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A Bittersweet Day

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Program Link: Big Gas Find Sparks a Frenzy in Israel

Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 6th day, kaf-dales beTeves, Parashas Vaeira, tav-shin-ayin-alef, the evening of the 5th day Thursday, 30 December, 2010, webcasting from Israel, bittersweet Israel.

You all know the Jewish wedding ceremony custom of the groom stomping on a glass, or even a light bulb will do, and breaking it, which is a mixing of the sweetness of the marriage of two people with the image of the shattering of the Jewish people.

There are various explanations of the meaning of the ritual, and the most common and the one that makes most sense to my mind, and is brilliant, is that it calls to mind the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

It is such an unusual and easy and cute custom to perpetuate, even the so-called Reform and Progressive Jews, the self-regarding liberal idol-worshippers of those terms who attach them to the word Judaism and sneer at Orthodox Jews and bash Israel in the New York Times do it. I’ll bet even Little Tommy Friedman performed it when he got married – even when it is so completely misunderstood by liberal Jewish Israel-bashers like Friedman or Martin Indyk & Co.

It is a mnemonic, a memory device. The smashing of the glass calls to mind the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem and thereby mixes the sweet with the bitter and sends a message to all Jews present and especially the couple likely deliriously joined in holy matrimony that as a Jewish couple, their happiness will always be less than complete because the happiness of the Jewish people cannot be complete until the nation in exile returns to re-build the Temple in Jerusalem, and implicitly of course the whole country.

Reform Jews like LTF or Martin Indyk and the Jews at National Public Radio or the editorial board of the New York Times are doctrinally members of a community who call their meeting houses “temples” in order to make the statement that they don’t care about returning to the Promised Land to re-build the Temple – though ask your average liberal Jew, ask LTF, what is the difference between “temple” and “synagogue,” and he will say they are synonyms.

The glass-breaking liberal Jew also hasn’t got a clue as to what the Temple looked-like and what went on there and its meaning. And if you told him that by stomping on the glass, smashing it, he was preserving an essential Orthodox Jewish belief rooted in the Five Books of Moses that the dispersed Jews of the world like himself would return to live in the Land of Israel and re-build the Temple, and that he could not be fully happy until that happens – he would look at you slack-jawed and dumbfounded saying “Huh”?…


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Program Link: NYT shows true anti-Israel colors
No Comparison: Shariah and Jewish Religious Courts

…This is such a small country, it is commonly described as the size of New Jersey but rarely made known is the fact that since half of it is desert, Israel functionally is only half the size of New Jersey.

And in light of the world’s focus, especially by this generation of Jew-haters – every generation has them – the tiny size of the place only highlights the craziness.

The Arabs have 21 states over a land mass whose distance between Morocco in the west to Iran in the east is greater that the distance between Los Angeles and New York; between New York and London. The Arabs have an ocean of states, but the UN General Assembly spends a third of its time enraged at us “greedy” Jews occupying too much land.

Let’s do a Google search on two words “settlement expansion.”

Okay, I just did. And what was the number of results/hits? Take a guess. The number of hits on “settlement expansion” came to 14,400,000.

And here at random is the fourth entry in that list: a front page news story from Haaretz (of course) from February 27, 2009: “Israel planning mass expansion of West Bank settlement bloc.” A piece by Akiva Eldar, who is so clinically leftist I never read him, let alone bother you with comments on his feverish brain…

The Pretend Peace Process

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Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 2nd day, kaf beTeves, Parashas Vaeira, tav-shin-ayin-alef, the evening of the 1st day Sunday, 26 December, 2010, webcasting from the vortex of world delusion.

And what is a world delusion? The pretend peace process now in its 18th year. One wonders how many more years the current so-called peace process can go on before everybody wakes up from the delusion and faces the truth?

The truth was on the front page of the Jerusalem Post hard copy lede story this morning, “Abbas vows: No room for Israelis in Balestinian state.”

And there you have it. This is a Muslim who yesterday in a press conference in Ramallah said, more or less, that Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem be Judenrein. Israel may be the residence of Arabs with citizenship, 20% of the population, but the Old-New Land of Ancient Philistia must be completely free of Jews.

