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The Passing of the Sabras

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…When Arik Einstein became the iconic Israeli entertainer, principally a song-writer-singer but also popular actor with no pretensions to creating another character on screen – by changing his speech pattern, using make-up and costumes to become someone else – in light comedies with his pal Uri Zohar with just the two of them being themselves on screen in some story about young Tel-Avivans in the 1950s and 60s, mirror images of how the young audience wanted to see themselves.

He had a lovely singing voice and his songs were always easy on the mind and heart and above all the ear. This was an Israel that had no counterpart to Elvis Presley, that white guy whose act was plagiarized from black entertainers in Negro nightclubs where the entertainer not only sang but moved his body is a sensual, even sexual manner in a long tradition of African dancing with roots in fertility ceremonies between men and women…

Oslo & Geneva

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…Yeah, Barack Obama reminds me of Bernie Madoff and his pyramid scheme which he kept going for years by constantly fishing for new contributors until 2008 when everything collapsed and his thousands of clients wanted out of the market. That is when Bernie Madoff’s scheme came to an end — and in the Obamacare scandal/fiasco Obama’s life of lies has run its course. Finally he has been caught for his chronic lying.

There may still be a video on YouTube, a montage of him created from his 3 years only in the Senate chronically showing up late for committee meetings, apologizing with some excuse. Lying has been a way of life with this man. I think he is nothing but a snake-oil salesman all his life and because Western culture has become an alternate reality of images of celebrities on television, he made himself into just another celebrity…

Evian and Geneva

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…This agreement, like the Oslo abomination, is another abomination and for the same reason. In the Oslo ceremony 20 years ago on the White House lawn, otherwise civilized leaders, Clinton, Rabin, Peres shook hands, as if with equals, Yasir Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas when justice would have been better served if one or both Jewish leaders pulled out guns and shot the two of them to death.

And then when the outraged world complained of the ambush sneak-attack, the Jews’ leaders could have said, “We gave them as much warning as they gave the thousands of their victims, the thousands murdered or mutilated in their terror atrocities, these brutes who as young terrorists carried in their pockets pictures of Adolf Hitler. You’ll find that authoritatively footnoted in my book…

The Truth Comes Out

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…People who don’t know Hebrew think torah means law when it really means “teaching” and is related to the word moreh, for teacher. G-d gave us His teaching at Mt. Sinai, we accepted it, and ever since people have hated us. And they hate us because they logically can’t hate G-d. Like the dog who does not bite the hand that feeds it, so mankind cannot hate He who gave them the life they have and fear losing more than anything on earth. In some dark and deep recess in their minds, they know G-d gave them life and so they cannot hate G-d consciously but they can hate the people He hired, so to speak, to teach His teaching, which begins with the lesson in the Garden of Eden, which is “Curb your appetite.” Don’t eat everything you can eat. It is a kosher law. Curb your appetite when it comes to food, money, sex.

The top story in post-Jewish Israel today was the sex scandal of Eyal Golan, the country’s No. 1 pop singer alleged to have participated in orgies with young teenage girls. You know, the groupie syndrome…

Bennett Bests Amanpour

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…During World War II in the Allied countries, no one had any doubt who the good guys were and who were the bad guys. Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo were the bad guys, and FDR and Churchill were the good guys.

But in our time, we Jews are denied whole-hearted support and whole-hearted rejection of the thinking, ideas and values of our regional, mortal enemies. Oh no. We too are at fault, guilty as Friedman said in his column. To repeat, Israel is “devouring Palestinian farms and homes in the West Bank in ways that are ugly, brutal, selfish, and deceitful.” That is a string of four whopping lies about us Jews. 1. We are not devouring Palestinian farms. Since 1967 we have built exclusively on barren land. Sometimes the ownership is in doubt, but what is never in doubt is that the land the enemy contests we stole is barren. We have expelled no people from their homes other than those who built without normal building permits on territory that is legally and morally ours…

It’s the Jews’ Fault. Always.

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…Last item: again last Thursday, maybe you saw news of the amusing incident at the UN when one of the interpreters, forgetting her mike was open, wondered out loud, to all present in the General Assembly, why Israel was the only country that the body ever attacked.

On that day there were nine separate votes on nine separate resolutions attacking Israel. She commented that all kinds of bad things were happening in the world and “nobody says anything,” and many of those with their earphones on let out a laugh.

That’s right. If you have never checked out the link on the DPP home page on UN votes, you can get a flavor of the repetition compulsion that is acted out at the UN all the time: Israel-bashing via voting for these resolutions which have no legal weight. They are basically just restatements of Jewish perfidy. If the UN can be likened to a temple, its central cult is Jew-bashing, and that only makes yours truly smile…

Kerry Then & Now

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…The last item: We began with yesterday’s latest human sacrifice of a Jewish man to the satanic appetite of a blood-thirsty Arab, and PMW just posted a video showing a recent sermon by the PA Minister for Religious Affair, Mahmoud Habbash, who said, following the report of the exhumation of the remains of the human viper Arafat and the claim that the Israelis killed him, this Minister in the PA said Arafat died a martyr. “We never had the slightest doubt the Israelis killed him one way or the other. When the Prophet Muhammad was dying he told his wife Aisha ‘I feel the pain of the poison I ate in Khaibar.’” That was the Jewish community he massacred and decapitated. According to Muslim tradition, a Jewess captured at the time and forced to work as a cook for Muhammad poisoned him. Unlike companions who dined with him that day who died immediately, he sensed the poison right away and spit most of it out in time, but a small amount did get in which was enough to kill some time later.

