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A Paralysis of Thought

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…Last night, thanks to the rain of terror missiles in the south, the demonstration planned for Beer-Sheva was canceled, the renewal after two months of the so-called social justice protests.

The one in Tel-Aviv however, was held, with far fewer demonstrators than hoped for by its Leftists organizers.

The demonstration also went ahead in Jerusalem, and in this morning’s JPost was a picture of that demonstration in which the largest banner on display read “Tsedek, Tsedek Tirdof / Justice, Justice, you will pursue” with even the citation: Deuteronomy 16:20.

This is one of the favorite quotes of dejudaized Jews used to rebuke the Jewish powers that be. In this case it was directed at the government, but mostly it is used by Leftists to bash those of us determined to hold onto what is rightfully ours: the last remnant of the land we took from the enemy in 1967, after having surrendered all of Sinai and destroyed the Jewish communities there in 1978-82, and then the surrender of the Gaza rectangle where we destroyed more Jewish communities that we had every right to remain in.

“Justice, justice, you will pursue.” I have heard more time than I can remember out of the mouths of anti-Israelites, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, especially Jewish Leftists who unwittingly in their use of this famous quote expose their ignorance, for it is only the first half of a verse. The second part fills out and completes the thought, but that is never quoted. And I doubt that any of those few thousand in the demo in the Holy City last night know, know the continuation of this verse. In full it reads this way in Hebrew: “Tsedek, tsedek tirdof, limaan tikhyeh veyarashtah et haaretz asher HaShem elokecha noten lach./Justice, justice, you shall pursue so that you will live and inherit the Land that HaShem, your G-d, gives you.”

Lots of ideas in that verse they don’t want to hear: the existence of a G-d that gives you a land; that you will inherit. Pursing justice in this sense leads to the possession of this Land, which certainly includes what most of these demonstrators call “Palestinian” territory.

There is a connection in this verse between righteousness – which by the way Artscroll translates tsedek in this context, and taking possession of this Land. Taking possession is inextricably connected to justice, to righteousness.

Maybe that is what is so infuriating about these dejudaized Leftists: Israel has every right to keep Judea and Samaria, and not fighting for this right is the height of injustice.

Which brings us back to Israelis like Bibi who say nothing of the criminal viciousness of Islam and nothing of our rights not to be attacked with these infernal rockets. All he can do is threaten the other side with military retaliation, not as an act of righteousness but just to make them stop…

The Islamic Heart of the Matter

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Program Link: Antisemitism Documentation Project

…In the news today in several locales, as the publisher of Condi Rice’s book is now marketing it, we read her description of the unbelievable concessions made to her personally in private by that corrupt post-Jew Ehud Olmert which Abbas & Co. rejected.

Olmert offered in this stupidity, his foolishness, to surrender the Temple Mount to an international committee including the fanatical Jew-hating Saudis and Jordanians whose king rules by the belief he is a direct descendant of Muhammed – described by the great Rambam/Maimonides as an imbecile and a madman. Olmert wanted to see a committee of “wise men” run Jerusalem. And the reason Abbas & Co. rejected his offer, which included handing back 96% of Judea and Samaria, is that the offer still allowed for Jewish participation in this committee and the continued existence of Israel without a right of return for millions of Believers.

We have seen again and again that more than statehood, Abbas and others like have said that the right of return is paramount. It is the more important thing.

In other words, this right of return which reflects the Muslim claim to ownership of this Land, is the heart of the matter, the spiritual heart of the matter, which renders all material plans even for a two-state solution doomed to failure. The two-state solution implies joint ownership of this land which is something these Muslims cannot accept…

“Leave Religion Out of It”

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Program Link: PostScript: Leave religion out of it

…What this blind fool cannot see is that the Jewish national entity is unique in the world for being a religious identity, and for that reason the Jewish nation has uniquely survived for more than 3,000 years. Precisely because the Jewish national identity is a religious identity it was able, this nation deprived of its country, to survive not only over time but in the face of truly devilish aggression.

