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Israel’s Holocaust Day

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(April 19, 2012)Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 6th day, kaf-khes beNissan, Parashas Tazria-Metzora, tav-shin-ayin-bes, the evening of the 5th day, Thursday, 19 April, 2012, webcasting from the Israeli State of Israel on its version of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

There are three such days. The non-Zionist misnamed ultra-Orthodox – which is as much a misnomer as ultra-pregnant – did not stand still today at 10 a.m. when the sirens wailed because they see the behavior as non-Jewish. They also believe that the Six Million martyrs should be grouped with all Jewish martyrs remembered on the 9th of Av, the granddaddy of a day slated for all the Jews who suffered in history, and some of those people on that day will set aside a psalm just for the Six Million.

Then there is the day in January when Nations United Against the Jews Organization chose to remember our Holocaust, International Holocaust Day, and of course all the holocausts, all the genocides, the oppression of people who suffered from their race, religion, sexual orientation and any other collective one can think of in order to dilute the specific associative connection between the term Holocaust and the Jewish people, the only people at the UN discriminated against by barring them de facto from sitting the Security Council.

If I were Israel’s ambassador to the UN, I would work for a resolution declaring an International Day of Protest Against Anti-Semitism at the UN.

Not that it would pass…

Hiding in Plain Sight

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Program Link: Loyalty to Syrian President Could Isolate Hezbollah

(April 10, 2012) …Last Friday the weekly Forward newspaper in New York featured a new poll done by an outfit called the Public Religion Research Institute investigating the projected upcoming Jewish vote. This vote said Obama’s Israel policies are not American Jews’ first priority. The economy and social justice are.

One Democratic pollster even predicted Obama will add to the 78% of Jews voters who voted for him in 2008. Versus the head of the Republican Jewish Coalition Matthew Brooks who predicted a significant drop down to 62%.

I’ll stick with the higher figure remaining up there at almost 80%, which makes perfect sense; perfect Jewish sense.

80% is what the Sages told us the percentage of Jewish slaves in Egypt who chose not to flee the country and therefore perished doing the plague of darkness. The verse in Shmos/Exodus speaks of the Children of Israel going out of Egypt khamushim/armed, but since that word’s root is the same as the number five, they interpreted it to signal that only a fifth of the community fled the country, the surviving fifth around midnight between the 14th and 15th of the month of Nissan.

Demographers claim that without all the persecutions and assimilation the Jews have experienced and undergone over thousands years, the Jewish people should be the most numerous on the planet, even more than the Chinese who constitute a fifth of mankind, I believe.

Instead, we probably have lost in every generation 80% of our people which accounts for us being as small as we are today.

It is Biblically understandable that 80% of American Jewry supported Obama and will support him again, for they are lost to the Jewish people.

And in fact, demographic fact, I’ll bet a lot of these Jews polled by all these different organizations are not really Jewish but the offspring of intermarriage which the post-exilic prophet Malakhi, and the last of the 12 minor prophets, Malachi in English, fingers as the greatest threat to the continuation of the Jewish people.

Post-Exile Ezra and Nehemiah also took on the menace of marrying out.

Too many of these so-called Jews in America, even the ones Halachically Jewish, are existentially post-Jews in their ignorance. Of course they will vote again for the Muslim Prince…

Hebron: The Confllict in a Nutshell

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(April 5, 2012) …Well, you all know the denouement in Hevron since the last webcast. Yesterday afternoon when most of the Jews living in that disputed house were out and about doing their business, the special police squad bully boys swooped into this house in view of the family plot of the Jewish nation, the Machpelah, and drove the Jews inside – mostly women and little children – out, and then put all the furniture they had put in out, and then, I believe, welded the doors shut.

Prime Minister Netanyahu went along with the desire of Ehud Barak and his Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein. We pondered the iconic biography of the former last time who has a record of refusing to fight over religion, but all I know of Weinstein is that in private life he was a hot shot criminal defense lawyer in Tel-Aviv, which suggests he may have a problem with knowing right from wrong. Lawyers like him have that problem. Like Alan Dershowitz they will work for anyone who pays them. For lawyers like this, there is no right and wrong, only different versions of reality and the law is about which lawyer tells the most persuasive story.

In a word, Yehuda Weinstein is not a man to seek out on the rightness of Jews living in Hevron or not; living in that house. This latest episode is a wonderful counterpart to the saga of Migron. There the State of Herzlandia has declared that the land under those 50 cottages is the property in perpetuity of individual “Balestinians” and never mind there is not one individual Balestinian who can produce title to those acres. The High Court seemed to be saying “This land is their land forever and ever.”

