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The Non-Jewish Jew, II

Internet Radio

Excerpt from the program on May 7, 2015:

…So there is to be a new government with the backing of 61 MKs only, which no one expects to last, and the result is toxic cascades of verbal nastiness. JPost’s political reporter Gil Hoffman wrote under the headline, “Time for Revenge” for those politicians who have felt slighted by the prime minister, and what is significant is that none of them is politically opposed to him. For sure, Boojie Herzog sneered but of course, he is the opposition. In contrast, the MSM today was full of politicians of the right who have a score to settle with Netanyahu for his mistreatment of them.

Notice this has little to do with policy and everything with personal ego. And I suspect that the common denominator is all those offended by him felt he did not see things their way and did not treat them as equals.

And I think this is a legacy of the dominant Zionist Left that led the Israelis into independence with their half-baked notions of democracy, half-baked in part because most of them grew up abroad in countries with no strong history of liberal democracy. For them, these social democrats, a government was a committee, as in the central committee of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union…

Memorial Day, II

Internet Radio

Excerpt from the program on April 21, 2015:

…The Two-State Solution is a fantasy with no leasehold in the reality of the Middle East. The peace process has been a sham from day one in 1993. It sold the world the fantasy that Arafat and Abbas and friends had come around to recognizing the right of the Jews to live free in their own ancient country.

Nonsense. More than nonsense. A complete fabrication of reality. There was not one sliver of evidence in 1993 that the Arabs had come around to accepting the rightness of the Jews to their own state. There had not been one opinion in any Arab newspaper saying that it was time for Araby to stop its war against the Zionist entity.

There had not been one public affairs program on any Arab TV station in which recognition of Israel was discussed and supported by important people.

Oslo was believing, on the part of Beilin, Peres and the Israeli left, that Arafat and Abbas were genuinely committed to peace with Israel. That is, Oslo was rooted in the belief that these mass murdering antisemites were not above lying; that they were sincere; that although they had been terrorist murderers for decades, they finally had done tshuva, repented and seen the error of their ways and now could be trusted in their professions of peaceable intent.

Oslo was evidence of the Jews as the Chosen People, a special people, for Oslo was a special kind of stupidity about people, even a supernatural stupidity only a special chosen people is capable of…

Obama Must Be Removed, II

Internet Radio

Excerpt from the program on April 12, 2015:

…What Iran says happened in Lausanne is not what Obama said, not by a country mile. Two different versions of reality.

I am afraid, ladies and gentlemen, we are witness to another instance of the mind of Barack Hussein Obama who told us the Ft. Hood massacre had nothing to do with Islam and “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” And to yours truly, not only do I find his behavior virtually clinical, I despair of a Congress impotent before the truth that this man must be removed from office as expeditiously as possible.

This smells like another Benghazi when unhappy with an outcome, Obama and Hillary Clinton concocted that ridiculous and dishonest story of a video in California. There is also a video of Hillary solemnly telling the relatives of the four dead American security men that she was going to get that guy who made that offensive video.

In other words, Obama is at it again: telling stories that are not true…

Brussels: What No One is Saying

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…We heard about the operational realities but not a word from any politician or area experts who said the real problem, the bottom line, is Islam. Not “radical Islam.” Not “extremist Islam” but just Islam the religion in its roots. The word “radical” comes from the Latin word radix for “root” so a “radical Muslim” is not unrepresentative of Muslims. He is the most representative of all.

The fact that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not violent like these horny suicide boys looking to score with a captive harem of virgins they can violently deflower for all eternity, but that is due to their indolence. Yes, the majority of Muslims are not themselves violent, but yes, they also support and applaud those who are. This is what happened when the villain Obama toppled Mubarak and the semi-literate Egyptians went to the polls. They elected the Muslim Brotherhood…

Count Our Blessings We Are Not Arabs

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This is why the invasion of Europe by Muslims, with the Europeans letting it happen, is a sign of European morbidity. One can foresee in the near future a Holland that is dominated by Muslims who democratically vote to install sharia law, join the Islamic Cooperation Conference and become the 57th officially Muslim state.

It is also a sign of morbidity in the States — and especially among the non-observant Jews — that Donald Trump’s desire to keep more Muslims from entering the country has angered them and they are protesting Trump’s Islamophobia and/or anti-Muslim racism.

