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Program Link: GRAPHIC VIDEO: Ax-wielding Palestinian terrorist attacks security guard
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This Arab with his hatchet is one sick son of a bitch to do this to a man. Come up behind him and bash him in the skull with the hatchet and sink it into him again and again. Tzvika on the floor cannot rise and can only lift an arm which is no defense. Again and again and again this animal-like man chops away like a butcher only not into animal carcass but a living human being who this savage enjoys, for sure, sinking that hatchet into this Jew’s head and body.

And by the way, in the above sentence for the first-time ever, I think, in 18 years of doing commentary, I used the word “animal’ to describe the Arabs. I have never liked it when people do that. It is enough to call them evil, cruel, barbaric savages but not animals.

Well, after watching this video, I finally broke through that barrier and am forced to use the term animal to describe that Arab with that hatchet in hand chopping and chopping into poor Tzvika Cohen…

Israelis think About Gaza

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Israel has to jettison not only the specifics of the Oslo documents but the mindset they reflected. Israel has been trying to seduce the Arabs into giving up their murderous hatred of us, never understanding that as Esav sonei leYaakov, as the Talmud teaches, Esau hates Jacob as a way of life throughout the generations, so too Ishmael hates Israel and probably will until Moshiach arrives.

Ergo, a more mature Israel must rethink its relationship to these sub-civilized, conscienceless brutes and work to reduce to the max their presence here.

Take, for example, the current intelligence assessment of IDF Intelligence presented to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee behind closed doors two days ago, delivered by OCMI Herzl Halevi who apparently has yet to shed the hopes and misunderstandings of the secular Zionist movement that reached its climax and decline in the Oslo delirium.

That was a function of the complete misunderstanding of the Arabs by the Israeli Left that still, apparently, governs this head of MI’s thinking…

Israel’s Tragic Divide

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes, the fissure in Israeli society that has yet to be repaired is the divide between Jews proud to be Jews and those desperate to eradicate this very special national identity.

Indeed, when the delusional Shimon Peres was most drunk on his messianic Oslo plan, he envisioned a new Middle East with open borders as in Europe, where businessmen and tourists of the region could come and go as they please, Israel included, and even be accepted as member-state in the Arab League!

He really said that.

In a way, it is always Hanukkah in Israel, the endless tug-of-war between Jews content to be Jews and those determined to mingle and meld with offspring of Esau a.k.a. the Hellenists. This is one way of looking at the Women of the Wall cultists who want to pray in in mixed company, that is, in gentile fashion…

Israel’s Pride and Flaw

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Well, mentioned before was the astonishing, to my mind, but revealing statement out of Ottawa from the office of the new Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau on the Holocaust that warned against “hatred” and “intolerance” but said not a word about the Jew-hatred that led to the loss of the Six Million but also really the 60 million in the War as a whole. I think too many goyim have yet to connect the War and its unbelievable destruction and suffering to this Jew-hatred so that the goyim were major sufferers too of this lunatic, satanic hatred of Jews. The goyim no less than the Jews must remember the Holocaust for what it did to them…

BDS Stripped Naked

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And in this BDS reveals itself as a form of antisemitism. Of course, such as Jewish American antiJew journalists like Peter Beinart, who writes a weekly column in Haaretz, deny that anti-Zionism is a form of antisemitism, when that is all it is. For what was Zionism if not the movement to create a Jewish majority state in which Jews govern themselves and are not to subject to an antisemitic majority ruling over and oppressing them, for everywhere they lived in the Diaspora, they were oppressed, discriminated against, sometimes mildly, sometimes with satanically cruelty?

It is a nasty, Orwellian word-game contemporary Jew-haters play when denying they are antisemitic, only anti-Zionist. To be anti-Zionist is to deny the right of Jews to live free of antisemitic majority rule. The anti-Zionist does not believe the Jews have that right and so he condemns them to being a minority subject to a hostile majority forever.