It will be in practice the ultimate in apartheid, like the old South African regime which denied the right of blacks to live with whites. The famous historian of World War II and money man for the Jew-killers in Munich in 1972, Abbas, insists the future state of Balestine will be as Jew-free as the best neighborhoods in Pretoria were free of blacks in the good old days.

Notice the irony of coincidence: we have here in Israel been wrestling with the letter of hundreds of rabbis fearful for the destruction of Jewish communities given over to hostile Arabs, and the Enlightened are fit to be tied by this letter, and here is this “Moses” of the oppressed Ancient Ones suffering daily crucifixion at the hands of racist Zionists declaring that no Jew will be allowed to live in the new state of Balestine.

In this he is also in line with his Arab brethren who live in 21 officially Arab and Muslim states, countries where Islam rules and has chronically persecuted, oppressed and humiliated the Jews. This is the great white hope of Barack Hussein and Lady Clinton and liberal nation-builders like Condoleeza Rice and Dennis Ross. Someone should tell them that only HaShem is the Composer and Orchestra Conductor of the symphony of existence that brings life to nations, not arrogant, State Department peacemakers, failed peace-makers at that, over decades.

And it’s a fair bet Prime Minister Netanyahu’s response to this declaration will be insufficient. He will not finger it for the smelly antisemitism that it reflects.

For century in and century out here in the Land of Israel and the City of David, the Muslims denied us Jews the right to exercise our religion freely. We were denied the right to the Western Wall as a community. There was no plaza like the current one built after 1967. For generation in and generation out, the Wall was one side of a dirty alleyway which Muslims treated as a pissoir, as they are known in France; a place for a man to relieve himself.

In Hevron in this same period, the family plot of the Jewish people where the first three generations of couples, man and wife, were interred, all a Jew could do was walk up the first seven steps to the Cave of Machpelah and that was it. That was the situation for most of the last 14 centuries.

But it all changed radically, even cosmically, in 1967, and Arabs like this assassin of our sons at Munich want to turn back the wheel of time, of history. He wants things the way they used to be…

Jewish Self-Defense = Aggression

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…More of the DNA of the Arab aggression against Israel was on display yesterday in Khalid Abu Toameh’s coverage of the meeting in Ramallah between Mahmoud Abbas and the EU’s representative to “the Palestinian territories,” Christian Berger of Austria.

Has this Austrian no shame, siding with this generation’s leading Jew-killer nation the Arabs, the so-called “Palestinians” living in “the Palestinian territories” as foolish Israel lets the world get away with using those terms?

The “Palestinian territories” is one of the repetitive expressions in the blogosphere where the global village has its endless town meeting to discuss what to do about the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” which everyone knows would be settled if only those Israelis would get out of “the Palestinian territories.” It is a name which also stakes a political position. The name of this Land is not that; it is Judea and Samaria. “No,” say the Enlightened, it is the West Bank, a/k/a the Palestinian territories.”

Calling it “Judea and Samaria” is a mirror image, the reverse image of “Palestinian territories.” Judea as a name makes the counter-claim, which too many Israeli and Enlightened Diaspora Jews are made uncomfortable by…

Just Gangsters

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Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 5th day, tes-zion beTeves, Parashas Shmos, tav-shin-ayin-alef, the evening of the 4th day Wednesday, 22 December, 2010, webcasting from the clash between sanity and insanity, Israelites and Ishmaelites, the civilized and the barbaric, truth and falsehood.

Two mornings ago, Monday morning – when the cruel barbarians in Gaza know that at such an hour Jewish children are on their way to school – they deliberately fired a Qassam rocket out of the artificial Gaza rectangle which landed a few feet from a Jewish girl walking to her school in a kibbutz near Ashqelon. One report said she was 16, another 14. She was wounded by the blast. Other people in the area were not hit by the shrapnel but they did go into shock and of course were rushed to hospital.

If immediately afterwards our Air Force had taken off and deliberately bombed a school in Gaza killing, say, 9 children, I am sure I could defend the operation as highly moral for trying to save lives in the future by putting a stop to this rocket business right now.