And now in Hebron Israelis like Ehud Barak and Yehuda Weinstein have likewise declared all buildings in Hevron at the moment not occupied by Jews, can never be occupied by Jews. And never mind that in this case there really is paperwork proving the building, actually part of a building, was sold to Jews. What these post-Jewish Israelis are saying about Hebron is that the Jews are not allowed to increase their holdings of immovable property. Their community cannot grow. The Jewish community in Hevron is to be frozen in terms of its physical size forever and ever…

Toulouse & Beinart Again

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(March 20, 2012) …So the UNHRC welcomed yesterday to their proceedings a member of HAMAS which is judged a terrorist organization by the saving remnant of civilized countries.

As such the UNHRC gave further evidence it is an antisemitic body. Only don’t expect Israelis and “Inside the Beltway” American Jews to say that.

In truth and in fact the whole United Nations Organization is infested in every department and agency with antisemitic poison.

At the UNHRC the so-called Balestinians now want that body to create a Goldstone-like inquisition to write a report on the crimes of us settlers. Israel has been fighting that initiative diplomatically against that initiative, though I doubt Israeli diplomats use the term antisemitism to describe what Abu Mazen & Associates are up to.

In yesterday’s Yediot their Eli Brandtshtein covered the Geneva meeting and cited Foreign Ministry sources who see in the Arab initiative “a political maneuver.”

No, it is a religious maneuver…

Why I’m Not an Israeli

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(March 1, 2012) …So that is why I am not an Israeli. Israelis are blind to the religious quality of the satanic hatred that drives these people to do their most savage, bestial worst, like carving PLO into a young Jew’s scalp; like slaughtering like animals the Fogel family a year ago yesterday I think.

Israelis who are not religious are thus cut off from arguably the irreducible bottom line of the violence here, which is its religious dimension, where the fires of Islam’s belligerent teaching burns with its hatred for non-Believers.

Judaism teaches of the One G-d focused on man’s moral life that he is enjoined to ceaselessly improve and lead mankind to a higher level of civilization – versus these Muslims who by their crimes of terror and savage horror are resisting enemies of civilization…

Stone Age People

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Program Link: Egyptian Presidential Candidate Tawfiq Okasha Predicts that Egyptian Army Will Open Fire on ‘Its Enemies’ – the U.S., Germany, and Israel – Within Three Months, States: If Not For the Holocaust, the Jews Would Have Annihilated the Germans

(February 23, 2012)Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 6th day, erev rosh khodesh Adar Parashas Truma, tav-shin-ayin-bes, the evening of the 5th day, Thursday, 23 February, 2012, and webcasting from the high ground of Judea under attack by Stone Age people.

Stone Age people. Here that refers to the teen years for male descendants of Ishmael, who with a certain periodicity rise up in mobs to throw stones at Jews. It is their “stone age,” and I fear we are in for another storm of stones as we were a decade ago. Periodically it seems, there is an intifada when antsy street Arabs, teenage boys license themselves – as they are licensed by their society – to throw barrages of stones at Jews in passing cars. There is a photo on the web, I understand, of a Jewess in Judea, Zahava Weiss who lives in Carmi Tsur, being stoned in her car with the press photographers capturing the scene.

Who is more immoral here? The stone-throwing kids or the press photographer who did nothing to stop them or to warn her? There’s this media guy with his camera shooting it all as it happens, as this big rock smashes into her car.

And this is not a dramatization, ladies and gentlemen; this is the real thing before your very eyes: a Jewess in Judea being stoned by street Arabs, these teenage age punks throwing those stones with murderous intent. These little bastards have murder in their eyes and while Arabs are definitely not the only nation with punks like this, the Arabs uniquely hold them in high esteem. It is not that the Arabs produce such low life savages uniquely; but they do uniquely admire them as heroes. They are upheld of objects of veneration in the Arab nation, which marks them, the Arab nation, to be a nation of nation of barbarians.

Their role models are brutes. Left to their own devices after World Wars I and II, they produce 21 independent states free of all colonial control and under their own steam they produced such statesmen as Muammar Qaddafi and Hafez al-Assad and his son Bashaar al-Assad. Saddam Hussein with his two psychopathic sons; and Ali Abdallah Salah in Yemen and the Communist FLN in Algeria; and bin Ali in Tunis who made with a billion dollars; and Mubarak with his billions of dollars. The Arabs are and really always have been losers when it comes to nation-building…

Holocaust Lesson

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(February 16, 2012) …Finally, something far from our usual focus on the eternal Arab war against Israel. In a really interesting irony of history, Israel’s National Library which doubles as the library of Hebrew University is being given the religious writings of Sir Isaac Newton, which were far more voluminous than his scientific papers, which repose at Cambridge University.

