The Irony of Israeli History

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…How ironic that the diplomatic warfare today in Israel hinges on the decision of a rabbi born, raised and educated in the home country of the Babylonian Talmud, whose contents, with his photographic memory, are all in his head.

Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir are surely spinning in their graves, those Ashkenazi socialist mockers of religion.

And the key issue in this wrestling match is over Jerusalem, a city which Israel lost in 1948 perhaps because the socialists were happy to be rid of it and didn’t fight hard enough for it. The memoirs of some of the socialist Zionists do not lack for sneering at Jerusalem as this medieval slum (which it was) and sump of superstition over which they preferred not to fight and die for. When the UN proposed international control, they were happy with the idea.

Today, though, what happens to Jerusalem during this next freeze of 90 days is the stumbling block. Eli Yishai wants it in writing from Barack Hussein and Lady Clinton that no freeze applies to our Holy City in toto, but of course so far the US is not going to re-do U.S. policy over Jerusalem since 1967. The US never recognized Israel’s right to keep, to own, to possess and rule over the Temple Mount, because the Muslims say it is Haram al-Sharif and the Prophet actually walked there one night after flying in on a flying horse from Mecca. That’s Islamic doctrine and the basis for their claim to Haram al-Sharif. Because one night Muhammad, peace be upon him, mounted a winged horse that flew across the sky; a horse name Buraq (Lightning) with the face of a beautiful woman and the tail of peacock, and it flew the Prophet to Jerusalem, where he alit next to the Temple Mount and jumped up to heaven, to the highest seventh heaven – that’s a Talmudic idea – and got to see the prophets in history that preceded him; after which he went back down to the mount, re-mounted Buraq and flew back to Mecca and all in one night.

For the Jewish people the Temple Mount is inseparable from the Book of Books, the greatest Jewish contribution to the human race – versus this 1001 Nights fairy tale. On the basis of this child’s story of magic, the Arabians claim our Temple Mount is rightfully theirs and we stole it from them!