If I were prime minister, I would order such an attack which took the lives of 9 children in Gaza at random. This would of course rouse the whole world of Enlightened people who think it is their job to teach us Jews ethics and morality. I would wait until they were all shrieking at the UN at us condemning us; wait until their righteous indignation was at a fever pitch then I’d call a press conference, a live television press conference encircling the globe and say the following: “Many peoples believe in the Golden Rule formulated in the positive: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ (Leastwise that is how I was taught in an American public school.)

“But in Israel, we read from right to left and see things our way. Our Golden Rule is formulated in the negative: ‘Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done to you.’

“What we just did in Gaza is exactly what they tried to do to us. But with better equipment and intelligence and greater effect. And we make no apologies for being more technologically advanced than these Arabs in Gaza backed by the dangerous Jew-haters in Teheran.

“They fire missiles to murder Jews at random; as today we killed Arabs at random.

“And if they don’t like the results of what we did, ‘Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done to you…’”

The Shame of It All

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Program Link: The returning issue of Palestine’s refugees

…And you know what gave to this cosmic lie of displacement was the sense of shame Abbas & Co. felt as a result of their own cowardice. It is now a forgotten commonplace of the 1950s that the Arab refugees at that time were held in very low esteem by their own brethren precisely because everyone knew the truth that they had not been driven from their homes by Al Yahud; that they had run away; they did not fight.

In 1982, I remember, when Israel invaded southern Lebanon and clashed with armed PLO terrorists in some fire-fights, the head of the PFLP George Habash exulted that “Finally we are fighting back,” he said – inadvertently, by implication, admitting that the Balestinians were not driven from their homes but had run away.

And thus it is this curse, this sense of shame among these Hamitic people that played a major role in the invention of the Ancient Ones. Humiliated by al-Yahud in 1948, exposed as cowards and losers, incapable of organizing a successful offense and defense, they invented the Balestinian Narrative which is a re-writing of the facts.

Exactly what the first Muslims did when they came up with their imitation of the Tanakh and Christian scripture. Muhammed spun the stories in the Qur’an that he plagiarized from the Jews and Christians and gave to his fellow Arabs as if he had originated all these stories.

Muhammed was a thief of mostly Judaism with a dash of Christianity, re-writing history written by others, and this Guardian piece by Saeb Erekat is yet another example of that thousands of years later. The caption to this photograph encapsulates a basic truth that the Arabs’ slaughter of Jews by – like the murder and stabbing yesterday near Beit Shemesh – I’m sure you saw the news – two 40–something women out for a day in the lowlands of Judea enjoying nature. They were come upon by two Arabs who brutally murdered one and tried to but failed to murder the other.

And this basic truth is the life of lies that this Arabs live and worse: they have terrorized the world and foisted their phantasy-life on the whole planet…

Israel’s Lethal Political Correctness

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…And so last night in Cairo the utterly corrupt Arab foreign ministers decided to turn to the UN for a resolution condemning the Unbelievers to eternal damnation for continuing to build on what the whole world believes is rightfully Ancient Palestinian property.

And one reason for this state of affairs is the inability or refusal or silence of the government of Israel saying in reply, “No, this is Jewish property, Israeli property as of right in international law.” For example, the paperwork of the League of Nations and the United Nations regarding the disposition of this land. Palestine was created in the 1920s to create a Jewish homeland, so in international law, its heart, Judea, where the word “Jew” comes from, is rightfully Jewish land.

Israel has to say that but it doesn’t.

Secondly, the land rightfully belongs to Israel which took it away from an enemy people that used the terrain to send in the 1950s and 60s plainclothes killers over the cease-fire line to murder Jews at random. And then in 1967 the government in Amman was part of the effort to destroy the State of Israel altogether, so Israel took the land away from Jordan in self-defense in a week in which hundreds of Israelis soldiers died and the national economy took a major hit for its cost. In international law in terms of the right of self-defense, Israel is now the rightful owners of Judea and Samaria. That’s reason no. 2.