Isaac Newton was arguably the greatest physicist of all time but, lesser known, most of his thought was theological. Unlike today’s fashionable atheists, Newton the genius was a true believer in the G-d of the Universe and it is historically most fitting his theological writings are coming to Israel.

His descendants in the 19th century, offered all of his papers to Cambridge University but Cambridge was interested only in the scientific material and I guess turned its nose up at his religious ruminations.

And it is fitting that these religious papers will end up here because Isaac Newton was arguably more Jewish than anything. He was nominally a Christian but he rejected Jesus as a figure of worship. Worshipping Jesus in his mind was idolatry. He most certainly rejected the concept of the Trinity. At Cambridge University professors of his magnitude were required to be ordained as priests only he never was. He always found a reason to put off the ordination. When appointed to the highest chair, he had to get a special waiver from King Charles II because he never was ordained.

And on his death bed he refused the sacraments.

He studied Hebrew, believed in the G-d of the Hebrew Bible and denied the idea that the Jews had become a fossil people. He also foresaw a time when the Jews would return to Eretz Yisrael, just as the Bible predicts on numerous occasions.

He himself, a student of the holy text, made predictions.

Isaac Newton, a rebel in religion with ideas quite at home in Yiddishkeit. So it is fitting that while his scientific papers belong to the English and are archived in Cambridge, spiritually his work belongs here, in a resurrected Jewish Jerusalem…

What’s in a Name?

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(February 14, 2012) …Speaking before about nameless actions and actors, that does not seem to be a problem for the Iranians and other mass murdering Muslim terrorism junkies. On Monday in Teheran Isma’il Haniyeh, head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza which Israelis continue to miscall Hamas, was in Tehran where he said in a TV interview at the end of his three-day visit that Israel remained the “main enemy” of the Arab and Islamic worlds.

Absolutely. He is 100% right. He and over one billion Muslims are perfectly clear that their main enemy in this life is we 13 million Jews because we stand for everything they don’t: freedom, mercy, civilization.

But what power we have in their minds. You know the old joke about the two Jews sitting on a park bench in Berlin in the early 1930s when it was still possible to do that, one reading a newspaper and smiling, a Nazi newspaper like Der Sturmer or Der Beobachter, with the other looking at him like he’s crazy. Both newspapers were full of nothing but stories slandering the Jews, and the one who was smiling said he liked to read how strong we are alleged to be, how capable we are of all these plots and schemes.

Well, that is Islam today, leastwise in the hands, hearts and minds of its major movers and shakers like the priests who run the show in Teheran and the suicide cultists in Hamas under Haniyeh. That is how they see us; immensely powerful, threatening so many Muslims…

The AntiJew York Times

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(February 7, 2012) …Speaking in this webcast of Anti-Jews, did you see where on Sunday, on the very same NBC, 44 years after the Six-Day War, the president of the United States of America who loves Islam said, when asked about Iranian threats of terror attacks in America itself, “We don’t see any evidence that they have those intentions or capabilities right now.”

Oh really? Just five days earlier, on Tuesday of last week, 30 January, in congressional testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, his own Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warned that Iran’s leadership, including El Supremo Ali Khamenei, “have changed their calculus and are now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States as a response to real or perceived actions that threaten the regime.” Though I don’t know if Clapper or others specifically brought up the recent plot to murder the Saudi ambassador to the US in a Washington, DC restaurant surely not far from the White House in a hit orchestrated from Mexico.

I said in the previous segment that the AntiJew York Times can go to hell. Well, so can this Obama, this son of a female canine who is constitutionally incapable of facing in public the menace, the threat posed by Iran, this huge country with access to mountains of petro-dollars and energized by an ideology as psychically powerful and venomous to free people as Nazism was. Clapper did say the Iranians were trying to penetrate and engage in this hemisphere.

Here “Bogie” Yaalon on 18 January had told the Times that Iran is smuggling ordinance into the US over the Rio Grande.

Combine that with Obama’s refusal to police that border, I look forward to the day this bum is indicted for high treason…

Hadrian, Hitler, Abbas

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(January 26, 2012) …Lastly, maybe you noticed how in Monday’s Republican candidates’ debate Newt Gingrich expressed his view, which is mine, that it was Obama who canceled the long-planned exercise here, two years in the making, meant to fortify Israel against an attack by Iran.