Ergo, this piece in the Independent praising the BDS movement is nothing more than an effort to return the Jews to their second-class status…

The Power of Judaism, Up and Down

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The power of Jewishness, the power of all the ideas connected to the religion of the Jewish people never ceases to amaze.

Out of the Torah miSinai came not only the Jewish people with the most extraordinary lifespan in the history of peoples, still going after almost 4,000 years, in which Jews were surely murdered in every year, sometimes in massive numbers; from Judaism came today’s billion-plus Christians with their amazingly productive 2000 years of history, whose religion claims to be the real Jewish religion.

Judaism also gave birth to a billion-plus Muslims whose religion is nothing but the theft of Judaism.

The power of the Jewish idea ignited the greatest war in history in which in 60 million people died.

The power of Jewishness also spit out the utopian, messianic perversion that is Marxism which took the lives in Russia, China, Cambodia, Ethiopia, etc. of more than 100 million others. The Bible is a text that created civilization itself and its accomplishments, but also its opposite, wars and episodes of destruction beyond compare.

The Jews and all they represent have a power to move history unlike any other set of ideas and stories…

The Perdurability of Jew-Hate

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Mr. Makarim Wisibono, UNHRC Rapporteur, said he wants an investigation of Israel for using “excessive force” against Balestinians, but says not a word about the use of force by them against Israel. Here is this Muslim judging Israel’s use of force to be excessive, but says nothing about the amount of force used by a Muslim plunging a dagger into the back of Shlomit from Horon, age 21, and murdering her, or into the chest of Hadar Cohen, age 19, and murdering her. One wonders if this Indonesian thinks at all of the amount of force used by Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar!” as they slash Jewish throats.

He labeled Israel’s blockade of Gaza “collective punishment” but has never said a word, as far as I know, about the collective punishment of launching thousands of rockets into Sderot and surrounding peaceful Jewish communities that have terrified thousands of people. If that is not collective punishment, nothing is.

A whole generation of Jewish children in Sderot has been traumatized, suffering from PTSD, but about the cause of this suffering he is mute…

Israel’s Unnamed Terrorist Adversaries

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And that is what is going on here in this statement by the indignant Foreign Press Association. How dare Israel accuse foreign journalists of bias? And not only that. By implication, in their coverage of Israel’s “campaign against terrorism,” one issue is its “legitimacy that is determined by how it conducts that campaign.”

Notice, no reference to dagger-wielding Arabs shrieking “Allahu Akbar.” No reference to Muslim maniacs bent not only on homicide but suicide. What is put under the microscope is the “legitimacy of Israel’s conduct,” but not the conduct of its enemies.

The clash here is between Israel and terrorism, an abstract idea, when I say the clash is between Israel and Ishmael, between Israel and mad dog Arab Muslims bent on murdering Jews doing them, at the moment, no harm. Maybe you saw the video of the stabbing at Neve Daniel this week of a jogger, all alone on a path in the hills of Judea, by an antisemitic Arabian hiding in a bush who jumped out as the jogger passed to stab the Jew in the back, and I emphasize Jew…

The Blurring of Lines

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yesterday, Israel’s No. 1 political radio talkshow host, Razi Barka’i, a soulmate of Beilin, Peres and the Oslo Abominationists, interviewed the parents of IDF soldier Hadar Goldin whose body has never been returned from Gaza since the latest round of fighting in 2014. He compared his parents to those of the ten Arab murderers that the three Arab MKs visited who also want their sons back for burial.

This angered and even nauseated some listeners.

What is it with these Leftists and their moral equivalence between innocent Jewish victims and the Arab monsters who murder them? That is, after all, the essence of the myth of the Balestinian Beople. Just like the Jews, they were victims of a crime — Israeli independence — when they lost, just like the Jews, their ancient homeland, which is identical to the Jewish homeland!

