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The Christian Cap & Gown

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…In the Holy Tongue, Biblical Hebrew, the word of a man, male, is basically the same as the one-word statement, “He remembered.” The only difference is a slight vowel change. In Modern Hebrew they are pronounced the same.

In other words the words here are telling us that a Jewish man, at least, is one who remembers. Next week, the Feast of Weeks commemorates the exact date in the 14th century before the Common Era, that’s a long time ago — the Hebrews as they were then known — escaped slavery in Egypt into the Sinai Desert and 50 days later, 7 x 7 plus 1 days later, they camped around a mountain where the Creator of the Universe gave them a book. Five books actually, and actually another 18 volumes worth of discussion called the Talmud, which discusses the Five Books. The Creator did not need 40 days and 40 nights to engrave the 10 Sayings in stone. The forty days were a 24/7 seminar he gave Moses to help him understand the Five Books.

And next week we will remember that moment in planetary history when G-d and Man met at the top of a mountain…

Perfectly Balanced

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…Worse, in politically correct fashion, the fashion of this generation’s Arab and Muslim suicide-massacre freaks, when escorted to the Israeli memorial to these victims in order to match his unscheduled homage to the security barrier, the Pope acted out the same body language but said, “I pray for all these victims, and for the victims of terrorism in the world.”

This is standard antiJew procedure in our time. Singling out Jewish suffering if only for a moment is a no-no. Focusing the mind just on the persecution of Jews, commonly as a result of some satanic fever in the brain, is not allowed. One may mention antisemitism and the suffering of the Jews due to it but then one must immediately bring similar hates and persecutions. You know, like on International Holocaust Day in January. Speakers commonly groan over the Holocaust of the Jews and the scourge of racism wherever it is found. “We remember the Holocaust and the persecution of Muslims at the hands of homicidal Islamophobes; of sexist chauvinism against women; against illegal aliens and sodomites, and in particular lesbian illegals. We cry over those who have suffered for being short, the victims of heightism, and bald guys for being laughed at…”

The Pope’s Same-Old Same-Old

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…The big story in Israel today is the visit of the Pope of Rome, the church which baptized Adolf Hitler and so many of his henchmen. And here he was parroting the post-modernist wisdom about us Jews in Terra Sancta, the evil clichés about “both sides having to make sacrifices to create two states with internationally recognized borders, for the good of their people,” an evil cliché for the moral equivalence implied between us civilized Jews here, the victims of Arab aggression and our murderers, these sub-civilized, barbaric, savage people whose brains are as filled with antiJew lunacy as that of Adolf Hitler and friends; whose brains are packed with fantasies of invented Jewish crimes which justify their demands for Jewish property. They covet the wealth we have created here and have concocted a narrative to justify why it all belongs to them and why they have the right to murder us because we stole it from them. And here was the Pope of Rome having swallowed this narrative like a communion wafer…

A New Blood Libel?

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…Yeah, the Muslims here seem to be trying once again to perpetrate a hoax to smear us Jews with their own penchant for cold-blooded murder.

My own conclusion about the Muhammad ad-Dura blood libel is this: while some say there may have been no killing of a boy by that name at all; it was all staged; I judge the behavior of the father and the son crouching and cringing in terror to have been no act by them. I believe they were really being shot at to scare them to death, only the shooters were of course not Israeli soldiers but Muslims in the Strip who either had a bone to pick with this man or he and his son were anonymous passersby picked out by the Muslims to be sacrificed for the cause. As Muslims identical to the 9-11 demons who slaughtered themselves and other Muslims on those planes or in the World Trade Towers at the time, those shooting at the father and son may have decided it was all for the cause of Allah against the infidels, al-Yahud…

We Owe the Balestinians Nothing

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…Every time Dr. Martin Indyk PhD opens his mouth about Israel, you are treated to his identity crisis, his panicked discomfort with having been born into this hated and chronically persecuted people.