And thirdly, this land is an integral part of Judaism, the Jewish religion, and so an attack on Jews because they are living in Judea and Jerusalem is an attack on our religion. The Muslims see a cartoon in a Danish newspaper of their sicko founder, mass-murderer and sexual degenerate Muhammed, and they go crazy. Simultaneously, the Enlightened world feels free to justify murdering Jews in the name of Palestinian Nationalism.

But again, one major reason for that is the silence of Israel’s leader who does not tell the world, “No, it is a lie that our settlements are illegal. And when people lie about Jews,” he should say, “they are antisemitic liars.” He should say that those who attack our right to live in peace and prosperity in Judea and Samaria are attacking the Jewish religion and the existence of the Jewish people, which people, unique from the nations, defines its national existence not by its language or even landscape but religion: metaphysical belief, principles and laws…

Europe Threatens

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…Lastly, a few good words about Richard Nixon. This latest leak from his taped conversations has only confirmed an earlier judgment by me that he was not an antisemite, leastwise if an antisemite, a benign one, a social antisemite, which is a world away from the serious kind.

This latest leak of him telling his secretary Rose Mary Woods that Jews behave a certain way to “compensate for an inferiority complex…” He put down both Jewish advisors William Safire and Henry Kissinger for “insecurity.” He said, “It’s the latent insecurity. Most Jewish people are insecure. And that’s why they have to prove things.”

These to me are the words of an empathic man. No one was more socially insecure and awkward than Richard Nixon. I think that is why many people really did not like him. He was so uncomfortable in his own skin he made those who looked upon him and watched him uncomfortable in theirs.

But because of that he seems to have been sensitive to others and their social insecurities.

He also said this: “Anybody who is Jewish cannot handle Middle East policy,” meaning it was impossible for them to be objective. “Henry might be as fair as he can possibly be, but he can’t help but be affected by it. Put yourself in his position. Good God…His people were crucified over there. Jesus Christ. Five million of them popped into big ovens. How the hell’s he feel about all this?”

These are the words of a man capable of empathy for the Jewish people, which the true antisemite is not.

And when it came to re-supplying a desperate Israel in 1973, which Henry advised against, Nixon did not stand by but vigorously took action.

Dick Nixon called Henry his Jewboy perhaps because he acted like one. But in any case, Nixon’s spoken contempt for Jews and their allegedly offensive behavior was no more than what one hears at the golf club by a guy who tells a Jew-joke or two. It is light years away from the serious antisemitism of an Abbas or an Ahmadinejad, an Adolf Hitler or Haj Amin al-Hussein who harbored these satanic fantasies of Jewish evil. Dick Nixon did not.

On the surface he was a country-club antisemite but when the chips were down for Israel, the real, better angels of Dick Nixon’s essence took over.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael.

Hillary’s Speech

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…Have you noticed how the “core issues” that Hillary said are going to be discussed are, every one of them (almost) a demand of Israel to give? They are one-sided in terms of tangible requests. The six core issues are borders and security; settlements, water, refugees and Jerusalem. Borders refers to the demand by the Ancient Ones that Israel fork over every square kilometer it overran in 1967, and all of it now built up with billions of Jewish dollars in infrastructure. No. 2 issue is settlements. This refers to the thriving Jewish communities which the Ancient Ones claim in toto stand on stolen “Palestinian” land that have to be turned over; at least evacuated. And as they have said repeatedly since the Handshake on the White House lawn, there will be no peace so long as even one settlement remains.

Issue No.3: water. Meaning, “You Jews control all the water now. You must hand over control.” No.4: Refugees. “You Jews say no refugees can come into Israel. We say they all have that right which must be realized if there is going to be peace.”

No. 5: Jerusalem: “You control Haram a-Sharif. You must hand that over if you want peace.”

