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Program Link: UNESCO admits the ‘Palestinians’

…Speaking this evening as I often do of the subterranean, age-old hatred of Jews camouflaged in our generation by misericordia for the eternally crucified at Jewish hands Balestinians, last Friday Makor Rishon ran a story exposing how 80% of the money spent by HMG, Her Britannic Majesty’s Government on human rights in the Middle East is spent on Israeli and Balestinian groups, who of course are both concerned with the welfare of the Ancient Ones. A handful of the Israeli NGOs deal with helping Israelis but most of the Israeli recipients of British government largesse are dedicated to helping the victims of Israel, the Ancient Ones.

An investigation was undertaken by the Israeli patriotic organization Im Tirtzu – the ones who exposed the New Israel Fund. This investigation surveyed the years 2005-2009 during which Leftist pro-Palestinian Israeli NGOs received 3.6 million pounds sterling’ Arab NGOs in Judea and Samaria received 2.2 million pounds sterling. No Israeli right-wing NGOs received a British farthing. And the sum total of British aide to human rights groups in the rest of the Arab Middle East received 1.4 million pounds sterling altogether.

No one pound in this period was spent on human rights NGOs focused on the absence of human rights in Gaddafi’s Libya or Mubarak’s Egypt or the medieval kingdom of Saudi Arabia or bin Ali’s kleptocracy in Tunisia.

Versus Israel’s Peace Now which received 100,000 pounds, about 600,000 shekels. Yesh Din also received even 50% more, almost one million shekels. Yesh Din means “there is a law.” 300,000 shekels went to Ir Amim whose obsession is the “immoral” “Judaization of Jerusalem at the expense of the Ancient Ones.

As I suggested before in regard to that video clip from the UNESCO vote, antiJewism takes many forms and is forever mutating from generation to generation, from country to country, culture to culture. Those applauding in Geneva, those cheering diplomats don’t look at all like torch-bearing Nazis at a night-time rally in Munich in 1938 but in their support for the phantom nation of “Palestinians” they are no less antiJews themselves.

And here’s England in its traditional antisemitism given expression in the amount of money HMG spends on this generation’s legitimately recognized Jew-killers, the poor poor Ancient Ones…