This is a narrative particularly liked by the Shiites. As inveterate thieves, as the Christians blamed the Jews for killing Jesus, so the Muslims blame the Jews for killing Muhammad…

The Menace of John Kerry

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…And what these negotiations principally concern as the most immediate threat emanating from Iran is this one: to finish Hitler’s work or at least pick up where the Emperor Hadrian left off. He presided over the greatest massacre of Jews second only to the Holocaust 18 centuries later in a conscious effort to not just subdue the Jews but exterminate us as a nation. So he not only slaughtered a million of us, he changed the name of our holy capital and the name of the country. For two centuries at that point the Roman Empire had call this country Judaea. The after the second revolt with its Holocaust, in the year 135, Hadrian renamed the country Palaestina and its capital city Aelia Capitolina, a combination of his family name and a reference to the so-called triune Capitoline gods in Rome, possibly a forerunner of the Christian idea of the Trinity as a way of enticing converts for its similarity. In both forms, the godhead is divided into three which of course is a direct revolt against the Jewish idea of the one unified G-d of Life. Rome went from paganism to Christianity. It adopted the so-called New Testament which contains not a word about the Trinity; that was a later development in this religion. I just note the coincidence between the Latin-speaking Rome of pagans and the succeeding Latin-speaking, imperial institution of the Church of Rome…

Pathological Liars

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Program Link: Childhood friend of Obama comes forward with damaging information

…Well, in addition to last Thursday afternoon’s TV interview of John Kerry by an Israeli journalist and a pseudo-Palestinian, a main topic of Thursday’s webcast, the interview in which John Kerry served as Mahmoud Abbas’s mouthpiece, he evidently was even worse in private the following day. He had not planned to fly to Geneva to participate in the P5+1 farce of negotiating with Iran, but chose to do that real fast, so Prime Minister Bibi went to Ben Gurion Airport to meet with him there. And when Netanyahu left the meeting, he was obviously furious and, some might conclude, frightened. Kerry evidently told him of the deal in the works which was all about pleasing the Iranians and doing absolutely nothing to stop their bomb-building project.

The two of them were supposed to pose for the ritual, smiling handshake afterwards but Bibi nixed that and left the airport posthaste and told the media that this is a deal that Israel rejects utterly. He said it requires nothing of the Iranians, and evidently it was the French foreign minister who, I understand, like Kerry, raced to Geneva to participate and apparently to foil this plan. This takes us back to the 1950s and 60s when France was Israel’s protector not the United States…

Imaginary PM

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…So imagine Israel had a prime minister who summons the press corps here, especially with Kerry in town. (I think on a regular basis hundreds of journalists are based here as nowhere else except Washington. And with Kerry in town, there are even more.

Imagine the prime minister announcing an unprecedented press conference billed as the delivering of a major policy address who speaks the following words:

“Ladies and gentlemen of the press and the world community, Shalom. I am here to tell you all that as a representative of the people of the State of Israel, this government is suspending all peace talks with the Arabs in Judea and Samaria until their leader, Mahmoud Abbas, confesses that like his co-religionist Barack Hussein Obama promising “You can keep your health plan” and was lying when he did, when he Abbas said yesterday in Bethlehem of all places, the Balestinians have been in this land since the birth of Jesus, he too was lying.

Abbas has to take that back, and admit it is lie. He claims to be a doctor of the philosophy of history and that in historical fact there is not one scrap of evidence of a Palestinian people living here 2,000 years ago. Christian Scripture records events here and the cast of characters includes Jews, Romans, Samaritans, Egyptians, Greeks, and maybe more. A variety of peoples but not one word about a Balestinian people…

Stand Up to Bullies

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…This is the message of contemporary anti-Jews like John Kerry, who paid us a visit today. He is the face of contemporary anti-Jew aggression and of course does not act, sound or look like a Nazi. But make no mistake: he represents post-Christian Western man who wish us Jews ill; who are determined to drive us from the high ground we captured from the enemy in 1967; determined to see hundreds of thousands of us uprooted as surely as hundreds of thousands of Jews in centuries past were uprooted; turned into refugees, and then hand over it to the same enemy Arabs in 1967 whom we defeated and took the high ground from. Anti-Jews like Kerry believe we have to give it back and presumably allow the Arabs to have another shot at succeeding when they failed in 1967 to destroy our freedom, kill a lot of us and steal all the wealth we had created. John Kerry in this regard is no different from Mahmoud Abbas; he and of course his boss, the Muslim Brotherhood agent who managed to become President of the United States…

Israel’s American Enemies

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Program Link: Anti-Semitism is at the root of the UN’s double-standards

…So a major story in the field I write about was this latest American aggression against Israel which Israelis are so puzzled about. Apparently last Wednesday, and not for the first time, the Israeli Air Force struck inside Syria to either destroy an airfield and/or shipment of Soviet-made SA-8 missiles the Syrians had planned to send to Hezbollah in Lebanon. And not for the first time someone or ones in the government in Washington, presumably inside the White House told CNN that Israel did it when everyone knows Israel does not like that, to put it mildly. It goads Bashaar al-Assad into attacking if only to maintain his Arab honor. And why would anyone in Washington want Israel to get dragged into this combat between a bunch of Arab tribesmen these days mistaken for political factions? The Alawite tribe against the Sunni tribe and Christian tribe and Shiite tribe Iranian tribe. They are all slaughtering one another in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and why would anyone in Washington want to goad Assad into firing missiles into Israel, guided missiles?