So the world acts ambivalently to the existence of the Jewish people and in our time our return after 18 centuries in exile. On the one hand there is a traditional hatred of Jews just for being Jews and now an additional layer for having returned since 1967 to Jerusalem and Hevron as masters; and on the other this unites them around about the only foreign policy issue in the world that breeds such unanimity. There is 100% agreement that Israel is not entitled to call Jerusalem its capital, and as for living in Judea and Samaria and visiting the graves of their ancestors, that too is an international no-no among the goyim.

Problem is, too many Israelis don’t see that, and that has several sources. Among those born and raised here, they attend school, K-12, in which everyone in the school is a Jew so they never witness a fist-fight on the playground ignited by a goy boy calling a Jewish boy a dirty Jew who then has to defend his honor…

Dershowitz the IBJ

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…Indyk blames Naftali Bennett and Uri Ariel as the culprits responsible for blowing up the peace talks with their building plans. This Indyk is a nasty piece of work, who will become, I predict, a textbook case in the future for the study of Jewish apostates, with the unique twist that in our time post-Holocaust, antiJews must dissemble. You know, like the J Street variety of Jewish antiJew. It is Thomas Friedman’s technique as well. You proclaim your love for Israel but wail because you love it so much you can’t stand Israel’s miserable oppression of the victims of Zionism. This variety of contemporary Jewish antiJew, like the Gentile antiJew, must cloak his antagonism in words of concern and love. This is like the Gentile antiJew today who denies he is an antisemite but just pro-Balestinian. Since the Holocaust, outright, frontal, in your face, honest Jew-hatred is found only among shameless skinheads and marginals with swastika tattoos. In the West that is.

In the Muslim universe, by contrast, society remains pretty much pre-War, pre-World War II in its attitudes toward Jews. There is no shame in spewing Nazi-like Jew-hatred animated by delusional, practically magical fantasies of Jewish evil.

Consider the video this weekend of Turkey’s anti-Jew turkey of a Muslim tyrant Recep Erdogan snarling at angry demonstrators and calling one “Israeli scum (semen).”

Nakba DeProgrammed

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…This is a land dispute and we have the winning case, not them. And no amount of making compromises will win us any points, because they are not interested in compromise and sharing the land, as all the stupid peace-makers like Martin Indyk think.

We live in an Alma Dishikra, a world of lies, when Israel pretends these people are “Palestinians” with national rights to statehood here, a thought that would have amazed Zionism’s founding fathers across the board. If any of them had believed this desolate landscape belonged to a settled nation with its own government and history and culture and language, they never would have imagined their project of restoring this land to fertility and habitability. The idea that there was a “Palestinian” nation in residence with rights to statehood would have flabbergasted every one of them, secular, religious, left or right.

I remember this country a half-country ago and can imagine what it looked like in the 19th and early 20th centuries, assisted in my thoughts by the paintings and photographs taken at the time.

Yesterday’s destruction of Jewish homes by the government of the Jewish state is yet another shameful episode like Gush Katif and Amona…

Some Truths About Our Neighbors

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…Today the ADL reported that in a survey in 100 countries, over half of the people never heard of the Holocaust; and like a quarter of these countries were “deeply antisemitic.”

And one is not surprised, though I suppose too many Israelis are. The creation of this terrific little state has been functionally a miracle. But contrary to the hopes of the secularist pioneers, its birth has not dispatched antiJew thinking and feeling to their eternal rest.

And as noted at the beginning of this webcast, as the Arab attitude toward the creation and existence of a Jewish state today differs not at all from what it was in late 1947, so here we have evidence that old-fashioned, delusional antiJew fantasies are alive and well in too many human brains.

Last week, PMW reported that on a weekly Hamas TV program for kids, a little girl was asked what she wants to be when she grows up and she said a policewoman so she can shoot all the Jews.”

The interviewer asks her, “All of them?”

“Yes,” she said.

And I say, these are our neighbors, and the ones identified as non-Hamas are no different than Hamas in their views of Jews. And that is because this is their religion, whose priests in their pulpits spew classical, fantastical Jew-hatred, right out of the Middle Ages, really the Dark Ages, as their politicians preach the mythical history of the Balestinians who have lived here from time immemorial, such peace negotiators as Saeb Erekat, who says the Jews never had temples on the Temple Mount.

Really now: When are Israelis going to splash some cold water on their faces and face the reality of just who these Arabs are?

