there, if not the one this Muslim thinker Barack Obama thinks: For the first forty years of post-Revolutionary America, the No. 1 foreign policy headache was piracy by Muslims. The U.S. in that period spent about 20% of the annual budget on the problem of Muslim hijacking and hostage-taking, kidnapping Americans and enslaving them as part of Islam’s never-suspended holy war against mankind…

“Murder of the Innocents”

Internet Radio

August 12, 2010
38:41 Mins
Audio Excerpt (1:34 Mins)
…killing peaceful peace activists just trying to alleviate the suffering of the Ancient Ones in that new air-conditioned mall in Gaza.

That is why Israel is acting foolishly with this Turkel commission. They want to show the goyim our innocence, in the belief that this will change the black heart of World AntiJewry; change the heart of Tony’s Blair’s sister-in-law who the other day, remember, painted a picture of a cruel, sadistic unit of Israeli soldiers who pounced on that ship and massacred the innocents.

“The Massacre of the Innocents.” That is a term used to refer to an episode in the Gospel of Matthew 2:16-18, when Herod, King in Judea, ordered all male babies slain because the Magi, the magicians who came from the east and prophesied that the Messiah, the King of the Jews, would just now be born in Bethlehem, who would obviously overthrow Herod. He had to kill all the male babies to prevent this from happening.

The King of Judea oversaw the “Murder of Innocents,” what Christianity teaches were the first Christian martyrs.

Five of them; count ‘em, five inquisitions into the reported bestial behavior of the Jews and their Murder of Innocents…

Islam=Today’s Nazism

Internet Radio

August 10, 2010
37:34 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:43 Mins)
…So this morning I’m reading about this in Yediot and Maariv and looking at this picture of Nasrallah in his black turban and brown mantle/cloak, clothes his ancestors wore thousands of years ago. And he is the secretary-general of the Party of God. And a similarity to the Nazi era appeared.

Adolf Hitler the Evil One called the German people the Master Race, which is kind of a mirror-image of the Jewish concept of the Chosen People. If the Jews are a positive force in the world as the Chosen People, than the greatest negative force, the greatest Jew-killer in human history had to oppose them with his counter- idea of a Master Race.

The Jews claim superiority because they have been chosen by G-d. Hitler said there is no such god only Nature and the Aryan race is genetically, biologically, Darwinistically the Master Race, on the basis of its superior biological, genetic superiority, not because of any claims to being chosen by G-d.

Well, here is Mr. Nasrallah, in his turban and robes who is the secretary-general of the Party of God. A variation on a theme: Chosen People. Master Race. Party of God. The party of people who have a special relationship, an attachment to God, to Allah; they are the true chosen of Allah at war with al-Yahud who claim that role for themselves.

The very idea of a Party of God is a variation on the Jewish idea of the Chosen People, an idea they have basically stolen and plagiarized. Islam teaches that Musa atop Mt. Sinai was given Scripture by Allah and it was the Qur’an which he then brought down to the masses of Jews below who re-wrote it and called it the Torah. They re-wrote it and changed the story all around. In the Qu’ran, Hagar is no serving girl of Sarah; and the binding by Ibrahim of his son takes place in Mecca.

The Jews in their Torah, you see, re-wrote the Qur’an, and what Muhammed did was restore the original text to the Believers, a text which features not Ishaq ibn Ibrahim being tied up but Isma’il. Isma’il was tied up by Ibrahim in Mecca. The Jews in their Torah lie about this…

Islam’s Pattern of Conquest

Internet Radio

August 8, 2010
39:45 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:16 Mins)
…In Jerusalem of course they claimed the Temple Mount, the heart of the city, on which sat as well a church. They would build the Dome of the Rock shrine (the Gold Dome) over the site of the Jewish Temples, as a symbolic concretization of their conquest and superiority as a religion. And where the Church of St. Mary (I think it was) stood they built Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Well, they did something similar when they got to Damascus. There in Roman times the Romans had built a temple to Jupiter, which after the rise of Christianity and the collapse of ancient Rome was turned into a Byzantine church famous for its claim to be in possession of the head of John the Baptist.

And when the Muslims swarmed into Damascus, they took that church over and what they did tells a story. When they first overran the city – with very few people, by the way – they came upon this large, Christian Byzantine community, and so what they did was to enter the church and force the Christians to share it. The Christians were confined to the eastern end of the structure, and the Muslim set up a mithrab – that’s this niche in the wall indicating the direction of Mecca (an idea, praying to a city, they stole from the Jews). And this shared arrangement lasted for the next 70 years, two generations.

Eventually, though, the Christian community in Damascus was pushed out of the center of town away from the old Byzantine church and the Muslims took it over completely and destroyed that which was holy to the Christians and built on the spot today’s tourist attraction, the Great Ummayad Mosque. The author here notes that today maybe ten per cent of Syria is Christian.

This is the pattern. In each generation Muslims do what they can and have patience until they reach their goal of stealing other people’s wealth and all in the name of Islam.

Islam is the religion of a predatory, larcenous people, the Arabs, who were always marauders…

Assassination in the North

Internet Radio

August 5, 2010
38:22 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:50 Mins)
Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 6th day, kaf-vav, beMenachem Av, Parashas Re’eh, tav-shin-ayin, the evening of the 5th day, Thursday, 5 August, 2010, webcasting from the island fortress, the Land of Israel, Land of the true Shemites in an ocean of violent anti-Shemite Hamites.