One imagines that Gingrich has some good foreign policy advisers with reliable contacts here who advised him that this was the case.

By amusing contrast was the reaction of the President of the National Jewish Democratic Council David Harris who accused Newt of fabricating events as a ploy to smear the Muslim Prince who has “an outstanding pro-Israel record.”

How do these dejudaized, inside the beltway Jews live with themselves?

Leila tov veShabbat shalom

Santorum’s Faith

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(January 8, 2012) …And interesting minor coincidence this week of being able to read not one but two op-eds by two of America’s leading professional Jewboys, Dennis Ross and Aaron David Miller both of them protégés of and altar boys for James Addison Baker, III. Had they not worshipped in the Church of Jim Baker the antiJew they would not have had the careers they have had.

Miller was in the LA Times last week, and yesterday Ross was in the Washington Post, and I never cease to be amazed and entertained by what shallow and foolish fellows they are. Miller wrote of the “personality conflicts” between Prince Barak Hussein and Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu. Miller says that unlike the emotional attachments to Israel of both Clinton the Democrat and Bush the Republican, “Obama’s views came from other places; his own logic, the university in which he developed intellectually and his own moral sensibilities. Obama does not see the Arab-Israeli conflict as a morality play pitting the forces of good against the forces of darkness but a conflict between two rights and two just causes.”

You know who used to talk like that? That covert Soviet agent and radical American journalist I.F. Stone, who was born Isadore Feinstein. When in the 1940s his idols in the Kremlin supported Zionism as a weapon against the British presence in the Middle East, Izzy Stone supported the Zionist movement toward the birth of Israel. But when it became clear after the new state came into being that it would not align with the Soviet bloc but the free West, well, Stone became a forerunner of LTF, Little Tommy Friedman as an Israel-basher. Stone used to pitch that very same line: “This is not a war between right and wrong but two rights.”

Taurine excreta; though Aaron David Miller can’t see that. Notice how in his tripartite explanation for Obama’s views – his own higher education in the US and own moral sense and logic, Miller left out his boyhood years living in a Muslim country and surely for some years living as a Muslim and his twenty years listening to Jeremiah Wright who gave an award to the notorious Jew-hater Lewis Farrakhan.

Absent from the fawning mind of Aaron David Miller, certified professional Jewboy is the possibility that Obama’s repeated praise for Islam may reflect an influence other than the university environment he refers to.

He calls Obama’s view of Israel “analytic not emotional.” Analytic.

Aaron David, the guy is an antiJew who likes and respects Islam, this totalitarian antiJew ideology.

And then there was Dennis Ross today in the Washington Post writing of the two sides here in conflict saying, “There should be no illusions about the prospects of a breakthrough in peace talks anytime soon. The psychological gaps between the parties make it hard to resolve their differences that have bedeviled all the work for peace talks over the past few years.”

“Bedeviled.” Now, that is a good word. A devil is at war here that prevents peace for Israel but it is not the psychological gaps, Dennis, between the parties. He went on to equate Netanyahu and Abbas who “carry the weight of their peoples’ history, and mythology and face enormous political constraints.”

Here Dennis equates Jewish history with so-called Palestinian history, and “both sides have mythology.” The moral equivalence here between the Jewish prime minister and this bloody criminal is simply nauseating.

Dennis, there are no psychological gaps. The Arabs have a history of being predators, raiders, armed robbers and their religion justifies their greed, their hunger to overrun the world.

Dennis Ross always sounds like Dr. Phil or some other marriage counselor trying to get the two spouses to work things out and get back together.

Dennis, we Muslims and we Jews have never been together. Ever…

No to Armenian Genocide

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(December 27, 2011) …Yes, Islam is a menace, the last of the anti-Jew ideologies that must also fall.

I mean, the classical pagan world of Greece and Rome made its contribution but its metaphysics did not survive. As far as I know, there is not one person on the planet sacrificing to Zeus or Jupiter these days.

Roman Catholicism, which supplanted Rome, seems to be in a parlous state. One diocese after another has been stripped of its wealth in lawsuits by victims of its predatory, homosexual pedophile priests. Its churches are empty in Europe.

The top echelon of the Nazi command was heavily Roman Catholic starting with Der Fuhrer on down, all baptized in the Church of Rome. Nazism too, another antiJew ideology, has been defeated.