Not surprisingly Trump’s desire to bar Muslims drew the ire of the ADL that called it “deeply offensive.”

When the ADL goes to bat for Islam — this monstrous form of antisemitism — the ADL ceases to be a Jewish defense organization, as they describe themselves, than a passel of cowardly narcissists for their inability to defend America from the menace of Islam because that would be politically incorrect. What is correct is that all religions are of equal worth and Judaism and Islam are both Abrahamic religions.

Yeah right…

AntiJew Mantras

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I never ceased to be amazed how widespread this lie is in the non-Orthodox world. “There is more than one way to be Jewish,” they say, and “the Orthodox have no right to tell others they are not Jews.”

This is intolerable because no Orthodox Jew has ever said that. What Orthodox Jews say is that one’s behavior, in theory and practice, is not Jewish.

One is a Jew either by proper conversion or most commonly by birth, which clearly was the decision of the Almighty Who saw to it that you were born to a Jewish mother, and no man can countermand the Almighty. Your Jewish identity, your status, is from G-d, and no rabbi can change that.

What can be criticized, however, is one’s behavior that most certainly can be judged not Jewish. If the words of the Bible with its 613 commandments are to be taken seriously, one of them is not to eat pigs. Now, a Jew can eat pigs all he wants and in the modern age not die from trichinosis, but he cannot claim that this is Jewish behavior.

It is this distinction that is confused in the minds of Reform Jews, and I begin to suspect it is deliberate, albeit unconscious, on purpose so as not to hear the accurate judgment of the Orthodox when they say that those who do not keep the 4th commandment, to observe the Sabbath, and do not practice the spiritual appetite discipline known as kashrut, and do not observe the regulations in regarded in conjugal relations are correct in saying, “This is not Jewish behavior.”

Delusions of Evil

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes, Muslim priests continue to preach sermons right out of the Dark Ages but they are not alone in being afflicted by some kind of, if not brain disease but mind disease that produces these fantasies of Jewish evil.

And I say that they are matched by the mental disorder of men like John Kerry who agreed with his French counterpart in Sunday’s press conference in Paris that a “global” push is what’s needed to make a peace deal.

Translation: An international conference in which the world community backing the Arabs and the Muslims orders the Jews to give back what they took in legitimate self-defense, after which the Arabs can have a third crack at destroying the independence of the Jewish people, G-d forbid, which would include killing millions of us and returning the survivors to the Jews’ previous status of an oppressed and humiliated minority lacking all unalienable rights that lives on sufferance under their Muslim overlords…

Those “Brutal” Israelis

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Well, that is how yours truly relates to this condemnation from Brussels of Israel for shutting down a radio station calling for the murder of Jews by a proven terror cult called Islamic Holy War. Unbelievable.

The International Federation of Journalists called Israel’s carting off the equipment, I guess, plus the arrest of the Islamist terrorist in charge who had done time in Israeli prisons for terror, “brutal.” And one can only wonder how many of the journalists here who are members have described the attacks here over the last six months, of pregnant Jewish mothers stabbed to death, as “brutal.” That would be an interesting research project: reading the stories filed over the last half year by members of the IFJ based here and searching for the word “brutal”.

Last week it was a pregnant American gentile wife and mother stabbed by that homicidal Muslim maniac who murdered her husband, Taylor Force, of blessed memory. One would like to find out how many foreign journalists it “brutal.”

Sub Rosa Anti-Jew Rhetoric

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I wish it were possible to get the Guardian, its reporters and editors, to take some time to scan through back issues of the paper from the 1930s and 40s when it was a solid supporter of the Zionist movement; when it criticized government policies hostile to the Jewish struggle for a Jewish homeland in Mandatory Palestine that the Brits had never let happen even though that was the mandate for Palestine that they accepted. In the 1920s and 30s, Brits created Iraq and Jordan but never followed through on bringing to life the Palestine the League had created explicitly to become the Jewish homeland. The current crew at the Guardian might ask themselves, as they peruse back issues, why there was no support for the Balestinians back then and their allegedly ancient dream of an independent Balestinian state there was no Balestinian Beople back then. Liberals and socialists at the time said not a word about any Arabs called “Palestinians” and their alleged suffering at the hands of villainous Zionists. They should ask themselves what happened and perhaps awake to the truth of their now active once again, classical, antiJew blindness…

Bloody Tuesday

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Because that is all the Arab war against Israel is, which is different from Islam’s war against Israel. The Arab war is just Arab behavior from the beginning of recorded history. As the divine Midrash thousands of years old teaches, of all the peoples that Hashem offered the Torah too, the Ishmaelites rejected it because it says, “Don’t steal.” And I say it is no coincidence that the homeland of Islam is famous world over for chopping off the hands of thieves.