These Arabs, these Muslims are of the seed of Ishmael that armed highwayman who demands “Your money or your life.” In this case, “Your Holy Land and your Holy City and holiest site, or your life”…

Jewish(?) Values

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…This story today was full of fulminations in Israel against the 47 rabbis, which list of co-signers, I understand, now includes hundreds more rabbis. It lit the fuse of the Enlightened, starting with President Uncle Shimon the Wise, the Visionary who envisioned peace by bringing into the country forty thousand Fatah killers and giving them their freedom. St. Simon of Oslo the Wise Man of Peace, you know him, who won the greatest goy prize for peace on earth, the Nobel Prize for Peace – and never mind what followed was not peace but serial, satanic massacres of defenseless Jews inside our tiny homeland; hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people were slaughtered and mutilated and maimed, thanks to him.

Our president – what an embarrassment he is – Shimon Peres pronounced the rabbis letter as “creating a fundamental moral crisis in Israel which affects the definition of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.”

Yeah, Israel as a “Jewish and a democratic state.” That is a slogan the dejudaized elite here live by. It is a phrase on a par with, to my mind, “secular Jew” which is how the Enlightened elite define themselves. And never mind that “secular Jew” is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms, a nonsense concept.

“Secular” in the bible of the English language, the classic 1932 edition of the OED, the Oxford English Dictionary, means “Chiefly used as negative term meaning non-ecclesiastical, non-religious, non-sacred.”

And secularism, the same dictionary says, is a “doctrine of morality excluding belief in God or a future state.”

But the Jew is rooted in the concept of G-d. The term is short for Judean, of the tribe of Judah the fourth of son Jacob, who was named by his mother Leah in the same breath that she thanked G-d for his birth. The verbal root of his name comes from the Hebrew verb to give thanks or admit the truth.

The word Jew is rooted in the Jewish religion and in a moment when a Jewish mother thanked G-d, and so we might translate the word “Jew” as “G-d-thanker.” And for sure with all the holidays we keep and the praying we do and the saving of grace after everything we eat, we are a people of G-d thankers who obsessively compulsively are fixated on G-d illuminating the world 24/7. That is what Judaism is: a 24/7 acknowledgment of His existence.

So being a “secular Jew,” a person against religion, no belief in G-d and a “God-thanker” at the same time makes no sense…

Hillary to Speak at Saban

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…It seems that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jetted off to Bahrain over the weekend and in an interview done for the American government-created Al-Hurra TV station, which is meant to broadcast in Arabic the good side of America, she announced that this week she would be making a “very formal set of remarks” regarding the stalled peace talks between Israel and its victims. My term, of course, not hers. And the prognosis according to this report is not encouraging.

JPost this morning reported this information, but later in the day it came out that she is going to be giving this “formal set of remarks” on Friday night at the Saban Center of the Brookings Institution. Not a good sign.

And what is the Saban Center at the Brookings Institution? Well, Brookings is the venerable Washington DC liberal foreign policy think tank, and the Saban Center within was financed by Haim Saban, the native Egyptian Jew who grew up in Israel, did his army service then went to America with $200 in his pocket and made himself a billionaire, first by coming across in Japan a moderately successful Japanese doll and comic book, I think; buying the right to it and turning it into the fabulously successful Mighty Morphin Rangers toy and TV show for kids. And with his fortune began investing in other projects.

And one use of his swag was trying to influence the peace process by setting up the Saban Center – at first just an office with a computer at Brookings – and hiring none other than Dr. Martin Indyk to be its director. Haim Saban wanted to create his own think tank, and Dr. Martin Indyk, former U.S. ambassador to Israel was available and of course thinking along the same liberal lines as Haim Saban.

You know Dr. Martin. Last summer, I think it was, when Obama & Co. made it clear they wanted an extension of frozen Jewish life beyond 26 September, Dr. Martin was interviewed on Kol Yisrael one morning and he said, “If Israel is going to be receiving American support, it must do as it is told,” or words to that effect.

So that Hillary’s choice of venue for this “formal set of remarks” is not a good omen. And that Dr. Martin will presumably be hosting it on a Friday night – this man born into the Jewish people – is a second bad omen…

The German Regression

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…In other words, while no one yet has been accused of maliciously starting this fire, lost in the news is these other fires; and even today and yesterday there were more fires in the north which had to be put out, fires obviously, deliberately set, and only a sad-sack poisoned with political correctness would not think that the Mt. Carmel inferno was the handiwork of homicidal Hamites a/k/a these Arabs, who as mentioned last webcast have a record as wreckers and destroyers, not builders.