Now it is Islam’s turn…

A World Obsessed with Jews

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(December 22, 2011) …Now, as for the local response here in Israel to the Foreign Ministry’s sharp retort to the European attack on Tuesday, the reaction of Defense Minister Ehud ben Yisrael Barak was totally predictable. What Lieberman said to the Europeans was, more or less, “We will ignore you and you will have no say in determining the future of the Holy Land.”

For Israelis like Ehud Barak, isolation from Europe is a fate tantamount to the death of Israel as they want it to be. In the words of Bibi’s book title, Israel is supposed have A Place Among the Nations and not be isolated.

But the unknown secret of the especially Leftist Zionists which they hid from those they wished to recruit was that contrary to their propaganda about being proud Jews who fought back, who did not go like sheep into the gas chambers, their idea of a Jewish state was a non-Jewish state. In a nutshell, they came to the Land of Israel not to be Jews but to stop being Jews, as weird as that may sound.

And there is a connection between that weirdness and Israel’s perennial begging for acceptance by the Arabs and the rest of the world. Some weeks back I mentioned an interview with former Israeli UN ambassadress Gabriela Shalev crying over how alone she felt at the UN.

Versus Avigdor Lieberman who demands respect and not love from the Gentiles. In this, though, seen as a hardline right-winger, he is no different from that famous Leftist Zionist also from the Russian Empire Golda Meir, who once quipped that if she had to choose between being loved and dead or alive and hated, she preferred the latter…

T. Friedman: Whore

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(December 15, 2011) …Well, did you catch yesterday’s latest verbal droppings from LTF, Little Tommy Friedman, who I call “little” because despite his 60 years I still hear a nasty little boy sniping at his mommy and daddy, like the Kahane-ite I described earlier.

What Friedman never does in his pieces on Israel is present fact and argument; it is always a rant against Israel for its attitudes and feelings toward the Ancient Ones that Israel needs to change. In this regard Thomas Friedman is the worst commentator on Israel in print.

Yesterday as he has in the past he worked into his text the words and phrases “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing,” “stifling dissent,” “weakening minority rights.”

He also wrote that “Israel sees America at its ATM”; that Bibi won all that applause before that joint session of Congress last spring because “that ovation was bought and paid for by the Israel lobby.”

In this LTF exposed himself and not for the first time as no better than a low-life scumbag of an antisemite, for this is how deranged Jew-haters talk. What LTF just said was that all those 535 elected officials had been bought off, corrupted by Jews with big bucks. The Jews have corrupted the very heart of the American system of government.

Not for LTF the possibly that those 535 Americans are pleased and proud to be allied with Israel and not with the ragheads who not only bought down the World Trade Center but attacked the Pentagon, the seat of the American military. LTF in his way holds his fellow Americans and their elected representatives in utmost contempt for allowing themselves to be bought off by Jews with all that money.

LTF, and as I say not for the first time, exposed himself this week as an antisemite; there is no better word for his type of thinking when it comes to Israel. He is always whining, “It’s the Jews’ fault, it’s the Jews’ fault.” He is simply pathetic.

Thomas L. Friedman is simply one of a posse of Jewish anti-Jew prostitutes who have made a life for themselves, well-paid in prestigious careers by bashing Jews. Had LTF never been an Israel-bashing journalist, he never would have been appointed by the New York Times as its first Jewish chief of bureau in Jerusalem since the birth of the modern state. Anyone chosen before then would have been for his dual loyalty.

But not LTF. It is no accident that he became in the mid-1980s the first Jewish bureau chief for the Times in Jerusalem because his views were well known and there was no fear he was going to take Israel’s side. Since 1897 when the New York Times was bought by German Reform Jews, it has always been nastily anti-Israel. Zionism was a moment that impugned their loyalty to the United States and therefore their careers and bank accounts.

I’ve read Friedman call us settlers – those who refuse to leave our homes for peace – “greedy.” And don’t tell me Thomas Friedman somewhere in his brain was never aware of the history of using that word to describe Jews. Never head of Shylock. Never heard of Karl Marx’s crackpot theories about Capitalism which were inseparable from his view that Capitalism was the tool of capitalist bankers like the Rothschilds determined to gather up all the money in the world and make everybody their slaves; that the Jews lived for money, worshipped money, not the G-d of Israel.

Little Tommy Friedman in these instances of using the word “greedy” has got to know at some level of awareness he is spewing antisemitism.