Hirsh Goodman’s problem is the result of his wrong-headed secular Zionist ideology which was an attempt to redefine Jewishness in non-Jewish terms. To redefine Jewish national identity in normal, gentile terms. To become in the words of Prime Minister Bibi, a state with A Place Among the Nations…

More on Shalit Deal

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Program Link: Words of truth amidst a world of lies

…Here was a report this morning in JPost by Khaled Abu Toameh and Herb Keinon: “Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has decided to honor Palestinian prisoners who were released in last week’s Gilad Shalit exchange deal by rewarding them financially…Abbas’s decision follows a similar move by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh who decide to give each prisoner a $2,000 dollar grant.”

An early this morning I heard (I think) on Kol Yisrael Abbas will give them 3,000 dollars each, making it a $5,000 present, as at the rally in Gaza the top Hamas leader in prison famous for stabbing Jews to death 25 years ago said the Balestinians had no choice but to continue kidnapping soldiers to gain the release of those still in jail. Each one of them will get $5,000 from Hamas and the PA.

And course Abbas’s gift – since the PA survives on outside aid provided by the EU and US – comes from the pockets of the taxpayers in the free, liberal and allegedly civilized West.

Is this not sickening? Though perhaps most sickening is the silence of the government of Israel in the face of this outrage. It is Bibi’s silence, he who, as a post-Jewish Israeli is simply incapable of calling these criminal enemies of civilization antisemitic enemies of the civilized free world.

The silence of these Israelis takes my breath away. Netanyahu’s game of supporting a state for the Ancient Ones in Judea and Samaria is the height of anti-Zionism. Men like his father and other secular Zionists abandoned the Jewish ideology and Jewish life-style of belief in the Holy One Blessed be He and the commandments which act out this belief and thought they could become normal gentile-style nationalists.

Sorry, but it hasn’t worked out that way, has it? On freeing the almost 300 barbarians sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering Jews, Amnesty International issued a statement saying, “The prisoner exchange involving Gilad Shalit and 477 Palestinian prisoners highlights the need for the humane treatment of all detainees in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).”

Moral equivalence again. The Arabs were prisoners; Gilad was a hostage, a soldier denied his rights under the Geneva Convention about which Amnesty said nothing. And in its statement here it called for the humane treatment first of all of detainees in Israel, as if these antisemites in Amnesty did not know of the cushy conditions in Israeli prisons for these barbaric enemies of civilization: the regular family visits, the rooms where they sleep containing showers and cooking facilities and televisions.

This moral equivalence has been the result of 18 years of Israeli stupidity and immorality in refusing to fight these murderers to the death, instead of negotiating with them in the delusional conviction a friendly condominium arrangement can be worked out.

Bibi in his weakness also made a jerk of his heroic brother Yoni who died fighting the terrorists because Israelis in those days rejected trading murderers for Israeli hostages. According to Bibi’s current shameless betrayal of his own words in his book about terrorism, the Israeli government in 1976 should have released the PFLP murderers the terrorists at Entebbe demanded and thus saved his brother’s life.

This is the end of the secular Zionist enterprise…

What Israel Has Become

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…Yesterday in the High Court Meir Indor testified. He is head of the Almagor Terror Victims Associations which came into being because Israeli solidarity with terrorism’s victims was less than it might be. Indor yesterday called on Netanyahu not to participate in the expected “carnival,” his word yesterday, and that is exactly what it was in the MSM here today: carrying on as if the country were welcoming home the conquering hero. He was embraced by the no less than the chief of staff and the prime minister.

And I submit to you they were really embracing themselves.

What is going on here is but another facet of a very well-known Israeli behavior commonly experienced as rudeness. For example, one day some time ago, I was standing in a medical clinic waiting to speak to the appointments secretary and being an American allowed for some space between myself at the head of the line and the person at the moment at the desk talking to secretary. And just as that person patient finished and started to walk away, cutting in front of me was a young mother, a little girl in tow, who approached the window, at which I must have said something, I forget which, which made her heads spin head and say, “Just a question,” at which I said, calmly, politely but audibly: “No problem. Everyone knows your life is more important than my life; the whole world knows that your life is more important than my life.” At which she got flustered and turned beet red and was embarrassed in front of her daughter.