In 1939, Hollywood produced a marvelous special effects movie called “The Thief of Baghdad” drawn from A Thousand and One Nights, whose hero is a sweet scamp of a street thief whom Arab folklore significantly romanticizes.

In the epic movie “Lawrence of Arabia” 20 years later, T.E. Lawrence finds that in his efforts to mobilize the Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula to drive out the Turks whose empire had ruled over them for centuries, he discovered that his “troops,” just wanted to loot the Turks.

Indeed, almost a thousand years before Lawrence, the greatest of Biblical commentators Rashi described Ishmael, following his expulsion from Father Abraham’s encampment of hundreds of followers, as becoming a highwayman, an armed robber. That was Rashi writing form France in the 11th century reflecting the common knowledge of the Arabs, Rashi who was alive as the Christians launched the First Crusade because the Arabs here were preying on Christian pilgrims robbing, raping and murdering them…

Islam’s Demon Priests

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And here is Hezbollah once again smiling and threatening a worse pounding of Israel than ten years ago, now that they have 100,000 missiles, so many of them with a GPS targeting capabilities. A couple of weeks ago, Nasrallah was bragging he could hit the ammonia plant in Haifa Bay whose explosion could kill thousands of Jews in the area.

These people, these Muslim divines, clerics like Louis Farrakhan, were polar opposites of clergyman in the Judeo-Christian West and I would add the Buddhist tradition too. In the West priests, ministers and rabbis are the last public figures to start calling for war, death and destruction. In Islam, they are the leaders, the rabble-rousers. Islam does not belong in the West because it is so different and this is one outstanding example.

Nasrallah is a mullah, a priest. As is his superior in Iran Ayatollah Khameini, as were his predecessors Rafsanjani and Ruhollah Khomeini, founder in 1979 of this regime of bloodthirsty Muslim holy men.

This culture is so alien. Try to imagine a society in the West with a Bill Graham type preacher preaches blood-thirsty sermons against those who do not believe as he does and becomes dictator of the United States…

Confusion in Israel

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This tolerance for the most outrageous ideas, the resurfacing of the most crackbrained ideas about Jews, the glorification of sexual deviance, has also led, curiously, to the opposite phenomenon of unleashing a drive by those with these crackpot ideas to silence all those who disagree with them.

This has been behavior directed at Jewish speakers on campuses for some years now. It seems that every attempt at holding a lecture on Israel given by pro-Israelites is disrupted by Muslims whose culture everywhere is dictatorial.

It is Israel Apartheid Week on campuses around the world, hundreds of campuses I assume, in which the lie of “Zionism equals racism” remains alive and well. At Columbia, my alma mater, it was reported today, a counter-display by pro-Israel students was shut down by the authorities. Since the reign of the late unlamented Edward Said, Columbia has paid a crew of antiJew Muslims and Arabs to teach Middle Eastern subjects. It was Columbia too a decade ago under its dejudaized president Lee Bolinger who invited the lunatic Ahmadinejad to speak on campus.

This would have been the equivalent in the 1930s of allowing Joe Goebbels to address the student body…

Israelis and the Goyim

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The reality is that those Jews who attend Reform temples for one day of Rosh HaShana one day for Yom Kippur and bar mitzvahs for their own and other children, the overwhelming majority don’t even know what the Western Well is let alone the struggle for “egalitarian” prayer, as the milquetoasts at the Jerusalem Post call it. And never mind the implicit insult to classical Jews who allegedly don’t believe in equality, which makes them bigots.

Most American men who identify with a Reform Temple know nothing of putting on tefillin and so their wives have nothing to envy. This business of wanting to pray with men and wear a man’s prayer shawl and put on phylacteries is a form of transvestism that has nothing to do with the delusional feeling of being insulted by men who deny them the right to wear a talis and tefillin…