Well, from what I was able to learn today from Israeli sources and the international media, what happened yesterday in the north was a planned assassination of a high Jewish officer, who when buried, his posthumous promotion gave him the rank of lieutenant colonial, Dov Harari, 45, HaShem yikom dammo.

The sniper who murdered him knew exactly what he was doing in targeting the highest ranking Israeli officer in his sights. The Arabs in northern Eretz Yisrael a/k/a southern Lebanon have been protesting in the last day this “provocation” by the Jews who trespassed into Lebanon to prune that tree.

But if so, why didn’t the sniper shoot at the crew operating that cherry picker or whatever it was?

This was a set-up by a known Lebanese Army officer, an ardent Shiite. He invited the press to bring their cameras hours before the operation that he was going to initiate

And for me the most important clue today was in Ronen Bergman’s piece in the Wall Street Journal. He is an Israeli superstar journalist in Arab affairs, in intelligence, the Mossad and military intelligence. He does a program with another host on TV. He’s written books on these topics, has a PhD, speaks Arabic and he began his piece taking note that the day of the murder was the fourth anniversary of the end of the 2006 fighting, the bleeding of Israel by these Muslim maniacs; and the assassination took place several hours before a “highly anticipated televised speech by Hassan Nasrallah,” now in his fourth year of hiding.

So far, it seems as if Hezbollah, with Teheran’s permission, was looking for a repeat of the strategy of 2006, which basically was the entrapment of Israel into reacting exactly as foolishly as it did at the time, that is to say, hastily. Israel reacted then exactly as Teheran wanted: rushing into battle without thinking, with the ulterior purpose of distracting the world from Iran’s own troubles at the time…

Islamist Gangsters

Internet Radio

August 3, 2010
37:37 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:24 Mins)
…What the MSM misses in the commentariat is what I try to contribute, some history to understand the behavior before us today, and it is a fact that in many, maybe even most centuries somewhere in Arab Islam, a regime was challenged by rebels who judged the ruler to be a bad Muslim, a corrupt Muslim, and when the rebels overthrew him, they would install a true Islamic government. This has been going on in century after century after century.

That’s who these outfits are, both funded by Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah. They both claim to be Islamist purificationists. They are not nationalists; that is a Western concept. They are Muslims with a mission to over throw all corrupt Islamic governments in the world and conquer all non-Islamic countries.

Haaretz reported this morning that the group that fired off those six rockets yesterday could be any one of a half-dozen groups, cells really, gangs really. Haaretz reported there are at least five groups identified with Al-Qaida or Global Jihad as it is known here: 1-Jaish al-Umma which means “people’s army jaish being an illiterate, mispronunciation of the Hebrew word gai-is.

2-Jaish al-Islam/Army of Islam associated primarily with one clan only in Gaza, the notorious Dughmush family. 3- Jund Ansar Allah, Jund is another word in Arabic for “army.” Ansar which means “apostles” and alludes to Muhammad’s 12 apostles, an idea he stole from Christianity. So this gang in English would be “Allah’s Army of Apostles.”

Then 4- Jaish al-Mumaminin/Army of Believers, 5- Al-Qaida of Palestine and 6- last but not least with the longest name, Kata’ib al-Suyuf a-lHaq Al-Islamiya, in English that would be “The Swords of Islamic Justice Brigades. These are the groups at the moment suspected in last Friday’s firing of a Grad missile into a Jewish apartment house in Ashqelon…

“Death to the Palestinian Narrative”

Internet Radio

August 1, 2010
38:01 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:20 Mins)
…The fact of the matter is, ladies and gentlemen, we, the Jews, invested our money and our efforts in this soil with our toil, sweat and blood in restoring this land as a home for millions of Jews to live in, when for millennia under the Arabs it was an abandoned wasteland. In a word, we fixed this place up and it’s ours, as of right.

The legal paperwork of the League of Nations also made our rights here crystal clear and said not a word about any “Palestinians” with an equivalent right to a state in this tiny territory.

These Arabs, my book, my work-in-progress documents, spent the first Biblical generation of forty years after the League of Nations Mandate kicked in denying there was such a country as Palestine.

Not until a decade following the birth of Israel, and the shedding of the term “Palestinian” for the Jews in the new state of Israel; not until 1959 is there a conscious effort to pick up the idea of “Palestine” and imagine an historic “Palestinian” people living in it. When the Jews stopped using the words “Palestine” and “Palestinian,” and starting using the words “Israel” and “Israelis”; ten years later the Arabs picked up those words and ever since have made them their own.

In truth these Arabs in their masses can here only came after the Zionists, and because of the Zionists who were creating wealth and job opportunities. So many of the Arabs who ran into Gaza in 1948 had been migrant workers from all over the Arab world who because they were migrant workers had no immovable property to hold onto in the fighting. There was nothing “Palestinian” about them, let alone Ancient Palestinian about these 200,000 migrant workers who ran behind Egyptian lines in 1948-49 and got marooned. Undocumented aliens with no papers.

The Palestinian Narrative is pure invention and the sky would not fall if an Israeli leader would say so in public…