Well, for my money, this is exactly but Noam and Aviva Shalit have been doing for five years. How different they are from Pini Magen’s mother 41 years ago. The Shalits’ message has been, “We want our son back, and everyone else can go to hell. We don’t care how many people in Israel get murdered by the hundreds just so long as our boy comes home.”

This is the same Israeli narcissism, selfishness, on display 24/7 on Israel’s roads where every driver experiences other drivers out there as not fellow drivers using the same facility but an inconvenience in their way. “I am going about my business, going where I want to go and everybody else is an annoying obstacle in my path.”

It was reported that yesterday in the High Court after the session – which of course ended as it did – Noam Shalit, in leaving, was verbally assaulted by those who have lost loved ones and now have to watch as their murderers go free, saying to him as her passed by, “Shame. Shame on you.”

And they were right. How opposite is this behavior to that of Pini Magen’s mother? Whatever happened to the tough, bold, determined Israeli of yesteryear? A generation ago we also suffered constant terror attacks but consoled ourselves to a degree with the belief that our resistance was right and moral, a war against evil that had to be waged.

What has happened is that today’s Israelis are a generation and more away from the revolutionary fervor of their Zionist grandparents and parents. These Israelis believe in nothing but pleasure…

Land of Delusions (08/04/11)

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…Remember now, keep in mind, as we hear a bit more of thinking going in the
mind of Dr. Nabil Shaath, PhD that he is no riffraff. This is paragon of the civilized, peace-loving, Fatah Party that runs the so-called Palestinian Authority.

He said “Jewish gangs exiled more than 750,000 Palestinians.” This is a double whammy of a lie. First of all, there were no Jewish gangs. The IDF was an organized army in uniform; that is not a gang.

The UN figure, secondly, was 590,000, not 750, and of those perhaps 100,000 were not exiled by “Jewish gangs” but, as soon as the UN General Assembly voted for partition on 29 November 1947, who picked up and packed up and left the country because they did not want to live under a Jewish regime. And they were able to pick up and pack up so quickly because they had where to run to, because so many of them were no natives of Balestine at all but had come into the country during the Mandate period to get in on the booming economy – thanks to the Jews. They had homes and families elsewhere, and so when they decided to leave, they had where to run to and find a place to live, not in refugee camp but with family, on the old family sod.

The IDF in its infancy as well, fighting to save the infant Jewish state was too busy fighting the regular armies of five Arab states to have had the time to expel 750,000 people.

The interviewer in Kul-al-Arab asked Shaath, “Do you still believe in two states for two peoples?”

Here is the answer: “We do not recognize anything called the state of the Jewish people. We are prepared to recognize the State of Israel, if they say that the Israeli people include those Muslim and Christian residents who” – fasten your seat-belts now – “are the true owners of the land. We do not agree to two states for two peoples, which means that Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Israel must belong to everyone who lives there, and first and foremost to its original inhabitants. We have never agreed and never will agree under any circumstances to recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people.”

Remember, now, this is the voice of the “moderate peace camp” among the Arabs here, these “moderates” unlike those terrible religious fanatics in Hamas.

Fatah and Hamas are identical in their goals, differing only in tactics.

Israel should not be negotiating with Fatah any more than with Hamas, and never should have been negotiating with any these so- called Balestinians who think like this.

This is the best and brightest of them, and he has the mind of a delusional amnesiac for whom history is whatever you want it to be in order to justify your appetite for another man’s property and your desire to use homicidal violence to take it from him…

Delusions About Jews

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…And now for some good news as we come to the week of Succot. It seems that the recent destruction of those three homes at Migron was upsetting for enough in Netanyahu’s own Likud Party so that he and others are now thinking of ways not to repeat that behavior. Something about it tells them it’s bad business.

I mean, I myself am a law and order man, and I wish some of these so-called outposts had greater legal documentation but so long as there is no action taken against the Arabs in Yosh who build at will, the double standard can only smell of old-fashioned antiJewism.

Talk about being isolated: the whole world thinks nothing of siding with the Arabs in their legally baseless claim that Judea and Samaria are “occupied Palestinian territory,” and therefore they can build at will – nobody says anything – while Jews may not.