That is who all these Jewboys are: Friedman, Martin Indyk, Aaron David Miller, Jeffrey Goldberg, Danny Kurtzer; whores of the Jewish people who for fame and fortune sell themselves out as professional, career Israel-bashers…

Swedish Christianity

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…This son of a female canine Obama is a Muslim and the religion he admires with its “revealed Holy Qur’an” is a religion of antisemitism. You can see it in his face in the still photographs of him looking at Bibi.

The Israeli opinionators here in the MSM of course attribute the ill will from him to Netanyahu as stemming from his intense dislike of Netanyahu – as if the smirking Leftists agreed that Bibi is so dislikeable…when that makes no sense whatsoever because Obama does not know Bibi. They never lived in the same place, worked together, did business together. No relationship whatsoever in the past which would lead Obama to so dislike him.

No. Obama knows nothing of Bibi. For him Bibi is The Jew, the King of the Jews who stole Balestine from the Balestinians. Obama is a classical, timeless Jew-hater…

Normal Arab Psychopathy

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…Well, I hope you all had a good Succot, zman simchateinu / “the time of our happiness” when we dance with the Torah, G-d’s gift to us and really the world.

It was Succot business as usual here around most of the country but there were thousands and thousands of Jews who passed yesterday in bomb shelters when homicidal maniacs in Gaza of the Philistines launched some 60 missiles and mortars into their communities. No one Israelite was physically harmed but who knows the psychological damage? After almost a dozen years of this terror, the medical and psychological information is there to draw the conclusion that thousands and thousands of Jews and especially little Jewish children have been traumatized and terrorized by these thousands and thousands of lethal projectiles the Israelis have never figured out how to stop.

Thousands and thousands of Jews here yesterday squeezed themselves into safe rooms for hours; not much of a zman simkhateinu for them…

Hijabs Forever

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Program Link: Dr. Tawfik Hamid

…Today the top story in Israel was the collapse of Iran’s currency, the catastrophic halving of their usual oil income, for that is all these Muslims have to sell. And only HaShem knows why He created this situation in which this vital resource is in the hands of barbarians who without it would still be living in the Dark Ages as they did into the 20th Century when the Judeo-Christian West they so despise and envy discovered and developed their oil industry for them.

Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz admitted the successful squeezing of Iran by the economic sanctions, though the question still remains: the purpose of the sanctions is to so squeeze the people of Iran they will force the regime to end their bomb-building project. But that could take years.

In my view, the sanctions strategy is the wrong one and even an immoral attempt to avoid doing the right thing, which is to declare war on Iran and list its crimes against the U.S., France, Israel, etc. and proclaim the goal of the war to be the bringing down of the regime in Teheran. The leaders are the enemy, not the bomb-building equipment.

I think it could be possible to draw up a list of Iran’s 100 most important people and where they live. And then one night around 3 a.m. local time a flight of Israeli F-16s could penetrate Iranian air space and release 100 GPS-guided bombs into their 100 bedrooms. Decapitate the regime in a flash and with miniscule collateral damage to the general population. A victory over the enemy at the cost of less than a thousand people in modern warfare is unheard of.

The West must declare war on Iran as in olden days and prosecute it to a victorious conclusion. Maybe you saw last Saturday’s news which contained the joint statement of some veteran anti-Jews in the political and military establishment: Retired Admiral William J. Fallon, former Senator from Nebraska Chuck Hagel, a product of Roman Catholic education through high school, who in his Senator career was consistently anti-Israelite in his views; Thomas Pickering, Lee Hamilton, Anthony Zinni, all of whom oppose military action against Iran. “We believe a fact-based discussion of the objectives, costs, benefits, timing capabilities and exit strategy should govern any decision to use military force.”

If George Orwell were with us now, he might have something to say about such language. Fallon and Zinni are a former admiral and former Marine Corps general who believe not in good and evil, not in right and wrong, not in defending America against her enemies but wanting a “fact-based discussion of the objective, costs, benefits, timing capabilities and exit strategy…” thus has the language of Political Science corrupted the hearts, minds and souls of Americans.

They were the highest ranking officers in America’s military forces and they apparently have forgotten the word “victory.” What they want is an “exit strategy.” They don’t want to win; they want an “objective discussion of the costs and benefits.”

The West must declare war against Iran and demand unconditional surrender, the same terms forced upon the Japanese and the Germans at the end of World II. Iran must be told to start dismantling its equipment in 24 hours or the Allies will strike!

Instead we have had years of talk, and now sanctions. Anything but declaring war and destroying the evil mullahcracy as surely the governments in Berlin and Tokyo in 1945 were put out of business…