I’ve been to more than a half-dozen Arab countries. I’ve been inside their capital cities, and the Arabs simply don’t have cities to compare to a London, a Paris, New York, Chicago, Milan, Prague, Rotterdam, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Boston, Massachusetts with its universities and hospitals. All these cities hum with energy and life and creativity; every day there is a new electronic toy on the market.

But not these Arabs. They don’t have cities to compare to these and scores of others in the world. They have Casablanca and Algiers and Tunis and Sana capital of Yemen, Amman, Jordan. I have been to all of them. These are cities that people do not gravitate to for opportunities in higher education or to seek advanced medical treatment.

These Arabs when they stole Judaism in the 7th century some 2,000 years after HaShem gave the Jews the Teaching/Torah at Mt. Sinai, were everywhere illiterate. They were laggards then and they are laggards today; a burden on civilization.

They never had the abstract ability to imagine in their minds the shape of Balestine as a separate and specific country. This land just a century ago was a wasteland because there were no “Palestinians” living here.

The Land was not 100% devoid of people. There were five towns of significance: Jaffa, Safed/Tsfat, Tiberias, Jerusalem and Hevron, where the Jews were before Zionism half of the population in each or more – except for Hevron.

And in between these grungy towns of a few thousand people each, the landscape was bleak. When Mark Twain reached Jaffa and wanted to go up to Jerusalem, he had to hire beasts of burden and their drivers, and armed guards, to take him along the animal tracks inland and up into the hills to the Holy City because the land scape was lawless and a hunting ground for Arabs, i.e. nomads, Bedouin, whose livelihood was animal husbandry: driving herds of goats that ate up and destroyed the land, as well as armed robbery of innocent travelers.

There was no highway patrol in those days. There was no highway, not even a road.

And that was just 147 years ago, three human generations ago, that’s all. So it is not surprising that today in Israel there are still Ishmaelites who set fires all the time trying to destroy the vegetation we sedentary Jews have planted. With their goats the Arabs destroyed the Promised Land, and here today are some of the lowest of the low among them setting fires in order burn what the Jews have brought back to life…

Antisemites to the Core

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…So let us turn to more familiar material, to borrow from Bibi, Israel’s place among the nations. There was more good news this morning as another Jerusalem neighborhood was licensed to build another 625 homes for Israelites, Pisgat Ze’ev, which has been around for three decades. It was started in the second year of the first Reagan presidency. You know, I find it annoying that like Israel’s inability to demand its rights – as opposed to asking for support for its security concerns – and refusing to make the case the settlements are not illegal – Israelis like Bibi have forgotten what Pres. Reagan said. He said the settlements are legal – if not helpful.

Instead, like thieves in the night. we must wait for a storm in the politosphere when the world is preoccupied with another big story to announce we are going to build more homes in Jerusalem, because we have never surrendered the right to exercise our rights in Jerusalem and vicinity.

Which vicinity, by the way, would not exist without Zionism anywhere outside the old Turkish walls. East Jerusalem, South Jerusalem, North Jerusalem, West Jerusalem. All of these Arab settlements east of the city like Al-Azarya on the Mount of Olives or Beit Jala to the south, or Beit Tsafafa, are themselves, even though all Arab, products of Zionism. Today the Arabs say these are Balestinian villages from the beginning of time, but that does not square with the historical record. Nor with the photographs and paintings of Jerusalem from the mid-19th century. Without the presence of the Zionists, these Arab communities would not exist at all.

So there is a denial here as abusive of historical truth as Holocaust Denial or denying that the Western Wall means something to us Jews, as we heard this week.

And all to deny us Jews the right to own what we built up, what had been sleeping for almost two thousand years: this Land.

We brought it back to life, but these Hamitic-Ishmaelitic thieves have the delusional chutzpa to claim all of what we built is theirs.

The Balestinians are a bad dream of the sons of Adam…