Indeed when Israel does build it is called a provocation and not conducive to the atmosphere necessary to persuade the Jew-killer Mahmoud Abbas to return to the negotiating table. Israel even accepted a ten-month moratorium toward that goal but that failed; still such as Hillary Clinton and Baroness Ashton of the EU were chastising Israel last week for building more homes in the Gilo neighborhood.

One senses an awakening among Israelis to the unfair, double-standard here which no self-respecting Jew should respect. Ergo, no more demolishing of these unbelievably modest cottages for young couples with infant children built on empty acres from which no Ancient Palestinian had been thrown out of his house.

What is so sick about the hostility to the settlement moment is that no Arab was disposed of his home; no Arab had his furniture thrown out into the street and turned into a homeless vagabond forced to live in a cardboard shack because the Jews stolen his ancient home from him and threw him out of it. All the post-‘67 settlements were built on uninhabited acres.

So it was good news to read today of Likud MK Haim Katz, chairman of the Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee who visited Samaria yesterday and criticized Defense Minster Barak for not signing off on new construction. Katz said, “Anyone who wants to uproot Jews from their homes after the failure of the retreat from Gaza and the communities in northern Samaria does not understand where he is living.”

So Bibi too is reported to be amenable to coming up with some legal fancy footwork to do an end run around the High Court’s diktat that these outposts are illegal and must be destroyed.

Our only hope and course of action must be to strengthen our hold on Yosh and Jerusalem and never weaken it. And to hell with those who fear this will isolate Israel even more.

So long as there are no trade sanctions against our healthy, productive industry’s products for sale, who cares what some in the conference rooms of the New York Times, Independent and Guardian think of us?

Egypt & Iran

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Program Links: LYONS: Only one solution to Iran: Regime change
Iranian E-Book: ‘The Holocaust – The Jews’ Greatest Lie’

…I said earlier and on other occasions that in Araby and Iran we are faced with hundreds of millions of Muslims who are as deranged about Jews as the European Nazis ever were. Likely even more so. While too many Europeans had no love for Jews, I imagine the truly crazy ones, the theorists of racial inferiority and the Jews’ plot to enslave the world were percentage-wise much less than in Araby and Islam.

These Muslims in their masses really seem flipped out at us Jews.

Check out the second link we’ll post this evening to a piece on a new Iranian E-book denying the Holocaust, that subtitled “The Jews’ Greatest Lie.” There is no detail, really, imagined detail of the history of the Holocaust that these madmen cannot “refute,” explain away. Check out this link and see how they deal with photographs of the concentration camp skeletons, those walking and those dead.

I am reminded of the years I spent in mental hospitals working with chronic schizophrenics so incapacitated they needed hospitalization under lock and key; some of them were so deep paranoia, no amount of reasoning can talk a person out of that. Reason with them as you will, and they will always have an explanation for the “truth” of their visions. And the mental agility is sometimes a wonder to behold.

Likewise with Ahmadinejad and Erdogan and Isma’il Haniyeh and Raed Salah the Islamist leader inside Israel. There is no reasoning with them, as there was no reasoning with Adolf Hitler.

The sooner the better that Iran is crippled as a menace to the world, better for the world, better for Israel.

What the world needs is a US president and maybe a UK prime minister prepared to help who will even provoke a clash with Iran which leads to the reduction of that country before it is too late…

Torching That Mosque

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…Did you see where French President Nicolas Sarkozy was reported by the French newspaper Le Canard Enchaine to have said to a cabinet meeting after he returned from the UN gabfest, “It is silly to talk about a Jewish state. It would be like saying that this table is Catholic. There are two million Arabs in Israel. The US has been asking Abbas for some time to come to the negotiating table and he is willing to do it because he is a statesman. Netanyahu, on the other hand, never fails to disappoint us. Only now he announced the construction of 1,100 housing units in the Arab part of Jerusalem. The Palestinians have been waiting for a state for 60 years now…”

There is so much antiJew ugliness in these few sentences, it could take a whole webcast to properly deprogram them. For starters, this last crack referring to Gilo, like Angele Merkel saying it was “near Jerusalem,” Sarkozy is another ignoramus about the real estate he feels entitled to dictate its future. Gilo was built on barren hillsides in Jordanian-occupied Balestine but was not part of Jerusalem in any material sense. No Arab called the area “Jerusalem” before 1967. Gilo is the Hebrew name for what the Arabs saw as part of Beit Jala, which their mispronunciation of the Hebrew Gilo which is just across the way.