Razi Barka’i has long driven me up the wall by interviewing on his program for years PLO Arabs, Hamas Arabs as if, by his tone, they are a part of our society, like American Negroes in the age of Segregation who deserve better. They are part of our country and we have to find some accommodation with them and respect their rights which are no less respectable than ours. He treats them as if they were a slice of Israeli society who must be catered to instead of our mortal enemies to whom we owe nothing…

Arabs Fight Dirty

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…There was even in the years surrounding the War of Independence a small clique of artists and other intellectuals who said they were “Canaanites,” meaning, born in this land, patriotic like any man about his homeland, but religion had nothing to do with it.

In fact, in Moshe Dayan’s autobiography, on the last page he relates how as an amateur archaeologist (and antiquities thief) discovered the tomb of a man who, from all the signs, had died before Avraham Avinu had come from Ur Casdim. Dayan said that he looked at the bones and thought this man loved this country, his homeland, like any normal man and he did too, and like the Canaanite before, religion had nothing to do with. In this Dayan identified with the pre-Abrahamic Canaanites.

When he said to Sidney Zion that he would not want to live in Israel without Arabs, he was saying he did not want to be identified with just Jews.

His first wife Ruth, raised like him in the Labor Zionist movement, bragged that in the few years she lived in London as a girl, she always played with the gentile girls, never the Jewish ones. She was proud of that. No Jewish chauvinist she.

And their late son Assi Dayan always bragged he never once set foot in a synagogue and never would…

The Arab Mind

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Today the Fatah movement, led by Mahmoud Abbas, whom Saint Simon of Oslo the Fool believes wants peace, posted on its website praise for the three wild asses who attacked our Border Police outside of Damascus Gate yesterday, murdered poor Hadar, hy’d, wounded her friend and were slain by the victims’ teammates in the Border Police. The Fatah organization described the three murderers as “role models who competed with each over martyrdom and all were victorious. They are role models across the length and breadth of the homeland.”

The father of one of these wild jackasses in human form, which is what pereh adam really means, said, “We received the news with joy, a Martyr. The Lord chose him from among the beople to be a martyr. Allah will pardon him, and we hope he will be among the people of Paradise, Allah, praise Allah in any case.”

See what I mean? There is an abyss between the Jewish mind and the Arab. Our G-d does not want human sacrifice, their God revels in it as do his faithful. These are not of the seed of Avraham and ultimately Shem ben-Noach but Hagar bas Mitzrayim bas Ham ben Noach.

And not only the Fatah had its say. On PA TV last night, also a Fatah operation ultimately answerable to Dr. Abbas, an Arab’s idea of an historian, the newscast – this is also from PMW – the newscast opened with a report on the death as martyrs of three who died from “the occupation’s bullets at Damascus Gate. They died as martyrs” and there was no mention of their attack. Only later in the broadcast what they pulled off was a “shooting and stabbing operation that caused the death of one soldier,” though in the same report a Fatah operative from their settlement of Qabatiya said they were “executed in cold blood.” You know, like Abbas himself claiming Israelis murdered a boy, when he knew that the boy was alive…

Israel Stands Mute

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And I remained constantly amazed at how official Israel looks the other way and basically buries its head in the sand so as not to confront the truth that with such a man a mutually respectful agreement to share Jerusalem and the Land of Israel is not of this world, this reality.

What I would like to see is Israel launch a major public relations campaign against the mountain of lies that is enemy propaganda, starting with the tall tale of an historical Palestinian nation with historical national rights here.

Israel needs to broadcast in Arabic, on TV, on the radio; to create Arabic language pages on the Internet; to lecture that the Palestinian identity is a fraud; that this country was home to Syrians for centuries in the minds of Arabs and Muslims. It was all Syria, and modern Syria came into being in 1946, so the Arabs here have had a state since then and don’t need another one called Balestine, not when Haj Amin, the locals must be taught, said there was no such country and Jerusalem was located in Syria whose capital was Damascus. That is what Haj Amin said and every Arab here must be told that…