What AntiJews See

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…Speaking before of the classical, age-old, really age-less hatred of Jews and fantasies of our imagined evil deeds, the other top story here today was the hysterical Newsweek piece yesterday reporting on Israel’s alleged spying on America which allegedly began even before there was an Israel. How’s that for the magical powers of Jews? Israelis spying on America before there was an Israel.

The Newsweek piece said, “Zionists were dispatching spies to America before there was even an Israel, to gather money and materials for the cause and later the fledgling state.”

This sentence makes no sense. It starts with the “dispatching of Zionist spies to America,” who “gather money and materials for the cause.” But that’s not spying. Spying on what? Yes, they were fund-raising and buying supplies for their self-defense which they knew would be needed. How is that spying on America, let alone spying with intent to harm America?

It sounds as if this is not the first time determined antiJews working for CIA or the State Department Defense Department who mean Jews ill. And true to antiJew form, they cast accusations of malevolence…

Slaves of Slaves

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…And then there is another variety of Jewish anti-Jew behavior which we saw yesterday when Peres’s protégée, Ministress of Justice, Peace Maker extraordinaire Tsipora Livni, chaired an emergency meeting at her ministry joined by Public Security Minister, basically chief of the national police, Yitzhak Aharonovitch on her left side and on her right Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein. The emergency meeting was called and dutifully covered by the media to ask the Cabinet to declare these price-tag attacks “terrorism,” and all yours truly could do was sigh in disgust, for two reasons. It is a perversion of language to call these graffiti raids terrorism when no one is terrorized by them, shocked into a sudden great fear. That’s terror. This is not terror. It results in the next morning some Arabs sneering in anger but no one is terrorized, terrified or frightened.

What this crusade by these Leftist fools is fueled by is their need to advertise to the world, as Livni has already said, that these vandals do not represent her Israel; they don’t belong to her nation.

She and the others likewise foolishly call these antics “hate crimes” when they cannot be confused with what “hate crimes” usually connotes. There is nothing wrong with Jews hating Arabs. It is normal, it is justified, it can be beneficial…

The Peace Processors’ Diagnosis

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Program Link: Inside the talks’ failure: US officials open up

…Without Islam, for the Arabs as a nation, comparing themselves to the nations of Europe and the West is a depressing exercise. I’ve traveled in a third of the Arab states and nowhere is there a New York, Paris, London, Prague, Tokyo, Chicago, Kyoto, Kobe, Toronto, Montreal, cities which is where man reaches the heights of his capabilities; where he builds research hospitals and libraries and universities, museums and think-tanks.

Versus Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, etc. Jordan. None of these countries has even one city to compare to what cities in the West, as a concept, associates to.

Where is the R & D in Araby? They produce nothing; innovate nothing. Look at Japan, South Korea with their automobile plants. Look at burgeoning China.

Islam is everything to these people and it simply cannot accommodate Israel in its midst…

Israeli Provincials

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…Unfortunately the Israeli government’s official response to these statements misses the mark as usual. Yes, an anonymous official told JPost these remarks expose the myth that somehow Hamas has changed or moderated its positions.”

But then the spokesman concluded, “Hamas remains an extremist, jihadist organization committed to the destruction of Israel.”

No. It is not an extremist organization. It won the election against Fatah in 2006, the last time these sub-civilized barbarians held an election. Hamas does not represent the extreme or margins of the Arabs here; the election results show exactly the opposite. Hamas speaks for the majority. That is not extremist but centrist.

People in the West have got to get over using categories of perception unsuited for this part of the planet. In Araby the extremists, the ones out on the fringe of society, are the liberal democrats (liberal democrat in the sense of classical Western democracy, not the corrupt liberalism we know today).

For sure there are individuals in Araby who understand the virtues of liberal democracy, of freedom of speech, freedom of religion and conscience, and above all the need respect people who disagree with you.

But these are so few and far between, they are politically marginal, on the extreme edges of a culture when the Arab street is ruled by the mob and the mob waves the banner of holy war.

Hamas is no extremist organization. In fact, its rival, shares its philosophy, differing only in tactics…