And as “the Palestinians waiting 60 years for a state”: this is a double Orwellian re-writing of history. 60 years ago the Arabs rejected statehood as they had rejected it in 1937; this was the second time. And they did not call themselves “Balestinians.”

And as for his third obnoxious, ignorant remark, let’s wait till after some contrapuntal soothing words from Yosef Karduner…

The Arabs Build Like Crazy

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…Speaking before of Germany, maybe you saw JPost’s coverage last week and today of a German-government funded operation, EVZ, initial standing for “Remembrance, Responsibility, Future” which was created for the purpose of, among other things, teaching about the Holocaust. Instead this institution has run programs for Arabs in Israel in which Israel is compared to communist East Germany at its worst, using material showing crude drawings of Orthodox Jews in Israel vs. the oppressed Ancient Ones. Both the European Jewish Congress and the Simon Wiesenthal center have protested vigorously.

This outfit EVZ foundation was founded in 2000 and given 5 billion euros with a mandate to compensate inmates in Nazi slave labor camps and to educate about the Holocaust.

This is another not good sign out of modern Germany as it appears to be reverting to the Germany of old. Germany’s history, by the way, long before the 20th century, saw repeated anti-Jew operations of major magnitude.

And speaking of funding antiJew activities like this, Claudia Rossett at Pajamas did a sizzlingly good piece posted on 29 September called “US Taxes and the United Nations Money Pit.” One of the indicators of the moral corruption of our time is this organization, the UN, which began nobly in the hands of the anti-Nazi Allies of World War II but over time into this monstrous playground for Muslim and Third World dictatorships.

In 2001 the core annual budget of the UN was 2.6 billion dollars. Nine years later in 2010, it had ballooned to more than double: to 5.4 billion dollars annually, which I think is separate from the UNRWA budget and a host of other programs. So the UN’s it’s real annual spending is closer to 25 billion dollars, of which the US donates almost a third. The average UN staffer is now receiving salary and benefits worth over 200,000 dollars a year.

And speaking of money: how about Obama, Hillary and Panetta objecting to the Congressional decision to withhold 200 million dollars from the PA, really the PLO, the greatest international terrorist organization ever? The administration doesn’t want to punish the Ancient Ones for going to the UN with their statehood ploy even though that was threatened before.

What a corrupt age we live in, which can be traced to the year 1974 at the UN when the General Assembly vote after a decade of PLO terrorism to welcome Yasir Arafat with a standing ovation, the greatest international terrorist of the day, the Osama bin Ladin of the day, and to welcome the PLO as an observer in the Assembly. Ever since, the UN has never been the same. And neither has Israel.

It is simply mind-boggling that for the past 18 years the United States and the once upon a time leading Western countries have legitimized, called legal, these Arab cutthroats in the PLO, these airplane hijackers and bombers, and even have been shtupping this band of enemies of civilization with billions of dollars.

And all because post-Holocaust, this has been the only way for World AntiJewry to perpetuate its world-class, world historic hatred of the Jews…

Yosh is Ours, Legally (08/11/2011)

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…Lastly, besides Peace Now, where we left off with, the ACRI, the Association of Civil Rights in Israel has sent a letter to Defense Minister Ehud Barak calling for nice treatment in September when the Ancient Ones want to demonstrate here as the UN General Assembly in New York does its thing. “Palestinian civilians taking part in protests should not be treated like enemy combatants, and the army should not be allowed to open fire on them.”

This is the equivalent of Barack Obama denying the existence of Muslim terrorists as only “extremists given to man-made disasters.” Here the Arabs are not a foreign enemy nation but civilians and thus presumably entitled to the treatment of Jewish Israeli civilians.

This is like Obama and Eric Holder his attorney general wanting civilian trials for the Muslim demons of 9-11.

It was what we have to suffer everything we go into battle every time. They attack us with military weapons but we must respond like urban policemen.

Heaven help us and spare us from the enemy within who blurs the line between what is within and what is without…